65+ Easy Mehndi Designs for Starters || Beginner-friendly mehndi designs

In our school, we were not allowed to apply mehndi even during Eid because the brownish-orange color of henna would stay for at least 2 weeks before fading off and this was considered a form of indiscipline. How freaking ridiculous is that? I loved my school but hated this stupid rule.  So the majority of our Eid festivals were mehndi-less affairs but during summer vacation I and my sisters took time out to try Mehndi art on the hands of each other with some easy Mehndi designs.

65 Easy Henna Mehndi Designs for Starters

I have always loved applying mehndi, the fresh smell, the cool effect and the whole process of mastering the cone and the Henna art. I started off by applying some very easy mehndi designs which I copied from Mehndi design books but in this digital age, you don't have to depend on the limited number of simple designs a paper mehndi book gives.

65 Simple and Easy Mehndi Designs for Starters

To help beginners I present to you a massive collection of Simple and Easy Henna Mehndi Designs which you can copy or just get inspired and create your own. These designs are best fit for starters trying the Mehndi art at home. You can also use this collection to adorn your hands for small events and occasions like eid where you will most probably be applying henna yourself.

Simple and easy mehndi design for front hands

Front hands is where most women opt to apply mostly. This palm area having a lighter tone of skin serves as great canvas for the dark and deep stain of henna to be etched out. If you also love henna on your palms more than anywhere else be it arms, back hands or legs then here are some really stunning yet super simple patterns you can try on your own.

#1 Catchy circle mehndi pattern for both hands

Round mehndi designs are easiest and the most traditional patterns around. This beginner-friendly pattern is ideal if you havent tried the art of henna ever before as you cant really go too wrong with a simple design like this which hardly takes time.
  • Suitability: You can apply this for family function or dinner parties. This is best suited for Pre-teens and teenage girls

#2 Beautiful palm mehndi designs with mango motifs

This is one of my favorite design to apply in a jiffy for eid when I have loads of chores to finish off on chand raat. This isn't the simplest of patterns to try but it isnt that difficult either. You can easily etch this pattern out on your own left hand when you have time on hand.

  • Suitability: This is quiet a spell binding pattern which is sure to steal some hearts so save it for bigger occasions like the wedding of your sister or best friend.  

#3 Easy and simple dotted florals for both hands

This tikki style filled in round mehndi design with smaller florals around it, is visually appealing and will get done in minutes. The best part about this easy hand mehndi is that it will look good not just on kids but also on elders. You can fill in your fingertips to add more depth to your henna design and add some linear strokes too.

  • Suitability: For small parties or gathering with relatives you can try this henna design . 

#4 Simple henna design with large floral for front hands

Another modern take on the mandala pattern which is essentially known to symbolize the circle of life. Here a circle is drawn and fine thin strokes are used to etch up florals around the circular shape. The fingers are left empty but you can add a bit of swirls and leaves if you want to give it a fuller look. This mehndi design requires a really thin cut cone and can be done by anyone even if you haven't tried henna application before.
  • Suitability: This henna pattern is so basic that it will work well for everyday casual wear. If you are in mood to apply henna without any occasion or festival try something like this
  • Pro Tip: Use a small round cap to outline the circle for the perfect circular shape.

#5 Floral Angular design for beginners

This easy hand mehndi design is a simple version of the popular Arabic henna designs which mostly run diagonally. If you love florals then this henna pattern is definitely for you which is replete with florals held together swirl vines making for a pretty palm design.

