85 Modern Saree Draping Styles || How To Wear Saree In An Interesting Way

What could beat the grace of a nine yard saree? Absolutely nothing if its draped to perfection! Saree looks great on every body type and actually makes a woman look slim if draped in such a way !

Its not surprising why its the best and the most preferable Indian attire through India. You can look like a diva in other outfits but a saree can make you like a million dollars ! One in a ten woman would swear by a saree for a perfect stylish look would be a saree draped to perfection. Not only is a saree stylish but easy to carry.

From our Bollywood actresses to Fashion divas and most of the housewives in India adorn many styles of this beautiful saree. One of the most popular attires for Indian women to adorn at a public appearance is a graceful saree . With so many different ways to drape a saree you don't have to worry over wearing the same ol pallu over the shoulder drape every time.

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The best option when it comes to wearing a saree either for an important event, red carpet event, wedding celebrations or Festivities is that you can drape it differently every single time or add elements of interest to stand apart from the crowd. If you are wondering how to wear saree differently each time here is something which will get you sorted.

How To Wear Saree In Different Ways?

Most of us are aware of the different saree styles like kerala style saree, mermaid style saree, Bengali style saree, Marathi style saree and the classic silk drape style saree but you don't know is a saree draping has climbed the ladder of modern elegance when Famous designers used unique elements with the saree at the ramp. The saree since then has been revolutionized and modernized in such a way that you can wear a saree in several different ways and look quite hot in it too!

Saree draping has now changed with women wanting to experiment with the saree drape, our own bollywood fashionistas have set a bench mark with their different saree draping styles and now its our turn to experiment with the glamorous attire. Undoubtedly saree is one of the most elegant attires adorned , its just not some kind of outfit but an ornament of grace for the Indian woman. Also wearing a saree epitomizes the continuity of the traditions of our ancestors which gives a feeling we are connected to our roots.

The best way to wear a saree differently is to take inspiration from our Bollywood divas and a little creativity from our side, that's it! And if you are a pro at fashion designing or even stitching its a piece of cake ! If the question as to how to wear saree in different styles has always been eating you you are a the right place! Here are 20 latest saree draping styles for you to get inspired !

Latest Saree Draping Styles To Inspire You Today:

If you thought saree draping was all about draping it the traditional way with neat pleats tucked at the front , its time to rethink ! Sarees are not only formal but can be traditional, fun, experimental , sexy and so much more guys. Sarees definitely cost us a big hole in our wallet and always wearing it in one style can make the most beautiful and expensive saree look boring which is why we bring you 20 latest alternate and fun saree draping styles which will give you a break from draping it the traditional way! You can either style your nine yard saree differently or get it prestiched or add an interesting cape or belt over to get a different drape !

#1 The Twisted Pallu Saree Drape:

We all love the neatly pinned pallu at the shoulder but to add that lil extra oomph what you can do is twist the pallu like you would twist a rope braid and get your saree to be the center of attraction! Make sure you have an interesting blouse going on for the blouse is going to be the center stage.

#2 The Modern Gujrati Drape:

The traditional gujrati drape which includes the use of a Banarsi or a heavy silk saree and draped in such a way that it covers the front and the pallu is tucked in the front in a conservative style is a famous style in India but Sonam shows us how you can add some spice to the Gujrati style of saree draping . Pick a funky and fun saree like the one sonam is wearing or it could even be a colorful saree ith fringes or tassels and drape it in the Gujrati style to give it an interesting twist!

#3 The Voluminious Lehenga Saree Drape

A chiffon saree with a heavy border draped in the same old way might get a tad too boring which is why you can try wearing it over your can can lehenga like the picture below. This one is best suited for petite women as it has a lot of volume and drama going on which would make you look a lil over weight.

#4 The Angrakha Drape:

Inspired by the mughal outfits this beautiful way of draping a style in not new but looks amazing !

#5 Dhoti Style Saree Draping

This is a very popular dhoti drape that is easy and fun to adorn.  This is more of a hassle free drape as the dhoti pants are quite comfortable to carry along with the pallu.

