101+ Trending blouse designs for all occasions || Saree blouse patterns

Saree is the preferred choice of attire for most Indian women as it suits our desi body types nicely and is also very versatile. You can wear a saree for special occasions like weddings or parties and also wear it casually as daily wear or formal wear outfit choice. At any given event you will find many women draped in the evergreen saree but if you want to stand out from the rest all you need to do is pair it with one of the latest blouse designs.
These latest and new blouse patterns need not be overtly experimental or trendy, a slight tweak to your regular blouse models will also elevate your ethnic look notches higher if you style it smart. Like all elements of fashion latest blouse design trends also keep evolving and changing. It can be quite a task for us, women, to stay updated on the new patterns and  styles but worry not as I am here to help with my careful curated massive list of latest blouse designs which are raging hot in 2019

101 Latest blouse designs for Sarees to try in 2019 || New blouse designs catalogue

Trends raging hot this season include fringe, frill, and unique back cutouts. If you are someone who doesn't follow the changing trends and styles blindly then this list has lot to offer for you. here I have listed some of the latest blouse designs and also some classic styles with simple tweaks giving an interesting new look and appeal to traditional sarees. Get game on with your ethnic looks and keep pace with all the in things in blouse fashion. Scroll down for some serious blouse designs inspiration.

#1 Trendy frill sleeve high neck blouse design with cold shoulder cut out

The cold shoulder trend is still going strong in 2019 and given its chic and stylish appeal, we don't see it going out of trend anytime soon. If you haven't tried this trend yet, then it is high time you get a blouse with a cut shoulder stiched and for extra oomph opt for sheer frill flared detail. Pair with a designer net or lace saree for parties and watch people shower you with genuine compliments. 
  • Suitable Occasion: Ideal for occasions like an anniversary party or dinner party at a close friends place. This can also make a good cocktail event attire.

#2 Chandbali patterned pattu saree blouse designs with elbow-length sleeves

Patterns, motifs, and embroideries on blouses keep changing from time to time and the latest trend is jewellery elements on the blouse like jhumkas and chand balis. This blouse pattern most suited for the Telugu women with a chandbali work design all over the blouse makes for a nice blend of classic with a modern twist.
  • Suitable Occasion: Brides can opt for this style of blouse design to pair with their pattu sarees for their wedding day. Even non-brides can try this style of blouse pattern with a silk saree for the wedding of close relatives.

#3 New model blouse with lower back doris and jhumka tassels

The classic cut blouse back neck designs with doris is a staple in every saree loving women's wardrobe but have you given the lower waist tie-ups a thought? This is a new trend surfacing wherein the blouse cut is inverted and multiple doris are present in the lower waist portion. Adding to the splendor of the blouse here the jhumka tassels which line the back cut. A totally wedding appropriate blouse pattern which will pair well with all kinds of sarees, be it traditional or designer. 
  • Suitable Occasion: This blouse design is perfect to wear as a wedding guest to marriages of close relatives like cousins or when someone from your in-law's family is getting married.

#4 Contemporary flat collar embroidered blouse pattern

This velvet collar neck blouse design was a Sabyasachi creation launched with his floral sarees collection. This flat collar blouse model can easily be replicated on any fabric like satin or silk by your local tailor giving you a designer blouse for a fraction the price. Don't forget to get some metallic tones embroidery done from a craftsman on the collars and sleeves to make this pattern more festive.
  • Suitable Occasion: Pair with floral sarees to add some pizzaz to a winter wedding ensemble as wedding guests. Brides also can give this kind of a blouse a try for the winter Reception look

#5 Chain embellished shoulder fancy blouse designs for silk sarees

Give your plain silk saree blouses a trendy twist by adding chain embellishment details at the shoulder area. This latest blouse design is a welcome break from the overdone cold shoulders and also has a very glam appeal.  I love how this pattern can work equally well for silk sarees as well as other designer sarees like net or georgette.
  • Suitable Occasion: Festive occasions like diwali party demand a bit of extra styling from your end especially if you are the host. Try a blouse pattern like this to stay in the spotlight but tone down on the jewelry for a more relaxed approach.

#6 Sheer back blouse designs with embroidery - Netted blouse models

Net blouse designs have a charm of their own bringing with them a chic and feminine appeal. This new blouse design with cutwork bak layered with sheer fabric is the best option out there in the market for the younger brigade. This blouse design has light embroidery and stonework and pairs well with all kinds of sarees including wedding pattu sarees. 
  • Suitable Occasion: Can't decide on what to wear to the engagement party of your best friend? Turn to the trusted sarees from your mom's or even your own wardrobe and just invest some moolah in a new pattern blouse like the sheer back blouse design above.

#7 Elbow-length cold shoulder blouse patterns

So, cold shoulders I have mentioned once already but it is a raging trend which teams well with Indian ethnic wear. Even brides can consider this kind of sleek shoulder cut out blouses instead of spending a fortune on heavily embellished maggam work blouse designs. 
  • Suitable Occasion: Wear a blouse like this with silk sarees to any south Indian wedding you are invited to this year. A kasavu saree will look great paired with this blouse for a classic case of east meets west but you can easily swap with a muted pattu saree and the results are going be equally alluring. 

#8 Alluring pattu saree blouse design with cutwork sleeves

Cutwork gives a very ethnic feel with a touch of modernity and when this work is flaunted on sleeves area it only magnifies the beauty of the blouse. This style of blouse here uses liberal doses of stonework making it bride appropriate pattern.
  • Suitable Occasion: Brides who want to wear intricate maggam work blouse can opt for this pattern as their wedding blouse which has an extra spark in the form of ut work sleeves making for a flattering regal allure.

#9 Modern half cape blouse pattern for wedding silk sarees

Are you looking for something really unique? Something mindblowing? Then here is a perfect pick for you. This fancy blouse design here is actually just a U neck work blouse layered with a netted half cape. Cape sarees are a trend even celebrities have embraced but I love the idea of half cape which is a nice way to pop out from the crowd and the saree aesthetic also isnt lost with the half cape allowing ample canvas of saree exposed for a stylish look.
  • Suitable Occasion: All you sister of brides or groom, take note if you must wear a saree for your sibling's wedding or reception try something modern and contemporary like this blouse pattern which is an instant head-turner.

#10 Leaf cut out back neck blouse design with maggam work

If you are the traditional kind sticking to classic styles is the best option. Here in this maggam work blouse is a leaf cut back neck design held together by doris. This blouse in the bright pinkish-red shade is so bright making it ideal festive saree blouse pick. You can par with a similar coloured saree or opt for colour contrasting with gold or green saree and it will look equally gorgeous This is an evergreen blouse style which will probably never go out of style making it a worth it investment. 
  • Suitable Occasion: This blouse makes for a perfect pairing with a wedding reception saree. You can also try this blouse model for the wedding of your brother-in-law or sister.

#11 Cut out window back neck blouse pattern with tassels

Everything about this above blouse design image is enthralling, from the color to back neck cut and contrasting thread embroidery. The back window of the blouse has an offbeat cut which is then edged with tassels adding to the beauty. If you are in the mood to make a statement then this new model blouse should be a good pick. 
  • Style tip: Add a pair of jhumkas and go easy on the makeup with just the eyes or lips being the focus and you are ready to floor one and all.
  • Suitable Occasion:  For those simple occasions when stonework would look a bit extra opt for embroidery blouse ki design like to get a sober stylish vibe. Pair with an embroidered or plain saree as per the demand of the occasion

#12 Two-toned work blouse design with pleated sleeves

A simple blouse design like this U back neck pattern can also give a really elegant output when you choose to play with colours instead of cuts. Here two contrasting shades are used in a slant way and drama comes in the form of pleated sleeve detail. This blouse has light maggam work with doris holding it together.
  • Style Tip: If your saree is very ornate and rich a more subtle work blouse like this will help balance out things and will look pleasing on the eyes too. 
  • Suitable occasion: This blouse pattern is suitable for all kinds of festive and wedding-related events with silk sarees. Tone up your accessories game for weddings and make sure to sale down for festive occasions which demand subtle but traditional ensemble.

#13 Step cut blouse back design with sheer sleeves

Women love keeping their blouse front neck designs simple but want to experiment crazy with blouse back neck designs. If you are one of those women then I suggest you try this distinct step cut out blouse back neck which is further made amazing with zari and gold thread work. The sleeves have been left sheer without lining to add interesting twist giving a fresh young feel.
  • Suitable Occasion: This blouse is a match made in heaven for all those evening cocktail or sangeet parties you will have to attend with the wedding season knocking in. 

#14  Boat neck blouse pattern with heart cut out 

Boat neck blouse patterns look gorgeous on long slender necks and also look very graceful. Here is a brocade boat neck blouse pattern with a heart-shaped cutout at the bak and a button trio. Match this blouse with stylish diamond jewelry and subtle makeup for a youthful glam look. 
  • Suitable Occasion: This blouse design is perfect for young fashionistas for a date night event or anniversary party. If you have a casual outing planned you can opt for this trusted pattern again. 

