31 Trendy Cut Out Blouse Back Neck Designs for Sarees

A well fitted blouse plays an important part in bringing your ethnic saree look together.  Blouse patterns have undergone revamps and makeovers bringing to us today blouse designs in variety of different styles with myriad sleeve lengths and back neck designs.  These contemporary blouse design experiments may not be every desi woman's cup of tea but cut out details on the blouse back neck is one design which appeals to every kind of women.  

Cut out back neck blouses can work on women of all body types as they are many different type of cut out patterns available these days. You an also vary the size of your back cut out to suit your body style and get a trendy saree look without veering away from your comfort zone. If you have lots of back fat then choose small or sleek cut outs which look both stylish and classy. If you have a well toned back , well the sassiest way to flaunt it is to get a blouse design with a huge cut out back neck made. 

The best thing about cut out back neck blouses is that it can work for any occasion. For special occasions like festivals glam things up with trendy cut outs and add some embellishments and trimmings to your cut out detail. Since most cut out back neck blouse designs have a high neck detail they can work well for casual and office wear sarees too. For formal office wear sarees go for simple cut out back necks.  

31 Trendy Cut Out Blouse Back Neck Designs for Sarees 

#1 Square cut out blouse back neck designs for designer sarees 

Square back neck cut out blouses are easy to carry off and have a very sophisticated appeal to them.You can vary the size of your square cut out depending on the type of saree you are looking to pair this blouse with. For simple cotton or handloom sarees go for smaller square cut out and for festive silk sarees opt for a a huge square cut  with some beaded detailing for glam feel.

#2 Trendy wide U cut out blouse back neck designs for silk sarees

The U shaped blouse back neck designs are a classic but give this pattern a new spin. Try a wide U shaped cut out back neck design to pair with your festive pattu saree for a distinct yet traditional look. This blouse back neck design is also well suited for cotton sarees like ikat or pochampally for a summer friendly outfit. 

#3 Latest overlapping style cut out blouse back neck designs for net sarees

Festive season calls for everything gorgeous and majestic, so why should blouse stay behind? This latest spin to cut out blouse designs which features an overlapping sheer fabric for classy effect spinkled with some embroidery and sequins is total stunner. This cut out blouse back neck designs is a must have this wedding season to pair with silk sarees. Even south indian brides can give this blouse design  a try with simple colour tweaks for an exquisite bridal look.

#4 Beetle leaf Cut out blouse design for pattu sarees

For silk sarees an equally resplendent beetle leafy cut out back neck blouse design complements beautifully giving you a very traditional look with a touch of glam. Since silk sarees are festive occasion sarees it is best to get your blouse back embroidered or embellished with light sequin work for added charm. This blouse here has exotic golden thread embroidery which adds a classic allure to it. This kind of cut out is subtle and sober so it is ideal for women with heavy bust area.

#5 Glam circle cut out blouse back neck designs for festive sarees

A circle out blouse back neck design is very similar to the classic pot neck blouse design but this have a more attractive youth appeal to it. You can go for a huge Circle out on a plain blouse and let the bare back make a statement or go for a relatively smaller circle cut surrounded by embroidery, sequins or mirror work. 

#6 Simple and subtle cut out blouse back neck designs for daily wear sarees

Lets accept it, simple blouse designs with cotton sarees are boring but you can spice your blouses up with subtle cut out details. These kind of blouse back neck designs are best suited for formal occasions with office wear sarees for a trendy look.   Even your daily wear casual sarees need a blouse revamp, try one of these above patterns which are comfortable yet stylish and basic too. a high neck back with a subtle cut out of your choice and some more tiny additions like buttons, doris or embroidery if you desire and your everyday desi look is ready with chic appeal. 

 #7 Sleek cut out blouse back neck designs for heavy busted women

If you are not the experimental kind you can still try cut out blouse back neck designs for your festive silk sarees. Go for sleek long cut and get its border embellished or embroidered for more feminine and stylish touch. These kind of blouse back patterns paired with half or elbow length sleeves make for a very elegant saree look suitable for women of all sizes and ages.

#8 Stunning high back neck blouse design with embellished cut out

Designer sarees have their own charm helping you make a lasting impression at any event you attend. Pairing your designer sarees with the right kind of blouse is very important, for net sarees balance the sheerness out by teaming it with high back neck blouse with a trendy embellished cut out pattern. This kind of plain half sleeve saree blouse with embellished detail only on the cut out border works well to elevate the beauty of your heavy work net and lace sarees provided you get the fit right making it a must have for women who love designer sarees. 

