111+ Inspiring Mehndi Designs For Kids

"The most beautiful things are not associated with money; they are memories and moments. If you don't celebrate those, they can pass you by." - Alek Wek
Indian festivals and Indian weddings are known for their significant value and are celebrated with much pomp if there is one thing common among all celebrations and festivities, it is the adornment of henna or mehendi on hands and feet by women and children of all age. As the above saying goes the most beautiful things are associated with the joy and laughter found in small moments that turn into precious memories, and mehendi application is one of the most memorable memories for many Indians!

The application of mehndi be it the night before Eid-ul-Fitr or Diwali, or even at a Indian mehendi ceremony is a reflection of the rich Indian culture, where the knowledge of medicinal herbs with many lovely sentiments and beliefs is bought together. This decoration of hands and feet is also loved a lot by the kids in our families which is why we have curated the best and the most pretty mehndi designs for kids in today's list! We all love a simple mehndi design be it for us or even our kids for various reasons.

Latest Mehndi Designs For Kids 

Kids love everything special, lively and colorful and mehendi is so much more than this which can be the reason why kids love getting mehndi done on special occasions and do not want to be left behind. Kids are the embodiment of liveliness and color, this is further enhanced when they get adorable henna patterns drawn on their little hands.

In the past few years, teens and kids have embraced henna patterns and miss no chance to have their skin-colored with it. Few of the occasions where children adorn mehandi designs are at birthday parties, festivals, weddings, summer holidays and carnivals.

When we were kids mehndi application before festivals and weddings were an inseparable part of our dress-up regime! We would count days until Chand raat (seeing the moon and declaring Eid once it is sighted) and celebrate the sighting of the moon by decorating our hands. The whole family would gather and the one who is called the mehndi expert of the family would apply Mehendi on to everybody's hands.

The kids to fuss around and get Mehendi done first, and they were also the ones to wash it away quickly within two hours. Hence elaborate Mehendi patterns were avoided and small henna patterns were used to decorate kids hands for it was considered a waste of energy and time for kids would either remove it within an hour or would mess it up completely when the henna was still wet.

Amazing mehndi designs for kids // Kids Mehndi // Baby mehndi designs

Mehandi designs for kids can be tailored to your little daughter's likes and wishes. It is best if you have a discussion beforehand or talk about what kind of henna mehndi design your child craves for. Kids mehandi designs are usually playful, quirky, small and easiest of all.
Mehndi designs for kids are quote challenging as hey fussy about a lot of things which is why we have mehndi design for every kind of child! Be it a simple henna tattoo for messy kids or an elaborate kids mehndi pattern for patient kids, we have covered everything.
Today we will be listing you 111+ different mehendi designs for your children to choose from. We hope you find our list of best and simple kids mehndi designs inspiring and helpful!


Latest Arabic mehandi is here to stay and is also one of the most loved trends in India. If you are a mommy who is new to Mehandi or even someone who has just begun learning but wants to DIY your own mehndi on your kids' hands and feet then this trend might be the one for you. There are several variations and styles involved in a simple and easy Arabic mehandi design. These Arabic mehndi designs for kids include a lot of florals, curves, leaves, dots, trails, and arches that gently sweep across the hands and feet. Here are a few designs to inspire your kids' mehndi the next time you want to draw on your little princesses' hands.


This type of Arabic mehandi pattern for kids mostly includes small paisleys drawn one above the other in a trail style or a free-flowing pattern. The paisley designs are accompanied by teardrop swirls, leaves, fishnet, and half-drawn flower patterns. These type mehendi designs for kids also called mango-inspired designs for kids. Let us have a sneak peek into a few of the best mehndi designs for girls available on the internet for inspiration.

#1 Playful Paisleys

Mango-shaped paisley motifs add a touch of beauty to the overall mehndi design for girls. If you are a beginner mommy or daddy you should know the fact that mehendi designing even if it is a simple mehendi design is not a mountain climbing task and you can master this art if you have a pinch of creativity and patience. Make sure you cover the fingertips with half flower-like strokes with a paisley outline. Easily one of the best from the 'mehndi design easy & beautiful' list!

#2 Paisley And Half Drawn Floral Combo

Henna designs that feature a lot of floral and paisley motifs are also popular choices for young girls, these have elaborate dotted and loop patterns to complete the whole mehendi design.

#3 Decorative Paisleys And Flowers

This particular paisley-flower trail henna not only features half-drawn marigold flowers but is a very feminine pattern which makes it a popular choice for women of all ages. It will look gorgeous when done on the back of your young daughter's hand.

#4 Abstract Paisley Artistic Mehndi Ki Design:

This beautiful Mehandi design for girls is a mixture of flowery rainbows, paisleys, and elongated dotted strokes. All of these designs are mixed with a half-drawn flowers flourishing from the rainbow motifs with thin strokes. This new Arabic mehndi dezain is a great option for kids to sport at parties, weddings, and small functions.

