40 Evening Wear Saree Ideas & Inspiration || Different Ways To Style The saree

Changing Fashion trends has affected the 9 yard cloth 'saree'. Indian women have stepped out from their comfort zone and shed the conventional age styling  and are open to trying newer forms of the saree. The saree has evolved with the latest new additions and innovations. The modernization of saree has gained popularity due to its versatility worldwide. Our traditional attire- Saree has traveled the fashion spectrum with utmost grace and is now globally recognized as an Indian fashion garment.

We women love dolling and dressing up be it a wedding or a party, we leave no stone unturned to look our best ! And when it comes to dressing up a 'saree' is one thing we always tend to pick up when it comes to comfort and style wise, they are the best ! A saree can never go out of style! Wearing a saree to a party or a formal occasion is in, be it a dinner party or a celebrating party , you can rock a saree as evening wear now ! A saree is available in different materials can be draped in several different ways and be paired with a million pieces to create a unique look!

Sarees are conventional and they are unstiched garments that work great as evening wear attire. Evening wear sarees accentuates the beauty of a woman to the fullest.

Celebrating The Love For Fusion Sarees:

A saree has been dated back to be a staple in the 1800 BC's in the Indus Valley region. the fact that its unstitched and can be draped in various styles makes it more lovable by women all over the world and not just India! With changing times even the saree has been modernized to suit the needs of the contemporary woman.

The best thing about a saree is that it looks amazing when worn in a fusion style or even the traditional way ! With sarees being available in different textures and materials like cotton, banarsi silk, chiffon, Georgette, crepe and organza to name a few, sarees have a special place in our wardrobes. With a saree coming in so many textures and prints, its a best thing to be worn to a party or a night out . Evening wear sarees are very popular for a lot of reasons and one such reason is its versatility.

A lot has changed over the years and people have given way to different saree styles. We can now find sarees in distinct, quirky and various designs , prints, colors , embroidery and cuts. The saree is evolved with Indian designers elaborating the sphere by adding quirky elements to the beautiful drape. The saree has taken a totally beautiful and comfortable form of art , thanks to our designers. The innovation of the fusion saree like Saree gown, Saree paired with a kurta or the saree with pants has made ts mark in the fashion industry and the newer generation can't get enough of it. And why not?! A fusion saree has elements of quirkiness and is offbeat and so much more easier to carry then a traditional heavy embroidered saree.

Modernizing the saree || Remodeling The Beautiful Saree:

One traditional drape that women can swear by, is the nine yard saree ! The oldest and the most sought after outfit in India can easily be a sari. Indian women love dressing themselves in a sari. The thing that a sari might be suitable for almost all occasions makes it even more versatile and lovable. In fact every Indian woman might i own a saree , either she wears it or not.

The south-Indian bride gets married in a saree and a saree can be modernized to wear it out not just for a traditional event but also like evening wear. A plain silk saree with the right blouse can also make a statement and be worn out for an evening out or for a formal event, such is the versatility of the drape.

A saree can be worn for a formal event be it a office dinner party , special event or a wedding function. Whoever said western clothes be the best for a party, the modernized saree or even a remodeled version of a saree paired with an interesting blouse can make you the eye candy and garner a lot of compliments !

We love our 9 yard traditional drape but the modernised version of a saree has our vote too. Evening wear sarees like saree gowns or chevron printed designer sarees or Bollywood inspired designer sarees make a woman look sensuous and amazing! Now that the saree is a part of the modern wardrobe its is easily understandable why its such a popular pick for an evening wear. Evening wear sarees are comfortable and glamorous at the same time. A Modernized saree is something that is connected to the Indian roots and yet have a glamorous touch to them!

Evening Wear Sarees || Designer Sarees

Designer sarees showcased in Bollywood movies have a huge fan following and are apt for evening wear. Bollywood style sarees are a huge hit and can easily be termed as evening wear sarees as most of the sarees worn by Bollywood heroines are designer, with rich hues and have a glamorous touch to them. 
Evening wear sarees consist of sarees designed by Indian artists or Indian designers or sarees which are easier to carry and make you look gorgeously glamorous at the same time. Every woman ought to claim an evening wear saree in her closet for we have loads of special events to attend in india. Evening wear sarees when worn which the correct body type and right accessories will have a remarkable appeal and will leave the one wearing it looking exceptionally beautiful.

World famous designers have come with tendy forms of sarees that can be amazing when worn as evening wear sarees and would suit a lot of Indian body types. The age of designing the saree in various ways is definitely now for we can now find the saree in so many different quirky forms. The fusion sarees and designer sarees are elegant and irrestitle as they make a great choice for evening wear. Many Indian women prefer sarees for night functions and parties and hence evening wear sarees are selling like hot cakes in India.

What Type Of a saree is An Evening Wear saree?

