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High neck blouse designs are hot in trend these days and almost every bollywood diva has been spotted pairing their saree with a blouse having high neck pattern. For us commoners high neck blouses are most comfortable options especially if you are heavier on the bust area and dont want to feel conscious every time you bend and move around.  

Winters are the best time to flaunt high neck blouse designs but these days there are a lot of trendy semi sheer high neck blouse design patterns which can be easily worn in summers too. High neck blouse patterns are very versatile and can be worn by women of all ages, shapes and both parties and casual events.

Today in this post I will be sharing some stunning high neck blouse designs which I hope will help you choose the most suitable pattern for you. 

30 Latest High Neck Blouse Designs for Sarees

#1 High boat neck blouse design

Boat necks are totally a rage these days as they look elegant and stylish. You can go for a simple boat neck blouse in a rich fabric to team with your crisp cotton or sheer sarees. The best thing about boat neck blouse designs is that it suits all body types.
For a more glam saree look pair your saree with a sequined boat neck full sleeved blouse.

#2 Regal high neck blouse designs with embellished neckline

The maharani style high neck blouse designs have been become very popular thanks to designer Sabyasachi. They look very elegant and royal and the work around neckline gives it a festive feel. This kind of blouse designs works best with sheer sarees or in winters. 

#3 Heavily embellished high neck sleeveless blouse design

 Not everybody parties in a LBD. If you want to have a good time in a saree go for a heavily embellished high neck blouse designs and party the night away without worrying about deep necklines while dance. This kind of blouse works best for diwali,  weddings and events like cockltail party , sangeet etc.

#4 High Neck Sheer blouse designs

If you feel high neck blouses look very stuffy go for blouses with a sheer neckline which looks very classy and fun. Also if your family is very conservative kinds who dont allow deep neckline saree blouses go for high neck with sheer detailing for a balanced traditional and modern look.

#5 Zippered high neck blouse designs

Ditch the buttons and do the new. Opt for a high neck blouse designs with a zipper in front which gives a very modern touch to your traditional saree look.

#6 Halter neck saree blouse design

For an impactful party look give halter neck blouse designs a try. It is best to go sleeveless with halter neck blouse patterns but you can still play with different patterns and sheer panels.

#7 Shirt style collar blouse designs

Collar neck shirt style blouse designs are becoming very popular . For a polished formal look pair a full sleeve collared blouse with a saree. Instead of getting a blouse stitched you can just pair ahsirt you already have with a plain contrasting coloured saree for a interesting work saree look. You can even go festive with collared blouses but make them sleeveless and add a bit of sequins or embroidery.

#8 Cold shoulder blouse design for saree

I have spotted a lot of lehengas with cold shoulder blouse designs but have you though about pairing a saree with cold shouldered high neck blouse? Alia bhat did this combination at a recent wedding and looked very youthful and glam.

#9 Contemporary jacket style high neck blouse pattern

Jacketed saree looks are trending at the moment and one way to rock this trend is to go for jacket blouse design. You can get a short jacket stitched and wear it over your normal blouse for this kind of a saree look.

#10 High blouse design with a key hole neckline

If you want to wear a high neck blouse designs and still show a little bit of skin this blouse design pattern is best suited for you. Go for an interesting printed or patch work blouse with a key hole design in front. If you dont to make things busy in the front you can go for a big key hole at the back. This blouse design looks very interesting and grabs a lot of eye balls but make sure to pair it with a simple saree or you may end up looking over the top.

#11  Front button row high neck blouse designs

#12 High neck blouse with a short V neck line


#13 Mandrian collar high neck blouse designs

#14 High neck saree blouse with button detailing on shoulder

#15 Tapered sleeveless high neck blouse designs

#16 Latest full sleeves polo neck blouse design

#17 Polo neck blouse design with elbow length sleeves

#18 Simple high neck blouse with bird or floral motif on sleeve

#19 High neck Peplum style modern blouse designs

#20 High neck mirror work blouse design

#21 High neck blouse designs with cut work neckline

#22 Sleeveless brocade high neck blouse designs for silk sarees

#23 Standing collar blouse design with tassel tie up detailing 

#24 High neck silk blouse design for festive ocassions

#25 Mirror work high neck blouse with open back 


#26 Simple sleeveless high neck blouse designs for silk sarees

#27 High neck blouse with a cut out detailing on the side

#28 High neck blouse designs with button row in the back for silk sarees

#29 Trendy semi sheer high neck blouses (Transparent patterned blouses)

#30 Quirky one long sleeved Blouse design ( Asymmetrical one shouldered blouse)

Styling Tips on how to rock the high neck Saree blouse designs

  • Net and lace sarees look amazing when paired with high neck blouse designs and they also give out sophisticated elegant vibes. Try this combination for an effortless look.
  • With high neck blouse designs it is best to keep your saree simple and let the blouse do the talking. 
  •  When wearing a high neck blouse  which is plain for special occasion, accessorize with a long raani haar and up the glam quotient. If the high neck blouse is embellished skip the neck jewelry and go for huge earrings.
  • High neck outfits tend to suit all body types except if you are very petite . So dont worry about how these necklines will look on you and experiment away.
  • If you have a feeling high neck blouses will look very mature and age you then go for interesting details like net sleeves or cut outs in the back and see how it makes you look regal with a touch of fun.
  • Many brides are wearing high neck blouses these days especially for the wedding when things need to be kept traditional. For busty brides high neck blouse designs are best suited.
  • Unconventional modern saree drapes are in vogue and high neckline blouses are the safest bet when if you want to try a new saree drape style
Which high neck blouse designs do you like the most?

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