#5 Seamless Paisley Henna Mehndi Design

If you are short of time and want something really minimal and quick mehendi dezain then you can draw this out of the ordinary pattern that includes a mixture of paisley, dots, loops and curved swirls. Looks uber-cute and will hardly take 2 mins to etch this on your youngster's hand.

#6 Contrasting Paisley Patterns

If your kid is an ardent henna mehndi dezain lover then she might insist on getting henna done both hands, this perfect diagonal trail pattern with an amalgamation of paisleys, criss-cross lines, dots, circular swirls, and fish scales is a steal deal!

#7 Pretty Paisley Doodles

This is such an endearing trail consisting of peacock feathers, paisleys, flowers, and spiral strokes. The mehndi dezain motifs are penned in such a sweet manner that it is tugging our hearts and we bet your kid will drool over this one too! Totally labeling it is the best list of kids mehendi as a great, easy & beautiful mehndi design!


Floral mehndi patterns are the most common henna designs and is evergreen. Floral mehndi patterns include various beautiful shaped flowers in several different sizes and forms which is why it is the most popular mehndi patterns. All most all or most of the mehndi ki design have a floral motif in it in an arabic mehndi design. Another reason for including floral patterns on your kids' hands is that children love flowers and everything good looking and colorful!

#8 Pocket full of roses :

If you want a mehndi design that has gorgeous rose henna motifs but looks uber cute on your kids hands, you can draw this either on the front of your toddler's hand or even the back of her hand. The three roses at the bottom and the two roses in the trail on the fingers adds up to the beauty of the hand. If you have a rose printed or a light printed desi outfit for your kids, then this mehndi ki design will look absolutely stunning on your kid. Very suitable for birthday parties, festivals like Eid, Diwali, etc.

#9 Floral Garland

This floral Arabic mehndi design is done on the back of the hand in a simple manner and can be achieved within minutes. This mehndi design is very eye-catching and gives an illustration of a garland, where are flowers arranged and drawn in a manner that it looks like a floral garland. For kids who love everything flowers, this is your thing.

#10 Fishnet And Flowers

Jali mehndi patterns are quite a rage with teens and this gorgeous fishnet mehndi pattern is drawn diagonally is no less. If your munchkin is fond of exquisite new henna patterns then this should satisfy her henna needs!

#11 Flower Dart Board Pattern

Another gorgeous mehndi pattern with a huge dartboard like a floral pattern. The spears growing out from the angles of every petal end is so fierce, we adore! Finish off the mehndi dezain by filling in the fingertips with henna caps for a smashing look.

#12 Hibiscus Art

When you include flowers in a mehndi dezain, trust us you simply cannot go wrong. You can get away with a single huge flower motif or small flowers scattered everywhere, the sole reason being kids love cute flower mehndi dezains for their henna. Children are obsessed with different kinds of flowers and wouldn't disagree if you got them this outstanding flowered mehndi design that has a pretty hibiscus motif that covers the entire lower arm. This mehndi dezain features a flaunt-worthy decorative hibiscus flower enhanced with leaves and swirls sprouting on top of another done in detail at the back of the hand.

#13 Meshed Fingers

This miniature and easy mehndi design for kids with a meshed ring-like detailing on all the fingers on all fingers and a fancy snowflake pattern at the center of the back of the hand is worth drooling over! What say? We wouldn't be surprised if your daughter chose this particular mehndi dijain over all the other easy & beautiful mehndi designs you showed her.

#14 Girly Flower Chain

This super girly and gorgeous half trail chain pattern that runs along the pointy finger to the wrist is a great option if your kid wants something easy-breezy. A very lovable and sweet half trail mahndi dijain, don't you think so?

#15 Simple Paisley Sandwiched Flower Mehndi

Floral design with winged paisley accents are also easy mehndi designs for kids and can be incredibly beautiful when done on the back of your daughter's adorable tiny hands. Finish it off with simple mahndi dijain by drawing curved strokes on the fingertips.

#16 Floral Swirls

Super spaced out and scattered designs that feature thick dark floral curved vines along with flower-like strokes are placed all over hands and arms and can be chosen for huge occasions like birthday parties or sister's wedding. Your girl is sure to shine bright among fellow relatives with this gorgeous piece of art.

#17 In Full Bloom

This blooming flower pattern drawn in the center of the palm is definitely a great pick. You can ask a mehndi artist at a mehndi ceremony to draw this for your princess. This mahndi dijain is a win-win as it can be placed on the front of the hands as well as the black and it would look wonderful no matter what!

#18 Netted And Shaded

This intricate mehendi art with a huge flower in the middle connected with a netted and shaded dome on the wrist area looks stunning. Pretty-pretty and sweet, this certainly makes for a beautiful mehndi design for you to consider to get on your little one's hand as it will suit any occasion!

