15 Stunning Collar Neck Blouse Designs for all Seasons

The regal high neck blouse designs are hot in trend and look amazing on long lean women. High necks are best if you are aiming for an elegant look without compromising on comfort because who wants to keep getting conscious when bending in those deep neck blouses? When you say high neck, collar neck blouse designs come to mind but most women actually stay away from blouse designs with a collar detailing because it gives them a very stuffy  feeling but if you choose the right design they can actually look very classy and be worn all year round. 
Collar neck blouse designs are most suited for formal, semi formal and traditional occasions but ofcourse when these blouses are styled in more glam way they can be worn even to parties and festive occasions. There are many variations even in the collar neck blouse designs and today I will be discussing these designs in my post so you choose the ones which suit your  style the best..

12 Stunning Collar Neck Blouse Designs for all Seasons

#1 Standing collar neck blouse design for sarees

High neck blouses when paired with sheer net or lace sarees give a very elegant regal vibe. Opt for a standing collar neck blouse with your saree for a stylish party look . You can wear standing collar neck blouse design even to office with a cotton saree. Since this blouse design has a colsed collar neck go sleeveles or half sleeves and avoid full sleeves to balance out the look.

#2 Shirt style formal collar neck blouse designs

Blouse designs with a shirt pattern neckline are best suited for work wear saree looks. You can get a button down blouse stitched with shirt pattern collar and mini sleeves for a chic office look. You can even just pair your white shirt with a saree for a crisp formal saree look. Shirt pattern look can also be worn on festive ocassions with layering of rani haars 

#3 Fun flap collar neck blouse designs

If you want to wear a trendy and fun collar neck blouse design go for a flap collar pattern with elbow length sleeves and avoid neck jewellery for added impact.

#4 Sleeveless shirt collar neck blouse designs

 Like I mentioned before shirt pattern collar neck blouses can be worn outside your office too. Go for sleeveless patterns for more casual look. Sleeveless shirt collar neck design actally looks good when paired with subtle coloured saris even for work .

#5 Jacket style collar neck blouse designs

You can even go for a jacket style collar neck blouse for a chic look . You can get a short jacket stitched and wear it over your normal blouse for this kind of a saree look. For a winter jacket collar look go for a full sleeved jacket over a simple blouse.
Go for a longer jacket for a more trendy and regal winter wedding look.

#6 Polo neck style high collar pattern blouse for sarees

This winter forget the necklace and wear a turle neck style collar blouse design like sridevi wears to beat the cold in style. Who needs a shawl when you have a blouse so trendy?

#7 Peter pan collar neck blouse designs

If you are in the mood to try something edgy or funky go for a peter pan ollar neck blouse design. Go for simple styling with a high bun or braid and simple studs to keep your blouse the highlight of the look.  This blouse design is sure to help you stand out in a party so be prepared for all the attention. 

#8 Semi sheer collar neckline for party wear sarees

You can wear collar neck blouses even for parties and festive occasions if you go for semi sheer necklines. semi sheer necklines with lace or net give a very girly touch to your look without showing much skin.

#9 Zipper detailing collar neck blouse designs

Zipper on saree blouses are a thing these days and you can make your collar neck blouses edgy by adding a front open zip detailing to it . 

#10 Back open chinese collar neck design

With collar neck blouses also you can play with your back. Go for huge cut outs or elegant key hole paterns in the back to make your collar neck blouse design trendy and comfortable.

#11 Mandrian V neck collar blouse design

If you are short you can still wear collar neck blouses . Go for a deep V neck chinese collar blouse which looks elegant and gives an illusion of height

#12 Shawl collar neck brocade blouse design

That, blouses are another blouse collar neck blouse trend you can try these blouses sir will look beautiful even for formal wear sarees you can try them with the formal wear sarees for festive sarees to you can pair it with jhumkas and complete your saree look

#13 Glam high collar neck blouse with keyhole design

#14 Sheer detailing collared blouse 

This kind of a detailed collar neck blouse design works beautifully for summer summer you can try this kind of full neck blouse with netted detailing these look very glam Ana perfect for party locations to compare it with the any kind of sarees speed net sarees or even Georgette sarees and make make a beautiful party type of a look perfect for reception Sangeet or even dinner parties home

#15 Chinese collar blouse with a sexy cut out

You can also try chinese collar neck this is also good collar neck design to try for winter it look very elegant and sophisticated gives a very stylish look

So are you ready to wear collar neck blouses in all seasons?

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