111 Latest Bridal Mehndi Designs That Will Leave you Breathless || Get Inspired By These Hand & Feet Bridal Henna Designs

If there is one thing that almost all cultures and religion follow religiously during their wedding celebrations, its henna mehndi designs ! Be it a Muslim wedding or a Punjabi wedding or for that fact a Brahman wedding , Mehndi designs on the hands of bride is going to be a must ! Mehndi in India and many Asian countries is considered auspicious and and India it is a traditional ritual for every bride to be to color her hands with beautiful henna patterns. Mehendi and women go hand in hand, mehendi patterns are loved by women of all age and it can be seen on literally almost all bride’s in India. be it in rural India or Urban , bride’s have their hands decorated with this fragrant natural coolant !

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The New Age Bride & Her Fondness For Henna:

Every girl out there would swear by mehndi which is why we love to decorate hands with it on every possible occasion ! The new age bride prefers to choose a mehndi design according to her taste, comfort and patience level. With mehndi being considered a symbol of bond,happiness and love in a marriage it holds a significant place it the phase of life of a new bride to be. Legend has it that the deeper the mehndi color staining the bride’s hands is equal to highest level of love a groom will have for his bride. Gone are the days when the application of mehndi on the bride’s hand being a low key affair, the new age bride prefers to celebrate the staining of her hands through a glorifying full fledged ceremony called ‘the Mehndi ceremony’ ! It all begun with Bollywood movies from Big banners like Yash Chopra And Karan Johar , who depicted the mehndi ceremony as a a huge celebrating event. Influenced by such movies now almost every new bride wants a blown up version of the mehndi ceremony. In many parts of our country even the grooms are seen with mehndi on their palms which I personally dislike as I feel henna mehndi is all about femininity and should be left alone for girls just like high heels.
The art of mehndi has constantly evolved with passing time . A new age bride might prefer a minimalistic approach for her mehndi design and before you know it the trend will change and the brides will be flaunting and going ga ga over elaborate traditional mehandi designs that cover every inch of your hand, starting right from your fingertips to the elbow ! Many bride’s have evolved and given this traditional cover every inch design a miss and opting for creative and artistic art of mehndi a try as they find it difficult to sit through the whole process of mehndi application or simply for the fact that she wants something new. Many bride’s also opt for mehnedi designs which have roots to her birthplace or a design which has a story to tell- like the story of how her soul mate met and the series which followed after it till marriage.
The new age bride is all up for experimenting and making designs work which many would have have marked as not worthy for wedding designs, its difficult to tell what is going to stay in vogue.

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A Day celebrating Mehendi : The Mehendi ceremony For the Bride

I have fond memories of mehendi being drawn on my sisters hands before her wedding day and I have loved the mehendi ceremony every single time my cousin or a close relative got married. Now we have a separate ceremony just to celebrate the decoration f hands and feet of the bride called the ‘Mehendi ceremony’. In this ceremony the bride to be gets her feet and hands decorated with intricate and the most amazing henna designs. Bride to be’s friends and close relatives dance and have a lot of fun in the mehndi ceremony. Those who prefer professionalism when it comes to mehendi hire paid mehendi artists who decorate hands not just for the bride but for all the guests in attendance. The Bride gets to choose from an array of designs and the guests go for lighter and simpler versions of the henna patterns in order to not overshadow the bride. In South India  bride must have her hands decorate till her elbows , both on the back of the hands and the front of the hands, long with having her feet decorated .
As bridal mehendi has an elaborate design with intricate details , shading and outlining involved the bride is sure to get all tired and bored by the end of the day which is why her family arranges for some fun and games . Its best to get your mehendi done by a professional if you want that picture perfect design but if you are okay with a few flaws you can your popular mehndi artist from your own family, trust me every family have this star woman who draws mehndi like a pro but would never become a mehndi artist for money. With so many inspirations and mehndi patterns the bride’s might have tough time deciding as to which mehndi pattern to go with but worry not we have 90 fresh and trendy styles which will help you choose the perfect mehndi style for this wedding season! These mehendi styles include designs for both hand and feet and you have a lot of choice to pick the right mehendi design for yourself !

Today, we take you through 50 stunning mehendi designs that you are bound to love and with so much variety you have a wide number of designs to select from !

We totally recommend these creative, hatke and mind blowing henna designs , they are sure to make you the star of the crowd and turn heads at your own wedding or that of a friend of yours !

 1. A hint of leaves bridal hand henna mehndi design:

You know love this mehndi design for its unique and trendy at the same time. It has a lot of shaded leaves with thick outlined borders and checkered patterns in between which emphasize the beauty of this mehndi desin.

2. The Paisley theme bridal mehndi design:

Beautiful trusted paisley and drippy swirl patterns are drawn to create a magnum effect ! A bride can never so no to this as its simple and lovely at the same time!


3. Monogrammed With initials Mehandi patterns For the bride:

Many bride's love having their and their spouses names initials inked on their palms, and this latest mehndi design is surely gonna be a perfect choice for such bride's.

4. Bling & Sparkles:


5. Checkered curves henna mehndi design:

As if flowers and curves weren't enough we have checkered patterns to amplify the beauty of this henna mehndi pattern!

6. Radha -Krishna Rajasthani henna mehendi design:

You must be living under a rock if you haven't heard of the love radha had for krishna and vice versa and hence what better than bringing their pictures alive to depict your true love to your spouse this wedding ?

7. White Henna Mehndi Design For the Boho loving Bride:

Boho bride's prefer a much different mehndi when it comes to henna. White henna mehndi is drawn with acrylic paintand this gorgeous design is perfect for the boho loving bride!