#19 Sweet Sunflower

If you’re looking for simple yet cutesy mahndi dijains, this one with a huge floral pattern as the showstopper can be an easy choice. It has a large floral design at the center completed using a minimal design along with the fingers.

#20 Minimalist flower henna design

Another favorite from our easy and beautiful mehndi design for kids list is this winsome mehandi art. Simply love how this miniature henna pattern is lighter and more uncomplicated than most henna designs for kids.

#21 Floral bouquet 

An authentic rich floral pattern for kids, this one has a lovely looking shaded flowers covering the fingers and the back of palms ina vine-like structure. This design like most of the Arabic mehndi designs for baby girls starts from the fingertip and ends at the wrist.

#22 Unkempt Cute Floral Back Hand Mehndi Design

Another floral trail henna pattern that uses small flowers to create a simple trail looks pretty when done in the middle of the back of the palms.

#23 Snowflake Mehndi Art

Kids love Disney movies and those are filled with snow and snowflakes. Remember 'Frozen'? This popular snowflake pattern that looks like a flower can be painted if your kid wants something special.


#24 Hanging Leafy Trails

#25 Eid Mehndi Designs For Kids

#26 Looped Flowered Fingers  

This style is a simple Arabic mehndi design. It has a major flower at the centre, connected to the fingers with a mesh design giving an illusion of knuckle rings.

#27 Oh-so-dear

A small combination of flowers and leaves on the ankle looks very beautiful and delicate. It’s the perfect Arabic mehndi design to either apply on the ankle or shoulder.

 #28 Index Art

A single finger mehndi with a hanging chandelier-like art is pure love and counts as one of the mehndi design easy & beautiful. This features curvy swirls and leafy vine sprouting from a flower that looks like it is hanging if looked from the upward direction. Pretty and sweet.

#29 Chained Flowers

Fully bloomed sunflower designs that run from the index finger to the wrist are incredibly popular and termed as jewelry mehndi designs. The beaded chains connecting the flowers overall give an illusion of a hand jewel. Great for kids as they fuss with real jewelry.

#30 Double Finger Ring Inspired Art

Here's yet another latest mehndi design for baby girls.You can’t go wrong with a statement double finger ring mehendi pattern, and this one with its cute checkered and beaded detail is really distinct and looks very trendy. What’s not to love?!

#31 Charming Sunflower Trail

This latest mehndi design uses the fingers as its focal element. With a different design on each finger, it also has a trail of leaves, with a flower at the centre.

#32 Two Finger Thing

#33 Loops And Insects

The main highlight of this Arabic Design is the design running from the middle finger to the wrist. The design is complemented with a collection of small flowers on the sides.


#34 Junglee Trails

#35 Swirls And Tear Drops

Design elements that are stacked on top of each other are also popular as they can be chained up the spine with ease.

#36 Mismatched Art

#37 Minimalistic Swirl Back Hand Pattern

#38 Dots And Bold Outlines


#38 Half Empty Half Covered

#39 Covered And Connected Henna Art For Girls

Designs which are set side by side to complete a whole mehndi design are also much more popular with young girls and teenagers, if your child is up for some serious mehndi session then this one is for her!

#40 Intricate geometric patterns

A very common design is where the hands and arms have different loop-like patterns and this stupendous geometric pattern is sure to win over your kid's heart!

#41 Traditional Paisley And Fishnet Full Hand Mehandi design

Mehendi designs for girls have spaces but you can give a traditional full hand mehndi design that is the same on the other hand for your child. This is an excellent design if your child is a patient and mehndi lover kid.

#42 Sweet And Simple Mehndi Designs For Hands Step By Step

#43 Decorative Scalloped Curves

Some of the most popular henna designs for kids feature semi-circular half loop and dotted patterns, these are also coupled with other scalloped outlines to create a more attractive piece.


If your kid is a doodler and loves drawing then you can actually decorate her hands with few of her favorite drawing arts she has done on her own. If your child loves drawing as an art form then there is no better way to appreciate her work by getting her artwork done on her hands for her bday or for a special event. If your kid is willing to do her henna on her own and is comfortable with holding a henna cone, you can actually get her to draw these on their own.

#44 DIY Drawing Art Ideas

Doodle art lover kid will ADORE it if their hands where decorate with their own creations! It could be any of your kids favorite creations be it a an abstract mix of things

#45 Twinkle Twinkle Little Star

Remember the old favorite rhyme of every freaking child in India? We are sure your child is fond of it too which is why a simple star and moor henna motif is absolutely a magical henna which even young children can try doing on their own.

#46 Polka Dots

We love easy kids mehendi designs like this polka mehndi pattern which a child can attempt drawing on his/her own!

#47 Golden Hearts

Cute little mehendi patterns that your kid can try on paper and then go on t do the same on her hands. We love this simple mehndi designs for hands step by step is done on the back of the hands with a little glitter thrown in to add some sparkle to it!


