Fair and lovely Powder Cream Review

fair and lovely powder cream review
Fair & Lovely cream was my first cream . I was 9 when I started using it , and No, I didn't use it because I wanted to have a more fairer complexion, it was the only cream that was available in drugstores which my mom trusted. And then I got addicted to it in school because it was budget friendly (Rs 5 sachets) and gave my face a glow. Hence I have a very old connection with Fair and Lovely creams. When I read about Fair & lovely launching a new powder based cream I had to give it a try! And now here it is!
Fair and Lovely believes that the modern Indian woman have changed with times and now spend a lot more time outside than inside the house. Now that women are multitasking and doing different tasks like work, travel, and education all simultaneously , Fair & Lovely powder cream is the answer to all those ladies’ needs, cutting down the time-consuming ritual of touch ups throughout the day. So go ahead and seize the day without worrying about needing a mirror. No longer will women need to overcome dullness by re-applying fairness creams every few hours or applying powder over creams to reduce oil build-up. Fair & Lovely Powder Cream allows you to have that shine and radiance all day long.
After using Fair and Lovely BB cream this is my next Fair and lovely cream I used recently.
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Price and Quantity:

INR 115 for 40 g



Brand Claim:

Fair & Lovely Powder Cream is a revolutionary fairness product that combines the setting power of powder with advanced multivitamin cream. It looks like a cream, feels like a powder, and sets your fairness all day.

One Word:



The tube is a easy squeeze one which is white and pink like the regular fair and lovely cream flip top tube. . But its more studier than other fair and lovely fairness dream tubes,


Lightweight and smooth medium thick cream which absorbs into skin very easily.


Works great as a primer, covers dark spots and acts as a base for makeup application.


Floral smell which lingers for a while after application of the fair and lovely powder cream.

Staying Power:

  Serious pigment? Yep. Just a dab will do, ladies - a little bit goes a long way.

Shade/ Colour:

Milky white.

My experience:

I have oily skin and hence I am prone to oil build up and after a few hours the makeup starts melting and my face turns oily. I tried using Fair and lovely cream before I applied a layer of makeup and boy it worked wonders for me. Even though the staying power is less my makeup didn't look oily at the end of the day. I found that after applying this cream my face actually glowed a little and was radiant. the cream is easy to blend and has reducing oil build up formula which is a big plus for me.


Easily available at all drugstores, online and stores near you.

In a Nutshell:

It blends seamlessly and works with most of the Indian skin tones. Those who lie fair and lovely products must give this powder cum cream product a try as it absorbs oil and keeps your fresh and soft for almost 6 to 7 hours!

Pros :

  • Reduces oil build up
  • Standard floral scent
  • Blends easily
  • Substitute for a primer
  • Affordable
  • Lightweight & smooth
  • Sturdy packaging
  • Stays upto 7-8 hours
  • Great for wearing it out for office and functions.

Cons :

  • Might not work for people with dry skin
  • I didn't find it to have a very powdery effect as the brad claims.

Who will like this:

If you hate oil build up and looking for a formulation cream that reduces oil and controls it then you can go ahead and give this cream a try. It is fuss-free and makeup needs very little touch up once you have used this powder based cream as a base! With this you are sure to shine for 7 hours , and best part you can add this in your daily skin regime as its not pricey!

BlingSparkle Rating:


BS Tip :

Its hard to find decent and affordable primers in india and I am happy to have found fair and lovely powder cream. Use it after you have moisturized and cleansed your face as a makeup base ! In shor it works wonder when used as a primer.


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