#15 Stylish blouse pattern with fringe detailed back neck design

Fringe is another trend which you can try with saree blouses. go for a single or double metallic fringe detail at the back of the blouse and underplay the rest of your saree look for a party attire which spells magic. The best part about this new model blouse is that you don't need to go to a big boutique as even your local masterji can stitch this up for you and you can just get some half meter of fringe lace and attach it at the back.
Buy golden Tassel lace from here on Amazon for just 250 for 9 meters. More options here
  • Suitable Occasion: Do you have to wear saree for your college farewell party? Try a blouse design like this with tassels which is modest yet stylish complementing your cheery personality.
  • Style Tip:With a trendy blouse pattern like this it is best to keep your saree simplistic and let the blouse work its magic. Complement your look with understated styling and glam makeup. 

#16  Elegant standing collar neck blouse model

A unique and contemporary twist to traditional blouses is this standing collar neck blouse which gives a full-on covered and modest output. With a blouse like this go easy with accessories and opt for simple studs or just a kada. If you really want something more then add a long pearl necklace and it should look sophisticated and chic.
  • Suitable Occasion: This is an ideal blouse pattern for formal wear sarees which you can flaunt at office parties. For a more jazzy appeal add a bit of embroidery to the collar area and pair with silk saree and you are ready to go.
  • Style Tip: If you plan to wear a high neck blouse like this for a festive occasion then add long rani haar to up the drama. If your neckline is embellished then you may need to skip on the long necklace bit or it will clash with stone work.

#17 Oversized puff sleeves blouse design for kasavu sarees

The classic puff sleeve blouse pattern has a makeover with length. Here the elongated puff adds an alluring fashionable spin to the regular blouse but still maintains its traditional touch. 
  • Suitable Occasion: Pair this kind of blouse with ethnic kasavu or pattu sarees and gold jewellery for a balanced wedding guest look of a distant cousin or nephew.

#18 Latest double-slit sleeves blouse design for designer sarees

Slit sleeves are another trend which is actually just an extended version of cold shoulder blouses. These latest blouse patterns have double-slit sleeves bordered with sleek gold lace giving a sassy appearance to arms. 
  • Suitable Occasion: This style of blouse is perfect for a bride to wear at her own mehndi ceremony with a matching or contrasting coloured saree in shades of green or yellow.  

#19 Embellished high neck blouse pattern for onam sarees

A high neck blouse design looks so regal and is an apt option for winter festive wear. This blouse here uses a plain fabric for a simple blouse design which has an embellished neckline looking almost like a choker. You ould get the neckline embellished or just shop for a stonework lace and attach it to the neck area and you are ready to rock any party or event.
  • Suitable Occasion: Try this blouse pattern for religious occasions and the whole grace of your outift will have everyone impressed.
  • Style Tip: Modern saree drapes are a rage these days and you can definitely give a drape like a dhoti or a pant drape try with a high neck blouse like this which has you covered from all your momentary experimental fails.

#20 Embroidered closed neckline blouse pattern for festive pattu sarees

Closed necklines is another practical trend to trend if you are attending an event in an air-conditioned venue. These kind of neck patterns with half or elbow-length sleeves exude royalty without looking overboard. Here this blouse is embroidered with gold thread adding to the regalia effect. 
  • Suitable Occasion: Your best friend is getting married and you want to look like a well put together bridesmaid right? Opt for this blouse pattern which allows you to roam around heck free performing bestie duties at the wedding not worrying about unnecessary cleavage show.
  • Style Tip: Don't forget to color contrast with your pattu saree when pairing with a blouse like this which adds to the fierce fashion impact. Also, avoid jewellery on the neck and opt for huge earring and bangles for a blouse like this.

#21 Playful peter pan collar neck blouse ki designs

Amp up the style quotient of your simple blouse designs by adding a peter pan collar to them. This style of blouse is playful and fun and requires a chirpy personality to carry it off. if you think you have it in yourself to rock this kind of a new blouse design then don't wait any longer and just get one stitched from your regular tailor. 
  • Style tip: Pair this with a contrasting quirky printed saree to match the fun mood of the blouse and you are ready with divaesque charm.  
  • Suitable Occasion: This kind of blouse ki design works well as a party outfit for a mid-level affair or occasion. 

#22 Brocade blouse designs with short net sleeves for kerala sarees

Net sleeve blouses are never going out of fashion and they lend such a delicate appeal to attire that all youngsters love this pattern. opt for a boat neck blouse in a rich fabric like silk, brocade or velvet and balance it out with sheer short sleeves  
  • Suitable Occasion: This net sleeves blouse design can be paired with silk sarees or even chanderi sarees for a traditional festive look. Holi party or a diwali dinner to attend pick this. 

#23 Modish sleeveless bow tie-ups back neck design 

Do you have an enviable well-toned back? Why not flaunt it with an open back fancy blouse design which is held together with lower waist tie-ups which give a bow illusion. This kind of blouse make with polka printed patterns is ideal for parties to pair with printed sarees, like stripes, florals or leheriya. A simple pair of pearl studs and a bracelet should be enough to finish this look.
  • Suitable Occasion: To ooze style at any day event or party you can opt for a blouse pattern like this paired with printed georgette sarees. 

#24 floral cut out back neck design for festive sarees

If you are looking for a new blouse design which stands out but still isnt outlandish or experimental then I prest to you a floral cutout back neck blouse. Stylish and new age cutouts at the back of blouses are the hot trend but this latest blouse designs for back latest it to a whole new level. Here cutwork is used to etch out a floral pattern which is further amped up with maggan work. Leafy details are embroidered and the boat neckline is also embellished completing the blouse.
  • Suitable Occasion: This can make for a striking bridal blouse design for south brides. For non-brides who are planning to attend a close relatives wedding, you can also give it a try but make sure to keep rest of your styling simple. Let the blouse be the highlight of your look and grab all the attention at the event.
  • Style Tip: Don this with a net saree and stun everyone with your delicate persona.

#25 Full sleeve blouse designs for elegant sober look

Full sleeves are classy and tasteful and they are making a huge comeback in desi fashion. For winter weddings long sleeve blouse designs make a lot of sense and if you have flabby arms there can be a better way to play the cover-up game. Stay warm and stay stylish with plain full sleeve blouse paired with a saree this festive season. You can also go for light work on sleeves and avoid hand jewellery but make sure to go for a slightly deeper neckline to balance out all the extra fabric on sleeves. 
  • Suitable Occasion: This kind of sober blouse is nice for party hosts to wear at their house parties or even occasions like eid feasts. 

#26 Sensuous T strap latest blouse front neck design 2019

This choker style T strap neck blouse has an oomph f its own to brag about and is a must-have if your style is more on the modern side. This kind of a versatile gold blouse can be paired with any colour plain saree and ofcourse you need to skip on lot of jewellery here to let the blouse be the main focus.
  •  Style tip: Opt for a pair of discreet studs, fresh nude makeup, and sleek middle-parted hair to complete this urbane glam doll look.
  • Pro Tip: Since the neck area is the focus here make sure you have a flab free top half before you zero in on this blouse pattern. If you have sculpted collar bones, by all means, go ahead and show them off like its your best asset!

#27 Floral printed simple blouse designs for kerala kasavu sarees

Printed blouses with plain sarees are such an evergreen pairing which bring in an old-world charm of its own. With prints as bright as the one here, you don't have to go around wasting time deciding on the neckline as the basics like a U or V will work nicely. The best part is any trusted tailor can make this blouse for you and you just need to hunt down the printed fabric of good quality and your part of work will be done.
  • Suitable Occasion: For all those low-key but important occasions opt for a long sleeve floral printed blouse and pair with your trusted onam saree. 
  • Styling tip: A simple gold chain, subtle lips and mid-sized earrings can be your choice of accessories to finish off this look. Add in a structured clutch if the occasion demands and strut around like a boss in block heels. 

#28 Peacock embroidered blouse back neck design

Peacock is associated with good and we can find lots of peacock elements in our embroidery and art details these days. This blouse back pattern features an unusual cutout embroidered with mango motif and a peacock with light stonework. The whole embroidery lends a royal charm to this blouse which can be worn by women of all ages irrespective of their body shape.
  • Suitable Occasion: This pattern of blouse has a traditional ethnic appeal to it suiting family members to attend weddings of relatives.

#29 Teardrop cut out on sleeve latest blouse pattern

This newest fashion blouse pattern with a teardrop style cutout at the arm area is ideal for women who want to try something different without leaving their comfort zone. This style of blouse is safe yet trendy and the whole mirror work edging to the cut and sleeves borders give it a new dimension. You can skip mirror work and opt for maggam work if you want it to look sophisticated. 
  • Suitable Occasion: Mother of the brides, this could be your ideal blouse pattern to share some limelight at your darling daughters wedding reception. even sister of grooms can give this design a try. 
  • Style tip: Pair a blouse like this with your traditional sarees like kasavu , paithani or even a sambhalpuri with gold traditional jewellery for a simple yer stunning look.