Circular henna patterns on a child's hand not only look adorable. These round or circle mehndi designs might not necessarily be circular in shape but can be diversified into flower blooms, suns, and paisleys giving an appearance of a round or a mandala henna design. These patterns with the famous geometrical shape-the circle can be carried out in any event and look absolutely stunning when done a child's hand. The fine detailing done on the fingers matches the circle in the middle of the fingers which makes the whole mehndi ki design conventional and modern.

#48 Circular And Paisley Mehendi ki Designs

#49 Mismatched Discs

#50 Simple And Lined

Simple Mehndi Designs For Hands Step By Step

#51 Cute meets simplicity

#52 Floral Circular Mehendi Design

A simple single letter can make a bold statement. We love the old fashioned style font, and you can keep the meaning just for you!

#53 Chakra Mehendi Design

#54 The Classic Mandala Mehendi Design for Kids 

Designs that resemble that of rings around the fingertips and bracelets around the wrists are common choices and linked through a central design on the back of the hand.


#55 Playful Peacock Henna Art

This is another very pretty mahndi dijain which mixes a few of the Indian traditional motifs with Arabic style of mehendi. The design on the dorsal aspect of the hand is an imaginative representation of the bird- Peacock. The auspicious bird is drawn only half emerging from a leafy branch that scatters everywhere like an Octopuses' tentacles.

#56 Sporty And Trendy

This extra-special mahndi dijain has a peek-a-boo half-drawn floral design starting from the little finger to the center wrist, bordered with some loops and beaded lace. The other part is on the thumb, with the same mehndi dizain being repeated. This mehandi design for kids is inexplicable!

#57 Free Flowing Arabic Trails

Yet another expressive and unusual henna pattern that includes the smart use of easy Arabic motifs to form a mehendi design that looks complicated but is a cakewalk when done and takes hardly more than 7  to 8 mins to finish this. If you are looking for a more coverage type mehendi pattern then you can definitely give this one a try!

#58 Flaura And Fauna

Nothing beats the display of two completely different motifs yet having a link of a small similarity connecting each other. This particular mehndi ki design with a gorgeous butterfly motif on one hand and a floral shaded pattern on the other is goals and would look absolutely stunning on your child's hand. This would be suitable for kids to sport at a close relative's wedding sangeet and marriage ceremony.

#59 Side Dish

Gorgeous ornamental like pattern is created alongside the side of the hand only and the rest is kept untouched for added effect. This one looks surreal in real life and is becoming the most favorite mehndi pattern to be adored by kids at parties. We are not surprised at all by its popularity!


Kids are not very fond of heavy jewellery and often get irritated when forced to wear any sort of jewellery which is why the popularity of the jewellery mehndi designs for kids has soared up high. These mehndi designs for girls easily substitute for real jewellery and actually look much better than real jewellery on a young girl's backhands! It's different, striking and wonderful at the same time. It involves mehndi dezain patterns that look a lot like hand jewellery to be precise. The hand-harness or the hathfool jewelry of the Asian origin along with finger ring is the most popular pattern amongst all of them when it comes to kids mehandi design. They are also famous as they are modern inspired mehendi designs yet traditional at heart.

#60 Cutesy Tiny Hathphool Mehendi Design for kids

A hathphool compromising of two tiny little flowers sprouting from a v-shaped band that is drawn at the wrist and adjoining the index finger in a way that it forms a structure similar to the likes of real jewellery, yes, please! How cute is this Simple Mehndi Designs For Hands Step By Step? If we had to rate this one, we would be giving it a ten on ten!

#61 V-shaped Arm Bands

This type of mahndi dijain looks very mesmerizing on a childs' hand for it gives the appearance of statement arm bands and raises the bar in the mehndi designs for kids but is so easy-peasy when it comes to the drawing aspect of it.

#62 Enchanting Floral Hand Harness

So very different and unsual, this particular hand harness craftsmenship is breathtaking and would look very fancy when done on the back of your little girl's hand. This is by far the loveliest of the mehndi designs for girls we came across. Fully bloomed flowers connected to one other with beaded chains , starting from the wrist and connecting to the finger tip of the middle finger, this one for sure is a delight to paint on a little one's hand!

#63 Tips To Wrist Jewellery Pattern

Another very unsual jewellery mehndi pattern would be this one due to the arch formed on the center. Two lovely flowers along with some intricate detialing thrown in makes this mehendi pattern another winner from the hottest jewellery mehendi designs!

#64 Medieval jewelry Art

If we had to pick up a fresh and new design that is not only stunning but also one that resembles a beautiful piece of hand jewellery art that was owned by medeival period women, then this is the one grls. With a splendid bracelet lke arm band ethched on the wrist and a dome like arch forming on it, this one for sure is distinct from every angle. Are you up for some experimenting? Try this Simple mehndi designs for hands step by step on your kids' hands and amaze everybody by letting her flaunt it on your kids next big event!

