12 Tips and Tricks for Wearing Statement Jewelry

Statement jewelry is all the rage right now and it is going to be in fashion for a very long time. But wearing statement jewelry is sometimes risky, as it can turn an outfit into noisy, flashy and sometimes tacky attire. However, women love statement accessories and they try to mix and match them as well as they can. Fortunately for everybody, the runways offered them everything they could wish for, from massive chokers to cocktail rings in unique designs.

According to fashion specialists and stylists, statement jewelry is often described as big and bold, featuring oversized pieces, intricate designs and sparkling materials, whether they are gems or metals. But there are some rules, tips and tricks to follow when you want to pull off a red carpet diva look and wear colored, bright, big and innovative statement pieces. Today we will look at some of these tips and try to understand how to wear these big bold pieces to make us look fabulous.

Rule 1: Pick Statement Pieces with the Perfect Outfit

We know we live in the era of “no matchy matchy” and fashion shows taught us that everything goes when it comes to wearing colors and contrasts. However, statement jewelry is meant to create a statement in and out of itself, so you should pick pieces to compliment your attire and enhance its look. You can follow a color scheme if you want or you can pick statement pieces matching the type of clothes you wear:
  • Oversized and boldly colored pieces go better with boho, hip, jazzy and street-smart outfits in a laid back look
  • Floral necklaces or bracelets in multiple colors compliment light pastel clothes in a romantic and ladylike outfit
  • Vintage pieces in beads, gemstones or metals go great with a feminine outfit; even if you pick one necklace or if you stack multiple strands, pendants and necklaces together (follow the jewelry stacking rules to achieve a fabulous effect!)
  • Chandelier earrings in sparkling stones, crystals, bold designs and complex metal intricacies work best with off shoulder, no-shoulder or spaghetti strapped dresses and chic hair buns.
  • Statement bracelets can compliment a color blocked cocktail dress; wide metallic cuffs go great with black dresses, while colored statement bracelets add a bit of accent to monochrome pastel dresses.

Rule 2: Keep Everything Simple

    If you wear a statement piece, make sure you don’t overdo things and pack yourself in flashy, big and colored jewelry from head to toe (unless you attend a very glamorous party where everything is allowed).
  • If you want to wear more than one statement piece of jewelry, don’t wear them very close from each other: a huge bold statement necklace and a pair of chandelier earrings are a no-no, just as a bold cuff or some stacked bangles don’t work well with a large designer costume ring.
  • One of the few occasions when you can wear statement pieces next to each other is when you wear pearls; a pearl bracelet sale may compel you to also get a pearl choker in a glam design and a pair of dangling pearl earrings in a golden montage and this is perfectly fine. Pearls offer a sophisticated, polished and refined look no matter how many strands you pile up and how many pieces you get close by. This is why designer pearl sets with earrings, chokers and bracelets are incredibly popular.

  • Keep your sparkling levels in control if you want to wear statement pieces in casual or formal occasions and pick just one statement accessory for business outfits.
  • The timeless little black dress is the perfect canvas to paint further with color, contrast, depth and texture and it makes the most tasteful backdrop for you to play with color and spark. 
  • Brightly colored and patterned clothes work better with color blocked statement pieces, neutrally colored pieces or stacked metallic cuffs and bangles.
  • If you want to wear more pieces of jewelry at once, choose your “big and bold” piece and then pick the other items in smaller, thinner, more demure sizes, keeping the color (or the metallic hue) balance in control.
  • When you wear statement necklaces, make sure you match the necklace to the neckline: chokers go well with strapless and no-shoulder dresses, deep plunging V-necks, scoop necks and tops. Statement necklaces go well with crew necks, turtle necks, collars and halter necks as long as the necklace’s color doesn’t clash with the blouse’s color or pattern.
These are the basic rules of wearing statement jewelry and look gorgeous and fashionable no matter if you go to work or attend a fancy party. How do you wear your statement pieces?

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