#30 Designer high neck sheer blouse with fringe sleeves and 3D florals

Go bold or go home. With fashion being easily accessible and repetitive it takes a lot of effort to stand out in a crowd. Try this latest blouse pattern which has a high neck and beaded fringe tassel sleeve details with a sheer neckline giving modish vibes. The main attraction of this blouse is the 3D florals which deserve to be flaunted properly so make sure to pleat your pallu well and let the blouse make a statement of its own.
  • Suitable Occasion: This ethereal sequined and edgy florals blouse is a Suneet Verma creation which can be perfect sangeet blouse pattern for brides. This kind of blouse will look amazing at night events especially if you have a performance planned on stage.
Want to buy from the designer? find them on Instagram here

#31 Fun collar neck simple blouse designs with puff sleeves

Another peter pan collar neck blouse but with puff sleeves giving a very modern vintage appeal. If you are in the mood to have some fun with your saree dressing then this blouse pattern is a nice pick. many women hate plunging necklines and for those very women, this blouse design is ideal to fashionable without revealing skin.
  • Suitable Occasion: For family gatherings or an office party, amp up your fashion game by showing up in a striking blouse ki design like this. 

#32 Double oval cut out back neck simple blouse design for silk sarees

In an age of overdesigned and overstyled outfits, this plain blouse with double oval cutouts is a refreshing break. This boat neck blouse pattern when paired with a contrasting colored silk saree can give any designer wear a run for their money. Go traditional with the styling like add jhumkas and maybe even jasmine strings to the braid and you have winner look on hand
  • Suitable Occasion: This is an exclusive blouse design to flaunt at parties like an anniversary or a birthday party of your husband.
  • Style Tip: Keep your hair tied in a bun or pulled away from the back neck area in aside braid for a blouse pattern like this to look impactful. 

#33 Shoulder embroidery new blouse pattern

Among the latest blouse patterns is this embroidery blouse which impresses with its unique threadwork placement. Instead of getting the neck and sleeve borders embroidered or even embroidery all over the blouse embroidery here is concentrated on the single left shoulder area with a simple boat cut neckline.
  • Suitable Occasion:  This kind of blouse pattern works well for festive occasions and cultural events where modest dressing with a bit of fancy touch is appropriate.

#33 High back embroidered blouse design - Parrot and floral elements

High back neck blouse with small pleated frill detail on sleeves in a contrasting color makes for an elegant blouse pattern but what takes this design notches higher is the parrot motif embroidery. This bird figurines embroidery is a new trend surfacing and you can get it embroidered from a skilled karigar at the back area or even the sleeve area. 
  • Suitable Occasion:This blouse will give an understated and effortless appeal to any cotton sarees for casual as well as formal wear. Wear this to your office diwali party. 
  • Style tip: Pair with a contrasting plain or simplistic saree and let the embroidery take centre stage. 

#34 Heavy work blouse design with cut out and chain hanging back pattern

A blouse exquisitely embellished with glitzy stonework is fit for the bride who wants a princess vibe for her big day. This blouse is nothing less than a work of art and requires a skilled craftsman to bringing it to life in all its detailed glory. Here a scallop-edged cutout is present which is further adorned with pearl chain hangings making for a drool-worthy back neck pattern, the kind of stuff royal dreams are made of.
  • Suitable Occasion: Still, haven't finalized your wedding day blouse? Don't look any further, just pick this. This can also make for a gorgeous reception or engagement blouse pattern. For elder sister of brides also this is a good option to wear at their younger sister wedding reception and share the sibling spotlight.

#35 Fancy blouse design with sheer balloon sleeves

The sleeve in this latest blouse design is a sight to die for. A high neck embroidered blouse has a balloon cum frill detailed sleeves bringing in top-notch drama. So much volume on the sleeve can look weird but the designer opts for sheer net for sleeves here which I must say is a smart move balancing out the volume with its delicateness. Select this blouse ki design if you want a to do a full-on modern take on the saree. keep the pallu firmly pleated to lets the sleeves shine in glory. 
  • Suitable Occasion: Want to flaunt your edgy and stylish persona at your sister's engagement ceremony? Try this blouse design and everyone is sure to come to you for styling advice.
  • Style tip: With a blouse design like this, you need to tone down on your accessories and maybe even make or it can look crowded and overdone. Just a pair of earrings and subtle lip shaded should be enough to work this sassy ethnic getup.

#36 Closed neck semi sheer new blouse design

If you prefer a modest blouse pattern with higher necklines and minimum skin show doesn't mean you should be lacking in the fashion department. In these contemporary times, you just need to find your personal style factor and work around it creatively to look stylish yet comfortable in your own skin. This closed neckline blouse here is an ideal display of ethnicity and the short sleeves complement it nicely. The whole blouse has rich embroidery while the neckline uses fabric in same colour but with lighter threadwork. The standing collar area has a gold lace border attached giving this pattern the much-needed sparkle effect. 
  • Style tip: Pair with a plain saree for a subdued saree look or go all out and pair with a silk saree or even a designer saree for a high glam festive output. 
  • Pro tip: you can get most out of your blouses by pairing them with both sarees and lehengas. A blouse like this above one an work well with a plain net lehenga making for a budget mehndi ceremony outfit. 

#37 Cut shoulder blouse with fringe sleeves - Trending new model blouse pattern

The above blouse is a plain one with a square neck and diamond-shaped cut on the sleeve which has a fringe border. the whole fringe trend is a thing with blouses these days and you can spot even bolly town celebrities flaunting the fringe fur details on sleeves. If you want to emulate this trend then a blouse like this is a nice pick which helps shift attention to the sleeves and doesn't come across as trying too hard.
  • Suitable Occasion: In a party or a pre-wedding funtion, or even a wedding reception party as a guest, you can wear this blouse wherever you want. Team this with a designer saree because this is definitely one heck of a trending hot designer blouse which deserves to meet its match.
  • Style Tip: You want to show a bit of skin but not in the front neck part. Ditch the back ut and opt for a sleeve cut which is ideal for summers. You an get a blouse like this made in any colour but pastels look best. go minimal with stying and opt for summer approriate sweatproof and subtle makeup. 

#38 Square front neck saree blouse design with lace long sleeves

Do you find full sleeve blouses stuffy and auntyish? Well, I bring to you this square neck new blouse model with sheer lace sleeves which looks every bit alluring and pretty. Just get plain fabric and embroidered net in the same color and your tailor can stitch this with a bit of image reference.
  • Suitable Occasion: This blouse pattern is an all-season blouse which can work for many different occasions like a date night, a brunch party or even an intimate summer wedding.

#39 Pleated neck design blouse pattern

This blouse neck model is a sight to behold with all the net fabric pleated with admirable finishing touches giving a closed neck pattern. The sleeves of the blouse is another striking feature which is elbow length in lac fabric edged with a pleated net border. Overall this a good culmination of east meets western sensibilities which makes for an eye-pleasing visual. 
  • Suitable Occasion:  Attending the birthday party of your friend? It is time to floor all with your fashion experiments in the ethnic department. This blouse is going have everyone in awe when paired with a printed saree for party-appropriate charm. 

#40 Embroidered stylish blouse design with asymmetrical cut neckline

This asymmetric shoulder cut at just one side making for a fascinating blouse design and elevating the design is multicolor thread work on the upper sleeve and shoulder area. This is actually a high neck blouse but the huge side cut veers it into the dare to wear category. If you have the confidence to carry this off then try it for sure as this is a sure shot head turner. 
  • Suitable Occasion: This blouse with its unique cut is ideal for more non-traditonal sort of events like a cocktail bash or any other kind of party.
  • Style tip: Skip neck jewellery of every kind with this blouse and try a slightly modern saree draping style for added pizzaz. This could make for an equally fierce lehenga blouse design too. 

#41 Multiple leafy cut-outs back neck blouse pattern

This blouse has a decorative multiple cutouts back pattern. These cut-outs shaped like leaves are edged with beaded lace adding to the festive glam factor. Equal parts traditionally ethnic and stylish is this new model blouse which makes for an ideal pattu saree blouse. You can wear this blouse pattern even if you have a flabby back as it reveals skin just in parts.
  • Style Tip: Tie hair in a bun with gajra around. This gives a traditional touch and also allows ample exposure to the fancy back neck pattern. 
  • Suitable Occasion: This amazing blouse can pull together a festive saree ensemble with admirable ease. So be it diwali, Dussehra, holi or even teej, your festive occasion blouse issues are sorted without a fuss.

