45 Latest Mehndi outfit ideas for Brides || What to Wear for Mehendi Ceremony

Henna application used to be a simple affair with just immediate family members present. These days it is a full blown ceremony with vibrant decor, quirky outfits and dance masti. Now brides are giving their mehndi look a lot of importance and choosing their mehndi artists after a lot of research. Some brides are even choosing venues for this wedding ceremony instead of getting henna applied at their own home. For a ceremony which has so much importance it is a given that you put in more though for the outfit. If you havent yet decided what to wear for your mehndi ceremony then stress not, we are here to help you with a massive collection of outfit ideas easing out on your decision making.

What to Wear for Mehendi Ceremony || Bride inspiration
Mehendi ceremony is a very peppy and fun function with your close friends and family members present . For a ceremony like this you need  to choose something bright and colourful yet very comfortable. Yellow, green and orange are preferred colours for a mehendi event but brides these days are trying new things and pastels are getting very popular in mehndi outfits. From dhoti pants to capes as you can see from the long list of outfit ideas below there is a lot of room for creativity and you can choose an outfit which shows off your personality best.

45 Latest Mehndi outfit ideas for Brides

Here I bring to the latest trends of the season in mehndi outfits you can take your pick from, some for brides who want to experiment crazy and  some for girls who want to play it safe and classy traditional.

#1 Glam cold shouldered cape lehenga

When two hot trends of a season come together in an outfit you can rarely go wrong. An off shoulred blouse with a cape stitched to look like a cold shoulder is all things glam and fun. Pair this up with a lehenga for a stylish mehndi look or get more experimental and ditch the lehenga for a pair palazzos or dhoti pants. Quirky is the way to go for mehndi ceremony.

#2 Contemporary lehenga with shirt style blouse

When Alizeh (Anushka Sharma) from ADHM wore a shirt as a blouse for her mehndi a trend was sparked off.  You could try this fuss free look for your own mehndi just pair a crisp white shirt with a lehenga you already own and layer up chunky neck pieces. The skirt needs to be bright to balance out the white shirt for a fun look, go for vibrant colours or even jewel tone silk skirts. This is sure to get on the trendy bridal mehndi looks list !

#3 Flared pants with short anarkali top

Palazzos are breezy and make for perfect mehndi outfit ideas especially for summer weddings. Team a pair of palazzo pants with an ornate anarkali kurta and skip the dupatta. You can even pair the palazzos with long straight kurta or a top with sheer cape for more hatke mehndi ceremony look.

#4 Breezy lehenga with floor length jacket

Keep it classy and sophisticated for your intimate mehndi ceremony in a lehenga paired with a floor length open jacket. The layering works well for winter weddings and if your wedding is in summer then opt for a sheer jacket for a chic mehndi look.

#5 Claasic anarkali suits

Anarkalis are the stylish wedding dress majority of Indian women prefer for the kind of comfort and variations they offer. Bollywood star Dia Mirza wore a mustard anrkali for her mehndi and you try something similar. Yellows greens and pastels are preferred colours for mehndi eremony and it is a good idea to keep your sleeves short for ease of henna application. Make sure to pair you anarkali with a nice contrasting dupatta for more blasts of colour in your mehndi look. 

#6 Quirky 3 tiered layered lehengas

They are plenty of blouse designs to experiment these days but it can get all wrong in a traditonal setup especilaly if yours is a conservative family. In a scenario like this you an still can ebrace new trends by experimenting with lehenga styles. A  ruffled lehenga or a layered , tiered lehengas will make for unique mehndi outfit ideas.

#7 Silk lehengas

Silk isnt just a south Indian thing these days. Silk lehngas are in full swing this season with brides actually opting for silk lehengas for pheras. You can wear a silk lehenga for your mehndi ceremony too which gives a very traditional to your outfit. This is a great to impress your in laws if they are from south India and yours is a multi cultural wedding.

#8 Asymmetrical hemline kurta 

The trendiest mehndi outfit without being too experimental is to indulge in asymmetrical hemlines. High low hemline anarkali kurtas are easy to manage yet uber stylish. There are a variety of high low hemline cuts available these days , choose something which suits your personal style. Add intresting detailing like fringe  or cape sleeves to add more drama to your mehndi outfit and you are set to grab eye balls at your pre wedding ceremony.

#9 Fun light lehengas in trendy offbeat colours

One can never go wrong with lehengas when it comes to Indian weddings. For mehendi ceremony go for lighter lehengas and pay more attention to the colourof your outfit. Pick a colour which suits your complexion or some trendy new colours if you are feeling a bit more experimental. Colours ruling this season are pastels, jewel tones and some new hues like sea foam green, raspberry pink, mint, marsala and grey.

