Signature Jewels and How To Choose Them

There is no part of the world which is not swept by the charm of Jewellery, for centuries it has occupied a special place in every culture across the globe. A few classic examples are the diamond serpent necklace of Duchess of Cornwall, Duchess Camilla’s feather earrings and large pendent set and the list goes on. These master pieces also share their popularity with the adorning person’s public life. Likewise each one of us would love to acquire such versatile and legacy jewels to be passed to our future generations. It is indeed a pleasure to see our children, grandchildren and great grandchildren wear and feel the antiqueness of our Jewels.

What is so special about Signature Jewellery?

Legacy Jewels are a rage since generations, they also hold a special place in our Jewellery chest. Example your Grandma’s silver articles or your father’s cufflink or that antique brooch of your mother are much appealing than the one you just bought. Firstly, they have been in the family since ages, followed by the sheer reason that it was used by our ancestors makes them stand out from the rest of the jewellery. Secondly, there is something unique about those items in terms of their design, finish and the elegance they carry. The design in specific separates them from the rest of the lot.
Lastly, for the absolute reason that it is an antique and a great way to flaunt makes it a priced possession too.

How to pick Signature jewellery?

It is no mean task to select jewellery as it needs to fit our taste, occasion and above all the budget. While eyeing to buy an heirloom piece with considerable investment, it is best to choose from a wide range of south indian jewellery designs which are exquisite in their own way. They come in antique, matte finish and dull finish designs. If you want to go a little further you can also try light weighted diamond jewellery pendant set that come in various weight and price ranges. They are also apt for passing to the second line blood relation i.e. to niece or nephew etc.
Signature pieces are often designed uniquely; they are categorized into this group because of their design elegance. Such design centric jewellery needs to be carefully shopped. One cannot get such exclusive pieces in every jewellery store. Look for boutique stores that display jewellery like that of art pieces. Make a thorough research online, you will find a lot of designer collection jewellery, cocktail pieces etc which are not available with the regular jeweller.
One major drawback of signature Jewels is that these are extremely expensive, hard to find and cannot be worn with every occasion.

Care your Jewel

Signature Jewels are often populated with design and intricacies. While it is a beauty to wear and watch, it is a highly difficult to clean them. It is important to take good care of these jewels as they are more prone to accumulate dust, sweat and other impurities. Sometime when they are not in use for a long time, they tend to accumulate a layer of fine dust. This makes the jewellery look used, old and lose their shine. Hence it is advised to store jewellery in a dry and cool place, wrapped in a silk cloth or cotton, appropriately packed in box that fits the size of the jewellery than simple shrink it in a small box that does not befit. Timely home cleaning with a small jewellery brush can also be a great way to keep its shine intact.

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