#42 Simple blouse designs with frill sleeves

When you want to steer clear of all sorts of embroidery and stonework a plain blouse like this with frill flared sleeves works nicely. This blouse is one of the most comfortable yet stylish pattern you can find and with proper mix-match and colour contrasted saree pairing it is sure to look striking and fashionable. Traditionalistic women who are conscious about their weight and skin show can totally give this design a try and carry it off with confidence and elan.
  • Suitable Occasion: Hosting a dinner party for friends or extended family? Put your ethnic best feet forward with this new blouse model. Add a bracelet, earrings and a nudish lip colour and you are all set.

#43 Closed neck brocade blouse ki design

Another very striking and fresh on the block blouse pattern is this latest blouse design with a closed neckline. This style gives a very maharani kind of a vibe and the whole brocade blouse design with silk saree combination is as festive as it can get. If you love following trends and bending the rules well this is one trend to follow. 
  •  Style tip: The closed full neck design here makes for a great canvas to show off neck jewellery. Opt for a choker or rani haar with jhumka earrings and a tika if you are attending a wedding and the whole graceful appeal will fetch you loads of compliments.
  • Suitable Occasion: This would make for such an elegant engagement blouse design. Conservative, classy yet oh so urbane chic. The high neck are trending at present and when layered with both short and long necklaces they give a maharani like vibe which is ideal for a roka look. 

#44 Long peplum effect blouse designs -  latest blouse design 2019

If you have belly fat these new blouse designs which longer than traditional blouse are made for you. These blouses cover the entire waist area and when they are well-tailored with right fit it can bring in a very sassy appeal looking really exclusive. Many celebs have drabbled in this blouse style with amazingly positive results and that is reason enough for you to try one soon. 
  • Style tip: If you want to cover up belly fat opt for a slightly flared peplum style long blouse design and pair with plain saree or handloom saree and you are ready to steal the show.
  • Suitable Occasion: This blouse can be ideal to wear at welcome dinners when attending a destination wedding. For smaller functions also this could be a could fit to look stylish and hatke.

#45 High neck key-hole cut out blouse design

This is such a different blouse ki design with a high front neck and a keyhole cutout balanced up with elbow-length sleeves. If you are looking for a nice blend of tradition and modernity this pattern should impress you crazy. The waistline and sleeves are edged with tassel trims which adds to the beauty of the blouse. 
  • Suitable Occasion: This blouse ki design is fit for morning or brunch occasions like a day wedding or an afternoon engagement. 

#46 Casual flap collar neck blouse pattern

Collar blouse designs work nicely for office going women but this style can be adapted for casual and festive wear too. Here a flat designer collar which runs a bit deep almost like a V neck looking very eccentric and vibrant. 
In the silver saree blouse image above the blouse is embellished on sleeves and collar with maggam which is totally wedding-worthy and even a bride can wear it if she wants to really break the norms on her big day.

#47 Boat neck maggam work blouse design with parrot motifs on sleeves

It is your big day and you want nothing but the super best. This boat neck blouse pattern lets you be comfortable in your own skin while the whole multiple parrot motifs on sleeves become the talking point of your look. Make note you can wear choker style necklaces with a blouse like this but if you love longer chains then this a perfect choice. Talk to your karigar in advance and see if he can etch out the parrots with precision before you give him the job. You should in fact go to a trusted and a reputable place to get a blouse like this custom made.
  • Suitable occasion: Brides can totally pick this new blouse pattern as their bridal blouse and if you want to wear a choker necklace you can get the neckline modified to run a bit deeper. Even sister of brides an opt for this kind of blouse.

#48 Embroidered long frill sleeves blouse model with closed neck

This season is all about flared and frill sleeves. You can opt for short frill sleeves or go all out in a long-sleeved blouse with frill bordering which is an epitome of grace and beauty. This blouse doesn't just have frill as its attraction as the embroidery placement is also going to be talking point here with it being artistically placed at the shoulder area, neckline, and lower half sleeves.
  • Suitable Occasion: This blouse with its modest neckline and regal sleeves is best suited for all kinds of religious functions and cultural events.

#49 Whole border sleeve fancy pattu saree blouse pattern

For pattu sarees women rarely experiment and get blouses stitched with borders. This can be a boring thing to do but it works because of the old-world charm factor. But this festive season why not go a little bit fancy and opt for a whole border sleeve instead of going for borders only on the edges? Both the blouses here are plain and have a full neck pattern with the lovely sleeves working their charm. Would you try this style with silk sarees or would your prefer the same-old still?
  • Suitable Occasion: This silk saree blouse design is best for specila occasions like weddings or festivals like diwali.

#50 Square back neck blouse with side button row - Latest blouse designs for back

Square back neck pattern oozes class and these kind of necklines work commendably for both festive and casual sarees. Here this blouse is made in rich brocade fabric and a side button row is added which gives it an added saas working well for special occasions like weddings and parties.
  • Suitable Occasion: Style this blouse with a reshmi saree for an evening outing like a reception party of a close friend. 

#51 Semi-sheer neckline fancy blouse designs

If you are comfortable with deeper or slightly revealing necklines but your family is more conservative you could find a middle ground wit sheer neckline blouses. These blouses reveal a bit but under a sheer layer of net while the rest of the blouse is made from brocade fabric. I love how fresh and young these blouse patterns look making it ideal for women from ages of 18- 25.
  • Suitable Occasion: This youthful blouse design is ideal for pre-wedding events like a youngsters night out, cocktail bash or even the sangeet ceremony. Pair with a net or lace saree and set the temperatures soaring.

#52 Round neck brocade blouse with asymmetric cutout and side tie ups 

Round high neck blouses are well suited for women of shapes but the real deal here is the asymmetric back cut which is enough to help you steal the spotlight. Traditional on the front and party on the back, this blouse is a unique blend designed make you shine no matter what your age.
  • Suitable Occasion: Pair this blouse with your trusted kanjeevarams for occasions like south Indian weddings

#53 Heart cutout back neck new blouse design

If you want a more conservative yet a crafty back neck design this heart shaped cutout fits right into your design sensibilities. This is one style which will grab eyeballs yet won't upset the elders of your family making it an ideal pick for events when you have your new in-laws family in attendance, like an intimate roka or ring ceremony.
  • Suitable Occasion: For a glam outing with your special someone, this blouse is an ideal pick. Like valentine's day date night or an anniversary dinner, surprise your better with wearing your heart at the back. 

#54 Lotus back cut out latest blouse designs 2019

This breathtaking lotus cutout back neck blouse is as traditional as it can get yet so very innovative. If you are not a fan sequins and shimmer then this could a good pick for you with cutwork details and lotus motifs on the sleeve too. If you don't have a very bold style but want to experiment just a wee bit try something like this pattern which is sure to look good in any color. What's more you can also work this blouse for any kind of occasion be it small or big with adequate styling tweaks.
  • Suitable Occasion: Wear this blouse to a relatives wedding, parties or local gatherings.
  • Style tip: Downplay it with a plain saree for low-key affairs or amp it up with a designer sequined or reshmi silk saree and add a pair of oversized jhumkas to complete the look.

#55 Boat neck blouse design with jhumka motif at the back

If you get uncomfortable with bra straps showing up through your deep blouse necklines try a more conservative neckline like the boat neck pattern. this sleeveless boat neck design blouse is simple yet glam all thanks to the whole jhumka motif embroidered at the back.
  • Suitable Occasion: Team this blouse with a vibrant coloured kanjeevaram saree for an unconventional wedding reception look at your sister or brothers marriage. 

#56 Tassel details blouse back design with borders

Looking to try something different within your comfort zone? This blouse design is a good option with borders placed in the top and lower part of the blouse back neck creating a rectangular window of sorts. The window is edged with simple thread tassels giving a stylish appeal which will team beautifully with kanjeevaram silk sarees. 
  • Suitable Occasion: Ideal for house parties and social gathering with an appropriate light silk saree. You even opt for an art silk saree for a more breezy approach.

#57 Semi embroidered blouse model with home cutout 

You can consider this design if you love the idea of back neck cutout details. Here a house type of cut is added which looks unique but still conservative enough for women of any age to carry off. The whole blouse also has branched threadwork combined with a bit of stonework which rests densely concentrated on the top part of the blouse making for a striking visual.
  • Suitable Occasion: Want to bask in limelight at a college cultural event? opt for a blouse like this and your work is definitely done. 

#58 Overlapping sleeve detailed simple blouse designs for traditional sarees

This blouse design here is essentially a simple cut blouse with fashionable spin given to the sleeve. The sleeve is short with an overlapping detail and beaded edging. For weddings when you want to wear a lot of neck jewellery it is best to opt for clean-cut classic necklines like a U or V and let the jewellery make a statement. Sleeve tweaks are the best way to go about when you can do much innovation in the neck area. If you love sleeve experiment you can check my post of blouse sleeve designs for more stunning patterns.
  • Suitable Occasion: Planning to wear a kanjeevaram to your friends engagement party? Select this blouse and you are all set to rock. 
  • Style tip: Plaited hair and gold jewelry will complete this look beautifully. 