#9 Contemporary leaf cut out blouse back neck designs for festive sarees

If artsy kitsch is what you want you aim for with your saree look, then this unconventional cut out blouse back neck design is made for you. The double leaf pattern cut out is unique and the print and colour play on blouse makes it a sure shot attention grabber while the zip closure gives it a bit of a fusion touch. These kind of blouse patterns work best with handloom, and printed cotton sarees, even bandhej silk sarees, bandhini sarees, leheriya and tie and dye sarees will look gorgeous with this kind of blouse pattern. You can downplay this blouse pattern by going fot this cut out on a plain fabric instaed of printed or embroidered one and pair it with a vibrant printed saree. Or better still gor a printed vibrant back leaf cut out pattern blouse and pair it with plain or subtle printed saree for classy vibe. If you want the kitsch element to stay intact for events like mehndi ceremony, haldi or cultural events then I suggest you pair a printed or mirror worked blouse with a traditional saree like bandhini or leheriya for a bright festive look. 

#10 Lotus cut out blouse back neck designs for pattu sarees

Cut out back neck designs are trendy and have the ability to elevate any saree look. Your exquisite silk sarees deserve to be paired with designer blouse patterns and this alluring lotus cut out blouse back neck design all things swanky and fashionable. This blouse pattern is wow worthy and when embellished on both back and front it is can even make for a beautiful bridal blouse design for south Indian brides. With a bit of colour tweaks this blouse can also work as a wedding guest saree blouse but make sure to keep your rest of the look minimal or just ask your karigar to lessen the sequined work on the blouse

#11 Stylish sheer cut out blouse back neck designs for party sarees

If you are looking for a sensuous appeal with your cut out back neck blouse then go for sheer fabric instead of normal fabric and watch your whole saree look transform. Make sure you have the confidence, body and attitude to carry off a blouse like this and you have a party ready blouse design.

#12 Diamond cut out blouse back neck designs for designer sarees

Square and round cut outs are a classic favorite when it comes to blouse back neck designs but this festive season try a different geometric cut out. The rhombus also commonly referred to as the diamond cut back neck design is all things stunning with a fun touch to it. This cut out looks best when it is big and more pronounced so make sure to keep your body type in mind before you decide to get a blouse like this stitched. A well toned backs is a necessity. 

#13 Asymmetric cut out blouse back neck designs with tie up detail

Asymmetric is one trend which is ruling the roost everywhere in ethnic fashion. Kurtas, lehengas, anarkalis you can asymmetric details everywhere and why should the humble blouse stay behind? This asymmetric cut out blouse back neck pattern is edgy and stylish making it a perfect complementing partner to your contemporary designer sarees for glam look. Beauties, this cut out pattern even on a plain blouse is sure to demand attention so if you want effortless chic look definitely consider this blouse design. 

#14 Racer style cut out blouse back neck designs for evening sarees

Now now, its time to ditch the traditional blouse designs and add an edgy touch for a glamorous appeal. A racer back inspired blouse design when paired even with the simplest of plain sarees is enough to scale up your festive look. This festive season invest in a trendy designer blouse, get a racer back and some embellishments and save on your saree to get an Ahh-mazing saree look which is sure everyone everywhere you go.

#15 Designer semi circle cut out blouse back neck designs

A very elegant cut out blouse back neck design which can be worn with party wear evening sarees. This semi circle like cut isnt very revealing or bold yet attracts lot of attention allowing you to look effortlessly glam. This blouse sports traditional golden thread embroidery making it more festive saree relevant but you can stir in your own experiments and try different kinds of sequin or embroidery work to gel well with your sarees .Adding more contemporary elements like tassels and trimmings to this blouse design can make it an ideal blouse to team with your sheer, chiffon and Georgette sarees. 

#16 Classy sleek triangle cut out blouse back neck designs for sophisticated look

When heading for a wedding in winters you need something elegant classy and comfortable. Try a high neck blouse design with elbow length sleeves which will keep yo cozy when it gets all cold but dont compromise on style, just add tiny triangle cut outs at the back for to make your blouse more interesting and striking.

#17 Oval cut out blouse back neck designs

 Oval cut out blouse back design is also a good idea if you want something traditional but a bit different from your same old pot and round necks.  The oval cut out can be huge or small to suit your personal style and for more festive touch add some fabric trimmings along the cut.

#18  Drop cut out blouse back neck designs with hanging chain detailing

Personally this is my favorite cut out pattern as it is  contemporary and unique. A drop style cut out looks very elegant and works well with both traditional and contemporary designer sarees. You can opt for a high collar neck or a simple high neck with drop cut and add some chain hangings too for more glam appeal.

