Latest Formal Blouse Designs for Professional Look in Office wear Sarees || Styling Tips

For office wear women these days prefer kurtis, salwar kameez and ofcourse jeans and tops. If you are one of those those Indian women who can carry off the saree even in sleep you probably wear saree even to work. Sarees are an elegant piece of Indian garment and can work well as a professional outfit as long as you get the styling right. 

Sarees give a classic appeal to your office style and can elevate you into a trendsetter at work place. In this post Iam going to bring to you some of the latest blouse patterns suitable for office wear for an effortless professional look in a saree. Read on to inspire yourself into a work appropriate trendy saree look

Latest Formal Blouse Designs for Professional Look in Office wear Sarees

#1 High neck plain half sleeve formal blouse designs 

For office wear sarees fancy cut blouse patterns are a big no. Even deep cut revealing blouses are inappropriate at work places so, try a plain blouse design with high neck and short sleeves to pair with solid coloured cotton sarees for a crisp professional look.

#2 Zippered collar neck office wear blouse designs

Zipper details on blouse patterns  are functional and give a modern touch to your saree look. Since zipper style saree blouse have high necks they are an ideal pairing option with office wear sarees.  For contemporary saree look pair a printed or plain cotton saree with formal blouse design featuring a zipper detailing and a collar neck. Plain zipper blouses work best as formal blouse designs but you can also try subtle prints or printed sleeves for professional look with chic appeal.

#3 Shirt style collar neck blouse designs for formal office wear sarees

Collar necks can instantly formalize any outfit and it is no different with saree blouses. For a polished professional look pair your office wear sarees with collar neck blouse patterns. Even in collar neck you have loads of design variations like Chinese collar, shirt style collar neck, peter pan collar neck, standing collars etc from which you can choose as per your need and requirement. 

#4 Blouse back neck patterns with simple sleek cut outs for formal sarees

Simple blouse designs are what work best for office wear sarees. As per the back pattern make sure your formal blouse designs dont have deep cut backs as they tend to look unethical. High back neck blouses with sober or sleek cut out details are subtle ways to add a stylish appeal to your work wear saree looks.

#5 Plain high neck sleeveless blouse designs for formal office wear sarees

Office wear blouse designs need to be well covered without any deep necklines or sheer panels. You can try high neck blouse designs and balance things out by going sleeveless as sleeveless is a very acceptable design element in formal attire these days. For an impact formal look get a blouse stitched in plain fabric with boat neck and pair with contrasting cotton sarees. Plain sarees with contasting plain blouses allow you add a bit of jewellery to your office look. Try chunky oxidized jewelry and dont over do it ever. Wear just one piece of jewellery keep the rest of styling minimal for an elegant sophisticated formal saree look. 

#6  Three quarter sleeve length plain formal blouse designs

Non revealing blouse neck and sleeve patterns are most suited for office wear sarees. You can try more relaxed necklines like boat neck instead of high collar necks and team them with elbow length sleeves for a elegant professional look.  Make sure to keep these 3/4th sleeve blouses plain to avoid going overboard or attracting unwanted attention at work places. You can try adding a subtle sleeve border and pair these blouses with contrasting cotton sarees. 

#7 Checkered three quarter sleeve office wear blouse designs

If plain blouses are making your office wear look monotonous try going the printed route. Start with more subdued prints like checks, gingham or plaid blouse patterns for a  work appropriate saree look. 

#8 Button detailed plain office wear blouse designs

#9 Small V front neck formal blouse designs

#10 Collar neck full sleeve formal blouse designs

#11 Sleeveless collar neck office wear saree blouse designs

#12 Printed boat neck office wear saree blouse designs

For plain cotton office wear sarees printed blouse designs are an ideal pick. Make sure to avoid loud prints and bright colours to avoid unwanted attention. Deep dark colours with subtle prints work best with formal blouse designs. Also go for sober high necklines like boat necks or Simple U necks for a sophisticated classy work look.

#13 Plain high neck elbow length formal blouse designs

#14 Plain blouse design with frill neck detailing 

#15 Professional saree look layered with jacket or blazer

#16 Printed half sleeve formal blouse designs

#17 Plain full sleeve formal blouse patterns

If you dont like collar neck blouse patterns then give the narrow V neck or boat neck a try. These simple necklines teamed with full length sleeves are sure to take your formal wear saree look to a new level of elegance and sophistication. Another point to note with long sleeves is to use plain fabric as printed fabric can come across looking very over whelming and unprofessional.