#59 Triple frill detailed fancy blouse pattern

This multi-layered frill blouse is unique in itself and looks more suited for designer saree pairing than silk sarees. But in the above latest blouse design pic this fancy blouse is actually paired with a pattu saree and the whole looks come out looking rich and appreciable and the styling works amazingly. If you are a bride who wants an amalgamation of tradition with contemporary cuts then this is perfect which will fit right into your wedding reception look.
  • Suitable Occasion: This blouse is ideal for sangeet night vent of patio parties. Paired with a pattu saree this ruffle sleeve blouse pattern can also make for an apt mehndi outfit for brides. 

#60 Quirky pom pom detailed blouse back neck pattern with lower back tie ups

If you are in the mood for something fun and colourful then pom pom edged back neck blouse design here is a saucy pick. An inverted U back neck here is bordered with pom-poms and contras coloured doris are present in the lower area. The blouse has elbow-length sleeves with embroidery work all over which allows you to flaunt your playful personality with a swanky edge.
  • Suitable Occasion: There are so many happy and colourful occasions where om pom details fit in. Like a holi party? If you are confused about what to wear to friends mehndi ceremony, then you have an answer right here. This blouse with a silk saree or even chiffon saree would look amazing. 

#61 Regal pattu saree blouse design with sheer sleeves

Three-quarter sleeves are back with a bang and when they are sheer they make a greater impact like in this blouse design image above. This blouse pattern will suit women of all shapes and is ideal if you have flabby arms. Opt for a plain blouse and go for netted sleeves and an ornate border on sleeve area for a regal appeal. Sparse stone embellishments on the sleeve also is a good idea if you really want to turn some head in a party.
  • Suitable Occasion: These kind of blouses are more appropriate for women from the ages of 21- 35 for weddings in the family. 

#62 Diamond cutout blouse back neck design

The circle cuts are a passe try the all new diamond cut out which is bordered with floral threadwork. This is one saree blouse pattern which is unique yet doable by any tailor without much difficulty and can be paired with silk and designer sarees with equal grace. I suggest pairing with a contrast coloured saree or a floral embroidered saree to match the embroidery on the blouse.
  • Suitable Occasion: This blouse is ideal to pair with light chiffon or lace sarees for young girls to wear at mehndi or haldi ceremony.

#63 Latest blouse design with double borders on sleeves

This blouse trend emerged last year and the simple innovation has me hooked. A basic blouse cut is given a slight twist by adding an extra border on the sleeve. Notice how the border on the sleeve is placed in the image above with blue colour of sleeve forming a patti of sorts in between. If our blouse comes with an extra-long contrasting border then you can totally give this style a try.
  • Suitable Occasion: Brides can give this pattern a try if they dont want to wear maggam work blouse for their wedding. even bridesmaids can try out this style.
  • Pro Tip: This dual border idea is feasible for all blouse designs with borders. You just need to shop for extra border and attached two rows on sleeves instead of the normal and it is enough to add depth to your saree attire.

#64 Fancy blouse pattern with pearl beading detailed back

 A covered back neck with is stringed with pearls all over to look like a pearl jaal is an epitome of sophistication which will pair like a dream with neutral lace sarees. The sleeves here are kept short with smaller pearl beads making for an added zing. 
Another option is to go for a beaded vertical string which again looks like a jaali covering the open back. For reference see the latest blouse design photo below.

#65 Three circles cut blouse back neck pattern

Cutouts are a trend which aren't going to disappear anytime soon. This whole back cutouts have reinvented themselves in a variety of shapes to stay relevant to the younger crowd. Here three small circles are cut at the back instead of one huge circle and then embroidery is added to give a more festive touch. The three circles expose skin in parts so women of any shape can easily carry it off without worrying about back fat showing through. 
  • Suitable Occasion: A blouse like this can work well for any small occasions like karvachauth or get-togethers.

#65 Eye cut  blouse back pattern with coin work detailing

This eye cut back neck blouse is enough to make our hearts flutter in fascination but the whole coin embellishment adds to the enthralling visual which is sure to find plenty of fans with young fashionistas. 
  • Suitable Occasion: The glitz of the coin work combined with the zany back ut makes this a great sangeet ceremony blouse epick for guests to turn up in.
  • Style tip: Pair with a georgette saree or a kanjeevaram and the results are going to be so strikingly distinct yet equally gorgeous in its end output. So find what kind of a saree works with your persona, but this blouse pattern, you shouldn't let go at any cost. A keeper this one and for its sheer versatility.  

#66 Heavily embellished blouse design for bridal sarees

For your bridal saree you dont have to deal with the dilemma of cuts and sleeve patterns. Even a basic cut blouse embellished heavily with maggam work with look amazingly pretty. Opt for a round of boat neck with a higher back neck and short sleeves and get it embellished in horizontal curves giving a very striking appeal peaking up your style quotient. 
  • Suitable Occasion: This is suitable for all those bigger and more important occasions like the wedding of a close relative or your bestie. You can select this even if your younger sister is getting engaged or married.
  • Style Tip: Match with a rich pattu saree and opt for a braided bun decked up with flowers. Complete with gold jewellery and some glass bangles. 

#67 Classic pot neck blouse design with puff sleeves

Innovative blouse designs are not for everyone as most women prefer playing safe when it comes to ethnic attire. Simple blouse designs work well when you want to stick to your tried and tested styling . If you want a classic pattern why not try the evergreen pot neck blouse design with puff sleeves. You can add a beaded edging to the neckline and sleeve border for an added drama and go for doris with small latkans.
Pro Tip:  Make sure to keep your styling equally traditional to match with the vibe of the blouse. A silk saree, statement earrings bight lip colour and heavily kohl smeared eyes should do the trick. Don't forget flower in hair which can take an ethnic outfit notches higher.

#68 Sleek oval cut with an embroidery blouse pattern 

If the occasion isn't too high-end for you to turn up in sequins and stonework blouse then turn to threadwork. This blouse design image here has an oval back cut which is bordered with floral embroidery which gives an overall sober appeal. The sleeve here also have a bit of embroidery not at the borders but in the middle looking very unique.
  • Suitable Occasion: Wear this blouse as a formal wear attire for all those special events at your office like a diwali party or a new years bash. 

#69  Trendy asymmetric cut blouse back neck design

Asymmetric cut back neck patterns look so striking and give out a fun vibe. If you want to really enjoy styling your saree opt for blouses like these where the tie-up doris rest the side instead of the usual middle. If you get a blouse like this stitched in a neutral color then the styling possibilities are endless and you are sure to stay ahead in the fashion game whatever the colour of your saree is.
  • Suitable Occasion: For your farewell event you need something striking, fresh and youthful. Try this blouse pattern with side doris. If you find the back cut a tad bit too excessive for college then tone it down by adding a sheer net layer or opting for a smaller cut.

#70 Palki embroidery latest bridal blouse design

The whole palki and doli embroidered back neck blouses for brides are in vogue these days and this pattern has taken the Instagram world by storm. The whole idea of a theme-based custom embroidered blouses are a thing now and the doli with wedding procession with a slight bit of maggam work thrown in makes for an exception bridal design which is going to be a full-on attention grabber. If you really want your wedding blouse to have a distinctive touch which makes for lasting memories for years later this is one style you should definitely consider.
  • Suitable Occasion: This blouse design is exclusively for brides and only brides to select for their wedding day. If you have already finalized your bridal blouse try this for the reception party instead? 

#71 Trendy racerback latest blouse design 2019

This creative racer back inspired back cut blouse has all my attention. This is a really exclusive blouse pattern which is ideal for young fashionistas to make a statement with sarees. When the younger women wear sarees it is important to opt for subtle and minimal styling keeping just one element as the highlight. This gives a breezy effortlessly stylish vibe which is what teenagers and women in their early twenties aim for.
  • Suitable Occasion:  This blouse pattern can work with designer sarees n georgette or net. But you can also pair with a reshmi saree for a fusion fashion experiment perfect for events like a sangeet night look.

#72 Overlapping new model net blouse design 

This overlapping style netted blouse design is pure magic. I love the dreamy chic vibe the whole embroidered neck back panel lends while the pale pink actual blouse part complements overlay with an understated round cut. The blouse and the net layer is cut in a way that it gives an illusion of having an asymmetric cutout. The sleeves are short and elegant making this a very alluring blouse design which is also easy to carry off. This looks contemporary and fancy but is just a spin-off to the classic traditional blouse and can be worn by women of all ages without any worry.
  • Suitable Occasion: This kind of blouse can be paired with net sarees and silk saree too for a drop-dead gorgeous appearance at any traditional function or ceremony. 