  • Suitability: This is ideal for kids from the ages of 5-12 years to try at family gatherings or roka ceremonies of their aunts

#6 Front hand finger henna designs with leaves

For simpler occasions, it is best to opt for finger mehndi designs which give a very classy look which is suitable for casual as well as work wear. This easy mehndi design in the above image uses an abundance of khafif leaves and vine strokes curves in a tasteful manner looking absolutely stunning. Not the easiest of design to begin with but once you get a hang of holding the henna cone you can give this pattern a try. 
  • Suitability: A glam and hatke design you can choose when you have a very westernized outfit in mind. Like your birthday party or anniversary party where you plan to wear a knee length dress or gown

#7 Huge mango motif palm henna pattern

The mango motif is actually a variation to the paisley and it can be found in a lot of Indian mehndi designs. This palm mehndi design has just a single mango motif is drawn which is edged with linear strokes and dots. The inside of the mango also has a dotted mesh which is simple to make even by novices. You can doodle a further bit and some simple details to fingers or just leave it bare like in this image.

  • Suitability: For all those low key affairs you can etch this design up without any fuss

#8 Classic easy arabic mehendi design

Arabic designs have an elegant touch to them and they are a huge hit with younger brigade not just for its overall look but also for its ease of application. This is one such simple and easy arabic mehndi design which ends before the wrist area. If you want a more elaborate version you extend this pattern a bit to the wrist area using the same paisleys and swirls and make it a full hand pattern.

  • Suitability: This is a nice design to try at your brothers wedding or your sisters engagement ceremony. 

#9 Jaali and florals simple mehandi design for left hand

This is a striking design which uses the trending jaali element. Thick florals are arranged in a curve and jaali type net is etched with dots inside while the other part is left empty. The wrist area has leaves and a mesh band looking like a bangle style henna. I love how simple yet alluring this mehandi pattern is.

  • Suitability: This design can make for gorgeous eid mehndi pattern and you can draw it on both hands for a mirror style symmetrical mehendi design. 

#10 Basic round easy mehindi design for starters

If you are just not good at henna application and have failed at it multiple times then just try this tikki design which looks pretty nice and will work well for all those low key affairs. Make sure you go for a bright orange stain which looks better on hands than the darkish brown color.
  • Suitability: This is for those busy evenings when you have stuff to prepare for the dinner party you will be hosting next day. Apply this in seconds and lets it dry, then wash off and get working.

#11 Semi ciruclar mehndi patterns for front hands

Next is a very beautiful simple and easy mehndi design for front hands. This design has half circle placed at the two corners of the palms with space in the middle left blank. The circular patterns have dotted florals and lines drawn inside which add to the grace of the design. The fingers have these
 really tine dotted florals which complement the palm design nicely.

  • Suitability: Going for a dinner date?  Then apply this pattern.

#12 Pretty simple flower henna pattern for left hand

Flowers with henna look lovely and they will never go out of style. This flower here is unique and catchy and whats sets it apart is the filled-in details giving this pattern depth of sorts. Designs like these look even better when the green of henna paste is scraped off.

  • Suitability: For birthday parties or engagement parties teens can try this pattern.

#13 Simple and beautiful palm mehndi pattern

This is one of those easy mehndi designs which uses bel pattern and thin strokes for a graceful look. With a good quality thin cut cone this design with a flower in middle and leafy branches should be a breeze to etch out. the fingers in this pattern are also drawn with branches and swirls giving a well put together vibe.

  • Suitability: This can be applied for festivals and cultural events.

#14 Sunflower and paisley pattern easy arabic mehndi design

If you are looking for a simple mehndi ka design to apply at festive occasions then this single line easy arabic pattern is a perfect fit for you. This design has huge half sunflower as its focus on the wrist which is followed by paisleys, florals and swirls details.

  • Suitability: Is your bestie getting married choose this easy design and pair with a crop top lehenga or an Indo-western gown and be a stylish bridesmaid. 

#15 Alluring florals and vines arabic henna design

Next in line is this captivating but still very easy arabic mehndi design which has florals, paisleys, curves and leaf strokes. If you find getting this design right a bit difficult then use a pen to draw out light outlines and run your henna cone over it.

  • Suitability: This is a really simple and beautiful mehndi design which can be used to adorn your hands for any festive occasion.

