Four Types of Bags Every Girl Should Own

Outfits reflect your fashion quotient but accessories define your personality. Handbags and jewellery are accessories that define your personality. Are you nodding till yet? Then you must agree when we say, that we at least need 4 basic bags in our closet. Which ones and why they are needed, keep reading to get your answers.

  • Work Wear / College Bags

Structured with sufficient compartments.

We suggest on keeping it compact yet spacious that it holds all your necessary items in place. Structured and sturdy bags will suit best for office goers, minimalistic yet primed.
For college goers, you need to make use of multiple compartments to keep books and stationary products in your bags.
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  • Casual Bags

Slay with sling!

We have been hoarding on sling bags! They are easy to handle lightweight and carry the right amount of necessities. These small bags with long belts allows you to carry the bags easily, keeping your hands free. Perfect for outings and casual meetings where you just do not need a lot to carry but just a bunch of things.

  • Everything but bling!

Compact and stylish clutch bags are party essentials.

Compact yet holds your needs during the party, it should be able to hold your phone, cash and little make-up.

  • Multipurpose Backpacks

Good old backpacks came with some knick-knack changes and are here to stay. When you are out for the whole day, you need to have a couple of necessities up in your reach. A good spacious backpack will save your day, make sure it is sturdy and can hold all your essentials.

Because we have taken lessons this year, and we want to stay minimalistic. Shop smart!

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