7 Tips For Applying Long Lasting Makeup for a Special Occasion

All of us have a regular makeup routine like a BB cream, lip gloss and mascara or eye liner and you are good to go. We know how to apply makeup for everyday wear but when we have to put in more effort and do our own makeup for special occasions and events like attending a family wedding, I kind of find it difficult to up the ante and add more impact. The key to special occasion makeup is to make it last long and keep it shine free. Here in this post I will be sharing tips on how to apply makeup which will last long and be perfect for a special occasion.

10 Tips on How to apply makeup for a special occasion (Do your own long lasting Makeup)

#1 Prepare your skin: 

For special occasions it is very important to have good hydrated skin so that makeup glides on smoothly and lasts long. If you are wondering how to apply makeup with doesnt look patchy then the answer is in prepping your skin before makeup application. You should scrub your face and lips a day before the event and apply a face pack for added glow. If you are not a face pack person you can try a face sheet mask like ones from The Face Shop 30 minutes before applying makeup.  Foundation can end up looking very artificial if not applied on smooth well prepped up skin.

How to Apply Makeup: Prepare your skin before foundation application.

  • Dip a cotton ball in makeup remover and get rid of kohl residues near eyes .
  • Apply a moisturizer suitable for your skin type and follow this up with a sunscreen if you will be going out in the sun. If you are doing makeup for a night event skip the sunscreen.
  • Prime your face, especially areas around nose and chin
  • Use an orange corrector before applying concealer in your under eye area to cancel out the blue hued under eye bags for a neutral brown look. Skip this step if you dont have dark circles.
  • Now apply your medium to full coverage foundation and blend with beauty tool of your choice like a stippling brush, flat top kabuki brush or beauty blender sponge.

#2 Use a primer

The best way to make your makeup look long lasting is to use a primer underneath. Prime even your eye lids to make the shadow stay crease free. It is also important to choose a primer according to your skin type, go for an oil absorbing primer if you have oily skin and a hydrating primer if you have dry skin.

#3 Blend it right: 

Blending is the key to perfect makeup look. You need to blend eye shadows, foundation and even the blush and blend it like there is no tomorrow.

How to Apply Makeup: Ways to blend

  • For blushes use a light hand and layer up if needed. For special events I apply cream blush on my cheeks and blend it with fingers and then dust some powder blush for rosy flush on cheeks which lasts all night. I have dry skin and this trick works nicely for me, if you have oily skin you may want to stay away from cream blushes.
  • Perfecting the foundation application needs some practice. Figure out what works for you foundation sponge, flat brush or a beauty blender  sponge. More tips for flawless foundation application .
  • Eye shadows need to be blended nicely with a blending brush using back and forth strokes.

#4 Dont forget the brows:

Properly filled in brows make a lot of difference to your face. Use a brow pencil or brow powder with a light hand for a natural look and then finish off by setting them with a clear brow gel. I actually use a clear mascara to set my brows and baby hair too.
Maybelline fashion brow duo shaper is a nice budget option to fill in brows. It has a pencil and sponge tip applicator too.

maybelline best drugstore products

#5 Highlight for an illuminated look

Using a highlighter is very important when doing make up for a special occasion because highlighter gives you that healthy glow taking your makeup to a next level. If you have dry skin highlighter is like absolute essential for you as you face isnt going to glow naturally and you need to fake it.

How to Apply Makeup: The highlighter
Use a highlighter 2 shades lighter than your skin tone on your cheek bones, under the brow bone, bridge of the nose and cupid's bow. Tada.. Illuminated skin.

Makeup revolution shimmer brick pallet is a good budget option if you want to try a bronzer cum highlighter.

#6 Go bold on your lips

For special events when doing your own makeup it is always good to go bold and let your lips stand out. I mostly go for glam red but you can go according to your taste and choose a maroon, deep plum or even fushia. A bold lip means you draw attention towards your lips and the minor blending or foundation flaws are overlooked by people. Make sure your lip colour lasts all day even between your meals.

How to Apply Makeup: The Lip Color which lasts long

  • Use a lip liner not only to line but also to fill in your lips. This will act like a stain on your lips which will stay even when your lip colour fades away
  • Now apply a coat of your preferred lipstick shade
  • Next put a tissue on top and dust some translucent powder over your lips. Again apply another coat of your lipstick. This will help your lips stay coloured for longer hours and even between meals
  • Topping your lip colour with a lip cote can make it stay forever. Try miss claire lipcote if you hate touching up lipstick between meals.

#7 Use a setting spray or translucent powder:

To make your makeup long lasting use a setting spray. You can use a hydrating setting spray if you have dry skin or a shine killer setting spray if you have oily skin. (Recommendation: LA Girl pro setting spray) . Dusting translucent powder on your T-zone can also help mattify your look and keep oil blotting sheets ready in bag to get rid of excess oil from your face during the event. ( Nyx blotting sheets)

More tips on How to apply makeup and make it long lasting for special occasion

  • Use an eye lash curler before applying mascara to give your lashes a lift. It makes your eyes  look more open and awake .
  • The key to long lasting makeup for sny event is to invest in products which have good staying power. Shop smart and read reviews before adding products to your cart.
  • If you want more drama use fake lashes after applying two coats of mascara.
  • For a more defined fuller lips use some concealer on your cupids bow (upper lip area)
  • Tame the unruly baby hair with clear mascara or hair spray and keep them in place all night.
That was a mini guide and some tips on how to apply makeup fr a special occasion. Do you more tips for long lasting makeup look? Share with us!

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