#66 Stacked Latkan Bracelets

Another amazing Mehendi designs for baby girls is this jewelry design that resembles that rings with pendant beaded latkans around the fingertips and stacked bracelets around the wrists which are further linked through a central design on the back of the hand.

#67 Indian Traditional Hathfool

Hathfool mehndi designs are very popular at present among women of all ages due to its property of replacing the adornment of real jewellery. Kids who cannot handle a lot of jewelry can be given a treat with this elegant traditional flower hathphool.

#68 Delightful, Dainty And Dinky!

A combination of hand harness designing and dainty detailing makes this pretty jewellery mehndi designs for girls a great option to flaunt at a small family function or any occasion for that matter. Try this mehndi design on your daughters or niece's hands the nest time she insists on getting a dinky mehendi design. It is going to look super pretty and chic on her tiny hands :)

#69 Web it up!

#70 Domes And Dotted Bliss

We often want the most unique of the lot for our tiny tots. The search for the best of best mehndi designs for girls is always on if you and your kid is an ardent henna lover. This design with its beaded arches and pointy domes can give the best jewelry a run for their money. Definitely would look drool-worthy and stylish on a tiny toddler's hand, this is a great mehndi design for your daughter to sport at a friend's birthday party or even at a relatives mehndi ceremony!

#71 Simple Hand Harness

If your family is invited to a wedding or a simple family get-together, then this light and dainty hand harness or hathphool look would be the ideal pick for your little girl. simple and sweet, what say? Another simple mehndi designs for hands step by step we are crushing on.

#72 Lacy Arm Bands And Floral Harness

This is a very sophisticated yet easy mehndi pattern that begins from the wrist with a criss-cross armband design and follows upwards to the middle finger. This can be done on your hand and on your daughters for its simplicity and blending ability with traditional and western attire. The half-drawn flowers towering on top of one another and the unique hand jewelry like a pattern of this easy mehndi design makes it appropriate for all ages.

#73 Jewellery Trends

This is yet another latest mehndi design for kids that is somewhat similar to the hathphool or hand harness mehndi designs. The other hand has full-fledges ring jewellery patterns making it quite interesting and original! A great way to glam up your childrens hands.

#74 Peekaboo paisley

Though more people prefer simplistic patterns for both of the hands, it is better to stick to less henna for kids, this way its easier and kids get henna done without too much effort. Paisley and floral pattern on the back of the hand looks cute while the other hands have a little fingertip detailing and kept empty. Such patterns are great for kids' who wish to have something that is more simplistic while having the other hand also decorated with a little henna.


Kids are very fond of attractive, appealing and innovative new mehendi designs. But when mehndi designs for girls are cutesy and single motif patterns it just looks uber stylish and super pretty at the same time. Which is why you've got to give henna tattoos a try for your baby girl. It can be anything your kid is fond of, enhance the mehndi pattern or kids henna tattoo further with swirls, shading, bold thick outlines and dots.

#75 Celestial Decorative Henna

Using a star or sun-shaped henna motifs in your simple mehndi designs for hands step by step will get your kid excited as these are the first few things taught in school.  One such example is this gorgeous blazing sun henna tattoo for kids that has elongated dotted strokes and loop detailing done neatly inside it.

#76 Beautiful Butterfly

Feminine butterfly tattoos always look pretty on tiny hands. This cutesy design with swirl detailing and a half curvy swirl trail is sure to put a smile on your kid's face!

#77 Alphabet Initials Cute Henna

Initials or alphabetical mehandi designs for kids are super pretty and symbolize the child's first name or her favorite person's name that’s important to them or even her barbie doll's name. It can be your kid's go-to mehandi at times when she wants something personalized.

#78 Star Eyed Butterfly

This is yet another inventive minimalistic simple Mehandi design for your kid's hands is this shaded star-eyed butterfly one. Simply draw this adorbs butterfly motif along with miniature stars in the upward direction on your pinky finger.

#79 Burning Sun

Here is another example of a very simple but elegant easy mehndi design for kids. Artistic sun motifs are particularly popular amongst younger girls and teens as they are a symbol of feminine power and convey a message of fierceness. This simple mehndi designs for hands step by step with its bold black outlines is a must-try!

#80 Lovable Flower

A simple backhand flower mehendi design with a small full bloomed flower silhouette stands out and looks fantastic on tiny hands. It’s elegant, perfectly formed and bang on trendy, yippee!

#81 Delish Cupcake 

For all those mehndi lovers who want it to be easy yet very hatke, you can try this stunning single cupcake artistic henna tattoo. It is best to draw this on the palms or wrist area. The detailing in this particular yummy mehendi design is easy with dark outlining and swirls and looks oh so elegant!