#11 Long kurta with side slit

Having a simple mehndi ceremony at home with immediate family members? Then say hi to comfort and choose a sleeveless kurti with a trendy side cut. You can pair this with floral bottoms or even palazzo pants for an effortless mehndi look.

#12 Anarkali kurta with skirt

Awaken the inner fashionista in you and try something more creative for your fun mehndi ceremony. A flared anarkali paired with a flared skirt is sure to make you a star of the evening. This combination can be over whelm you so go easy on the colour pallet and choose shades like powder blue, off white, lavender or mint and dance away to gorgeousness.

#13 Vibrant multi coloured lehengas or anarkalis

Mehndi ceremony is meant to be colourful vibrant affair. So, why not let you outfit mathc the theme of the function and try multi coloured outfit for a stunning look which stands out. Bollywood actress Anushka Sharma herself wore a multicoloured lehenga for her mehndi cereni and you can do that too. A lehenga, anarkali or even a punjabi suit with a nice mix of bright colours can never go wrong but keep your rest of the look simple and minimal. Sleek open hair or just a tika will be enough to downplay the vibrant colours for an elegant look.

#14 Long middle slit kurtas with lehengas

I have always the idea of kutas paired with skirts . These kind of outfits seamlessly combine comfort and style together for a effortless glam look. A long kurta with a high middle slit paired with a contrasting lehenga can be your outfit of choice for mehndi ceremony. You can easily skip the dupatta with this kind of a look.

#14 Outfits with pre-draped dupattas

When mehndi is applied to your hand, handling a dupatta can be quiet a task but if you opt for pre draped or stitched dupatta silhouettes then your dupatta woes are sorted! MAny Indian designers do these pre stiched dupatta blouses like Ridhi Mehra but you can also get your local tailor to pleat and stitch up the dupatta to the blouse.

#15 Anarkali with dhoti pants

Relaxed dhoti pants make for splendi mehndi wear but you need to look uber stylish too so pair up with an anarkali suit and you can give any celebrity bride a run for their money.

#16 Floral maxi dresses 

Is your personal more western than traditonal? Then mehndi is one ceremony where you can get creative and go slightly western. A floral maxi dress can  actually make for a gorgeous mehndi outfit. Avoid floral jewellery if you are wearing floral prints and keep the stylish fresh and minimal.

#17 Short dress with floor length jacket having high slit detailing

Spent hours toning your pre-wedding body? Time to flaunt it, Team a short dress with ornate long jacket and your mehndi outfit is ready. This outfit is sure to make you stand out and spark off trends in additon to being very pratical as you will need your feet to be bare for henna application. 

#18 Pastel lehengas with one shouldered blouse

If you are having a big fat mehndi ceremony then go all out and dress up in a pastel lehenga with one shouldered blouse. Add some quirky laktans to increase the chic factor and celebrate like there is no tomorrow.

#19 Bright kurtas paired with shorts

If you want a pretty but a very practical outfit then get a pair of knee length bottoms stiched under your regular multicolored straight cut suit. This outfit can be reused later by replacing the bottoms wit a pair of leggings.

#20 Floor length jacket style kurta with dhoti pants

Go for a glam doll look with an interesting combination of floor length open jacket and dhoti pants.

#21 Straight skirt and crop top

If you want to beat the norms and go the totally different and hatke route a straight skirt with crop top can be your outfit of choice. You can talk with your designer to make this outfit idea reality or get into DIY mode with help of  a local tailor. Some fabric for skirt and lace for borders and buttis all over the skirt. You can use a saree blouse like a crop top.

#22 High low hemline layered lehenga

Sheer and high low is a hot trend these days combine both for a dreamy chic lehenga style whicch sure to make you stand out .

#23 Printed lehengas with crop top

If you are the kind of bride who loves dancing then choose something which is free flowing and light to help you dance with ease. Printed lehengas are light and have fun vibes. Go for fun prints or colour splash. Indian prints like ikat, leheriya or even florals look very good for mehndi ceremony.

#24 Dhoti pants with short kurti or top

If you are having a relatively low key mehndi just pair a short kurti with dhoti pants  for fusion mehndi look.

#25 Hot in trend floral lehengas

The most popular trend in mehndi outfits these days is floral lehengas and anarkalis. Even celebrity brides like Bipasha Basu are opting for florals prints for mehndi which is why Anushree Reddy is the most sought after designer for mehndi ceremony. Even Sabyasachi has a gorgeous line of floral lehengas which you an take inspiration from.

#26 Plain skirt with short kurta

Lehengas paired with short kurtas make for a very breezy mehndi outfit idea. Choose your colours carefully and make sure the lehenga is flowy and light. Candy colours or pastels work best for this kind of look. If you are a curvy bride who is very conscious about showing your midriff then this kind of outfit helps downplay things.