#73 Evergreen netted puff sleeve blouse design for young women

Puff sleeves on a brocade blouse? can you go wrong with this combination the answer is straight forward No. Here the puff is made using net fabric giving it a fresh appeal. You can get this blouse made in a jiffy from your local tailor when you are short of time and all the designer blouse patterns cant be worked upon in that time span. 
  • Suitable Occasion: This blouse is a perfect pick for cultural events, roka ceremony of relatives or even a college farewell party. 

#74 Flared sleeves blouse pattern for designer sarees

Frill flared sleeves are right now a hot mania and if it comes in two layers double the maza? This yellow blouse here has a basic neckline keeping focus on sleeves which are flared to perfection and bordered with simple gold lace. the whole style looks very trendy and glam. This could work for designer sarees but who want to play by rules when you can create your own style mantras? pair a chanderi saree with a blouse pattern like this and watch people applaud your futuristic fashion risk.
  • Suitable Occasion: This blouse works best for parties of all kinds. Diwali party, dinner party or wedding after party, opt for a blouse like this and pair with silk saree for a fusion appeal at festive events or skip to breezy net saree for house parties.

#75 Traditional net blouse design with maggam work for silk sarees 

Be it a traditional silk saree or a designer embellished saree and netted back blouse pattern with an overload of sequins and maggam work details is bound to take your look to the next level. Here the netted fabric is not of matching colour but a contrasting coloured panel is used giving an opulent dual-tone desi appeal.
  • Suitable Occasion: Slay everyone with your gorgeous traditional getup by pairing a blouse like this with a banarasi silk saree for weddings from your in-laws family-like devar, nanad or even cousins of your better half.

#76 Open back blouse design with lower back bow tie up

Open back blouses arent everyone's cup of tea but if you have the body to flaunt then its time to turn the heat on with this almost backless blouse held together with bow tie-ups. Bow tie ups is the ongoing craze and all kinds of latest blouse designs for back are having this type of closure. If you want to give your old blouses a fashionable makeover just take them to a tailor and get the doris removed and attach thick broad pattis in similar fabric colour and tie them off to flaunt your newly acquired bow-wows. 
  • Suitable Occasion: Sister of brides, consider this fresh and youthful blouse pattern for the sangeet event or the reception party.
  • Style Tip: Have a tattoo on the back? Show it off properly with a backless blouse like this. You can even consider a henna tattoo on the back if you dont have a permanent tattoo for an edgy finishing touch.

#77 Parrot tasseled embroidered blouse pattern

The exquisite thread work in this blouse pattern literally casts a spell and if that wasn't enough adorable parrot tassels are added in the cutout window looking absolutely mesmerizing. The parrot with a cage is also embroidered on the sleeve with floral embroidery done on the lower waist area. If you are bored with the regular embroidery design with peacock and florals this could be your apt design to break the monotony.
  • Suitable Occasion:  Go grab everyone's attention at your own mehndi event by pairing a georgette saree with an all new blouse design like this. 
  • Pro tip: Parrots blend well with the mehndi vibe and you can have your decor co-ordinated to match your outfit. Add parrot, cages and bird elements everywhere and your mehndi is going to be the talk of the town for months later. 

#77 Royal full sleeves pattu saree blouse design with big borders

Long sleeves used to be frowned upon until the recent past but times have changed full sleeves have made a huge comeback in the ethnic fashion scene. Longer sleeves mean too much fabric which has the ability to overwhelm you but if you keep them plain then they are bound to stun you with their sheer poise. This subtly designed full sleeve blouse here has an extra-long border which pairs tastefully with a regal silk saree. 
  • Style Tip: This is best option for women who are from conservative families but want to indulge in stylish looks without upsetting family members.
  • Suitable Occasion: Wear this to the wedding of your brother or your brother in laws wedding if you are married.

#78 Personalized new blouse design with proposal embroidery

Add a pinch of drama to your velvet blouses by getting them personalized with your love story embroidered. Here the proposal is embroidered on the sleeves and dual heart elements are sprinkled on sleeve borders and neckline. Adding a personal touch is hot in trend these days and most well-known designers are open to working on patterns like these. You can even get your lehenga blouse personalized if you want to go this route for sangeet or mehndi event.
  • Suitable occasion: This blouse is an ideal engagement blouse pattern for brides who want to show off their romantic journey in style. This can also be worn as an anniversary party attire with a slight tweak to personalized details to resemble the journey after marriage.

#79 Bejewelled cold shoulder blouse design for wedding silk sarees

Are you obsessed with the cold shoulder blouse design trend? Then why not amp up this style further by adding bejeweled chain elements to the cut area. Here the area around the cut sleeves is embroidered and embellished making it an ideal blouse for brides to pair with wedding kanjeevarams. 
  • Suitable Occasion: This new fashion blouse can also work as a sister of bride or groom style. If you are newly married attending a wedding in your in-laws family you need something extra like this blouse for a flattering stylish look. Look for image inspiration below for more downplayed version of this blouse

#80 Mango motif embellished work blouse designs

The traditional mango motifs embellishments done liberally across a blouse back neck looks alluring and festive. If you want to ensure all eyes on you at an event then opt for this deep back neck blouse pattern in a fiery red shade. Pair with a green-hued saree and set the temperatures soaring high.
  • Suitable Occasion: Team this with a pattu saree at the next wedding you attend and the traditional appeal is going to win you extra points.

#81 Square cutout blouse back neck pattern

Keep your fashion game-high with this paisley motif embroidered blouse design featuring a square back window. Geometric cuts like squares are a classic case of east meets west fashion and can be a party-appropriate choice. This blouse pairs well with any kind of saree be it net, chiffon or even silk 
  • Suitable Occasion: This pretty blouse model will work for all kinds of festive occasions and wedding events like an engagement party or a sangeet night of a friend.

#82 Simple blouse design with V back and doris

Show off your gym-toned back in a sober V back cut blouse pattern. The idea here is to let your slim figure take center stage which will happen nicely with simplistic patterns like a V neck spruced with doris and tassels. These blouses are embroidered to make them festive occasion appropriate. This may not be a blouse pattern you will find in the latest designs list but it is an evergreen style which works for all seasons. Additionally, the latest fad really is minimalism with just one striking element being the highlight. You could opt for a glam eye makeup or statement earrings as your main attraction here.
  • Suitable Occasion: Sometimes simplicity does the trick beautifully too. For married women who have to attend a huge number of post-wedding dinners, this blouse design can come to your rescue pairing with almost any saree out there.

#83 Heavily embellished long sleeve blouse pattern

If you have a fetish for heavy work blouses then what better than opting for longer sleeves which serve as an extended canvas to showcase intricate magam work details. Here the blouse has closed boat neckline with full sleeves and chequered maggam work covers the whole blouse area. The neckline and sleeve borders have linear gold work pattern instead of the checks which adds to the mind-boggling beauty. These kind of blouses can be a tad bit more expensive as handwork takes a lot of manhours to complete so make sure you are ready to splurge when opting for a similar style blouse.
  • Styling advice: With blouse this heavy it is wise style decision to go for simpler or even fully plain sarees which allows the blouse pattern to make a statement of its own. 
  • Suitable Occasion: Turn some heads and make some eyes pop by wearing this blouse with a net saree at the next wedding you attend. This blouse along is enough to catch everyone's attention so make sure to opt for just earrings and leave your hands bare.

#84 Triangle cut latest blouse designs for back with net overlay

Wear this triangle back cut work blouse design with your embellished net sarees to add a dash of glitzy saas to your traditional saree ensemble.  This blouse design features the not so common angular cut which is also has a netted layering giving a semi-covered feel. This net layer is again embellished for an ultra-chic and feminine appeal. 
  • Suitable Occasion: Pair this with net sarees for sangeet or wedding reception of your close relatives like a devar ki shaadi or cousin's marriage. 

#85 Pleated dual-tone short sleeve blouse designs 

You most probably have seen this kind of a neckline before but what sets this blouse pattern apart is the little detailing on the sleeves. A contrast patch is added to look like a puff on the sleeve area which provides a much-needed spark to this work blouse design. Teamed with a gold border reshmi saree this will look very well put together and stylish.
  • Suitable Occasion: Invited to an eid party? How about going with this blouse which is so mesmerizing yet not too revealing going with religious sentiments. 

#86 Summery floral printed blouse design  

If you love playing with prints opt for a cheery floral printed blouse to pair with your net or lace sarees. This blouse here has an oval style back cut out but the florals form the main attraction here and skin peeking out from a from between the printed fabric can make for fierce visual. 
  • Suitable Occasion: Wear this with a plain pastel saree to a day engagement event of your best friend to turn heads in a jiff.

#87 Mirror work fancy blouse design

Mirror work blouse pattern is also a good option to try if you want a break from embroidery and maggam work blouses. This blouse design doesnt follow the usual styling norm and has mirror embellishments placed at the shoulder area which I think makes the whole design very unique.
  • Suitable Occasion: This outfit is best suited for kitsch functions like mehndi ceremony. This can also be an ideal blouse for Haldi ceremony outfit of near and dear ones. Pair with a green, orange or even a red saree with a slightly modern saree drape and you are sure to grab eyeballs.

