101 Stunning Saree Blouse Back Neck Designs

I have written a lot about blouse design ideas and how blouse plays an important role in getting your saree look right. A good blouse can take your sari game from normal to stunning, so women these days are putting in a lot of effort to choose that perfect and striking blouse back neck pattern which will make them look like diva. If you love playing the mix and match trick with your fashion then a well tailored blouse with a fancy back neck pattern is even more important as it an be paired with many different sarees to give you a new look each time. The ground rule is to pair your traditional sarees with blouses having traditional back neck patterns while the more designer sarees can be worn with trendy blouses with fun back neck designs.

These days there are a lot of  beautiful designer blouse back neck designs available for women. Trends keep changing fast in the fashion world and you need to keep up with these evolving trends to look your stylish best. From rich embroideries, extravagant cutouts, traditional tie ups and gorgeous patchworks there are so many options you can experiment with. Here I bring to you a massive collection of 101 latest blouse back neck designs with images. Lets have a look .

101 Stunning Saree Blouse Back Neck Designs 

For a blouse to be perfect it has to have a right fit, a good front neck pattern and a very interesting back neck design. A unique blouse back neck pattern gives a striking appeal to your saree look. If you are looking to wear a saree to special occasions like a wedding, party or festival then this whole compilation with the most amazing blouses is perfect for you. Scroll down and Iam sure this post will brim you with loads of inspiration.

#1 Traditional charm - Leaf cut blouse back neck design with doris

The classic leaf or paan shaped neck design women opt for salwar kameez but you can try this pattern at the back of your blouse too. This above work blouse design with a leaf style cut looks absolutely magnificent. This blouse has maggam work but you can try this cut even with plain, printed or brocade fabric and the output will be equally pretty.

#2 High neck circle cut blouse design

Cutouts of different shapes, styles and sizes have become a huge hit for blouse bak neck patterns. This blouse here has a medium sized circular cut which is edged inside with pearl bits adding to the glam effect.

#3 Tassel chic - V blouse back neck design with  tassel hangings 

This is more like a triangle cutout back neck pattern for saree blouses with fabric tassels added to increase the visual appeal. You can pair a blouse like this with silk sarees or even net sarees.

#4  Lower back tie ups saree blouse back neck design

Doris are a nice way to finish off the back neck design of blouses but these days doris are being added to lower back part of blouse and it makes for an interesting twist without getting too experimental. Here this is a brocade boat neck blouse with an open type back held together with multiple dori tie ups. 
You can pair a blouse like this with banarasi sarees, pattu sarees or even chanderi sarees for a party appropriate look.

#5 Sheer stunner - Transparent net back blouse design

If you love net blouse designs then this blouse model here will steal your heart away. This blouse has cutwork and maggam work with a sheer layer of net covering the huge back window.
 This kind of blouses works best for wedding related events like sangeet, reception party or engagement.

#6 Gorgeous deep pointed round neck saree blouse design

 A pointed U blouse back neck design like this is very simple to make and can be stitched up by your local tailor. You can add some trendy and sparkly kundan or mirror lace borders to make it more festive. With a blouse like this where most of your back will be visible make sure you have a well toned upper body with no back fat.

#7 Deep V back neck blouse design with potli button detailing

A deep V isnt your latest blouse designs for back but the simple potli detailing in contrast colour gives this back neck pattern a new twist. you can try this blouse pattern to pair with your office wear sarees. Alter the depth and width of the V as per your comfort level and watch even a simple blouse design leave a mark. 

#8 Modern halter neck blouse back neck design 

If you are comfortable with open back blouses then this halter style blouse back design is a glam and bold option to consider. This kind of a blouse you can get stitched in a neutral toned fabric like gold, silver or beige and team with bright coloured or pastel sarees in your wardrobe.
This is strictly for party wear sarees like printed, chiffon or Georgette sarees or you an pair with plain sarees too. 

#9 House cutout blouse back neck pattern

If you are looking for a new model blouse which is striking and fun then this house cutout blouse back design will fit your demands perfectly. This boat neck blouse here has leafy branches embroidery but you can make it plain too with just a dash of contrast piping added inside the cutout edging.

#10 Baraaat blouse - Exquisite palki blouse Back Neck Design for brides

The latest blouse design for back taking Instagram world by a storm is this palki cut blouse pattern which is the best bridal blouse. If you are a soon-to-be-bride and havent yet finalized a blouse back neck design then consider this drool worthy pattern which is sure to catch everyone's attention. You need a well rated boutique to bring this design to life, but trust me, the memories this blouse will make in your bridal photos is going to all be worth it.