#27 Asymmetrical hemline anarkalis

If you are having a very simple henna ceremony and want to keep things light and fun the asymmetric hemlines are your best bet. They are trendy and cathy and can bepaired with any kind of bottom wear. If you are going for a asymmetrical kurta which is slightly longer you can skip the bottoms while getting mehndi applied to feet and then re wear it later. Even a pair of palazzo pants of dhoti pants looks great with kurtas having uneven hemline. Adding a vest jacket or a metallic belt can bring in more bling to your outfit. 

#28 Draped hemline aka cowl kurtas

The cowl kurtas trend is quiet new and isnt done to death, making it an ideal mehndi outfit idea. These kurtas with draped hemlines paired with bottoms of your choice like palazzos or dhoti pants are an epitome of  comfort wih no compromise on style. Pair with juttis and dangler earrings and skip the dupatta !

#29 Sarees layered with jackets

Having a winter wedding ? The a stylish jacket paired with saree works well to keep you a look which both regal and stylish. Even brides having destination weddings can try the jacketed saree look for their mehndi ceremony.

#30 Modern pant saree or concept sarees

The saree has been modernized in a variety of ways and you could wear a contemporary version instead of sticking to the same old drape. Do a dhoti drape or pant saree drape and make a statement in a modern fusion look for your mehendi function. Watch how to get the pant drape right here and here

#31 Dhoti pants with crop to and long jacket

Dhoti pants are breezy and when paired with crop tops they make for nice indo western fusion wear. But since it is your mehndi you need a bit more drama , so add a long jacket and your mehndi look with superior style quotient is ready.

#32 Traditional punjabi patiala suits

Patila suits in bright colours also make for fabulous mehndi oufits. this option works well to add variety to your wedding looks because most brides wont be wearing a punjabi suits to any of their other wedding functions. When you are already wearing a gown, saree and lehenga for eremonies like wedding, reception and sangeet why not wear a salwar suit for mehndi?

#33 Lehengas with short cape blouses 

Lehengas with capes is more suited for sangeet ceremony but if you love the idea of capes for mehndi ceremony then it is pretty doable provided you go for a short cape blouse. This kind of outfit makes for a charming mehndi look.

#34 Lehengas with long sheer capes

Capes work best when they are long and sheer for a chic feminine vibe. To wear this kind of a look for your mehndi make sure your cape can be detached or removed when you are getting mehndi applied and then you can wear it again after your henna is dried. With this kind of outfits twirling looks dreamy and you have no dupatta handling woes.

#35 Peplum style blouses with lehengas

#36 Chevron pattern lehengas

Are you the kind of bride who is looking to really stand out ? Then ditch those usual florals and heavy work lehengas and opt for the refreshingly new and artistic chevron pattern lehengas. These lehengas which are a signature of designer Priyal Prakash add the necessary zing required for your mehndi outfit. 

#37 Cold shouldered long kurtas

Cold shoulder is a raging hot trend and wearing it for mehndi is nice idea. but make sure the sleeves of cold shoulder kurta are short so it does not mess with mehndi on hands.

#38 Lehengas with long kurta

#39 Lehenga with asymmetrical hemline anarkali top 

#40 Off shouldered lehengas 

#41  Blouses or tops with cape sleeves  

Sheer capes are done to death so it is time for cape sleeves to take over. These outfits are absolutely unpractical choices for mehndi function as it can cause lot of hassels for henna application but many brides these days dont actually get henna applied on the mehndi day. The henna is applied in morning or day before and brides later change into a glam outfit after mehndi has dried for  some nach gaana. If your mehndi ceremony is something similar then opt for dramatic cape sleeves.

#42 Lehenga choli with short ethnic jacket

A simple lehenga choli isnt enough because it is your mehndi ceremony so add a embellished vest jacket and tad... uber stylish bride alert. You can just buy the jaket and pair with a lehenga you already own. A mirror work jacket lends the right oomph required for mehndi ceremony outfit.

#43 Floor length anarkali with high middle slit

#44 Chic sheer sarees with floral or mirror work blouses

Sarees are like the most popular outfits with Indian women when it comes to Weddings and festive events. For a mehndi saree can get very difficult to handle but if you are a saree girl who can carry it off effortlessly then give it a try for mehndi function. make sure your pallu and pleats are properly pinned so you dont have to worry about them when your hands are laced with henna and the mood is all dance masti. When choosing a saree try keeping things contemporary with a flair of fun, like sheer sarees paired with floral blouses or fun printed sarees with trendy saree blouse designs. Even mirror work blouses and sarees look great for mehndi event.