8. Creative henna pattern for the new age bride:


 9. The Bond Of Love Btw Radhe Krishna Mehendi Design:


10. The bride in nine yards saree artistic mehendi design:


11. Brideology - The blushing bride:


12. Neat & fresh mehendi design for the modern bride:


13. Latest arabic mehendi Design for the bride:


14. Frame your love story through your mehendi :


 15.Traditional Up the Arms Bridal Mehandi Designs


16. Beautiful back mehandi design for the bride:


 17. Maharaja Aur Maharani Mehendi design for the bride to be:


 18. Trendy mehandi design with a ghodi and haathi for the experimental bride:


19. Mind blowing thick bordered arabic mehendi design:


20. The Royal peacock mehandi design:


 21. Traditional Pakistani mehendi design for the bride: 


22.Paisley Perfection:


23. The elephant motif Henna mehndi art:


 24. The 'Doli' patterned henna mehendi design:


 26. Floral extravaganza :


27. Childhood memories with name initials henna pattern:


28. The arm candy :


29. Latest Couple mehndi design 2017 :


30. Lovely mehndi design for the bride:


31. Quirky new mehndi design for the fun loving bride:


32. Single mandala with swirls new mehndi design:


33.Flower Power New Mehndi design:


34. Latest arabic mehndi design for the bride:


35. Traditional yet modern latest mehndi design for weddings:


36. Totally traditional new mehendi design:


37. Floral & Paisleys traditional design of mehndi:


 38. Shaded floral design of mehndi for bride:


39. Romantic couple latest mehndi design for bride:


40.Floral diamond motif henna pattern:


41. Love birds mehndi design image:


42. Single bel simple mehndi design:


43. The curved paisley print pattern:


 44. Slant angled latest mehandi design:


45. The king and the queen new mehndi design for the bride:


46. Flying hearts latest mehndi design for the experimental bride:

One of the best heart shaped mehndi designs of 2017 , this lovely arabic mehndi designs have beautiful small sized hearts covered with floral and leaf patterns scattered all over the hand. They make for a lovely sight!

47. Glamorous no spaces new mehndi design for the bride:


48. Feminine intricate new mehndi design:


49. Embracing the flowers arabic mehndi design:


50. Rani tu, me raja bridal mehndi design:


51. Adjoining hearts floral latest mehndi design:

Use this mehndi as a form of expression for love! Incorporate the feeling of love with this stunning heart shape mehandi design as marriage is all about love and bonding!6a0b57765674085b6144ffefdc8158a7

53. Conquer your love picture perfect mehndi design:


54. Reliving traditional patterns:

55. Latest lace glove unique new mehendi design:

56. Shaded leaves latest mehndi design:


57.Half Empty –Half Full Henna Mehndi Design For Hands:


58. The hand cuffed new mehndi design:


59. An illusion of bangles latest mehndi design:


60. Simple arabic pakistani mehndi design:


61. The wedding bells henna pattern:


62. A shadow of swirls and a touch of paisley prints:


63. The Jaimala wedding mehndi design:


64.Latest finger tips decorative mehndi design for the bride:


65.Colored kundan mehndi design:


66. Modren hath phool patterned mehndi design:


67. The lotus highlight new mehndi design:


68. Up till the shoulders henna mehndi design:


69.Jaali mehndi design:


70. Mughal inspired nawabi latest henna mehndi design:

71. Mr and Ms henna mehndi design:

72. Bordered delicate net arabic mehndi design:


 73. A rosy affair:


 74.Darkened Fingertips style Bridal Mehndi


75. Bachpan ki yadein mehndi design:


76. Simple mehndi design with a wreath in the center:


77. Talk about creativity - Most unique mehndi design for new age bride:


78.Intricate detailed new mehndi design for the bride


79. Curved archives:


80. True Red Shaded mehndi design:


81. A twist to your traditional mehndi patterns:


82. The new age bride minimalist henna pattern:

We are all up for some trendy patterns which have never been seen on any bride before and one such design is this beautiful design which gives a moment for your jewellery to shine !

 83. The free flowing floral patterned mehndi design:


 84. The bare finger tips:


85.Dulha-Dulhan Rajasthani mehndi design:


 86. Simple arabic mehndi design with intricate detailing:


87. Its all about florals:


88. Leave no spaces latest mehndi design for hand and feet of the bride:

Feet Mehndi designs For The Bride:
Here are a few stunning feet mehndi designs for the bride. A bride not only gets her hands decorated but gets her feet decorated too. Get inspired by these beautiful and latest mehndi designs for feet that will help you stand apart from the crowd.

89. The Royal Wedding With elephant throne motif:


90. Traditional with a touch of new age era feet mehndi design:


91. Meshwork/ jali mehndi design for feet:


92. Anklet patterned mehndi design:


93. Pure traditional touches mehndi design:


94. Under the foot new mehndi design:


95. The extreme checker pattern:


96. The elegant paisleys: 


97. Border it up with arabic accents :


98. Dotted mesh detailing henna pattern for feet of the bride:


99. The wow factor floral mehndi:


 100. Heavy shading and curved strokes:


101.Netted patterned new mehndi design :


102. Dhol motif mehndi design:


103. Delicate chain style mehndi design for feet:


104. Wrap Around lotus mehndi design for feet:


105. Jali mehndi design for feet:


106. Paisley themed henna pattern for feet:


107. Bride & Groom Mehndi design:


108. Warli mehndi design:


109. Rosette under the foot mesh detailing henna pattern:


110.Concentric circles Mehndi Designs For Hands And Feet:


 111. Romancing with paisleys and mesh detailing:


Superstitions About mehndi For A Bride:

Indians love mehndi as a whole. Mehendi is used almost for everything for hair coloring, For hair masks , henna designs, decorating hands for festivals and weddings. But Mehndi holds a special place in the lives of a bride to be’s life, her mehndi and the color of mehndi is considered auspicious.

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