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We are 2 weeks into the new year and 2017 already looks very interesting and fun. There are new trends to explore, funky makeup looks to try and exciting fitness resolutions to stick to. Like most individuals even I brought in the new year with to 2 simple resolutions .One, to blog regularly and second to stay fit and fabulous .

The blogging regularly resolution is surprisingly easy to keep compared to fitness goals. I have decided to set smaller goals and start with light exercises and healthy eating. To motivate myself on working out I am indulging in stylish at leisure because looking good helps me sweat out better! I am style crazy woman and I know that right gear will take my fitness game to a whole new level. From neon sneakers to smart watches here I list to you  fashionable workout essentials to sweat it out in style.

Running Shoes:


I am not a 'hit the gym' workout gal and exercise for me means jogging! Every fitness freak needs proper sport shoes with right fit but you don't have to compromise on style or comfort when choosing a pair of sneakers. Most of us already have all white sneakers, so for a change go for bright neon's to add a pop of colour while you sweat it out.

Tank Top:

I personally don't believe in less is best for the gym. Less for a swim is okay but for the gym, NO! 
One should consider covering up as it is great during workouts. covering up with breathable materials like moisture free breathable tees or tank tops in cotton not only keep you warm but also enable more sweating thus aiding the reason of the workout. 

Colored Clothes:


We all love blacks, greys and blues but hey lets leave the darker safe sided colors to the boys and try dabbling some color in your gym clothes! Don't paint yourself in color from head to toe but the trick is to add color to your outfit intelligently. A hit of hot neon pink or a little yellow thrown in via the shoes is surely gonna make a huge difference in lifting up your mood even when the weigh machine is going against you!

Fashion Tech: Smart watches
Tory Burch Fitbit 
Health and fitness conscious woman if you are looking for a tech product that is oh so fashionable yet going to help you achieve that fit body you want then its high time you bought a smart watch . A smart watch from a good brand will help you plus its ticks all the style boxes. Most of the top current  recommendation for ladies looking for a chic and affordable smart watch can be bought online. Thanks to online shopping in India, we can stay fit and fabulous while ordering from the comfort of our home!

There are umpteen ways to look gorgeous while heading for your workout, so make sure you sweat it out in style! 

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