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If you are getting married , it is obvious that you want everything to be perfect. From getting the minute details right to selecting the perfect bridal outfit, planning everything can be a little overwhelming, especially if you are on your own. Not all can afford a wedding planner, and when you have to do everything , you will be surprised to know its real hard to manage everything and get it right. Indian bridal Makeup can get messy if not done right. Getting hitched is a special thing and is meant to be the most memorable point of our lives, an unforgettable moment where are family and friends come together to celebrate the beginning of your new life. A major aspect that is highly important in a wedding is the Indian bridal makeup. Its evident a bride wants to look a million bucks and immaculate on her BIG day, and the right makeup will help you hit the spot on your Indian bridal makeup goals.

The day of the wedding is going to be printed on paper and caught on cameras, its day everybody is going to stare at you, its a day where you want to look your best. Every bride dreams of stunning her guests with her beauty on her wedding day, the best way to look perfect on your wedding day is to get your makeup done from a good makeup artist or someone who you can trust when it comes to applying makeup. Indian bridal makeup is intense and requires professional help from makeup artists to nail your bridal look. Indian Bridal Makeup is a very important aspect in ever Bride to be's list. With so many makeup themes for an Indian wedding doing the rounds, its tough to zero on a single bridal makeup look that would go well with your lehenga or sari. We bring you 10 beautiful Indian bridal makeup looks , the major focus being on the eye makeup of the bride. You can take inspiration from these beautiful and bold Indian bridal makeup looks.

For the love of makeup: Nailing Down Your Indian Bridal Makeup

Prospective brides fuss over every small detail and get their makeup look tested before the big day. Every bride no matter from where they hail yearn to look stunning and angelic on their special day. Even those who don't apply a lot of makeup want to go for bold lips and classic winged liner on their wedding day ! You might want to do a bridal makeup test before your wedding day to make sure nothing is wrong and everything comes perfectly on the main day. Indian Bridal makeup styles are temporary and change with time. Whatever you choose make sure it suits you and gels with your outfit. The last thing you need on your wedding day is clown like cheeks, panda eyes and thin eyebrows ! The current wedding season makeup styles are amazing and look beautiful when paired with ethnic wear.
Indian bridal makeup is glamorous with eye makeup being the most significant and creative. You can choose your eye makeup and lip color according to your outfit or the theme you choose to go by.

The Special Day: Choosing The Perfect Eye Makeup look

One of the most memorable day in a woman's life is her wedding day and she wants to look angelic no matter what. A main aspect of Indian bridal makeup is the eye makeup as eyes are the best features of the face, what better way than highlighting them . The perfect Indian bridal makeup can make you look like a Bollywood bride,yes !
When you are a bride, everyone is going to stare at you , you really want to express your excitement and joy with your face makeup.
The eyes of a bride mirror how hear heart feels. They reflect the emotion a bride is going through which is why makeup artists focus a lot on the eye makeup of a bride. A lot of can be concluded from the your eye makeup turns on your wedding day.

The Importance Of Eye Look In Bridal Eye Makeup: Indian Bridal Makeup

Asian and Indian bridal makeup is very crucial as it has a lot of glitter and smokey elements which requires a lot of practicing or hiring a good professional makeup artist. Bridal makeup is nowhere close to being shy (Unless you want something simple!)  its all about going over the top and perfecting the glamorous bridal traditional look. There are a lot of ways to go about getting the perfect bridal makeup, including getting the eye makeup right.
Whether you’re doing your makeup on your own or enlisting the help of a professional makeup artist, it is important that you know how to apply eye makeup or choose the correct eye shadow to go with your outfit. here are our top favorite eye makeup looks which you can rock on your wedding day!