#6 Cape It Away Drape:

This is one trend which has bitten the B town and do we love this cape over a outfit trend ? hell yeah ! Absolutely love the idea of draping a saree with a matching cape over it ! Pick up your favorite saree and get a cape stitched so you can wear over it just like below to spice up things.

#7 The Skinny Jeans Saree Drape:

If you want to wear something which a little out of your comfort zone and yet something very unique then the skinny jeans saree drape is the thing for you! Pair your favorite skinny jeans with a contrasting saree for added effect !

#8 The Front Pallu Drape

If you have an interesting heavy work blouse and want to showcase it without going overboard you can go for the front pallu drape just like Aishwarya did at the Cannes film festival!

#9 The Backside Pleated saree drape

The backside pleated drape is something that caught our attention instantly as it has an interesting twist with the pleats itself. Instead of tucking the pleats at the front , the pleats are neatly tucked at the backside for a different look. Sure to grab a lot of eyeballs!

#10 The Double Drape:

This a classical and very innovative drape for it has the use of two sarees simultaneously! If you are confused as to what to wear and locked between your sarees, pick em both and get a double drape done just like Sonam kapoor did !

#11 Traditional Revamped drape

If yo are a cotton saree lover than this beautiful and classic method of draping a saree is something you can try your hands on !

#12 The Belted Half Saree

We South Indians love a little color in our outfits and what better than adding those colors to a half saree ? Best part is get a matching belt stitched to accentuate your waist ! Viola you are ready to rock the summer wedding at your friend's place ! Don't forget to accessorize your hair with mogra flowers and complete your whole saree look with kohl rimmed eyes !

#13 Saree Draping With A Brocade Jacket

If you have a very dear brocade jacket which you willing to pair with a saree then go ahead! Just ditch the blouse for the jacket and make sure to get the pleats neat under it ! Lovely and unique head to toe.

#14 Saree Gown

#15 The Pant Style Drape

The  pants style of draping is not only stylish but also comfortable to wear and carry !

#16 The half Blouse Casual drape

#17 The Belted Saree Drape

If you want to give a more fitted appeal to your waist add a belt to your saree! This is quite popular style of saree draping and many of the bollywood actors have been spotted wearing this style.

#18 Twisted Winter Wear Saree drape

The Marathi drape just got interesting with the addition of a jacket, the best part is the pallu is draped in such a way that it peeks out at the shoulder!

#19 The Ripped Jeans drape

Women love their ripped jeans and hence the best way to add spunk into your saree outing is to pair it with your favorite ripped jeans and look like a true fashionista !

#20 the loose fitted Drape

Can't get the pleats right? Just drape the saree stylishly over the front and let the pallu fall beautifully !

# 21 The Wrist Wrap

Need I say anything? the picture says it all! If you have a heavy embroidered blouse or an interesting blouse and want show it off this is a very stylish drape you can try on your own !

#22 The fringe Drape

you don't really have to invest in an expensive designer saree to get hold of a saree with long fringes, get it done on your own to your favorite satin or plain sarees ! There are loads of fringe laces in the market, the next time you visit your tailor give them the lace to stitch it along the borders of your saree! this way when you drape your DIY fringe saree drape , everybody's gonna star with delight at the way you up cycled your old saree into an innovative one !

#23 The Mermaid Drape
#24 the Floating Style Of Saree Draping

#25 The Butterfly Saree drape

#26 Long Loose Side Way Style Of Saree Draping

#27 The Short Skirted Saree drape

#28 the Short Float Drape

#29 Drape It With A Crisp White shirt

#30 The Mumtaz drape

It is a saree draping style famous for the former indian actress mumtaz style in her movies. It looks beautiful on curvy women and is adorned in such a way that the border of the saree draped in circles all over the torso.

#31 The Fur Saree Drape :

If you have expensive fur scarf or a fur piece in your closet, get it in use to make your saree look more luxurious by draping over your shoulder like the picture below.