#11 Keyhole collar neck blouse design for cotton sarees

This one is for women who want a stylish yet modest blouse back design. This one is a high neck blouse with a standing collar neck and sleek small oval cutout which works well for daily wear cotton sarees or even work wear sarees. 

#12 Traditional pot neck blouse design with tassels

A classic pot neck blouse pattern this will look good for weddings for women from the ages of 25-45. This pot neck has round latkan details adding to its beauty which gives fresh vibe to this basic neckline.

#13 Open back blouse neck design with Bow detailing

Next is line is very fresh and young blouse pattern which has an open back neck with a contrast coloured bow detail adding to the aesthetic appeal. The sleeves are also have cold shoulder cuts here which is sure to make this pattern a huge hit with the younger brigade. 

#14 Delicate sheer blouse back neck design

This chic and feminine blouse pattern is a must have for its versatility. A simple deep cut white blouse has been given a sheer embroidered layering on top which an be paired with any kind of saree be it silk, net or even plain sarees. You can easily get this kind of blouse stitched from your favorite masterji, just shop for some sheer embroidered net and a solid fabric for blouse base and show this blouse back neck design image to tailor for reference. 

#15  Striking square blouse back neck design with side button row 

A blouse design back side with square neck will also look alluring and sophisticated when styled well. Here brocade fabric is used to make a square blouse neck design and a side gold border strip and some potli buttons are added to enhance its glam factor. I love how the sleeves are kept contrasting in gold which brings in a whole new dimension. 

#16 Huge back cut out blouse neck design

This one is a tad bit bold blouse pattern for women who dare to bare. If you have hit the gym recently it is time to flaunt your toned back in this open back blouse which is fashionable and sultry. 

#17 Peplum open back blouse with bow tie up for mehndi

Peplum style long blouses are also a raging hot trend. These kind of blouses give a very contemporary appeal to your sarees. You can go as deep as you an with back necks of peplum blouses as the extra fabric on the tummy area balances things out nicely making it look graceful with a bit of edge. Here a deep square back is help together by thick strips of fabric instead of doris which give a bow like look when tied up.

#18 Step cut back neck design for wedding silk sarees

Step back cut blouse is another interesting pattern you an consider for silk sarees. These kind of neck patterns edged with lots of gold bead and embroidery work will give a traditional look and you can opt for a boat front neck design to complete this blouse.
Suitable Pairing: pair this with a pattu saree or even a designer saree for a festive look which spells elegance.

#19 High back neck design with side border detailing

A high back neck blouse pattern is charming and works well for  every body type. Here a high back neck is given some visual appeal with a side vertical border and some button detailing. This is anther on of those simple style tweaks you can try with your regular blouses for a look which is stylish yet safe for anyone to flaunt.

#20 Chic crisscrossed backless blouse back neck design

A floral printed blouse design screams freshness and summer and this back neck pattern is unique in its own way. Two thick strips criss-cross at the back giving a geometrical cut outs looking absolutely captivating. Whats not to love? 

#21  Elegant button row saree blouse back neck design

Another high back neck blouse in out list which is a classic pattern with a middle potli button row detail. This kind of blouse  patterns will interest you if you are aiming to embrace saree in its old world classic glory. Style this with low bun, malli poo in hair and some stunning jhumkas and you are good to go.

#22 Unique heart utout blouse back neck design

For weddings when love is in the air you an try a heart cutout  back neck pattern. This is one of the  latest blouse designs for back which getting very popular with the younger crowd. You an add a bit of stone work on the heart cut and tassels too to play down the cutout. Make sure to go for a side braid or a juda bun so that your hair dont hide this pretty back pattern.

#23 Contemporary one shoulder blouse back neck design

#24 High neck blouse design with tiny cut out for cotton sarees

If you are looking for a simple blouse design for cotton sarees then this kind of a high neck blouse with contrast embroidery and a really small drop cutout will look good. This works for casual wear or even office wear sarees.

#25 Mesh detailed blouse back neck design for wedding sarees

For brides back neck designs are really important becuase every frame of yours will be photographed at some point during the wedding and you dont want to settle for something normal or simplistic as your bridal back neck pattern. This mesh detailed latest blouse designs for back is new age yet modest in the sense it wont upset any elders because skin show is minimal.

