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Full sleeve saree blouse designs have made a come back and if you are aiming for a classy and elegant look, long sleeve blouses are your best bet. Long sleeve saree blouses look regal giving out a vintage vibe and is a nice break from your usual sleeveless or short sleeve blouse designs. If you have flabby arms you should definitely consider covering them up in stylish long sleeve blouse designs. 

Full sleeve saree blouse designs are very comfortable for winter weddings keeping you warm without compromising on style.
Long sleeve blouses may not be your first pick for summer but if you choose the blouse fabric carefully you can wear full sleeves in any season and for any occasion. For winters go for rich fabrics like velvet or silk and for summer choose breathable fabrics like cotton, net or lace for your long sleeve saree blouse designs. Go for sequins on your sleeves if you want a long sleeve festive saree look.

25 Stylish Full Sleeve Saree Blouse Designs 

#1 Closed neck full sleeve blouse design 

High neck blouses have a charm of their own, go for a full sleeve closed neck blouse pattern for winter weddings. For an added festive twist get the neckline and wrist portion embroidered.

#2 Full sleeve brocade blouse design for silk sarees

Brocade blouses are hot in trend these days and a full sleeve brocade blouse design will look glam and elegant. Brocade blouses are very versatile and can work with silk sarees, net sarees and even as cholis for your lehengas. You need atleast one full sleeve brocade blouse in your wardrobe especially if you like wearing bright single coloured sarees. 

#3 Boat neck full sleeve sari blouse designs with heavy work sleeves

Boat neck full sleeve saree blouse designs look absolutely gorgeous and give a cool twist to your ethnic look.  With a simpler saree go for a heavily embroidered or embellished full sleeves on your boat nek blouse and watch heads turn. 

#4 Contemporary off shoulder saree blouse design

Full sleeve blouse designs can get fun with experimental necklines. Go for something bold like a deep back neck designs or an off shouldered neckline and show off your slender neck in style

#5 Trendy saree blouse designs with Long lace sleeves

For a classy look go for delicate lace sleeves. If you find full blouse designs very stuffy and mature lace sleeves are your answer as they are more breathable and allow you to show some skin too. 

#6 Plain full sleeve saree blouse designs

For a simple but impact saree look go for plain full sleeve blouse designs in contrasting colors. Get some lace attached on the borders if you want just a hint of glam.

#7 Sequined full saree blouse design with boat neck

If sequins are your thing get a divasque sparkly full sleeve heavily sequined blouse stitched. This blouse has the power to turn any plain saree into a party look in a jiffy. This kind of a blouse is effortless glam and will work with lehengas too . I suggest you pair this with plain ombre sarees for a breezy festive look but make sure to keep other accessories to bare minimum.

#8 Collar neck full sleeve saree blouse designs

For a more formal touch add a collar to your full sleeve blouses. IF you want to work collar neck and full sleeves as a festive blouse idea go for rich fabrics like chanderi or brocade or add heavy work to collar or wrist area.

#9 Maharani style full sleeve high neck blouse designs

Full sleeve blouses look effortlessly regal and this maharani style blouse design can give you a royal look. A heavily embellished neckline means these blouses work best with simpler sarees and you need to avoid neck jewellery. If you want to go for a princess look go for some long layered necklaces and jhumkas.

#10 Modern polo neck blouse design with lace sleeves

#11 Full sleeve blouse design with puff detailing

The classic puff sleeves look very beautiful with sarees but you can actually add a puff detailing to you long sleeve blouses too. This give out a nice old world charm and adds a bit of drama to your look.

#12 One shouldered designer saree blouse design

Full sleeve blouse design can be quirky and trendy too. Turn the glam mode on by opting for full sleeves on one side and sleeveless on the side.

#13 Peplum style full sleeve saree blouse design 

#14 Elegant Velvet full sleeve saree blouse designs

Velvet works well as a blouse fabric for winters. If you have a wedding in freezing weather opt for the luxury of velvet and go full sleeves for added warmth without compromising on style. Embroidery will look great on velvet blouse sleeves.

#15 Full sleeve blouse designs with Chinese collar neck

#16 Standing collar blouse design with sheer neckline and sleeves

#17 Gorgeous full sleeve blouse design with keyhole detailing 

#18 Floor length cape jacket style saree blouse pattern

For a royal look you can add a floor length cape style jacket to your normal sari and blouse combination. This style is best suited for women who dont like full sleeves, you can always get rid of the cape jacket if it gets too hot. You can also go for a shorter full sleeve jacket over your sleeveless saree blouse for a trendy layered look.

#19 Designer full sleeve off-shoulder lace blouse design

#20 Stunning blouse design with semi sheer sleeves

#21 Deep V neck collar blouse design with sheer sleeves

#22 Collar neck full sleeve saree blouse design 

#23 Heavily embroidered high neck full sleeve blouse design

#24 full sleeve blouse design with 3D appliques 

#25 Full sleeve mesh saree blouse design

Styling Tips for your full sleeve saree blouse designs

  • Make full sleeve blouses work for summer by adding some sheer elements. Go for a semi sheer neckline or lace sleeves.
  • Full sleeves are a nice canvas to show off some intricate work and detailing. Try some crystal, zardosi or embroidery on sleeves for a glam festive look.
  • If you have flabby arms then full sleeves are your best friend. Go for contemporary neck designs which can be balanced well with the traditional sleeves.
  • For a more regal saree look go for extra long sleeves which fold up like chudis (wrinkled effect) on your wrists
  • Even with full sleeves dont be afraid to experiment, go for lace, crytal worl or even cold shoulders 
  • Go for a longer kurti style blouse design with full sleeves to hide tummy fat. 
  • If you want to look young and chic in full sleeve blouses play with sheer elements. Semi sheer neckline or sheer sleeves studded with stones will ook amazing.

Are full sleeve saree blouse designs your thing? Which is your favourite blouse design? 

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