What Engagement Ring Matches your Personality

Engagement rings are probably the most personal and special things a woman will ever receive. She will, after all, intend to wear it every day for the rest of her life!

To know which ring is perfect for a certain woman, it’s so important that her personality and lifestyle are first on the list of considerations. But which rings suit which personalities? Whether you’re a woman trying the discover what your ideal style would be, (so you can drop some hints), or a man desperately trying to figure out what style to buy your prospective bride-to-be, this guide will help…


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This is someone with a sleek, modern, and effortlessly fashion-forward style. Think sex-in-the-city fan-girl, or a cocktail obsessed, pant-suit donning power-woman – this style deserves a ring that reflects it perfectly. Look at sculptural engagement rings – rings that experiment with more non-traditional forms. Consider a bezel setting. These feature a thin metal band that hugs the diamond all the way around its girdle. If you’d rather waive the traditional center diamond altogether, contemplate going for a wide band ring with intricate detail.


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While some people can’t think of anything more boring than a classic solitaire, this is the dream setting for some women. It’s timeless and showcases the center diamond without any distraction – it’s simple elegance at its peak. Solitaires are rings that feature one center diamond, and they are the most popular style for engagement rings. Don’t fall into the trap of thinking that ‘traditional’ means boring though! Sometimes, less really is just more. For a classy, but not plain-Jane lady , go for the timeless solitaire design.


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This woman loves to stand out. She knows what we like, and that’s fashion. This is a lady that isn’t going to be thrilled by a simple design that looks like it’s been picked off the shelf. For this, you may need to go totally bespoke. Consider purchasing loose diamonds online, and getting them set somewhere locally. This will mean you can have a ring that really is 100% unique! If the ring receiver desires to dazzle with glamour, she’ll probably love a setting that holds her diamond higher on her finger. This design can be really eye-catching, but also, will make the center diamond you select look much bigger. Consider featuring some sparkling pavĂ©-set diamonds on the band of the ring to help it really stand out!


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This lady is a nature lover - a true lover of the outdoors. Ring settings can with organic elements in their designs such as leaves, vines, and flowers could be just the thing. If this girl loves physical activities then you might want to consider a setting that holds the diamond lower to the hand, to avoid catching it. There are a number of brands out there that specialise in such designs, such as clogau gold. A bezel setting or a thin metal band that hugs the diamond all the way around, is also great for keeping a diamond protected!

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