#32 The Blouse tuck

Sarees with an interesting e wand chic print should be adirned in an interesting style ! This is a beautiful saree drap

#33 The Accented leather belt Drape

#34 The LBD Drape:

Breaking the stereotype is this funky drape where a cotton saree is pleated neatly with a Little Black Dress to give a indo fusion look! This is definitely out of the box and oh so amazing to try if you have a party at home !

#35 The Western Drape

If you are a saree lover and not feeling to go the perfect pleated look , just drape the sare like the pic below with your favorite shirt and leave the pallu hanging at the side.

#36 The Leather Belt Wrap Around Drape

#37 The Fitted Ethnic Belted Saree

#38 The Nivi Dhoti Drape:

#39 The Raja-rani Drape

#40 The Chinese Fan drape:

A very innovative way to drape your lace sarees and embroidered sarees is to drape the paluu at the waist in an inverted way that the pallu forms a Chinese fan like shape when the pallu is pinned at the shoulder, you can take inspiration from the pic below.

#41 The Corset Wrap Drape:

This a beautiful way to make your expensive saree look more unique. If you are bringing out your expensive silk saree for another outing , make things a little interesting by wrapping the pallu in a off shoulder way and belting it at the waist with a wide corset belt.

#42 The Palazzo drape

#43 The belted Marathi Drape

#44  The Designer Drape

#45 The Tucked In drape:

The pallu and the top of the saree including the blouse are tucked by a jacket or a sweater completely. Great to drape your sarees in a unique way during winters!

#46 The Arm candy Drape

#47 Belted Float Drape

#48 The Classic Drape

#49 The Monochrome drape

#50 The Neck Wrap Style

#51 The Sweater Drape:

gone are the days you wore a buttoned sweater over your saree, give way to a new drape by flaunting your designer sweatshirts and colorful sweaters by wearing it over a saree like the picture below.For a more added effect take the pallu from the front and tuck it at the back of the body at the shoulder from behind !

#52 The Legging Drape

#53 The Trail Drape:

The saree is basically draped the usual way but the length f the pallu is draped in such a way that it is long enough to create a trail when pinned behind. This is best adorned if you are having a red carpet event or a party to attend.

#54 The Knotted Pallu Drape:

the basic nivi style of saree draping is followed here except for the fact that instead of pinning the pleats at the shoulder a knot is tied to give it a more stylish look.

#55 The Hassle Free Drape

#56 The Thakurain Style

#57 The Immaculate Pleats Bridal Drape

#58 The Neck Wrap:

If you have a graphic saree with interesting print going on the your saree you can opt fr this style for it gives a full frontal view of your beautiful graphic saree , wrap the pallu around your neck for a fusion effect.

#59 The Dupatta Drape

the easiest and a favorite drape of ours is the drape popularised by the Indian fashion icon-Sonam Kapoor, the dupatta drape !  All you have to do is find a matching bordered dupatta that would go with your saree and wear it just like sonam kapoor did ! the wow factor is the dupatta around tyour neck withou

#60 The Casual Neck Drape

#61 The Knotted Mekhela Sari

#62 The Jacket Saree Drape

#63 The Formals Pant & Suit Style

#64 The Half pleated half Open front Pallu Drape

#65 The Creative Drape

#66 The Mermaid Drape

#67 The Fish cut Style drape

#68 The Bold Modish Drape

#69 The Rajasthani Drape

#70 the Double Silk Half Saree Drape

#71 The Bollywood Style Of Saree Draping

#72 Full Body Wrap Style

#73 The Conservative Drape

#74 Wrap the Pallu Around The Waist Drape

This is inspired from the Chattisgarh Style of saree draping and looks lovely when draped in a dark hued saree.

#75 The Boho Disheveled Skirt Blouse Style

#76 The Voluminous Skirt- Blouse Style

#77 The retro drape

#78 Tribal Style

#79 Traditional Gujrathi Style

# 80 The Belted Half Saree Mermaid Style

 #81 The Madisaru Drape

#82 The Scraf Drape

#83 The Shawl Drape

#84 The Hijabi Style

#85 The Indo Western Style

These were a few innovative ways of saree draping, which is your favorite among the above? Also we hope you now have an insight on how to wear saree in several different ways !

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