Makeup Revolution Duo Face Sculpt Review & Swatch

I absolutely love makeup and new purchases make me super happy! Best part is makeup on sale *woohoo* Recently Makeup Revolution London cosmetics where on sale and I had the urge to buy almost everything even though I have makeup which would last me a few lifetimes. But since Makeup Revolution has few of the most best affordable makeup products with amazing quality and a plethora of variety I had to make a haul from for a few Makeup Revolution London Products. One product I am absolutely loving from the sale is the makeup revolution duo face sculpt !
makeup revolution duo face sculpt review buy swatch

I have been trying my hands on contouring and wanted a light warm toned matte contour powder to try my hands on and that's when I picked up this palette which has a contour and a highlight shade. At first I wanted to give the wonder stick for the perfect sculpt contouring by NYX but as I have combination to oily skin I wanted to give powder contouring a try at first.

Price and Quantity:

800 INR for 15 gm

Shelf Life:

One Word: 

Packaging of Makeup Revolution Duo Face Sculpt:

I was surprised by the size of this duo sculpt powder palette. Its the size of my palm , quite a huge one in reality. It does not seem that big when you see it on the website in pictures.It comes in a large plastic pan with a clear lid with the brand name embossed on it. I wouldn't carry it with me as it seems delicate plus its way too big to carry it in my purse and wouldn't fit in my clutches. *boohoo*
It does not have an applicator which s not a surprise but I do wish there was a mirror to go with it .


Not too powdery neither creamy. The product maintains a balance between powder and cream and blends like a dream on to my face.


The contour powder is decently pigmented and the highlighter does highlight a little.

Staying Power:

Stays for a good 4-5 hours without primer underneath.

Shade/ Colour:

The highlighter is a warm highlight shade with pink hues and the contour is a matte brown shade with no shimmer in it.

My experience with Makeup Revolution Duo Face Sculpt:

With there being so little make up brands selling contouring products in India it was difficult to land up with a decent contour powder. I tried almost everything from a dark brown matte eye shadow to a matte blush but nothing seemed quite to work to give me those chiselled cheek bones. I struggled a lot to buy that beginners warm toned contour powder. Finally I am happy to see international drug store brands hit the Indian market as now we have a lot of options to choose from . After NYX I had heard a lot about Makeup Revolution London and hence I picked up the duo face sculpt which has a two in one application.

The two in one palette is quite a handy palette for those looking for a highlighter and contour in one. But the highlighter shade din't match my skin tone and I think I won't be using the highlighting shade much. But the contour powder is a great one for those who are trying contour for the first time. I do wish the color was a bit darker on the grey side as it doesn't give that perfect grey natural shadow look.

On my first application I picked up a lot of product and I ended up having cheeks which looked muddy. As I am fair to medium skinned I must be careful with the application as I think this palette suits fair skinned beauties more. The contour has a very formula which makes it easier to apply it under my cheekbones. It blends effortlessly into the skin. I really like the contour powder as it gives a sculpted look within two to three swipes. One can use it on a daily basis for it is sure to give that soft and natural look.The color of the contour is easily buildable and does not feel chalky, but you might need to swipe it a couple of times to build up the color intensity. I am willing to use this to set my cream contour and I am yet to see how it fairs in terms of staying power once I use it set my cream contour.


I use my PAC contour sculpt brush to apply it on my face and it is close to impossible to give that perfect chiselled look using your fingers. i recommend a good contour brush to go with this. You can try one from PAC as its affordable or you can try the Real techniques contour brush.


You can buy it from Amazon and Nykaa.

Whats Good:

Gives a subtle contour
Blends like a dream
Does not cake
Stays for a good 4-5 hours
Suits for oily skinned beauties.
Gives a matte finish
Highlighter can used to set foundation or highlight nose and under areas.
The texture is smooth
Gives a sharp look.

What could be Better:

Highlighter shade might not suit everybody
Packaging isn't travel friendly
Gives a muddy look on a round face when used in greater amounts
Needs a good contour brush to apply it.
Does not suit all skin tones. Might not show up on dusky skin tones. Best for fair skin.

BlingSparkle Rating:★★★.5 /5

Would I buy this product again?

No. The contour powder in it is going to last for a long time and the highlighter is simply going to sit there unless I find an alternative of using it in some other way. I would rather try some other bronzing and contouring products from Makeup revolution instead of repurchasing this.

Do I recommend this?

I highly recommend it to beginners who are fair skinned and have oily skin. But for those who are medium to dark skinned must give this one a miss for it doesn't show up n medium to dusky skin., Plus the highlighter is too light for dusky skin. Also if you have a round face I recommend you to use it lightly under the cheekbones or just try some other contour powder from Makeup revolution.


Final Verdict:

The powders being matte do not cake on the face and do help in getting that natural sculpted look. the blend ability is amazing plus it does a pretty good job on creating the false shadow look. I think it’s does quite a good job in contouring on a daily basis. Those who have oily skin and have a skin tone between fair to medium can definitely give this duo sculpt palette a try!
A great option for beginners who are new to makeup and want to give contouring a try!

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