#18 Fancy sheer sleeve blouse design for office parties

#19 Striped formal blouse patterns for professional look

#20 Printed simple cut blouse patterns with plain sarees for work appropriate look  

#21 Three quarter sleeve plain formal blouse designs 

#22 Simple border detailed plain formal saree blouse designs 

#23  Standing collar neck office wear blouse designs 

By now we all can agree high neck collar blouse patterns are fool proof formal blouse options but make things interesting and opt for more relaxed collar styles. These Chinese collar style necklines with piping details give a stylish look to blouses and are very much office appropriate too.

#24 Trendy blouse designs for office parties 

 Non  revealing blouse patterns with sober design details like a front tie up or shoulder embroidery can be work to work for special occasions like festivals. These minor design additions is sure to make you a trendsetter at your work place fetching you oodles of compliments.

#25 Long length formal blouse designs

#26 Modern anti-fit loose formal blouse designs

Forget those tight fitted blouses and embrace the anti-fit trend. Loose fitted blouses are ideal for modern working women as they are both comfortable and contemporary take on ethnic fashion. These kind of blouse patterns are very popular nowadays with western outfits and there is no reaso why ethnic wear shouldn't ape this anti fit trend. Try this trend for a summer appropriate saree look with elbow length sleeves.

#27 Printed Square neck formal blouse designs

If boat neck, collar neck or high neck blouse patterns arent your thing try the trendy square neck pattern for your formal blouse designs for a trendy work appropriate saree look. Square necks give a sophisticated yet classy vibe to any outfit and when paired with plain sarees they give a chic appeal to your office wear sarees.

Styling Tips for Office wear Sarees || How to look elegant and professional in Sarees

  • Print Pretty:  At office you are not allowed to play much with embroidery or cuts but you can try prints. Printed sarees paired with plain blouses can look stylish yet office appropriate but make sure to choose your prints carefully. Contemporary fun prints or very dramatic and loud prints are a strict No. Try simple subtle prints in deep or dark colours. Printed blouses are also good idea if you want to switch things up a bit but make sure to pair them up with plain sarees for a balanced look.
  • Pleat Perfect: For an elegant office look make sure to pay attention to your saree pleats. Pleat your saree well and pin it perfectly for a formal. The trend these days is to let the saree pallu fall over the shoulder without any pleats. This style works for casual occasions but for office wear sarees iron your saree well and pleat it properly.
  • Accessorize it Right: Always opt for simple accessories for your office look. Adding a statement piece is acceptable if you let everything else be simple and minimal. Oxidized silver jewellery, Gold chain, studs all gel well with office wear sarees. A good branded watch can add a lot of sophistication to your saree look.
  • Hair styling: Open hair or elaborate hair styles arent a good idea with formal looks. Long hair should be tied up in a ponytail or a braid. Putting your hair into a bun is also fine but make sure to not let your hair fall on your face as it can be distracting and also interrupt you from working freely.
  • Footwear Options: With sarees footwear is rarely something you should put more thought into because your feet mostly will stay covered. But make sure to get a pair or quality sandals in basic colour to pair up with all your office wear sarees. If you are really short heels are acceptable at office but try wedges instead of pointy heels. Juttis are also a good idea as they pair up with sarees and keep your toes covered. 
  • Makeup: Looking presentable is very important in a professional environment and that is why you need to give a lot of importance in getting your basic makeup right. If you are just starting out Invest in some basic makeup essentials like a BB cream, kohl, liner and nude lip colour. Always aims for natural matte finish when it comes to office wear makeup. shimmery shadows, glossy lip colours and highlighter overdose is not the way to go. A concealer for acne spots and dark circles is a wise investment and also consider carrying a compact powder for touch ups at office.
  • Office sarees: Wondering what kind of sarees to wear in Office? Try khadi or plain cotton sarees. but make sure these are starched and stiff for elegant work look. Linen sarees, printed crepe sarees, plain Georgette sarees and silk cottons also work well giving you a balanced formal look.
What kind of formal blouse designs do you prefer to pair with your office wear sarees? 

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