Young children are impatient and find it agonizing to get their hands and feet decorated with henna. They will persist in getting their henna done but will not tolerate the minutes which is the reason why basic and minimal patterns rock for children. Stick to simple and sweet mehendi designs like the ones below. If your kid is also an impatient one you can try all these henna designs that are so easy peasy to draw and looks fabulous on the back of your kids' hands. These are great mehndi design for your kid to sport at a friend's wedding or a close relatives mehndi ceremony!

#82 Attractive Small Trail Mehandi Design For Kids

If you are in a hurry or do not want to indulge in a time-consuming mehndi design for your little child, this design with its beautiful bold outlines and charming little sparrows wandering over the pansy flowers is the ideal pick! The beauty of this simple mehndi designs for hands step by step has left us all warm in the inside of our heart.

#83 The Perfect Birthday Pick

Hello kitty character holding a birthday balloon look cute in many places on the body like the wrists, legs, back, and arms of your kid. One of the most commonly used motifs is the hello kitty one, definitely worth a try!

#84 Hearts And Bows

Bow tattoos are quite popular among kids. The bow motif representing lovely and gentle femininity to it makes it one of the most sought after henna motifs by girls.We love the thick outlining and imaginative thinking that has gone into this simple mehndi designs for hands step by step, really girly and cute!

#85 Another Sweet Tikki Henna Mehandi design for kids

This super easy floral mandala mehndi design is simple to draw and quite eye-pleasing. A centerpiece circular tikki is drawn which is further accentuated with shaded small dots on the border.

#86 We love butterflies

Mermaids are also incredibly popular as they are feminine and can be created using delicate lines and dots that provide a more whimsical design.

#87 Anime Logos

Anything cute and simple out of your child's favorite Tv show or Favorite Disney movie can often look brilliant, just like this Superman logo and Kung Fu Panda combination. It will be adored by your child and the placement that is on the wrists is lovely too.

#88 Delicate Petalled Pattern

A pretty flower with small vine-like small patterns growing from opposite sides is so girly and cute. Keep the design simple and, despite being a small and easy mehendi design for kids, this Mehandi pattern in itself has the power to make a statement. Sweet, feminine and fresh. Agree? We do!

#89 Signs And Sun

The simplicity and the unusual placement of this mehendi design work really well when done on the back of a kid's hand, as it is not only super cute but look classy at the same time. We love the compass-like symbol on the index finger as well, sometimes having clean, delicate artwork works best.

#90 Glitz And Glam

Want your kid's mehendi to be all glammed up but she just won't sit straight long enough to get a henna mehendi design done? Craft your little one's backhands with small henna motifs like this one when she is asleep. Stick up some glue to glam it up. Viola, problem solved!

#91 Your Comfort zone

Does the mention of heavy and detailed mehendi make your kid uncomfortable as it worries her it can make her backache sitting for a long period of time in the sitting position? fret not, this visionary yet minimalistic Arabic style mehndi is fantastic. Hell yeah, we are fans of this one, so bad! A simple mehndi design for kids that has ample empty space with some wonderful simplistic Arabic henna elements spaced beautifully.

 #92 Steal My Heart.

Double outlined filled in a heart pattern, empty spaces, detailed handcuff and the simplicity of this design are what makes this design look so eye-pleasing! This Mehendi design for girls stole our hearts, literally!


Those henna designs that are beyond cute and fill your heart with warmth when you see them designed on your tiny tot's hands, them, for us would be 'cuteness overload henna mehndi designs for girls'. These are undoubtedly simple but also redefines charm. If you wish you can ask your little one to try this on her own by herself and decorate her hands in the most simple manner ever.

#93 Pets And Parrots

Is your girl fond of pets or even parrots in general? This cute little henna tattoo with a parrot is a great example of simple mehndi designs for hands step by step. tiny toddlers are impatient and refuse to e seated for henna application but want it anyways (Frustrated?) This could be your solution just get her name engraved along with her favorite pet done on the palms for an attractive look.

#94 The Precious Daughter

We are so obsessed with this girly mehndi design, one for it's like revisiting a character from our favorite books with protagonists being the female and this has a very boho vibe, something like women being free or something. Love, love, love! Just get it done on your toddler's hand for she is going to love and think the girl to be herself. Its like a self-love tattoo for your little girl.

#95 Bee-utiful!

The plain detail on this bee kids henna tattoo is marvelous. Henna patterns that have lifelike cute motifs are becoming increasingly popular, and everything about this bee-utiful bee sucking nectar from a flower scene is crafted so prettily -truly a wonderful work of art that every kid would love!

#96 Butterflies Are Always In Trend

If there is one thing that would be seen on every other kids' hands, it has to be the butterfly motif! Single butterfly motifs, especially those that appear more feminine, with a splash of color are great designs for your children due to the level of ease and beauty that they possess.

#97 Affair With Mehndi Motifs

The joy of getting al the mehendi elements in one single design for your kid is actually an art and this one proves it. So beautiful, so simple! This easy mehndi design for kids has everything, from stars to hearts and paisleys to flowers and so much more!