#16 Artsy peacock design for front hands

If you have an artistic flair then you can ditch the floral henna designs and try this peacock mehndi ka design. This mehdi ka design has full peacock drawn across the front hand with the feathers of peacock running into the wrist area. The hands have some peacock feather eye details on the tips completing this henna pattern.

  • Suitability: This is one very beautiful mehndi ki design which kids will love to get applied to their hands for cultural fests and school events.

#17 Lower palm simple and easy hand henna

When you are just starting off with henna art it is best to focus on a small area and draw light basic patterns. This lower palm easy hand mehndi is pretty and will be done in under 5 minutes. A flower trio is arranged as the main highlight of this mehndi ki design some swirls and dotted curves follow giving it a complete look.

  • Suitability: This will pair nicely with fusion outfits for birthday parties or dinner parties.

#18 Asymmetrical mehndi patterns for both hands

Most women get matching symmetrical designs etched on both hands but the latest trend is to go non-matchy. This mehndi ki design image follows the trend and has curves vine drawn on one hands while the other hand a slide style pattern with just two fingers etched and lots of empty gaps left in.
  • Suitability: This pattern has an edgy vibe to it and is best suited for youngsters for dinner parties and festivals.

#19 Lovely simple rose henna tattoo for left hand

A very chic design which uses roses as its main element. the roses are placed strikingly at the base of the palm which is surrounded by leaves and dots. The index finger has another rose which complete this wonderful pattern which is ideal for not just traditional events but also for more party type occasions.
  • Suitability: This design is best flaunted with indo western silhouettes like cape lehenga, pant saree or a saree gown at your friends wedding.

#20 Diagonal mesh easy hand mehandi design

If you love netted henna patterns then you will surely find this jaali strip palm mehndi design delightful. This design looks very intricate but sine its mostly an array of lines used to bring an overall chic look it can be applied even by starters. The fingers here have really distinct linear strokes followed by leaf clusters.

  • Suitability: For occasions or events related to weddings like roka, snageet or reception party this easy and beautiful mehndi design is a perfect fit.

#21 Florals and branch swirl palm mehndi design

This is a latest easy mehndi design which will interest all the young souls as it has a distinct asymmetric placement curve. This mehendi pattern on first glance is quiet complicated but if you give a closer and detailed look you will find that it is super easy to apply. A simple floral pattern has been repeated inside a branched curve while the other half of the palm is left empty. This is one of those easy hand designs which require patience and precision but not much skill so amateurs can also attempt it.
  • Suitability: A stunning design like this will suit all sorts of special occasions be it grand festivals or weddings in family.

#22  Side floral front hand henna design for newbie artists

Arabic bel designs run across the palm diagonally but this design stars at the wrist and swings towards the thumb area leaving lots of empty space behind for a very modish charm. This design is easy breezy doesnt require any practice and you can apply it in one go within minutes.
  • Suitability: This will look good with western attire for small parties and events. 

#23 Cute circles - Round simple mehndi design for both hands

This one is a rather uncomplicated pattern also known as the tikki mehndi design where a flower mandala is drawn at the centre of both the palms. The finger tips also have a basic design detail here which ends this very traditional Indian mehndi pattern. 
  • Suitability: Pair this kind of a design with ethnic clothes like a pattu saree, lehenga or salwar suit for desi chic look at wedding related events.

Easy mehndi design for kids - Kids mehandi designs

These days kids are equally enthusiastic about getting mehndi applied to their hands. If you kids in your house you will already know how excited these little ones get when anyone at home starts getting hands etched out. They also want a little something on their hands. For festivals and wedding in family dont leave your kids out, let them join in the celebrations with simple kids mehndi designs like these below.

#24 Easy flower henna tattoo for kids - 

A little henna is used to draw up a tattoo style round mehndi pattern which will work well for tiny hands of kids. This design looks both like a flower and a sun and since so less henna is used it will dry up easily so your kids dont go around smudging the design spoiling its look. This is a good option even for baby girls to try on back hands.
  • Suitability: Try this design on the hands of your baby girl or little kid for festivals like diwali or dussehra.

