Latest saree blouse designs front and back: Top 30 Trendy designs

For a trendy elegant saree look all you really need is a stylish cut and well fitted blouse. If you are bored of same old square or U back neck styles it is time get out of the rut and experiment with some fun blouse patterns. From bow backs to tassel details there are a lot of gorgeous trends ruling the ethnic fashion scene. A well designed stylish blouse pattern can beautifully complement your saree making you look gorgeous for any big or small event, be it a marriage, party or a festival. 

Read on for lots of gorgeous inspiration as I bring to you a well curated post on latest saree blouse design with images of both front and back neck. These blouse patterns work with a variety of different sarees which you can flaunt at different special occasions with styling tweaks.

Latest saree blouse designs front and back  ||  Top 30 Trendy designs

Beauty of a saree is truly reflected when it is paired with prefectly fit trendy blouse design. Sarees are a timeless piece of garment but blouse design trends keep changing from season to season and you should keep updating your blouse collection to stay in trend and stand out in the crowd. Check out top 30 trendy saree blouse designs (front and back) with images . These blouse patterns are sure to make a show stopper at any occasion such as parties, dinners, weddings or traditional events.

#1 Sheer Sleeves and bow back blouse design for sarees

Tassel tie up details on the back are a passe. Try the stylish new bow back pattern with your party sarees for an effortless amazing look. For added grace opt for long sheer sleeves and keep the front neckline simple. 
BS Styling Tip: opt for bun hairstyles to show off your trendy back if you are looking falunt a blouse design like this.

#2 Fun tassel detailed blouse designs front and back

Tassel details are hot in trend in ethnic wear in 2018. This trend is sure to reign well into 2019 so it makes a lot f sense to add a tassel detailed blouse design to your wardrobe. A fancy tassel detailed back neck blouse with simple front neck looks absolutely sassy and unique. Other ways to include tassel in your blouse is to go cold shoulder and add tassel detail to shoulder cut.  These kind of tassel blouses should be allowed to be highlight of a saree look by paring it with plain sarees.

BS Tip: Get a blouse design like this done in gold and pair it with a variety of different saress with gold tone work. Plain sarees and even lehengas teamed with this blouse can give you an effortless trendy look.

#3 Tie up detailed blouse designs front and back for silk sarees

For silk sarees women prefer simple cut heavily embellished blouse designs. Try a brocade blouse with open back for a change. This trendy back blouse with multiple tie ups is sure to put you in the limelight. Pair with a silk or net saree and a longer necklace. Decide on the hairstyle keeping in mind the alluring back pattern, you need to show it off. Try a soft low bun, high pong or a side braid. 

#4 Zipper detailed Trendy blouse designs front and back 

Zip details are getting all popular in ethnic blouse patterns. These zipper styles sure look fashionable and add a contemporary touch to any blouse design. This alluring designer blouse pattern has a high front neck with zipper closure and  an oval cut out at back. The blouse has more elements of interest in form of floral and embroidery present at both back and front making it wearable with both traditional and contemporary sarees. 

BS Tip: Pair a blouse with zipper style with plain saree or a saree with minimal borders for it to stand out on its own. The saree draping also needs attention to expose the decorative zipper detail.

#5  Chic Tassel detailed sleeveless blouse designs front and back for plain sarees

Tassels are what you should opt for if you want to keep things traditional yet fun and chic with saree blouses. A simple saree blouse design with a high back and tassel details instead of buttons is all you need to lift up an ordinary saree look. Pair blouse like this with or net sarees and grace any simple special occasion. 

BS Tip: Cant decide what to wear to your friends mehndi function? This tassel detailed blouse paired with a green, yellow or orange saree is your perfect mehndi outfit idea. Even brides can try this blouse for mehndi or haldi event.

#6  Simple button detailed pot neck blouse designs front and back

The classic pot neck blouse pattern got more stylish in 2018. Go for a deep U neck and  three quarter sleeves and a beaded lower back detailing. Bring the whole traditional blouse together with a pot neck cut out fastened with tassel tie ups and you have a gorgeous wedding ready blouse design which is best paired with traditional sarees like silk or kasavu saree for elegant classic charm.