#88 Colorful tasse details blouse back neck design with bow  

Tassels are raging trend in the market at the moment and you can use them to make a style statement with your blouses. Here this blouse has an inverted wide V sort of blouse back neck with lower back tie-ups which are thick straps instead of usual doris. These straps when tied with accuracy form a bow and the tassels are attached to the cut area. You an infact skip the tassels and go for jhumkas instead as a detail on the back for a more spontaneous look. 
  • Suitable Occasion: This captivating blouse pattern using multicolored tassels give a very traditionally festive type of vibe which is ideal to wear for the bride at her own mehndi ceremony or haldi event. 

#89 Taj mahal embroidered artsy blouse back neck design 

This taj embroidered latest blouse back neck pattern screams freshness and charisma. Adding to the visual interest is the lower back double doris and three-quarter sleeves which again have a taj motif embroidered on them. If you want to hit it out of the park with your saree styling you gotta take the plunge and try something really offbeat like this. 
  • Suitable occasion: Have an anniversary party coming up? Opt for the symbol of love embroidered on your back blouse and stun your better half.

#90 Long sleeve semi off-shoulder blouse pattern

An off-shoulder blouse with silk saree, how does that sound to you? A huge mismatch? But fashion is all about reinventing and innovating. Here the blouse neckline is a tad bit too bold where the boat neck is extended further to look like an off-shoulder and the whole neckline is embellished. To bring in grace the sleeves are kept long and it makes for quite an aesthetic design blend if you ask me. Would you dare to wear a blouse like this?
  • Suitable Occasion: For pre-wedding ceremonies like sangeet or reception if you prefer an indo-western vibe to your saree this kind of blouse is a good pick.
  • Style tip: Pair a blouse like this with a sleek choker or a satlada fr a fusion saree look which is bound to get people to sit up and take notice.

#91 Half collar blouse pattern with sheer net sleeves and frill edging 

This feminine and dreamy blouse pattern can easily put you in the best-dressed list provided you get the styling right. Here a Half collar neck is added to a plain blouse and embroidered sheer net is used in a paler shade for sleeves. The sleeves are then given a frill edging in the same fabric as the blouse bodice giving a unique dual-toned designer appeal. This blouse pattern will work not just for sarees but also for lehengas. 
  • Suitable Occasion: You can pair this with pastel net sarees for day events like a summer wedding or a brunch party.

#92 Circle cut out latest blouse design for bak with elephant tassels 

The above circle cut back neck blouse pattern is not just different but there is a quirky element to it with the elephant motif tassels. This can be paired with most types of sarees you already own making it a winner blouse pattern which literally screams charisma.
  • Suitable Occasion: Pair this with a kerala kasavu saree for a well put together engagement or roka look.
  • Style Tip: Keep your jewellery heavy and layer on the neckpieces. And done forget to tie the hair in a bun to allow a clear view of the circle cut and quirky latkans to everyone. Hairstyle with jasmine flower would be the right finishing touches here for a traditional saree look. 

#93 Off-shoulder floral embroidered blouse design for pattu sarees 

It shouldn't be hard to imagine yourself in this blouse if you are the polished contemporary kind and your style mantra is embrace everything that is in vogue. Here the off-shoulder blouse is given a bit of an ethnic touch with embroidered neckline and the whole look is surprisingly well put together emanating grace and sophistication. 
  • Styling tip: You dont want to take focus away from the blouse neckline which forms the real highlight here so avoid chunky jewelry pieces and stick to dainty jewels like a gold chain and stud earrings.
  • Suitable Occasion: This blouse pattern is ideal to wear at a destination beach wedding and will work with both lehengas and sarees with equal grace.

#94 Choker neck net blouse design 

This plain blouse has corset solid bodice and a choker style neckline in an opaque layer. The rest of the blouse is sheer which brings a certain aesthetically pleasing charm. Pair a blouse like this with a matching colored floral or embroidered designer saree for a tasteful look pushing your fashion boundaries into the feminine debonair zone. 
  • Suitable Occasion: Attending a day mehndi event or a roka of your friend? Pair this blouse with a floral printed or embroidered saree and you are set to unleash your stylista persona.

#95 Maggam work blouse pattern with jhumka detailed back 

For all kinds of festive occasions, you need at least one maggam work blouse design in your wardrobe. This pink blouse with gold stone embellishments is a fabulous addition to any desi girls stash with its simplistic linear work pattern and an appealing back pattern. In this latest blouse design for the back, a strip with jhumkas tassels in used to spruce it up instead of doris and the cut is classic U neck which is sure to find fans in women of all ages. The jhumka details are further used in the sleeve edging which is sure to be a standout detail which young girls will love. These sleeve jhumkas can be avoided for mature women to give a more age-appropriate cultured charm.
  • Suitable Occasion: This blouse is all you need to be ready for any festive party.
  • Suitable saree pairing: Any kind of saree will pair nicely with this blouse but silk sarees with this blouse pattern is a match made in heaven. You can go for deeper shades like purple, orange blue to contrast with the dusty pink or even a gold saree will look like pure magic teamed with this blouse.

#96 Embroidered new blouse pattern with frill neckline and sheer sleeves

If you are looking for something simple yet stylish without revealing skin then this blouse option is apt. This blouse has a full neck design which is edged with frill detailing of contrast color and sleeves are left sheer. the whole blouse and sleeves have golden threadwork embroidery giving it an exclusive and regal appeal. 
  • Suitable Occasion: This blouse is suitable for women to pair with contrasting coloured sarees to wear at special occasions which arent just weddings.

#97 High back neck simple blouse design with V front cut 

With so many styles on the trend radar if you feel overwhelmed it is a pretty natural process. Opt for a simple blouse design like this with a V neck and high back neck. The whole aura of this blouse is an understated class which works beautifully for sheer sarees looking tasteful and chic. Here the blouse also has embroidery detail with contrast piping making for an interesting addition.
  • Suitable Occasion: Try this for a casual outing for a gorgeous everyday styling approach

#98 Pleated frill neckline and hemline blouse

How about a delicately pleated frill on both the neckline and blouse hemline. This kind of designing works well when you want a full neck blouse with zero skin show. Here the sleeves are also added with a pleated border and it is a smart move to opt for frill in the same colour as the blouse or it would all look overdesigned giving a trying too hard vibe. 
  • Style tip: Avoid any kind of neck jewellery with a blouse pattern like this, with the pleated frill being the main element of drama. You need to look well put together diva, not over the top.

 #99 Glam celebrity blouse model with shoulder cuts and choker strap

This blouse is a bold move to make and should be attempted only if you have flaunt worthy toned arms and shoulders. Here the choker strap is attached to the blouse looking like a halter neck but sleeve straps also are present make for a high glam appeal. In a solid black colour this new blouse model ticks all the right boxes of fashion game making it easy to pair with any color of saree.
For the glam sangeet night of your sister, you deserve attention which a classy black blouse like this brings to a diavalcious saree look. 

#100 Shirt inspired simple blouse designs with collar

A shirt style blouse gives a fusion touch to your sarees and can work for both casual as well as formal wear. Drape your handloom saree over a basic shirt for the crip power dressing take on the saree or get a shirt style blouse stitched with a bit of embroidery and stonework for everyday stylish attire.
  • Style tip: Cinch your waist with a belt to keep saree in place and give it a modern makeover.

#101 Jacket blouse designs for rock chic look

Get an edgy look with your saree by layering it up with an embellished ethnic jacket. The jacket blouse design trend has been here for quite a few years and works nicely when the weather is cold and cozy. Basically, a saree is draped over a tube style blouse and then an ethnic jacket or koti is added for a cool girl look. You can shop for a ready-made jacket or use one from stuff you already own. You can even get a matching jacket stitched and embellish it with a pattern of your choice. 
  • Style tip: Make sure to leave the buttons of the jacket open for the silhouette to make full style impact.

#102 Quirky front tassel detailed blouse 

I cant stop obsessing over the simplicity of this blouse which is made fresh and fancy just by adding of a tassel detailed strap in the front neck area. The tassels provide the needed colour to this monochrome look while the strap is positioned in a way to look like a sleek cutout which is both futuristic and catchy glam. Whats not to love?
  • Style tip: With the right kind of minimal styling and simple saree this kind of blouse is sure to help you steal all the attention. Avoid all sorts of neck jewelry and pair a pair of oxidized jhumkas for a retro-chic look which pops.

#103 Oversized balloon sleeves new blouse pattern

Why settle for boring sleeve designs when you have dramatic eye-catching options out there like these balloon style flared beauty. This spiffy combination of a blouse with a printed saree is a brand new way to pop out from a crowd of sameness.
  • Suitable Occasion: Grab attention at the haldi event of your brother with this stylish blouse paired with printed saree. Even brides can select this as their haldi or mehndi blouse.
  • Style tip: To keep the whole ultra-modern vibe intact pair with silver jewellery. Oxidized jhumkas or a long necklace with an oversized ring will blend well with the modish aesthetics of the new model blouse here.