#25 Simple sun mehndi design for kids

This particular easy kid mehndi design uses the sun motif with linear strokes inside and a swirl curve around both its sides. The index and the ring finger also have swirl and lined details which gives an absolutely adorable and cute look kids will love to flaunt.
  • Suitability: For occasions like birthday parties you can apply this design on your little girls hands.

#26 Basic peacock mehndi design for kids

Peacock motifs are very popular in bridal mehndi designs but you can go for a simple peacock mehndi design like in this above image for kids. A circular curve flower is drawn at the base of the on which a peacock rests.
  • Suitability: For wedding reception parties for chacha or mamu, get your little one etched with this pattern and watch her steal the show.

#27 Adorable stars and dots simple mehandi design for baby girls

Kids just loves celestial elements like stars and moon and you can have them etches with a henna cone to increase their happiness and joy before any festive occasion. Stars are super to draw and here multiple stars are drawn on the arm area with lots of tiny dotted swirls around it . You can draw this even on the palms of kids if arms is not your preferred place of henna design placement.
  • Suitability: Apply this simple mehndi design on hands or arms casually to your kids in holidays as fun to do vacation activity. 

#28 Mis-matched mandala and heart front hand pattern

This heart palm mehndi design is such an endearing take from the mandala pattern while a mandala is etched on the other hand making for a super cute kid mehndi design. The fingers are left bare here which brings about a nice breezy and spaced out look.

  • Suitability: This sweet and easy henna design which will look great on kids which they can apply for all kinds of festivals and wedding festivities.

#29 Chand mehndi design for eid

This moon motif simple henna design is easy to make yet gives such a clean and striking look which resembles a tattoo.These kind of patterns work well for festivals where moon is of prime importance like eid. On the night before eid when women get henna applied on hands not just little girls but also small boys want to apply a bit of henna on hands. You can apply this moon mehndi design for girls,boys and babies too.
  • Suitability: This is specially for eid festival. Kids or even elders can draw this for Id-ul-fitr or even eid-ul-zuha. 

#30 Moon and star kids mehndi design for eid 

Another chand mehndi variant which is again unisex and will work not just for kids but also adults who want just a hint of heena on hands. This easy hand pattern uses significant bold strokes to etch out a tattoo like crescent moon and a star. Even men can apply this pattern on hands.
  • Suitability: Again this is a good pattern which blends with festive mood of eid. For a basic eid mehndi design you can pick this one. 

#31 Cute easy arabic mehndi pattern for kids

Little girls these days are real smart and demanding. They want not some simple tatoo like motifs but a full fledged arabic design running across their hand. This delicate simple arabic mehndi design here is not too basic nor too complicated and gets done in under 5 minutes. For all the girls under 10 years try this pattern.
  • Suitability: For occasions like diwali or holi you can deck your kids up in full blown ethnic avatar with this simple henna pattern. 

#32 Pretty floral trio baby girl mehndi designs

Not just little girls but I have spotted henna patterns even on babies these days. If you love henna and are getting yourself some khafif patterns why not get your baby girl also involved in your joyous celebration with a some tid-bits of henna? This palm mehndi design with flowers and leaves easy to apply and dries quickly too since thin strokes are used. 
  • Suitability: You can try this pattern for your baby's first or second birthday party.

Easy mehndi design for backhands

Most of cousins love henna on their backhands and totally avoid front hand henna designs. They are of the opinion that back hand mehndi is most visible and combines with jewellery pieces like finger and bracelets these designs make a mark of their own. If you want you can get henna on the back of hands applied along with palm mehndi design or skip front hand henna altogether. These are some really fresh and simple patterns you can take inspiration from. 

