Dabur Vatika Oil Balance Split Treatment Shampoo Review (With Aloe Vera & Yoghurt)

I love dabur vatika coconut hair oil which works beautifully on my dry hair and recently I discovered Dabur vatika also has its range of shampoos .There are 3 variants of vatika shampoos,  Vatika oil balance hair fall treatment, Vatika Oil Balance split treatment and Vatika oil balance smoothing treatment . My main hair issue is split ends so I decided to give the Dabur Vatika Oil Balance Split Treatment Shampoo a try. I have finished the bottle and today I am going share my experience here.

Price and Quantity: 
102 INR for 180 ml
185 INR for 340ml

Availability: Easy
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Shelf Life: 2 years
Variant being Reviewed: Oil Balance Split Treatment

Packaging of Dabur Vatika Oil Balance Split Treatment Shampoo:

I have the 340 ml bottle of vatika oil balance split treatment shampoo which comes with a pump dispenser. The white plastic bottle is sleek and the pump dispenses product nicely. If you want to travel with this you can get the smaller version which comes with a flip cap.


Colour: White
Texture : Creamy consistency which isnt too thick or runny
Fragrance: Pleasant floral smell which lingers for  a while after wash

My experience with Dabur Vatika Oil Balance Split Treatment Shampoo:

Like I mentioned before split ends on my dry hair is something I have to battle frequently. I am aware that split ends cant be repaired and a trim is necessary but proper hair care can help keep splits at bay. Dabur Vatika Oil Balance Split Treatment Shampoo comes with aloe vera and yoghurt for deep conditioning hair and protection against split ends. I have used shampoos with aloe vera before but they have always dried my hair out but I found the presence of yoghurt interesting as yoghurt has hydrating properties.
I apply this shampoo on my hair and it lathers nicely removing all dirt without drying out my scalp. Washing off the shampoo is also easy and if you have oiled your hair you will need to wash your hair twice to get rid of oil. Post wash my hair feels smoother, softer and nourished which is sure to keep split ends away. I mostly skip conditioner after shampooing because I prefer oiling my hair before shampoo but if you have dry hair then I recommend you follow shampooing with smoothning treatment conditioner from Dabur vatika.
Dabur Vatika Oil Balance Split Treatment Shampoo adds a slight healthy shine to my hair but it cant keep my hair frizz free for long. As for split ends this shampoo cant repair split ends and you shouldn't even expect any shampoo to do that but it can definitely avoid split ends by keeping hair soft and nourished.

Whats Good about Dabur Vatika Oil Balance Split Treatment Shampoo :

  • Sturdy packaging
  • Easily available
  • lathers nicely
  • cleanses well
  • Hair is soft and smooth post wash
  • Has goodness of aloe vera and yoghurt
  • Affordable

Whats bad about Dabur Vatika Oil Balance Split Treatment Shampoo :

  • Can be a bit drying 
  • Cant treat split ends (only a trim can!)
  • Not free of chemicals like SLS

BlingSparkle Rating:★★★★/5

Overall, Dabur Vatika Oil Balance Dandruff Treatment Shampoo is a good budget shampoo for protection against split ends as it keeps hair hydrated and soft. It also cleanses well but can be a little drying so dont forget the conditioner.

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