Saree Styling: Tips to choose a saree for your body type

Sexy, sultry or slick, you can choose to wear a saree the way you want to! You can carry and flaunt it like a traditional bahu or rock it like a desi girl! When you have a saree, you have choices galore. While a saree is crafted and made to highlight your curves, there are a few things that you can pay attention to enhance the glamour quotient of your saree look!

If you are short

It is better to avoid broad borders as they can make you look stunted and wider in the frame. Thin borders make you look slimmer and go well with your height.

Avoid broad flowery prints as appealing they may look, for you, they are a big No!

Choosing the right fabric is also very important. Georgette and linen should be your pick as you can easily wrap them around. Since they are lighter fabric, they won’t create an unsightly mass of fabric around your navel either. Lighter fabric is easy to tuck in as well.

Avoid bulky platform heels and go for slim heels to give your body a better silhouette and structure.

Don’t over accessorise. This can make you look smaller and broader. A tall necklace can give the perception of the elongated neck, adding to your length.

Always remember that wearing and carrying a saree is an art. Anybody can wear a saree but carrying it and flaunting it takes a real woman! So, have patience while you wrap those yards around your waist. Once you have mastered it, pure tussar silk sarees would become a vital irreplaceable cog in your wardrobe machinery!

Besides, there is no substitute for fitted underclothes. Anything less than perfect is a deal breaker. Whether you are opting for a designer blouse or getting one stitched from your local tailor, it should be made just for you. No peeping outs, no safety pins issues and no sliding off the shoulders.

Similarly, petticoats should be in accordance with your length and skin-fit. If you have trouble finding one and you are wearing saree for the first time, wrap it around your trusted skin-fit jeans. Not only it will help you to gain command back on movement, but also help you to get the perfect silhouette you have been wanting to!

Wear the pallu pleats narrow and try to keep front pleats broader.

If you have a curvaceous figure!

Well, aren’t you feeling blessed? While there is no perfect body type to flaunt a saree, sarees look so brilliantly amazing on Vidhya Balan and Madhuri Dixit! Don’t you agree too? The desi-licious sarees are meant for Indian bodies that have enhanced curves and a pronounced silhouette.

However, finding the right blouse and fitted petticoat is essential for you as well.

If you are standing just on the thin line, staring at the obese you if you put on those crucial 7 kgs, well, you know what I am talking about.

So, avoid big zari borders and stick to breezy and light sarees such as soft silk, crepe silk, and linen.

You can experiment with the jewellery and shoes, but it is better to keep it minimal unless the occasion demands it. Don’t take the pallu in Gujarati style as it can make your upper body look bulky.

Hope these style tips help you! If you can think of any style tips we haven’t covered yet, let us know and we would share it in our next series! Till then, keep reading, wearing sarees and make the world go weak in the knees!

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