#33 Simple bel style arabic mehndi design

Simple shaded flowers give a charming look when applied with clarity using a good henna cone. This henna design is quiet simple to etch and very light shading is done in the florals which will look even more mesmerizing when the green of mehndi paste is scraped off and different tones of orange and brown culminate for a visual plethora.
  • Suitability: You can select this alluring simple mehndi design for your own roka ceremony if it is going to be an intimate and small affair. 

#34 Beginner-friendly easy mehndi design with paisleys

Another cute bel mehndi design for starters which looks like it is actually a stencil since thin delicate stokes are used to draw flowers, leaves and paisleys. This particular design requires little to no effort and can be easily achieved by anyone. Moreover this is a very versatile pattern which will suits kids and women of all ages. Infact you an apply it on your front hands or legs too. 
  • Suitability: Have college farewell party coming soon? try this pattern for a graceful look to pair with your farewell saree. 

#35 Side mandala fusion mehndi design for back hands

A simple mandala design with a side placement gives a different look here. The mandala has slope line below it where a half mandala is etched out. Lots of dots are used in this easy hand henna which is simple yet catchy design.
  • Suitability: For women wanting a fusion look for festivals like diwali you an opt for this mandala like design. 

#36 Flower and leaves simple mehndi design for kids

This design has a huge floral which looks a bit difficult but once you get a hand of applying florals this should be a breeze to get done. Here this pattern looks bare with no filling but if you have started using the shading technique then you an try shading the flower petals for a more exquisite look.
  • Suitability: For intimate affairs like an anniversary party or karva chauth choose this pattern.

#37 Easy mehndi tattoo design for novices

If you plan to wear heavy hand jewellery like a dozen bangles of huge kada then a simple henna tattoo design like this will suit you best. This design will add a pretty touch to your hands but will not take attention away from your regal accessories.
  • Suitability: Apply this kind of basic patterns on a regular basis to sharpen your henna skills. You an try this in leisure. 

#38 Hathphool inspired simple mehndi pattern

For backhands kids mostly prefer hathphool style jewellery inspired henna pattern. This henna design here impresses with its simplicity and minimal approach where a leafy branch forms chain like pattern with a flower at its center. Not just kids but even adults can try this pattern and extend the leaves a bit more to match the size of hands.
  • Suitability: This mehandi design is simple and will work with the younger brigade for small ceremonies and house parties.  

#39 Simple finger ring mehendi design for left hand

When you are in a hurry and want some basic henna patterns on hands finger mehndi designs are your best bet. These patterns hardly take minutes to be applied, are super easy so anyone including yourself can etch it up in jiffy and not to mention the whole contemporary vibe they bring in. This finger mehndi design here uses linear strokes to look like finger ring bands on all fingers and two fingers have half flowers and leaves drawn making it a stand out pattern which doesnt require much effort too.
  • Suitability: Is your cousin getting engaged? Try this fancy pattern and watch all attention be diverted to you. Trust us on this.

#40 Geometric linear henna design for starters

This is a design where lines are used creatively to rest together in gorgeous harmony. I love how just simple lines can make your hands look pretty because lines are the most basic henna strokes and easy hand patterns like these just about anyone can draw and add joy to their small low-key affairs. If you havent got henna art right in your first few attempts, dont give up just yet try something smart like this lines which will be made easily and also give nice boost to your confidence.

  • Suitability: For cocktail parties or sangeet ceremonies where dressing is modern, this design is an apt choice. 

#41 Gorgeous two tone shaded easy arabic mehndi design for weddings

One of the my favourite easy mehendi designs is this classic arabic pattern which I have applied tons of times not just on my back hands but also on my front hands. This design uses the shading technique but if you are a beginner you can just draw the outline and skip the shading bit and this pattern is still going to look absolutely smashing. You an also apply the whole design outline and let dry and try your hand at shading one paisley at a time. Shading looks beautiful after removal as two tones of henna are  etched on hands making for a aesthetic visual.
  • Suitability: This design is for women who love striking a trend with every party look of theirs. You can flaunt this amazing design to weddings or even at festivals like eid. 