#19 Triple circle cut out blouse back neck designs for pattu sarees

If you thought circle cut outs are monotonous then you havent give this blouse design a thought. Three small sized circle cut outs forming a blouse back makes for an attractive sight and whats more the skin show is distributed in parts so woman with any body type can flaunt it. These kind of cut out blouse back neck designs can be tried with plain or printed cotton fabric for a semi casual look or with raw silk and brocade for a festive look. Adding embroidery and embellishments is also a good idea if you want to pair it with festive or pattu sarees.

#20 Bold backless huge cut out blouse back neck designs 

Make all heads turn in this bold cut out back neck blouse which is sexy and stunning. This of blouse design is strictly for women with well toned top half. And dont forget to get a blouse like this attached with inbuilt cups as visible bra straps is a big no no. 

#21 Triangle cut out blouse back neck designs for special occasions

A hatke yet a very trendy cut out idea is the triangle cut. Since this isnt very popular you can give it a try to stay unique and differentiate from the rest in a charming way. These triangle cut out blouse designs can have a lot of design elements like borders on cut out, embroidery or even heavy sequin work as per your occasion and saree style. Even brides can this cut out pattern to keep things traditional yet having a contemporary appeal. 

#22 Latest cut out blouse back neck designs for experimental women

If you are looking for a designer cut out blouse back neck design which hasnt been done to death then this is the design to explore. Intricate floral embroidery and an unusable cut out detailing which is sure to grab eye balls is all it takes and you have blouse ready which has fabulous written all over it. This kind of blouse design gives a regal vibe and is best paired with traditional sarees for a wedding ready look.

#23 step cut out blouse back neck designs for wedding sarees

All your exquisite silk sarees need an equally gorgeous blouse to be paired with. The all new trendy step cut out blouse design is an ideal choice for traditional silk sarees especially for weddings. You can get the blouse embroidered or embellished and add tiny pearl tassels to the step cut . This kind of blouse requires a good well experienced tailor or designer so make sure you go to a trusted place. 

#24 Adorable heart cut out blouse back neck designs for pattu sarees

Romantic and chic can a saree blouse be both? Yes ofcourse, this heart cut out blouse back neck design is a show stealer, get it made in rich but plain fabric like silk or velvet and add just subtle sequin details and you have a adorable blouse ready

#25 Long sleek oval  cut out blouse back neck designs for festive sheer sarees

#26 Classic pot neck cut out blouse back neck designs for silk sarees

#27 Stunning cut work blouse back neck designs for weddings

Another awesome blouse back neck design for women who are on the heavier side. The cut work is getting very popular these days and you can try it as a back neck design for festive saree blouses. Small little cut outs reveal just a bit of skin in sections making it chic yet within your comfort zone. You can get the cut work back blouse embellished a bit for more pizzazz or just keep it simple and pair with a heavy work net saree. 

#28 Sleek eye shaped Cut Out Blouse Back Neck Designs  for silk sarees


#29 Chic scallop edged cut out blouse back neck designs for festive occasions

A scallop cut out spells sophisticated elegance and there is a lot design variation scope to suit the saree and your figure. A scallop cut out which isnt too wide is for you if you have a big bust but if you have well toned back opt for a deeper cut and flaunt your sexy back. Make sure to tie your hair in a bun or braid when trying blouse patterns like these, because you definitely dont want to hide these stunning design elements.

#30 Fashionable cut out blouse back neck designs with fancy detailing

Are you looking for designer blouse which doesnt expose much of your skin? Opt for these trendy beauties which have sleek long cut out back patterns but their main element of interest is in the chic detailing. Tassels to adorn the cut out or some coin trims?  Choose as per your personal style and taste and get set to take on this festive season like a queen!

#31 Adorable double Circle cut out blouse designs for silk sarees 

Which of these cut out blouse back neck designs do you like most? Are you looking to try anyone this festive season? Tell us in comments below.

How to choose the perfect back cut out design for your body type?
Irrespective of your body type anyone can flaunt cut out blouse patterns. If you have a well toned back then flaunt them with huge trendy cut outs on plain blouses. For women with heavy bust area try sleek cut outs and add a bit of embroidery of sequins to draw attention away from the skin show. You can also go for multiple small cut outs which will look both trendy and stylish. If you have flabby arms avoid going sleeveless. Go for long or short sleeves or even sheer sleeves. Another option is to try cold shoulder sleeves with cut out bak blouses.

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