Lenskart Lens Cleaning Spray Lotion Review

If you wear glasses then you probably know how much of a task it is to maintain them and keep them clean. I have worn glasses since my high school and I really wish lens cleaning agents like these were available back then. Anyways, better late than never! Read on to know whether you should buy this Lens cleaning Spray lotion by Lenskart or you should give it a miss...

Price and quantity: 

INR 90 for 60ml

Shelf Life: 

5 years

How To Use:

Sprinkle some using the pump on each lens of your glasses and wipe it off quickly with a cotton cloth.

Can you use this to clean your contact lenses?:

NO. There's a different solution for that. I am currently using the Bausch and Lomb one and I am loving it!

My experience with the Lens cleaning spray lotion by Lenskart and Lenskart.com in general:

I wear glasses all the time so they tend to accumulate dust and turn somewhat oily very often, this is the reason why I was on the lookout for a good cleansing agent. I bought this bottle during my recent contact lens haul from Lenskart. I really love Lenskart for the quality they offer and have never had a bad experience with them. On the contrary, I have been overjoyed with every purchase. This one time I bought a pair of very trendy eyeglasses customized to my eye power but when I received the pair I totally disliked the frame - it JUST did not suit my face. I usually wear rimless glasses as that's what suits my face cut best and this was the first time I was trying those nerdy type full frame glasses. I called up their customer care and guess what! They immediately arranged for a return and gave me back my money in the form of store credits. I really loved this gesture from them as the glasses were custom made so basically they might have been a total waste for them but they still accepted my return request - I mean WOW! ^_^ These people really know how to win hearts..

Coming to the Lens cleaning lotion, it's a total wow! It cleans every speck of dirt and oil on the frame and imparts a new finish to it. Every time  I am done cleaning my glasses using this lotion I feel like I am wearing a brand new pair of eyewear. Apart from cleaning my eyeglasses, I use this lotion for cleaning my Sunglasses, my phone's screen and even my cosmetics before clicking their pictures :P (It cleans so effectively that I can't resist!)


  • Cleans eyeglasses perfectly, like 100% perfection.
  • Removes all dirt and Oil too within seconds.
  • Can be used to clean any other glass/plastic product you want other than your glasses
  • Value for money
  • Travel friendly packaging
  • Spar bottle is very convenient to use


  • Available only on Lenskart.com
  • You have to buy two pieces as they don't ship one. O_O (I bought this with my contact lens order which amounted to around INR 2000+, still they didn't let me choose just one piece of this cleansing lotion. Anyways, my sister needed it too so I gave one to her B-) 

All in all, if you wear eyeglasses then trust me you NEED this! You'll not know it's real value until you have actually used it. I totally recommend it!

Will I repurchase it?: Definitely! 

Bling Sparkle Rating: 4.5/5

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