#42 Uncomplicated arabic leaf mehndi design for learners

Delicate and dainty are two word which sum up this next easy hand henna pattern on my list. A spiral detail is etched on the index finger while leaves branch out at the base. The fingers also have a leafy branch at the tip below nails finishing this simple take on body art.  This is very easy to apply design with basic leaf strokes but the strokes need to be really thin so take care and cut your henna cone accordingly.
  • Suitability: For festivals like rakhi or eid you can try this pattern for a lean and clutter free look.

#43 Swirls and curves leafy pattern henna

Simple and fuss free approach to flowerless henna patterns is this vines single design. Here swirl curves run in a single line across the index finger and thats that, end of story. Most of you may find this a tad bit too basic but when you plan to apply mehndi on both back and front hands it works to keep atleast one side minimal which is where this pattern fit in perfectly.
  • Suitability: This is perfect apply casually for an everyday trendy look. If you are someone who like to live life to fullest and live every moment why not glam up using henna for casual wear.

#44 Easy mandala floret and chains mehandi pattern 

So many variations to the classic mandala pattern are available and if you ask this above easy mehndi design image has the most fascinating round style. The mandala is drawn like a regular round motif but the dotted chain like details around it is what sets this whole design apart. The chains culminate into a thick finger bands on little finger and thumb finger which gives an ornamental look adding to the grace. The fingers have linear bands which are again easy to apply.
  • Suitability: Minimalistic brides can give this jewellery design a try for back hands with a little more elaborate henna design gracing their palms.

#45 Stunning arabic style simple circular rose henna

Another captivating pattern where a curve is drawn and a circular curve is placed inside the bigger curve looking absolutely resplendent. The curves bordered with rose like flowers make for a riveting addition which looks difficult but there is only one flower motif you need to practice and viola you have mastered this design.
  • Suitability: This pattern is an ideal fit for wedding occasions. Bridesmaids can flaunt this sassy pattern with their equally trendy attire. 

#46 Pretty half flowers henna tattoo for backhands

For this mehndi design the center part of your back hand is kept empty so make sure to space the half florals accordingly. The flowers in itself are really easy to draw and look so pretty giving an urbane appeal.  You can pair this pattern with palazzo and kurtis for a chic modish look. 
  • Suitability: You can try out patterns like these for festivals of teej, rakhi or even diwali.

#47 Paisleys and lines backhand arabic pattern

This is my go to pattern for simple occasions and I apply similar pattern on my front hands too. When there is no one to apply henna on your hands you can use your own right hand to etch up simple designs like this on your left hand. Normal arabic henna shapes are drawn here which is filled with linear details give a unique look.
  • Suitability: For occasions like eid this is a really pretty design which you an apply in a jiffy even if you have lots of other stuff to get done on chand raat.

#48 Breezy mandala motif design 

If the front hand has a very nice full hand pattern etched out you may be looking for a free flowing and non fussy pattern for backhands. This mandala design is the best choice in your situation as this is easy to apply and it will add just a right bit of colour to enhance beauty of hands in the understated effortless way.
  • Suitability: This classic pattern will work for occasions which are more traditional and cultural in nature. 

#49 Paisley mehndi designs - Easy and simple

This is strictly for beginners where a paisley is used the main focus and more elements are drawn around it. When I first started out with apply henna I used to grab kids from the neighborhood in summer vacations and apply some really simple patterns like these on their hands. These patterns will excite kids a lot and will also give you much needed practice with gripping the henna cone properly. When you get the grip right you can proceed to more difficult and intricate designs.