#98 Because Girls Can Never Stop Playing Dress up!

This intricate and totally unusual strapless gown and artistic girl henna design are sure to be an interesting talking piece for your child. If your child is a fashionista you know what to get her the next time there is a mehendi session at any wedding or even your home. We love the bold filling on the bottom part of the dress, the way it highlights the roses on the dress and the hat and the obvious amount of thought that has gone into designing this mehendi design.

#99 Captivating Heart And Semi Circle Scalloped Floral Art

Another gorgeous statement mehendi design is one where you get two completely different patterns done on each hand of your kid. Both done on the back of the hands, one involves a semicircle with scalloped outlines and thin round swirls, which is finished off with mango-like teardrops. The other hands have a heart motif drawn upside-down along with simple mehndi motifs to give an alluring look overall. We love the detail in this gorgeous mismatched design and the feisty, artistic impression it creates.

#100 Lotus Love:

How lovely is this backhand mehndi design for girls? We all know that a lotus flower represents grace, innocence, and prosperity. A great reason to include this delicately shaded double lotus pattern in your kid's 'mehndi to get' list is that it looks very fabulous when drawn neatly with a thicker henna cone tip on small hands, giving a completely new look to your little girl's hands!


If your kid is bored with mehendi only done on hands then you can get her feet painted for a change. They look lovely and would go well with her knee-length skirts and frocks.

#101 Unusual Garden Rose

Young girls have a thing for pretty roses and gardens full of greens. This enchanting henna design that represents a little of both flower and jungle world is the perfect pick for ethnic functions. This is fairly simple to do and does not require much effort and hence fairs a ten on ten when it comes to easy mehndi designs for kids. This design can be done for festive celebrations and small functions at home.

#102 Artistic Sole Henna Mehndi Designs For Kids

An artistic leg sole henna mehandi design for kids that compromises of only intersecting vertical and horizontal lines with bulky beads on the corners of the cubes formed, oh so pretty!

#103 Floral Feet Side Mehendi

This notable small semi looped floral patterns used to outline only the side of the feet is stunning and gets a 100% when it comes to ease of drawing!

#104 Flowered Feet Mehndi Design

Scattered and simple flower mehndi designs on your kids' feet will look enchanting and it always helps when the design is simple. This awesome design is best suited for legs with its free-flowing style, tiny vines and five-petalled flowers.

#105 Cross Hatched Peacock Pattern


Children are very fond of cartoons and we all can relate to our childhood memories of watching cartoons for hours with the whole family. Cute cartoon characters are a popular choice for little girls, particularly those who have tons of toys that are their favorite cartoon characters. These types of mehndi designs for kids are not only magical but nostalgic for girls and teens and hence we have busted the myth of them being a rage even with the older group of girls.

#106 Unicornnnnn!

If your daughter is someone like the character 'Agnes' in 'Despicable Me' then we don't even have to state reasons for you to get this done on your beloved's hands. This fluffy little unicorn that is covering almost the entire backhand of this tiny toddler is cuteness overload, don't you agree?

#107 Hello Pretty!

Almost every other young girl has fond memories of owning pretty things with a Hello Kitty motif on it. Young girls love this and we all know why. It is simple and nostalgic for us. This can be done either on the front of the hand or the back of the hand, whichever way your baby likes it.

#108 Pusheen Cat Burger Cuteness

Did you go 'Awww' the moment you saw this? We feel you woman. Cats and burgers, two things kids love thrown into a single frame, who can say No to this?

#109 Hedwig The Snowy Owl Henna Tattoo

Is your little one a Pottermaniac and cannot get enough of the famous Harry Potter books by the ingenious JK Rowling? Here is something she is going to love! What better than a Hedwig henna tattoo, the lovely snowy owl owned by the cursed one! It's magical yet so simple.

#110 Super Hero Logos 

No surprise here, children love their superhero characters which is why getting an effortless and uncomplicated superhero logo will get your kid all excited and thrilled about the whole henna process making it easier for you to draw it all the while. From Batman to Spiderman, to Superman and the likes of them these superheroes are flaunted proudly by both boys and girls which makes these kinds of logo baby mehndi designs very popular among kids.

#111 The Little Mermaid Design For Kids

Is it a favorite bedtime story of your little one or a favorite character from the Disney movie' The Little Mermaid', this Simple mehndi designs for hands step by step with a sweet mermaid character on the palm surrounded by smooth curled swirls that somewhat depict waves or seaweed is nothing less than a masterpiece! We bet all the kids are going to go 'wow' after seeing your kid's hands when you get this painted on her hand! 

#112 Minion Madness!

This minion character motif holding a toy named 'Papay' from the 'Despicable Me 2' movie is sweet and delightful, if you have a daughter who loves minions or even if you love minions(we totally understand) something like this with a constellation of stars scattered across the palm would look adorable and put a smile on her face every time she looked at her mehndi later!

