12 best braided hairstyles for thin hair || Voluminous Braided Hairstyles For Fine Hair !

One of the most sought after hairstyles are braids. Braids look wonderful on all women. The art of mastering braids is worth the try because they are shortcuts to get salon looking hair without having to style or blow dry them. When it comes to braids, women have a lot of options to choose from. Be it the fishtail or a crown or a Dutch or reverse or even a milkmaid , I’ve never come across a braid I didn't admire. But when you are blessed with long hair which is super thin and very fine it becomes a real struggle to make that perfect braid. Read on to know the best short hairstyles for fine hairwhich includes 12 beautiful braids !
hairstyles for thin hair
Different woman have different hair length and hair texture and that is why its important to understand what kind of braids would suit your hair type. To get those voluminous braid look while working with your thin and fine hair its important to choose a placement and a type of braid for your hair which is why we are bringing 10 best braided hairstyles that would suit most of the women with thin hair ! Follow a few tricks listed below by us to easily add more volume and texture to your braids ! In order to look gorgeous you don’t need to go on looking for haircuts for thin hair, its time for some braided hairstyles !
Your guide to get that epic braid is right here ladies!

Twelve Braids For Thin Hair That Score High On Volume :

1) Subtle Bouffant Braid:

A bouffant and braid together might sound wired but when done together gives a gorgeous voluminous look! I personaly think this style of braid has a romantic vibe to it with a hint of old world elegance ! Look exquisite by braiding your hair in a bouffant on the crown and a loose braid at the end!
bouffant and braid

2)Asymmetrical French Braid Style:

Asymmetrical French braid looks beautiful when done on a slight side part, just remember to plump it up a bit by gently pulling the sections of the braid and spraying loads of hair spray ! Super sexy braid ready within minutes !
hairstyles for thin hair

3)Milkmaid Braid:

I love  milkmaid braids and the way they keep all my hair off my shoulder !  I always found them complicated but after I came across a tutorial for thicker milkmaid braid from ‘Advice from a something’ I have never looked back ! The trick is to do inside-out braids and pin them together to make a milkmaid braid . That simple !
Inside Out French Braid

4)The Bang’ing Braid:

When you have bangs yet thin hair and want to try some braided hairstyles you go for top braids ! A braided updo with bangs falling on the face give an illusion of thick hair and also gives a sexy yet cute vibe to the face. If you plan on braiding your fine hair this is must addition in your hairstyles for thin hair!
bangs and braids

5)Inside Out Reverse Milkmaid Braid:

This is a twist to the milkmaid braid . The hair here is braided inside out in a reverse direction. Braid your hair in two sections and then loosely wrap the braids across your head, pull a few strands or bangs at the front. Make sure you are not wrapping your braids too tight as this can make your hair look flat. Gently pull each section once you have braided and pin the loose ends with bobby pins for maximum effect ! This looks beautiful with almost all outfits and is great for summers !This is one of my favorite hairstyles for thin hair!
inside out reversed braid


6)Crown Braids:

The best way to give your hair a thick braid look is to make an illusion of voluminous braids . Show off your unique hairstyle by braiding two pigtails and wrapping them around the front to form a crown braid! Or you could even do a half updo with a crown braid to give an illusion of healthy and thick hair!
hairstyles for thin hair

7)Soft French Braid ponytail:

A soft side french braid tied back into a ponytail will create a soft and romantic voluminous look. This is the best way to give your fine and thin hair an uplift without going overboard ! This ponytail braid is unique and is a must try hairstyles for thin hair . Make sure the braid is running low while pulling in sections of hair while keep braiding. You’ll have full, flowing locks.
hairstyles for fine hair

8)Braided Bun:

Best way to keep all the hair off your way is to go for a braided bun. Just middle part your hair and braid each side into two french braids and pin them in it in the form of an intricate bun on the back of your head ! Its best to use a volume boost powder before going for this braid or you could even plump up your hair by teasing the roots of your hair backwards for a while.And like always don’t forget to gently pull the sections of your braid to give some volume to it and spray some hairspray!
braided bun'

9)Wispy  braided Ponytail:

A ponytail could be a nightmare for those with thin locks but this simple and sweet wispy ponytail looks gorgeous on thinner hair. Braid a small section of the hair at back and tie rest of the hair into a wispy ponytail at the side. Just remember to pull a few strands of hair from the front to frame your hair as the wispy ponytail would be incomplete without it. The wispiness of this hairstyles makes it one of the most sought after hairstyles for fine hair.
hairstyles for fine hair

10)Messy Braided Pompadour:

A haircut is not the only way to get creative with you hair, try the front pompadour!If you have fine hair and are sick of having it look flat, work a little volumizing mousse into your locks, then muss it up in the front to make it look thick and braid only the front section just like shown in the picture ! Viola ! A creative braid right up your alley !
braided pompadour

11)Loosely Braided Ponytail:

Ponytails with a twist are super love and when one that is comfy braided one that can be worn to work? #HellYeah !  The best thing about this hairstyle is that you don’t have to use any voluminising spray or mousse ! Tie your hair in a ponytail and then loosely braid your ponytail . gently pull the braided sections , that’s it! Simple !
hairstyles for fine hair

12)Fishtail Pigtail Braids:

Pigtail braids can be so tricky when done on fine hair but have you ever thought of trying fishtail pigtail braids? They come of more thicker than the usual pigtail braids and give a fresh young look! This is an absolute favorite of mine and if I was to select one hairstyle from all of the hairstyles for fine hair, it would be this one !
hairstyles for fine hair

Tips And tricks To Give your Braided Hairstyles Loads OF Volume without using heat !

1. Gently Pull section to fan out hair:

Thin hair can look voluminous even in braids without having to use any teasing or styling! The key is to learn how to create an illusion of  thicker hair. Just remember to gently pull at each section of the braid to fan out the hair and make it even bigger every single time!With this trick you can rock almost all hairstyles for fine hair!

2. Hide less hair spaces on scalp with black eye shadow or hair dye:

If you have jet black hair then one of the big issues with braiding could be that it tends to create an illusion of bald spots. Hence you can simple use a trick to hide all those drastic spots ! Use any matt black eye shadow or natural hair dye powder you have at home and brush it on the bald like spots and tada you have an illusion of even hair within minutes !

3. Avoid braiding oily hair:

If you have thin hair then its best to avoid going out with braids done on oily hair as oil tends to make your hair look super thin. You can definitely go for braids in oily hair at home. this is a great trick if you are trying to braid short hair! If you are trying one of the short hairstyles for fine hairthen oiling is must NO!

4. Braid sections of your hair overnight:

Giving volume to your hair without using any heat and styling products might sound impossible but here’s the trick, braid all your hair in tiny sections and leave them overnight. Later unbraid your hair which will lead to beautiful hot mess of voluminous hair in the morning ! Yes ! Braids tend to create an illusion of thick hair !

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