#50 Leafy branches simple finger mehndi design

One of the simplest elements to draw up with a henna cone is straight leafy branches and this finger mehndi design uses just that making it one of the easiest henna designs to try out. If you want a pretty looking design but dont have the experience of etching out well put together patterns it is best to play smart and follow the minimalistic route. This design will make people think you are trying something new and it will not reveal your beginner status to anyone because the design is so basic to get any stroke wrong even in first go.
  • Suitability:  For women hosting house parties, make sure to glam up a bit with an easy hand design like this to look your stylish best when all the attention is on you while your serve your guests. 

#51 Stylish Moroccan mehndi pattern-Easy and unique

Lines are easier to draw up for beginners so if you are not comfortable with curved strokes you can try this Moroccan inspired henna pattern. Here a combination of really thick and thin lines are used to create various geometric shapes on the back hand are awhile two angular strokes are added on the middle finger. This is a very stylish and modern take on henna tradition and can work nicely as a male mehndi design too.
  • Suitability:  The groom can apply this kind of pattern on front or back hands to match with his bride.

#52 Jewelry inspired mehndi for back of the hand

If you want a small and hassle free design then try this ring style finger mehndi design. A thick band is drawn on the ring finger out of which swirls and curves branch out. This is a very simple mehndi ki design which can be applied by amateurs too for any occasion of your choice.
  • Suitability:  For small events and simple occasions finger mehndi patterns work beautifully. 

#53  Glitter mehndi design with florals and swirls

If you like your mehndi designs to stretch to your wrist area then try this uber simple and easy arabic mehndi design which has plenty of flowers grouped together and swirls branching out. Glitter is used to add a bit of shine in this pattern which gives it a fresh and youthful appeal.

  • Suitability:  Sister of the groom? You need to look well put together so apply this design and pair with a beautiful anarkali or saree and you are good to go. 

#54 Hand harness style easy henna design

I have taken a huge liking to hand jewellery inspired jewellery designs these days which gives a very exclusive and spontaneous look. Here is this hand harness inspired design where an angular style band with linear details graces the wrist and lots of swirls and curves branch into the middle finger. The Line also has tiny filled in paisleys if you notice carefully which is great attention given to finer details.
  • Suitability:  This pattern is appropriate to apply by close relatives for reception parties 

#55 Mirror style mehndi design for both hands

Scallop style slope line branches out from a flower to bring this pattern to life. The fingers have a mesh like patterns in an angular band completing this pattern. This pattern has a been mirror on the other hands to give an enticing symmetrical look making it one very amazing mehndi design to try on the back of both hands. You can pair this type of pattern with a more elaborate front hand design for balanced look.
  • Suitability:  For the wedding reception party of your sister try this pattern and steal her limelight a bit. 

#56 Studded bel easy mehandi design 2019

This henna pattern is a combination of flowers, paisleys and branches which makes for a really adorable bel mehndi design. The real highlight here is the stone studs added which will appeal to small kids and will also give a glam and sparkling wedding ready look. This henna pattern will look good on young girls from the age of 5-12 .
  • Suitability:  Apply this pattern to nieces at your own wedding and they will match you in their glam avatars. 

#57 Lovely vines and florlas easy mehndi design for kids

Here is another basic and  pretty flower and leaf based easy mehendi design which will fit nicely into the small hands of little girls. If your kid loves henna a lot and demands a heavier and fuller mehndi pattern on not just front hands but also on backhands then this is a suitable option you can try. 
  • Suitability: These denser patterns are perfect for family weddings where kids would love to share the joy and excitement with mehndi laden hands.

#58 Linear chand mehindi design

Palm cuffs are the most recent jewellery pieces women have started sporting. This above henna design follows a palm cuff style linear pattern with a branch in between and a moon motif on the other side. One finger is also etch with dots and line for a complete unisex mehndi design which will look nice on hands of women or even as a boys mehndi design.
  • Suitability:  Grooms can try this mehndi pattern for their own wedding to complement their brides. 