#26 Double knot saree blouse back neck design

#27 Deep V back neck design with side cut outs

#28 Statement bib backless blouse back neck design

#29 Scalloped cut out blouse back neck design

#30 Fun quirky Backless blouse with pom pom and patch work detailing 

A very fun and bold style this blouse which is almost backless works for its colorful and kitsch vice. This kind of pom pom detailed lower back tie ups blouse is ideal for a mehndi or a haldi event. This style of blouse you can even pair with your lehengas for a smashing  day look but make sure to have your inner wear issues sorted.

#31 Deep triangle cut blouse back neck design

#32  Open back blouse design with double strings and plenty of tassels

#33 Double round cut blouse back neck design


#34 Sultry sheer open back blouse design

#35 Sheer embroidered back blouse design

#36 Sheer rectangle cut with button row blouse back neck design

#37 Trendy spiderweb blouse back neck design

#38 Stylish double patti blouse back neck design

#39 Pretty  scalloped cut out saree blouse back neck design for parties

#40 Sexy curve cut out blouse back neck design

#41 Criss cross string detailed blouse back neck design for heavy busted women 

#42 Oval cut out blouse back neck design with pom pom detailing

#43 Frill detailed blouse back neck design with criss cross doris

#44 Sensuous wide V blouse back neck design with knotted bow

#45 Drop cut high neck saree blouse design

#46 Unique eye shaped saree blouse back neck design

#47 Designer diamond shaped cutout lace detailed blouse back 

#48 Sleek oval cutout saree blouse back neck design 

#49 Open back blouse design with multiple strings

#50 High back neck blouse design with round cut out and tassels

#51 Hot wide back cut saree blouse design 

#52 Multiple horizontal strips blouse back neck design for silk sarees

This brocade blouse back neck design is traditional with a touch of modernity. If you want to show some skin but not go completely backless this is the right blouse design for you. Pair with silk sarees and grab eye balls during special occasions.

#53 Gorgeous net saree blouse back neck design

#54 Tear drop cut out window saree blouse back neck design

#55 V shaped cut work blouse design with thick strap

#56 Wide open back neck blouse design with  latkans

#57  Asymmetric cut blouse back neck design

#58 Droplet cut out saree blouse back neck design with layered hangings

#59 Racer style saree blouse back neck design

#60 Asymmetrical overlapping style blouse back neck pattern

#61 T shaped open blouse back neck design 

#62 Zipper detailed saree blouse back neck design

#63 Classic U back neck design with sheer net panel  

#64 Bridal wide U cut  blouse back neck design with jewelled hangings

#65 Open back blouse design with multiple contrast strip details

#66 Scallop edged cutout blouse back neck design for silk sarees

#67 Inverted U cut out back neck design with tassel detailing

#68 Sleek V blouse back neck design with criss cross doris

#69 U neck blouse design with bow decorative detail 

blouse back neck design

 #70  Chequered cut work back neck design 

#71 Statement backless blouse design with bow knot

#72 Traditional blouse back neck design with contrasting borders 

#73 Long vertical slit blouse back neck design

# 74 Trendy semicircular cut saree blouse back neck design

blouse back neck design

#75 Eye catching lace borders net blouse design

blouse back neck design

#76  High back neck blouse design with diagonal borders

#77 Simple border and tie ups back neck design  for daily wear sarees

#78 Stunning parrot blouse back design with sheer net layer 

#79 Peacock back designer saree blouse design

#80 Taj mahal embroidered blouse back neck design 

#81 Gorgeous Lotus cut out blouse back neck pattern for weddings

#82 Diamond cut back neck pattern blouse design

#83 Matka cut blouse back neck design

#84 Classic Cut mirror work saree blouse design

#85  Eye cut back neck design with coin work

#86  Triple circle cut blouse back neck pattern

#87 Square cut blouse back neck design with borders

#88 Transparent net blouse back neck design with maggam work

#89 Stunning designer blouse back neck with multiple strips

#90 Triangle cut out blouse back neck design for brides 

#91  Classic pot neck blouse design with tie ups

 #91  Multiple leaf cutout blouse back neck design for silk sarees

#92 Double leaf cut out high back neck design for kitsch look

#93 Designer Overlapping back neck pattern with almond cut

#94 Off shouldered blouse with cut out back design

#95 Ornamental back neck design with chain hangings for brides

#96 Pretty Lotus cut motif magaam work back neck design

#97 Dazzling Fringe detailed blouse neck design

#98 Alluring rectangle cut blouse back neck blouse design with jhumka tassels

#99  Diamond cut blouse back neck pattern with double doris

#100 Beautiful magaam work flower cut blouse back neck design

#101 Contemporary blouse back design with doris

Which Saree Blouse Back Neck Designs from this list is your favourite?

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