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E-commerce in India is evolving at a fast pace, there exist thousands of online stores under different categories, serving all shopping needs of an individual. The 'choice' available is unlimited, yet often shoppers end up on the wrong website and fall prey to online fraudulent shopping scams. It's very likely that a person who doesn't have much online shopping experience faces a lot of inconvenience be it with finding the correct website, trusting a new website etc.

 Weblistr, an e-commerce aggregator is a unique online shopping guide. It ensures that users always find the most relevant website which specializes in their shopping needs. Weblistr helps users find new and best websites /apps and also provides them with user generated ratings and reviews to make informed decisions. With so many e-commerce websites to choose from, Weblistr has come as a great relief to help you choose just the right website/app to shop from. Instead of running after the same old websites, users get to explore and make informed choices.

As you know I have always loved experimenting, I wanted to come out of my online cocoon of shopping just from Amazon, flipkart and Snapdeal. So I started hunting for more platforms to buy apparel from.

I have come across these 7 underappreciated e-commerce websites on Weblistr which have a stunning range of apparel to choose from. Check them out-


It can be a hassle to shop for  something new each time an occasion comes up; you wear that dress once and then it takes up permanent residence in some dusty corner of your closet.

Wrapd rents out outfits so that you can wear what you want to a glamorous occasion at only 15-20 % of the retail cost. You can rent it for a total of 48 hours, and they also alter their pieces so they fit you perfectly! Wrapd has a collection of ethnic  and western clothes for both men and women. You can also visit their store to get a better selection. They are currently operating in Delhi, Jaipur and Hyderabad.


This is a beauty and wellness website but I found it really helpful. VanityCube delivers beauty and wellness “on demand” and also allows you to skip the salon queues. You can have a beauty treatment wherever and whenever – at your home, office, or anywhere else. You can book an appointment anywhere between 8 am and 9 pm, and then sit back, relax, and enjoy your privacy.

VanityCube has quite a few services at different price points for facials, waxing, manicures and pedicures, makeup, and hair, as well as package deals. They also do group bookings.


Wooplr is a fashion-discovery app for iOS and Android. With it, you can follow the latest trends in the fashion world, go through curated lookbooks and collections put together by fashionistas, follow style icons and read their tips to up your fashion game. Wooplr does its best to tailor the information to your taste.

Any look you see on Wooplr is buyable. You can choose from over 200+ brands. It’s not just a fashion store, it’s a fashion community, and that is what makes it different.

Pernia’s Popup Shop:

Started by P/rnia Qureshi, this premier shopping site sells clothes and accessories from designer labels. You can shop for clothing designed by Bhumika Sharma, Anju Modi, and Gaurav Gupta, among others. There are designer clothes for men and women, as well as jewellery, bags, shoes, etc. There’s also a ‘Celebrity Closet’, where you can buy the pieces that Bollywood’s A-listers wear!
If you’re serious about fashion, you should definitely take a look.


IndiaRush is your one stop shop for everything Fashion. I loved their collection of traditional Semi-stitched suits and Kundan jewelry. I have shopped from them and the service was good. Pretty designs on a budget is the essence of this website. I read the user reviews of India Rush on Weblistr  and  it helped me make my shopping decision.


Everyone likes to know that something was personalised for them. Creyate is a site for customisable men’s clothing. They have a readymade wardrobe you can shop from, where you can add your customisation requirements. They also have a ‘Design Your Own’ section where you can build your product from scratch – choose your own fabric, style, etc. To get your measurements done you can go to their store or book a home visit.

Creyate is paving a new path for Indian fashion, particularly men’s fashion.


Elanic is a blessing for shoppers of all kinds – budget shoppers, lazy shoppers, and chronic shoppers. It’s a site where you can buy and sell pre-owned products, and at reasonable prices! The site takes a 10% commission charge, but the transaction is otherwise completely between the buyer and seller.
If your house is overflowing with needless clutter that you’re loathing to part with because of  it’s value – you can sell it on Elanic. If you’re a shopper looking for a Mango skirt for that party that’s coming up, you might just find one on Elanic – and at a better price too!

You can sell and buy anything – clothes, homeware, books, accessories, beauty, and so on. In a growing culture of materialism where we all complain about having too much and too little at the same time, Elanic is the perfect solution.

All of these unique sites are worth taking a look at. In the meantime, if you’ve used any of these sites, you can leave a review for them on Weblistr. Or, check out their categories to discover more interesting websites for all your needs!


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