#59 Leaves only vertical lines mehndi design

If you florals repitative then it is time to try a henna pattern free of any kind of flowers. This vertical branches back hand henna design is a nice break from the usual mehndi ke designs and looks fresh and fun too. These leaves and lines dont require much expert skills so anyone, I mean any freaking one can apply this and viola you have catchy pattern to drool over.
  • Suitability:  Tiny gatherings or small parties to attend, try this pattern for an instant stylish look. 

#60 Filled in florals for beginners mehndi design - easy and modern

Want a simple yet elegant floral mehendi design tattoo which is also very easy to apply then this pattern is best for you. In this design multiple small flowers are arranged in slope line with some leaf bits and micro mini dots. Any outfit will look amazing with this pattern but western and indo-western fusion clothes will work best giving a contemporary appeal and stylish getup.
  • Suitability:  This chic floral design which is prettiness to a whole new level despite being so easy to draw will work for all kinds of party occasions.

#61 Mango motifs mehndi designs for amateurs

Plenty of mango motifs are used to make this graceful yet easy henna design . Sleek and fine lines are difficult to apply but fully filled in patterns like these are more simpler to apply as the scope of error is reduced and you can just darken up mistakes and turn the design a bit more bigger and bolder. 
  • Suitability: This is one of those simple patterns moms can apply to their kids back hands  for occasions like engagement of festivals.

#62 Modern roses easy henna deisgn for vintage appeal

for modern women who wants to add a contemporary touch to henna art rose mehendi designs like these are an ideal fit.  multiple roses are drawn on the back hands held together by tiny leaves and thick branches giving a very unique vintage appeal.
  • Suitability:  Invited to a church wedding or a very glam party? This design is a good fit for all those western style events.

#63 Flower and mango motif simple mehndi design for left hand

I love this shaded floral design which has a paisley and lots of curved lines around it. This henna pattern looks so beautiful yet is so simple to apply . The fingers here are decorated with dots and angular lines. This mehndi design can be tried on both front hands and back hands area as per your personal taste.
  • Suitability:  For family outings or get togethers you an pick this pretty pattern. 

#64 Paisleys column mehndi design for backhands

Next in line is this paisley rich mehdi design which is inspired from single finger hathphool. A kada style band is drawn on the wrist and paisleys run vertically into the middle finger. All the fingertips have an ornamental pattern which finishes this flattering henna design. You can try this design when you are not in the mood to wear hand jewellery of any sort as the design itself serves as a jewellery replacement.
  • Suitability:  For roka or engagement ceremony of your relative or friends you an select this trendy and simple henna design. 

#65 Half flower motif full hand mehndi design for beginners

In this mehndi design florals and leaves are arranged across the backhand giving a dense look. A diagonal line is drawn on the wrist below which a half flower is drawn . More flowers are etched on the upper hand with leaves on finger tips completing this mehndi ki design which can work equally well even for front hands.
  • Suitability:  You can pick this pattern for family functions and social gatherings. 

#66 Arabic mehndi design for starters - Easy and beautiful

Another one of those simplest design which can flatter women of all ages. Here a linear band is drawn on the ring finger and swirls and leaves branch out of it on both sides making for an easy arabic henna mehndi design. This design also uses the light shading technique which gives it a more heavier look. if you are getting started with shading in henna this design is perfect to practice the shading style.
  • Suitability:  For cultural events and carnivals you can select this simple and quick pattern. 

#67 Pretty Simple rose mehndi design-  Beautiful for beginners

This delicate rose mehndi design can be etched out easily with a thick cut cone and will give a very elegant look to your backhands. Two rose flowers are drawn here which are joined together by curves and some curves are etched on the fingertips to look like leaves concluding this alluring easy arabic mehndi design.

  • Suitability: Apply this adorable and easy mehndi pattern on hands afetr your bridal henna has faded off to attend all those post wedding dinner parties. 

Which of these beginner-friendly easy mehndi designs do you like most?

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