BS Tip: This blouse is a classic must have pattern for women. Take note you are aiming for traditional look so dont go contemporary with styling. Add traditional touches like heavily kohl smeared eyes, bindi, gajra in hair, kadas and traditional long neck pieces.

#7 Designer scalloped cut out blouse designs front and back

Have a fancy for simple cut out back blouse designs ?  Get a stylish saree look without veering out of your comfort zone. Go for a scallop edged cut out back with half sleeves and high front neck. The scallop cut out looks chic yet  effortless making it an idea pair for your exquisite silk sarees or net sarees. The finish of a blouse this very important so make sure you get a blouse like this stitched from a trusted tailor or renowned boutique. 

BS Tip: If you are looking for a silk saree look which is modern and youthful, this is the blouse design to try in 2018. Also make sure to expose your back a bit by going for side braid or hair bun for added impact.

#8 Edgy race racer style blouse designs front and back

An out of the box race style back cut blouse design is all you need if you are looking to experiment crazy and grab all the eye balls. This style is better flaunted for parties when the weather isnt too cold with simple light sarees like chiffon or Georgette. Make sure you dont have visible back fat if you are planning to wear a blouse pattern with a racer style back.

#9  High neck blouse designs front and back for silk sarees

High neck blouses are in vogue. Balance out a cut out back blouse design with a high front neck for a classic silk saree blouse design. Elbow length sleeves and embroidered neck and sleeve borders add to the grace of this blouse design which cn be paired with different sarees making it a versatile option. 

#10 Pot neck cut out blouse designs front and back 

A plain pot neck cut out blouse design is a must have for every desi women to pair with mathing or contrasting sarees for an elegant saree look within your comfort zone. You can never go wrong with a blouse pattern like this and you can different sleeve lengths too. 

#11 Semi sheer saree blouse designs front and back 

Go chic and trendy in designer blouse with an embroidered sheer back pattern. This kind of blouse design is very tricky to pull off especially if you are on the heavier side. But a feminine attention grabbing look is a promise if you manage to do it right. Make sure to opt for a padded blouse when going for a blouse pattern with so much sheer on the back.

BS styling Tip: Plain sarees, sarees with contemporary prints, embellished net sarees all work well with sheer saree blouse design like this which is a party favourite.

#12 Floral printed saree blouse designs front and back 

The doris are so yesterday, use fabric lengths to tie up a bow like knot for chic look on a floral printed blouse design.  A blouse like this can work beautifully with plain sarees, clashing printed sarees like stripes or even crepe and cotton sarees.  This kind of blouse design is sure to lend summery youthful vibe to any saree look. 

#13 Boat neck blouse designs front and back  for summer saree look

 Boat neck blouse designs are what most women prefer these days and the best part about boat neck is women of all shapes can give it a try. Any day you wanna look stylish without leaving your comfort zone, try a boat neck blouse with a classic V back neck. even with V back you alter the dept of the back cut as per your liking and occasion and go for different sleeve lengths. To make a blouse deisgn like this more festive occasion relevant try adornments like pearl, tassel or even sequins or embroidery.

#14 Latest saree blouse designs front and back with trendy motifs and tie ups

#15  Asymmetric cut brocade blouse designs front and back 

Have a well toned back? Highlight your strong points this wedding season by opting for an asymmetric back cut and tassel detailing. A brocade blouse like this can be brought to life even by your local tailor but when paired with a contrasting coloured silk saree the impact is going to be super wow.  Keep the front neck high and simple and opt for some jhumkas and a longer necklace to finish off your traditional with a fun back arresting saree look.
BS Tip: Want a traditional saree look for a friends wedding? Or is it your own roka? This brocade blouse is sure to add a modern twist to your silk saree look. Even mother of brides and groom can try this blouse pattern.

#16 Full sleeve blouse designs front and back 

Boat necks are favored by a lot of women and they make  a practical choice for winter season. A full sleeve boat neck blouse with a round neck cut out at the back is sure to make you look your fashionable best with an elegant charm.  

