9 Pearl Necklace Designs Which Will Leave You Stunned [ No 8 is a MUST buy!]

Pearls have a charm of their own and an unmatchable aura to them which can sometimes outshine even diamonds! Pearl is a lustrous mass formed inside a living shell and is hence considered precious and rare.

Pearl jewelry, especially pearl necklace designs have become my new found love these days what with the stunning and completely mesmerizing designs available today from different jewelers.

When it comes to any kind of jewelry, for me design is the king and I am sure it's the same case for every woman out there. They say beauty is addictive and you can never get enough of it. - This statement is very true when we talk about the stunning Pearl necklace designs shown below. Every piece of this pearl jewelry is magical... Every piece makes me want to write poetry praising it.

So here are the 9 simply stunning Pearl necklace designs which will leave you reeling.:

1. Pearl Kundan Choker:

Pearls teamed with Kundans make for an irresistible choice. This choker is a unique handmade piece with uncut fresh water pearls and kundans. It is a perfect choice for your wedding or engagement and will look best with low cut Anarkalis and lehengas. You can buy this here.

2. Floating Pearl Necklace:

The term 'pearl necklace designs' is incomplete without mentioning this unique floating pearl beauty. 

3. Ruby Pearl Necklace:

Rubies are precious and resemble class and elegance, when paired with pearls the charm just doubles up!

4. Pearl Shoulder Necklace:

Image result for pearl back drop necklace
Nothing grabs one's attention more than a Pearl drop shoulder necklace worn with an off-shoulder gown. Choose a gown/dress which is not too flashy and let the shoulder necklace be the center of attention. This necklace will look absolutely lovely with a saree paired with an off-shoulder blouse!

5. Pearl Back Drop Choker:

Pair this sexy back drop pearl choker with a high bun and open back top for a stunning look.

6. Trendy Pearl Necklace for girls:

This pearl necklace resembles a stole and the design simply impressive and suitable for any of your western outfits. Will look best with off-shoulder dresses!

7. Pearl Kundan Rani Haar:

Rani haar is a range among Indian brides. I myself want one for my own wedding. The above stunning piece is exactly like what I have in my mind!

8. Pearl Satlada:

Satlada is the new hot trend and a perfect choice if your blouse/dress is high neck. It's very traditional and a must buy for every Bride-to-be.

9. Pearl Mesh Choker

This is something you have never seen before! This lovely statement pearl choker is just the right jewelry to get all those heads and compliments turning your way!

Which of these do you like the best? Do share :)

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