#45 Sheer cape gowns or anarkalis

A one piece outfit which looks super trendy and is oh-so-comfortable has to be an ethnic gown with attached sheer cape. Make sure the sheer cape is short or detachable so it doesnt go around smudging your mehendi. 

What to Wear for Mehendi Ceremony: The Do's, Dont's and Styling Tips 

Mehendi ceremony requires the bride to sit for hours together to get her henna applied. Most brides have to sit for atleast 4 hours for intricate heavy bridal mehendi designs to be applied on their hands and feet so it is important you wear something comfortable yet glam. Now that we have explored all options you can try for your mehndi ceremony , here are some pointers you need keep in mind before selecting your outfit and deciding your final mehendi look.
  • Colour Play: Yellow, green and orange are preferred colours for a mehendi event but brides these days are trying new things and pastels are getting very popular in mehndi outfits. Multi coloured outfits are another very striking option if you really want your look to pop. Dont be afraid to experiment with colours mint, powder blue, neons all look gorgeous for a day mehndi. But make sure the colours is very different from what you are wearing for your actual wedding for more variety in your photo album.
  • Pretty and practical: Go sleeveless or opt for short sleeves with your mehndi outfits so that you dont have to keep pulling the sleeves up when getting henna applied. Also when choosing bottom wear take note that mehndi needs to be applied on feet too. Something brezzy like a pair of palazzos or skirts is a better option which can facilitate hassle free henna mehendi application. 
  • Choose comfort: Please brides, I have been telling this in all my mehndi related outfit posts, comfort matters a damn lot. Sitting in one place for hours and then not being able to do anything with your hands to prevent mehendi smudging means you need something light, fun and glam. 
  • Draped dupattas: Choose outfits where you can skip the dupatta like short sheer capes, pre stiched dupattas or palazzos with long kurtas. You ant just leave the dupatta part of your outfit alone becuase it will look wiered in your photos. Getting the dupatta properly pinned is also a good idea.
  • Flowy and light: Mehendi ceremony is where the bride gets henna applied and a lot of dancing also happens where the bride joins in. Choose an outfit which is dance friendly and allows you to easily move around and enjoy the celebrations. A light skirt or sheer cape is free flowing and looks amazing when you take a twirl. Also latkans look gorgeous in mehndi outfits, add some fun latkans to your dupatta and lehenga for more quirky effect.
  • DIY mehndi outfits: If you are having a small mehndi ceremony you dont have to spend much on your outfit and can add a personal touch to it by DIYing it. Hunt down fabrics in bright colours get a simple lehenga stitched with breathtaking borders.You can give styling tweaks to ethnic outfits you already own to make a fresh new mehndi outfit. Like get a sheer cape attached to an existing lehenga set or use your mom's classy saree  and try a modern saree draping style
  • Accessorizing your mehndi look: The trend of floral jewellery is still raging hot for mehndi ceremonies but there striking new designs you can choose from. If you dont want to do the normal and done to death, floral jewellery you actually have a lot more options. Gota jewellery, tassel jewellery, lace jewllery, enamel jewellery, pom pom jewellery and even silver jewellery works as fabulous alternative mehendi jewellery. Opt for a tika or matha patti and a neck piece and leave the hands and fete alone for hassle free mehendi applaication.
  • Makeup : Your mehendi ceremony is going to be extensively photographed so you have to make sure you makeup is on point. Go for fresh and glowy make up with may be a bit of colour on eyes. You can touch up your makeup after mehndi is applied on your hands so, make sure it long lasting and maybe even water proof.
  • Hairstyles: With henna laced hands open hair can be a task to tame. It is better to opt for messy low buns or braids for mehendi ceremony. Hair in the front needs to be pinned up properly too. You can even try semi pinned half up half down hairstyles for mehendi function. Flowers in braids or buns is a huge hit for mehndi ceremony so try getting a floral hairstyles with flowers of your choice. Mogra flowers, tiny roses or even pearls all lend a dreamy romantic vibe to your mehndi hairstyle. Floral hair wreaths are also a rage for mehndi this season.
  • Flaunt your legs: While Indian wedding is a very traditional affair mehendi ceremony is where you can have some skin show. Flaunt your legs and the gorgeous feet mehndi  in a knee length skirt, shorts or even a floor length skirt with a high slit. Even a kurta with 3/4 churidaar is a option.  Flaunting your legs  is not just sexy but allows allows for easy mehendi application on your feet.
Your mehendi ceremony maybe a small intimate affair but the photo memories it creates are going to be treasured forever. So put in a bit more effort on your mehendi outfit and be the stylish bride with oodles of glam. 

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