16 Easy Hairstyles for Girls

A girl's world involves a million activities everyday. It's that face of her life where she is turning into a young woman. A pretty hairstyle will brighten her day and instantly pep her up and make her ready for come what may. I have a two year old Niece who seems to be already conscious about her beauty and very excited to try out her Mom's vanity especially when it comes to brushing her hair. The other day I styled her hair into two ponytails at each side and all the while she seemed to be on cloud nine. It's that time when I realized how these little angels are born fashionistas, they try to copy everything we ladies do and like us, they want to look their best too. 

 Keeping the same in mind, we present to you 16 easy, pretty and totally trendy hairstyles for little girls. Be it that best friend's Birthday bash she has got to attend, her first day at school, or a wedding where she is the Bride's maid, these easy yet pretty hairstyles are appropriate for any occasion and will make sure your little Diva steals all the attention wherever she goes! 

New and trendy Hairstyles for girls:

Triple side braids with bangs soft curls:

Side braids look beautiful on voluminous hair, adding that perfect blend of trend and elegance to your face. This hairstyle will look uber cute on your girl plus it's very easy to achieve too!

The Fusion Ponytails - New hair styles for girls:

The idea is to get creative and do something which is out of the ordinary. Start with a side half and half ponytail and cover it up with more fusion ponytails, securing each ponytail with a good quality rubber band. 

Side Braid - Trendy Hairstyles for girls:

Braids are a girl's best friends! Apart from looking super chick, braids keep your hair out of your face and keep everything relaxed and comfy. This side french braid is perfect for a day at school or a day full of activities for your girl.

Side twist up braid with pinned back curls:

Cute and trendy, this hairstyle is going to make people 'aww' at your girl! All you need for this hairstyle is a couple rubber bands.. Take small partitions of hair from one side of her head and start twisting towards the other side. Secure each partition you take with a rubber band for that added effect. You braid the hair on the back or just leave it open.

The Knot Dutch Braids:

It doesn't get more comfortable than an upside down knot braid and if you manage to pull of two than it's just double the joy!

Half and half Mohawk Braid with High bun - Hairstyles for long hair:

Meet the newest trend - Mohawk braids! It gives that instant 'Don't-mess-with-me' feeling which will add to your girl's bold personality and bring out the fashionista in her!

Sleek High Bun - Perfect for a Bride's maid:

This sleek high bun is what your sunshine needs to rock that fancy dress, her birthday party or the joy of being a flower girl on her loved one's wedding. This hairstyle will add to her beauty and make the more memorable and joyous for her. Hairstyles for girls is so incomplete without mentioning a sleek and posh high bun like the above. 

Trendy Triple braids with a ponytail - Hairstyles for Long hair:

This hairstyle is just too CUTE to not try on your little Diva's hair! It's so easy to achieve and looks so effortlessly chic. 

The Tiara Flower girl - Easy Hairstyles for girls:

Brush your hair upside down to add more volume to it then partition the hair on the side and finish it up with a pretty Tiara or a headband. This hairstyle is so simple yet so dreamy and gorgeous! 

Side half and half french braid - French braid hairstyles for girls:

Start an inch away from the year and start braiding hair adding hair from front and back at regular intervals to create a side french braid, stop at the other ear, secure the braid with clip/rubber band and leave the rest open.

Messy soft curls pepped up with cute accessories - Hairstyles for short hair:

Be it any hairstyle, the trick is accessorizing it in the right way! This hairstyle is as simple as it can get yet a very pretty hairstyle for little girls! Partition the hair, take the hair from one side, slightly twist it and secure with cute hair clips.

ZigZag Mini Ponytails:

Crown Waterfall braid: 

Zig zag braids:

Bubble Ponytail:

Twist up Ponytail:

Which of these hairstyles do you like? Are you going to try out one of these cute hair styles on your little girl? Do share in the comments below!

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