Latest blouse designs 2019 - The Trend Report

  • Frill and ruffle sleeves: The hottest blouse trend for both lehengas and sarees at the moment really is with innovative blouse sleeves designs. Dramatic statement sleeves with ruffles, frills and flares are bold and give an instant contemporary appeal to ethnic blouses. Opt for a subtle or a basic neckline and let your sleeves do the talking with a frill attached to the sleeve hem. The best part about this trend is it can work for all kinds of sarees be it cotton, silk, lace, net or even designer printed or embellished ones. See design number 1, 35, 59 and 91 for reference
  • Fringe details: My favorite ethnic wear trend the metallic fringe can be easily incorporated in blouse patterns to give a fusion east meets west appeal. The textured fringe details can instantly take your look from casual to dressy and when done in metallics it gives a very polished charm. For a boho vibe opt for threaded fringe on sleeves. Refer design number 15, 30 and 37 to ace the fringe blouse trend.
  • Unusual back cutouts: Another edgy glam trend this season is cutouts at the back of the blouse. These cutouts aren't your usual circles or triangles but more refined shapes and elements like hearts, diamonds, flowers, ovals, leaves etc which give a distinct touch to blouses. You can alter the size od the back cut depending on how much skin you want to show but the fact remains that these cuts are different and they shift attention to their unusualness making for a striking appearance. Refer design number 4, 24, 28, 32, 41, 52, and 54 for some unique back cutout saree blouses for inspiration. 
  • Cold shoulders: This trend has been around for some time now and it is still going strong. Cold shoulder blouses work on women of all ages and sizes is the reason why this blouse pattern has gained so much popularity. If you still haven't tied your hands on a cut sleeve then try one this season. you can pair it up with both designers as well as traditional sarees for an amazing modern pattu saree blouse. 
  • Higher necklines: Gone is the fetish for plunging necklines which easily veered into tact-astic zone. The latest in thing is high neck blouse designs which have a regal and sophisticated appeal working for formal as well as festive sarees. If you feel high necks will age you giving a more mature feel then try some tweaks and ace this trend. Go for a deep back neck or better still opt for quirky back cutouts. Higher necks don't always mean collar neck you can even opt for boat necks, closed necks, standing collar neck or half collar necklines. Refer design numbers 1, 19, 30, 43, 45 and 52 for some serious inspiration and ideas to rock this trend.
  • Lower back tie-ups: Doris at the back are a cool way to spruce up the look of the blouse but the recent trend involves doris placed at the lower back at the waist area. Often the dori isn't one but is present in bunches of two, three or even four giving a very traditional vibe with a modern twist. Refer blouse design number 3, 60, 89 for reference. 
  • Tassel details: Tassels are taking centre stage this season and their ability to add colour and make any look pop is making them a huge hit is festive wear blouses. Refer blouse design number 56, 88 and 102 for inspo.
  • Chain embellishments: This is again getting increasingly popular and you can actually try this up with blouses you already own. Chain details of pearl or even simple ones are added on sleeves or at the back area giving a jeweled 3D embellishment feel. Even cold shoulders are being embellished with chain elevating their festive appeal. Refer design number 5, 34 and 79
  • Elbow-length sleeves: Another elegant style making a comeback is the elbow length or three-quarter sleeves which work well for all kinds of women irrespective of their body type. These sleeves are also becoming a rage with brides which allow more fabric to showcase intricate maggam work with a variety of new-age motifs on sleeves. Refer design number 2, 7, 4 and 60 for some elbow-length blouses in this post.
  • Customized blouses with personal details: This is exclusively for bridal blouses which are now customizable with whatever kind of personalized details brides want to add. You can opt to get get your love story embroidered, or just go subtle with just initials of your would-be groom and yourself at the back of the blouse. You can even get your wedding hashtag or motifs significant to your relationship embellished on sleeves for a blouse design which not only makes a style statement but also adds to your everlasting memories. Refer design number 78 and 92 for some ideas.

How to choose the perfect blouse design as per your body shape:

To look good it is important to dress to your body type. When you keep your body shape in mind while selecting the blouse design it helps highlight your assets and downplay your problem areas. Here I bring to you some tips which will help you select the right blouse pattern to rock your saree look for any and every occasion. 

  • Apple shape: Top-heavy women

You are blessed with flaunt-worthy assets but you need to dress tastefully or it can easily end up looking tacky in a deep neckline blouse. Try shifting attention away from your chest area maybe to your area with a trendy sleeve pattern? You need to avoid all sorts of heavy embellishments or embroidery on your chest which can give a further bulged bosom appearance if you really want stonework then opt for it to be present on sleeve area rather than the bust. Deep necklines are a tad bit too risky but you dont have to stick to high necks either. Just opt for necklines which are not too deep like a medium-cut V or U and show off your back with fancy cutouts or deep back necks for a fancy feel. Opting for breezy light fabrics like georgette or chiffon as blouse material is also a good idea.

  • Pear Shape: Bottom aka hip heavy women

For body shapes where hips are larger than bust area, it is good to shift attention to bust area with trendy front necklines. You can also try masking the hip area with long peplum style blouses. Heavily embellished front bust area with plain or sheer sleeves work well for this type of body shape. You can even opt to go sleeveless or better still opt for a backless blouse to set the temperatures soaring. Higher neck blouse styles like collar necklines, standing collar and halter necks also give a more top-heavy illusion which you can try.

  • Rectangle shape: Slim women

If you have an almost equal distribution of weight throughout your body it is called a straight or rectangle shape. You can opt for badded blouses to add a bit of wight to bust area but if you don't want to go the padded route then try embellishments or embroidery on the bust area. Well, fitted crop top style blouses, higher necklines, and even boat necks will look amazing on your body type. With your slim figure, you can even experiment with sleeveless blouse styles like noodle straps but even long sleeves will add to your beauty giving a more fuller top-heavy illusion. You need to pay extra attention to the fit of a blouse as anything which is loose or free-flowing can look weird on petite frames. 

  • Hourglass shape: Athletic fit body types

You are blessed with the perfect figure having a narrow waist and ideal bust and hip size and so you can actually wear anything you feel like and own it. Not everyone is blessed with a body like this but many women sweat it out at the gym for this figure and when you have worked so hard you need to show it all off with confidence. Opt for necklines which highlight your curves beautifully like a halter neck or even a deep round neck. You can totally rok even a noodle strap blouse or even an off-shoulder with ease so try it if the occasion isn't too traditional like at a cocktail event or a dinner date. This kind of figure is perfect match fr a saree so, try including at least one saree in your outfit list for weddings. Like, include a saree for reception night or for the sangeet. 

More tips on choosing the perfect blouse design for festive occasions: 

  • Experiment with different fabrics to try in different seasons. For summers try net or crepe and for winters opt for rich velvets or even raw silk.
  • Heavy busted women should stay away from deeper necklines but there are no fixed rules when it comes to fashion. Busted brides are also opting for deep necks but make sure to not go too deep and it should work fine.
  • Keep your arms and back in mind when finalizing the design. If you have back fat steer clear of backless and cutout options or just opt for a sheer netted layer with light stonework to shift attention. For flabby arms opt for three-quarter sleeves which are hot in trend these days. Sleek shoulder cuts also work well for a stylish look without revealing your arm fat. 
  • If you have broad shoulders opt for a V back neck which gives a slimming effect.
  • Top-heavy women should avoid bigger prints. Opt for smaller prints and light embroidery work like simple buttis scattered all over. 

Where to buy fancy saree blouses online: 

If you want something embellished, embroidered or totally customized offline is the better option. But if you dot really know a good blouse boutique who can bring your dream blouse pattern to life then online is where you should order. Here I bring to you a list of trusted names to shop for blouses online. 

High-end labels for designer blouses 

  • Anita Dongre: This designer for lehenga does blouses too or you can just shop for the blouse if you can fit an entire designer outfit in your budget. This is a good idea for brides because only the top half will be seen in most of your photos and your blouse needs to be gorgeous. 
  • Arpita Mehta: Here mirror work blouses with colorful threadwork are huge it with women. 
  • Papa dont preach : Some refresh and youthful embellished blouses perfect for festive occasions. check them on Instagram here

More options for latest designer blouses online

  • Kalki Fashion: They have everything from lehengas to sarees at their stores both offline and online. You can check them out for all sorts of latest blouses from printed to embellished to unique cuts and styles here
  • House of blouse: The most popular ready to wear blouses online at the moment. They ship worldwide and have a huge wearable collection for all women of all kinds. Check them here
  • Pothys : Mostly dealing in silk sarees pothys also ahve a section of readymade blouse you can check out here.
Which of these latest blouse designs would you try out this festive season? Tell us in comments below.

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