20 Latest Wedding Kaleere Designs || Significance of Bridal Choodas and Kaleere in Punjabi weddings

Bridal choodas and kaleere have a lot of significance in Indian weddings especially if you are a punjabi bride. These traditional bridal accessories are believed to bring good luck to the bride and is considered auspicious so, a chooda and kaleere ceremony is performed in the morning on the wedding day.

These days bridal choodas and kaleere is being worn by majority of brides in north India even if they arent punjabis. Kaleeres have become an important part of bridal look and the kaleere ceremony has become a fun thing which the bride and her girl gang enjoy.

Kaleere traditonally were worn by punjabi brides and were made of dry coconut but with changing times kaleere have evolved and are now available in a variety of designs and styles.
The kaleere is brought by maternal relatives, sisters or friends of bride but these days brides themselves shop for suitable kaleere designs to match their wedding look. If you are confused about what kind of wedding kaleere designs to opt for here are some gorgeous options to take inspiration from.

20 Latest Wedding Kaleere Designs for the Trendy Bride

#1 Traditional golden kaleere Designs

If you are wearing a traditional wedding outfit you can choose from the classic gold kaleere designs. these kind of kaleere designs arent new but they still click with a lot of brides and are kind of evergreen. 

#2 Bangle kaleere Designs with pearl hangings

Kaleere is traditionally tied in front of choodas but you can also get yourself a bangle kaleere with pearl hangings. This kind of kaleere designs suit lehehngas with a more modern look.

#3 Stone encrusted silver Kaleere Designs

Wearing a lehenga with silver embellishments? Now you dont have to settle for gold kaleere, opt for silver kaleere designs which will blend well with diamond jewellery and your lehenga design. This will not only look well put together but also have a very unique touch.

#4 Ghungoo kaleere Designs

Are you that chic fun bride? Then go for zany ghungroo kaleere designs to add an interesting touch to your wedding look. These kind of kaleere designs look fabulous if you are wearing a sharaea or punjabi suit for a day wedding.

#5 Statement tassel kaleere Designs

Tassels and fringes are everywhere these days and you can get yourself tassel kalires if you want to keep things hatke.

#6 Two tier jhumka type gold  Kaleere Designs

This one is my favourite. I love how classy and elegant these jhumka type kaleeres look and if you are the simplistic and minimal kind of a girl this will go well with your personality. This are not only elegant but also very comfortable and easy to carry off with any kind of bridal look.

#7 Extravagant two tier gold kaleere

If you want to go dramatic and still be traditional these extravagant gold kaleeres are a nice fit for you. These kind of kaleere designs are mostly worn by typical punjabi brides.

#8 Stunning single Huge Kaleere

For the simplistic bride a single huge kaleere works best . This kind of kalire is very unique kind and can be worn by brides in all parts of India as it looks more like a bangle with latkan than kaleere.

#9 Gorgeous bejeweled red and gold kaleere designs

#10 Elaborate multi tiered golden and red kaleere  

#11 Latest bangle kaleere with tassel detail

#12 Classy gold jhumka kaleere designs

#13 Kaleere designs with pom poms as hangings

#14 Boho latkan kaleere designs

#15 Kaleere designs with multi coloured hangings

#16 Minimal kaleere with asymmetrical hangings

#17 Fun muticoloured tassel kaleere designs

#18 Mutli tiered gold kaleere with a hint of pink

 #19 Contemporary pearl charm kaleere designs

#20 Modern funky kaleere designs by Mrinalini Chandra

#21 Pretty floral kaleere designs

Significance of Bridal Choodas and Kaleere in Punjabi wedding

You may or may nt be a punjabi bride but if you are going to be wearing choodas and kaleere on your wedding day then it is a good idea to have an idea of the significance of these  traditional accessories. 

Bridal choodas are a set of 21 bangles in red and white colour which are put on the bride by theie mama (maternal uncle) on the wedding day and it is supposed to be worn for a minimum period of 40 days by the newlywed as it is said to bring prosperity. Some brides also to wear these choodas for about 1.5 years. Earlier these choodas were made of  elephant tusks but now they are made of plastic and are available in many colours to match your bridal lehenga.

Bridal choodas are accompanied with kaleere which are umbrella kind of pretty hangings which add to the beauty of choodas. These kaleeres used to be made of dry coconut but now a days you get gorgeous wedding kaleere made of metal and encrusted with stones.

About the kaleere ceremony:
The kaleere is tied to brides choodas by freinds and family after whcih the bride shakes her chooda and kaleere adorned hands on heads of unmarried sisters and friends present . It is said that if a kaleere or even a part of it falls on any girl she will get married next. This is a fun wedding ceremony which all unmarried girls enjoy before the actual wedding vows are taken.

Where to buy or customize your bridal Choodas and kaleere

If you love a kaleere design but cant find something similar then here is a list of offline and online stores which not only stock up on latest kaleere designs but also can customize it for you.
  • Ra abta by Rahul Popli - Find them on  Facebook here
  • The Bangle House - Find them on  Facebook here
  • Amazon India also has some good kalira options to choose from . Check here
  • Rasha Gota Jewellery - If you love quirky then try them. visit them here
  • Mrinalini Chandra - The jewellery designer also does gorgeous dramatic kaleeres. Go here
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