PIK Studios Eyeliner in Black Review

Felt tip eyeliners are the current rage these days and when I found one on budget at a sale on Purplle.com I instantly grabbed the opportunity! I am an eyeliner lover in and out but haven't mastered the art of a perfect 'Bollywood like' winged eye yet(practice in progress :P). The best thing about felt tip liners and pen liners is that they give you the advantage of creating a smashing winged eye without turning your eye into that of a Panda's!!

This is my first product from the brand PIK Studios, read on to know whether you should buy it or give it a miss:

Price: INR 150/- 


The texture of this Pen eye liner is a Glossy liquid which dries up very quickly.


The packaging of the product is nice. It feels very light and the cap fits firmly. It very much resembles a black sketch pen!


This eyeliner by PIK Studios is jet black when freshly applied but the color becomes very light and more of a grey-black after its fully dry.

My experience with the PIK Studios Pen Eyeliner:

My first impression about this product was 'WOW' because everything from its packaging to its staying power was applaudable. It was really going to be my HG eyeliner when suddenly just after 3-4 uses it DRIED UP! Yes, I was really annoyed. It helped me get that perfect wing when it was new and I really wish that it hadn't dried up!

The colour pay off was also not that great as the product turns from black to a grayish tint after drying but I was still reaching out to it just to get an outline and then fill in with a different eyeliner. When it dried up it couldn't draw an outline also so I just had to give it to my Nephew to play(He loves fiddling with my cosmetics)



  • Helps create a perfect winged eye
  • Dries up quickly
  • Staying power is good
  • Waterproof
  • Light weight, travel friendly packaging
  • Smudge proof


  • Dries up just after 3-4 uses which is very annoying and disappointing
  • Doesn't fade out evenly
  • Doesn't wear off easily

Coming to the conclusion, I don't recommend this eyeliner by PIK Studios at all as it dries up after 3-4 uses. There are many better options in the same price range available in the current market. However, it did help me get those perfect winged eyes so if you find it on a steal deal sale like I did, then you should definitely give it a try!

Bling Sparkle Rating: 2/5 

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