People love to flaunt their best sarees when it comes to attending a party or a wedding and thanks t our Indian designers we have so many versions of sarees that would look gorgeous on every woman out there , age no barrier ! An evening wear saree has a rich look to it and mostly has hand embroidery, zari work or interesting prints. An evening wear saree is distinct

40 Different Evening Waer Sarees You Can Try|| 

Flaunt your best side in modernized saree or a traditional silk saree . Take inspiration from the best fusion sarees below and find yourself a saree that that will complements your looks and reflects your individual style .

#1 Elegant Cape Jacket Sabyasachi Saree

This saree is the best example for an evening wear saree. Such a saree is a must own in every woman's closet for its elegance personified and is ethereal in every sense. Wearing a same colored embroidered cape style jacket over the regular designer saree can make you look solace and sophisticated at the same time.

#2 Belted Bliss

Add an interesting element to your saree by pairing it with a matching belt. Evening wear sarees have the glam factor and this belt is just the right thing. If you have a slim waist you ca either go for a kamar bandh r a simple belt to accentuate and beautify your stomach area.

#3 Palazzo Saree :

The contemporary palazzo saree is here to sweep you off your feet. Wide legged pants with a pallu is 'in' after Rheason released its mogra palazzo ! If you are young and still want to try your hands on the saree this is a very apt way to flaunt your saree side.

 #4 Trendy Evening Wear Silk Saree

Silk sarees are great for party and wedding functions for they give you a sophisticated and rich look without trying hard!

#5 Western Blouse Paired With A Cotton Sari

Don't get thinking that you can't wear a cotton saree as an evening wear saree. A cotton saree when paired with a western blouse can look amazing when styled well.

#6 Contrasting Ethnic Jacket Saree

#7 Shoulder Body Suit Saree

#8 Pretty Floral Saree

#9 Pallu Tie Up Saree

#10 Hand loom Motif Silk Saree

#11 Contrasting Blouse Evening Wear Saree

#12 Frills And Florals

#13 Ethnic Blazer Saree

#14 Designer Bollywood Saree

#15 Pocket Saree

#16 Designer Lehenga Saree

#17 Cape Sleeve Blouse Saree

#18 Trail Pallu designer evening Wear Saree

#19 Knotted Pallu Evening Wear Saree

#20 Quirky Card Printed Saree

#21 Sheer Long Cape Style Jacket Saree

#22 Dupatta Drape Saree

#23 Cape Jacket Saree

#24 Peplum Blouse Fusion Saree

#25 Beaded Pallu Style

#26 The Half Saree

#27 Vibrant Saree Gown

#28 Dhoti Style Saree

#29 Pretty Tassel Saree

#30 Pastel Ethnic Trouser Saree

#31 The Denim Drape

#32 Simple And Effective Sheer Cape Saree

#33 Off shoulder Saree Gown

#34 Glamorous Bollywood Inspired Chiffon saree

#35 The Classic Cape Sari

#36 Striped Elegance

#37 Shoulder Cape Indo-Western Saree

#38 See through Sheer Pleats Designer Saree

#39  Saree With A Corset Blouse

#40 Cigarette Pants Fusion Saree

How To Choose An Evening Wear Saree? 

A saree when worn for a dinner party, special event, wedding night, functions or an award ceremony
must have the right balance ,so it can hide any flaws and make you look like a diva. It is important to choose a sari according to one's body type but most importantly it is important to choose the right saree suited for the occasion in attendance.

    Tips And Tricks To Choose The right Evening Wear saree That Suits You:

  • If you are attending a wedding party its best to go for rich colored heaus and heavy worked sarees. You can either style it in a traditional drape or add a twist by pairing your designer saree with a sexy blouse.
  • Those who are vouching for an evening wear saree that can be worn to a party can opt for fusion sarees like the saree gown or the half stitched saree that makes it easier to handle the saree and yet give you the glamorous look.
  • For special events or functions at nights you can pick rick silk sarees like the Banarasi silk sarees, Mysore silk sarees and Kancheepuram silk sarees. These sarees need minimal accessorizing and can be worn by women of all ages.
  • Always pick a saree which you can manage and handle. I you are attending a party or a function it is important to look at ease and comfort should be your first priority.
  • If its larger then life event like your anniversary celebration or a party of a close friend , opt for darker colors as they have a better impact and style accordingly.
  • Its always good to go minimal with the jewellery when wearing a heavy worked saree or a rich colored saree or it might just look OTT.
  • Tall and slim women can try various modernised versions of the saree while the shorter and voluptuous women can stick to the traditional drape and pair their saree with a designer blouse for a glamorous look.
  • A saree blouse can make a whole lot of difference. Try a tassle blouse or sexy designer blouse with interesting sleeves or cut to highlight your saree. 
  • You don't have to match your evening wear saree with your blouse, you can try a contrasting blouse, it will look great with your designer saree.
  • Don't stick to the same old traditional drape, have fun with your saree and try different forms of sarees like bollywood designer sarees ,cape saree , saree gown , lehenga saree . You have a lot of options to choose from when it comes to evening wear sarees.

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