#17 Pom pom tassel detailed blouse designs front and back 

Afraid to test deep or broad front neck patterns? then try showing off your back in the most striking way possible . a simple plain round front neck paired with a pom pom detailed open back held togethr with string in bottom part of blouse makes for a pretty blouse design.  Add more pom poms to your sleeve and doris and pair with a plain satin or crepe saree for a statement saree look.

#18 Delicate designer saree blouse designs front and back pattern

Sleeveless boat neck patterns make for a lovely combination for blouses to team up with contemporary saree for a glam festive look. This designer blouse has an open back with work all around the cut out and also on the front neckline. Pulling this fancy blouse together is not your same old dori tie ups but fabric strips which give an illusion of bow tie when done right. Make sure you have well tone arms to carry off this kind of blouse. if you have flabby arms you can still work this style by getting elbow length sheer sleeves attached in same colour of blouse fabric.

BS Tip: Pair a blouse like this with sheer sarees or heavy work border net and chiffon sarees 

#18 Semi sheer embellished blouse designs front and back for wedding sarees

This gorgeous pretty blouse incorporates exquisite work and net to give a semi sheer effect for a wedding ready blouse. Traditional events like weddings and festivals, where not much skin show is allowed is where these sheer blouses fit in beautifully. They give you very girly chic look and are breathable too. Customize a blouse pattern like this with embellishments and work of your choice and pair with any kind of heavy sarees for indian wedding guest look.

#19 Transparent back blouse designs for trendy saree look

An embellished front and a transperent circle cut out back makes for a sensuous combination. If you have a well toned body show it off this festive season in a designer heavily embellished blouse but keep the bak relatively plain to flaunt your gorgeous bak. Use transperent or sheer fabric for back like net, lace, tissue or organza. 

#20  Button detailed sheer blouse designs front and back

Sheer back blouses give a gorgeous trendy look to saree without compromising on elegance. these new button detailed sheer back printed blouses allow you a little skin show without revealing much making it a traditional favorite especially if you come from a conservative family. 

#21 Puff and frill detailed sleeve saree blouse designs front and back 

There is tried and tested puff sleeve blouse with a U back and there is this trendy spin to this design. Try the classic blouse pattern with frilly detailing on sleeve and neck borders for an effortless chic look. This blouse can work well for casual events and even with offcie wear sarees for a trendy professional look.

#22  Floral saree blouse design with eye hole cut out back

Florals are feminine, girly and chic. Add an element of sheer to floral print and watch your blouse make a flirty statement of its own at any day event. Get a floral printed blouse stitched with high front neck and sheer back and front neckline. Glam up thing further by opting for a eye hole style cut out back which can be paired with plain sarees for a classic summer saree look . you can try variety of sheer sarees also with this blouse design because the front is relatively modest as it is high neck.

#23 Glam sleeveless blouse design with triple tie up tasseled back

Show off your fun side and quirky personality with your blouse pattern. Yes thats right! This unique style of sleeveless blouse with an alluring back pattern is sure to cement your position as a fashionista at any event you attend. Get a blouse like this made in shimmery fabric of broze, gold of silver tone to match with your saree borders and you are ready to rule the party.

#24 Open back bib style blouse designs front and back 

 A heavily embellished blouse design with a bib like open back is equal parts sexy, glam and fun. Work this blouse style with floral printed saree for a summer wedding look. A striking print like geometric or stripes in festive colours can also work wonders with a blouse like this for a contemporary saree look perfect for cocktail events, parties and glam dinners.  

#25 Alluring double frill sleeve blouse designs front and back 

Full of fun and chic this blouse design is for all you young women for a modern saree look. An embellished boat neck paired with a back blouse held together with sequined borders make for a  contemporary yet modest blouse pattern. The sleeves ofcourse are where all the drama happens in this blouse. A double frill detailed elbow length sleeves  works beautifully with the cut out back making a perfect blouse pick for your sisters or best friends wedding. This blouses works well for haldi, mehndi or sangeet ceremony, where you can dance the night away without worry about cleavage show.