Creative Yet Simple Mehndi Designs For Kids

 Many schools do not allow children to dye their hands with henna and fine if a kid is found adorning hands with it. We were part of such a school for some time and were deeply saddened when we couldn't get henna done during Eid festivities. It was a very special thing for us kids, back then we would brag about whose henna was the darkest and the most beautiful and not allowed being a part of it would mean colorless festivals.

Looking back I do wish schools allowed a maximum of three to four events where kids are allowed ad given permission to henna application. But times have changed and people of all cultures be it Hindu, Muslims or Sikhs, have included mehndi in their lives and many different ways. The mehendi designing has grown with stature and the designs and patterns have changed with an interesting twist and creative art forms being included in it.
Henna application on your kids hands can be done very easily as they have small hands and very little time is consumed plus elaborate intricate patterns do not suit a kids hand and mums who are beginners and are not very familiar with henna drawings can opt for simpler mehendi patterns and decorate their little munchkins hands on their own!
Kids love easy-breezy patterns but the trick is to draw creative patterns that easy to draw yet very attractive and interesting at the same time. Kids at present are very creative and fashion-forward and will not settle for anything less than a mesmerizing mehndi design. I remember my mother trying out henna designs for the first time on all three of my sisters before Eid and they turned out to be pretty fancy for a first-timer!

Mehandi Designs For Kids is a form of play and art...

“To play with a child is to love a child.”~ Vince Gowmon
 Mehendi is also a way of play and many kids indulge in learning mehndi art during their summer vacation. You can also get your child to draw henna mehndi designs on paper and play with them while teaching them different inventive patterns. If your little kids ask for mehendi design then get her hands colored with simple yet creative mehndi designs for kids while you laugh and enjoy the time you spend with her decorating her hands.

Parents can also consider the application of mehendi as a way of spending quality time with their daughters. You can ask your princesses for an imaginative and innovative pattern that they want and consider your child's input to make it a special gift to their little hands.

Tips And Tricks To Remember When You Adorn Your Little Princesses Hands With Henna

While applying henna on a kids' hand can be challenging for they are not patient enough for the whole application and drying process, you can follow a few tips and tricks to make it much easier for them to get it done without making it much of a trouble. We have listed a few tips and tricks below so you can find it helpful the next time you want to apply henna to your kids' hands and feet.

#Keep It Minimal

Kids are fussy and unpredictable, mehandi for kids can become a task if not done in the right way. We suggest you include your child's ideas and suggestions while getting her/his henna done. Children often do not like sitting in a single position for longer periods of times which is why it is always best to keep their mehandi designs as minimal and classy as possible. The key is to get the sweetest and loveliest henna mehendi done on the kids' hands without making it feel like a burden for them. Make sure they enjoy the whole process of henna application!

#Henna Stencils:

If you are a mommy who does not want to spend a lot on a mehndi artist and find it unnecessary to get henna done in return for money then you can opt for simple mehandi designs on your own or go for henna stencils that will make your whole henna application on your kids hands easier than you could've imagined! You can buy interesting ones from here at an affordable price.

# Add in some Glitter And Sequins:

Girls love sparkly things and kids especially have a soft spot for all things glitter, why not make your little ones mehendi even more special by adding elements of glitz and glamour. Do scroll over our favorite glitter and embellished mehendi designs for kids above. The studs and glitter are temporary and make sure you are using safe body glitter for your little munchkins hands.

# When in doubt, stick to florals!

Floral trails and minimalistic henna mehandi designs for kids with flower motifs are not only easy to draw but also look absolutely adorbs on tiny hands. We think the flower motif with its numerous designs is not only very feminine but beautifully decorates a child's hand and looks uber stylish without going overboard. So remember when in doubt pick any of your favorite floral henna mehandi pattern to draw on your little princess's hands.

#Make Your Children A Part Of Wedding Mehendi Festivities

A wedding in India means the whole gathering of families which includes a bunch of kids, do not overlook them. Get your Mehendi artist to decorate the hands of the kids present at your wedding if they are up for it. The kid brigade is sure excited but not many parents allow them to indulge in it. Just let it go and let your kids enjoy a little henna staining, after all, it a big fat INDIAN wedding! Getting henna done is a fun thing for kids in a marriage party, as they say 'why should adults have all the fun right?' *wink wink*

Finding cute and creative henna mehndi designs for kids that are easy at the same time for girls can sometimes prove to be a difficult task but with our stunning list of the latest mehndi patterns, we hope to it doesn’t have to be. We do hope you liked our curated collection of Cute and Fascinating mehndi designs for kids. We’re pretty confident that you’ll find the perfect mehndi design for your adorable princess here that you absolutely love and your kid will love for sure. Do tell us your favorite pick from the whole lot in the comments below!

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