#26 Boat neck double cut out saree blouse designs front and back 

A simple yet trendy blouse design is hard to find for a silk saree. Most blouse patterns for silk sarees have heavy work or opt for classic cuts. The maggam work silk blouses or simple cut blouses give you a very traditional saree look but if you want a more contemporary silk saree look try a sleeveless boat neck pattern. This high neck blouse pattern with double cut out back keeps things simple yet trendy and can be paired with any silk saree for a youthful look. You can ofcourse customize this blouse pattern as per your choice of colour and fabric and pair it with variety of different saris like net, velvet or chiffon.

#27 Velvet embroidered full sleeve blouse designs front and back 

Keep things elegant and regal yet trendy in a velvet blouse design this winter season. A full sleeved velvet blouse design with a simple U cut front and back makes for an alluring festive blouse design. Instead of concentrating on neck cuts this blouse uses intricate embroidery to make a statement. Embroidery on front and back of blouse is a given but the sleeve embroidery is what makes this a unique blouse. Instead of embroidered borders this blouse also adds a bit of drama element on top half of sleeves making it stylish and trendy.

#28 Peter pan collar and bow detailed blouse designs front and back 

Collared blouse designs are fuss free and look gorgeous on any women. If you have a heaviers bust area but are bored with normal collar styles give the peter pan collar a try. This blouse design with its bow back detailing has an overall feminine and chic look  and can be paired with printed sarees for simple occasions or work wear sarees too.

#29 Sheer collar neck blouse designs front and back 

Want to both reveal and hide skin with your blouse design to make it look sensuous yet elegant. Well we have the perfect blouse pattern for you. Sheer blouses with huge cut out back can end up looking tactastic but when done right they actually look  super lovely. To balance out the skin show of sheer blouse g for a standing collar neck and add a cut out at the back.  This kind of blouse can get festive ready by adding crystal work on the delicate lace sleeve area and can be worn in all seasons. 

BS Tip: Always opt for a pinned hairstyles or buns for a blouse with so much back and front detailing. Leaving your hair open means all the sexy cut outs and sheer shoulder detailing stays hidden beneath your hair. Try a high pony, braids, side swept buns and make the blouse the highlight of your look.

#30 Floral sheer paneled blouse designs front and back

Which latest saree blouse front and back design are you looking to try? 

Top Tips, Do's and Dont's for choosing front and back neck pattern for your blouse

  • When choosing a front and back neckline for your blouse always keep the occasion in mind. For more traditional occasion like festivals and auspicious occasions more classic cut blouse are preferred. Deep cut, revealing blouse patterns are a strict no for such events. If you want a blouse for parties, sangeet etc opt for more contemporary cuts and styles. 
  • Balance it right: Remember to balance out things to keep things elegant and classy in a blouse. A deep front neck paired with a huge cut out back can easily look tacky than stylish. Add a high front neck if you are opting for a deep back cut. A high collar neck can be paired with deep front neck or a keyhole front neck. 
  • Body Shape Matters: Keep your body type in mind when deciding on your blouse design. Deep back cuts work well for heavy busted women while slimmer women can experiment with halter necks, princess cuts and front embellishments. If you have flabby arms, consider covering them up in light flowy fabrics like Georgette for elbow length of full sleeves. 
  • Sleeve experiments: When deciding on the blouse front and back neck pattern dont forget the sleeves. Infact these days fancy sleeve are hot in trend and can make a style statement on this own paired with simple cut back and neck patterns. If you are on the heavier side a simple cut blouse which doesnt draw attention to your top half half works best and you can make it glam with a trendy blouse sleeve design.  Cold shoulder, frill, cut out, fringe, tassel, double borders and many more sleeve style options are present these days from which you can choose as per your choice in varying sleeve lengths.
  • Avoid overdoing stuff on your blouse. Choose a design element and let it be the highlight instead of going for 2 or more style elements crowding the blouse pattern. If you want embellishments then avoid dramatic cut outs. If you are adding sheer lace elements to blouse, make it the highlight and play with simple cut out patterns. 
  • Pair your blouses with right kind of sarees. If you are wearing deep sexy cut blouse then sheer sarees are a big no otherwise you can end up looking tacky. More modest neckline are what work for elegant look when it comes to sheer sarees. For heavily embellished to rich looking velvet blouses plain sarees allow you bring about a right balance. For plain blouses pair with fun printed sarees or vice versa.
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