Latest Bridal Eye Makeup :

From falsies and colored eye shadows to pigments and liner , there are seemingly endless eye makeup look options that look great with an Indian outfit. You can easily personalize your own unique eye makeup look that complements your skin tone and something that will make your eyes pop.
You have a loads to choose to from when it comes Indian bridal eye makeup. If you want a classic look you can go easy on the eyes and keep everything else neutral. Whether you like it simple or dark and sultry, its best to decide and settle upon something that compliments your face. 
Latest Bridal makeup trends include the use of dark and sultry colors which involves contrasting colors in rich shades.
Lets have a look at few of the latest Indian bridal makeup looks which bring out the beauty of the eyes!

Top 30 Latest Bridal Eye Makeup Looks: Indian Bridal Makeup Series

#1 Pink Gradient Eye Makeup With Colored Eyeliner 

#2 Candid Colored Smokey Eye

#3 Jewel Toned Shimmery Traditional Eye Makeup look

#4 Strong Glittery Bold Bridal Eye Makeup Look

#5 Purple Smokey Eyes

#6 Dramatic Colorful Bridal Eye Makeup
#7 Yellow And Gold Bollywood Bridal Eye Makeup:

#8 Classic Winged Liner With Red Lips

#9 Indian Bridal Makeup for Beginners 

#10 Bronze And Copper Smokey Eye

 #11 Neutral Smokey Eye

 #12 Traditional Kohl'ed Eyes

 #13 Bollywood Inspired Glitter Gold Eye Makeup

#14 Gold Halo Bridal Eye Makeup

#15 Green And Orange Sultry Eye Makeup

#16 Black Magic: Heavy Kohl Eye Makeup

#17 The Kareena Kapoor Kohl'ed Eye makeup Look

#18 Simple Double Winged Eyeliner

#19 Smokey Arabic Eye Makeup look

#20 The Fish Winged Liner Style

#21 Subtle Easy Bridal Makeup 

 #22 Classic Muslim Bridal EyeMakeup

 #23 Colored Smokey Eye

#24 Bronzed smokey Bengali Eye Makeup

#25 Double Dose Of Winged Kohl

#26 Glitter Cut Crease

#27 Classic Gold Simple Eye Makeup

#28 Glittery pink And Black Smokey Eye

#29 Double Winged Cut Crease

#30 Smoke It Out

Secret To  Perfect Indian Bridal Eye makeup : Expert Tips And Tricks To Get Your Indian Bridal Eye Makeup right

  • Once you have chosen your bridal outfit, choose your eye makeup accordingly. It is perfectly alright to go over the top on your wedding day.
  • A smokey eye looks amazing with Indian bridal wear , but if you are looking to ditch the simple smokey eye or want a different version, try smokey eyes in candid colors like metallic silver and green or combo or rich colors like gold and pink. Indian Bridal makeup usually involves a smokey eye which is great!
  • Strong Glitter pigments and jewel toned eye shadows applied with a wet brush will give you a sultry and bold wedding eye makeup look.
  • Slay everybody with those eyelashes. Loads and loads of mascara with fake lashes will give your eyes the perfect lifted up look.
  • Indian Bridal Makeup involves a lot of drama and hence go heavy with the mascara! Apply three to four coats of mascara . Layer it up when its still wet to avoid clumping!
  • Finish the eye with a stroke of the deep shadow along the lower lash line or try a glitter liner on the lower lash line for a glamorous eye look.
  • Apply or get your makeup applied in natural daylight or use incandescent or halogen bulbs as a light source, instead of using harsh fluorescent lighting as makeup looks washed out artificial light. Its best to know how your makeup looks in sunlight if its a day wedding.
  • Always highlight your brow bone and inner corners as it brings out the shape of your eyes.
  • Don't forget to get your eyes primed and prepped with concealer and set it wet some translucent powder to ensure your shadows blend well.
  • Indian Bridal makeup is all about dark smokey colors hence choose plums, greens, deep oranges and copper colored eye shadows for the lid of your eye.
  • The last but not the least thing is to blend the shadows real well for a seamless eye look!
  • Chances are that you might end up getting emotional and cry a little, hence choose waterproof makeup .
  • You have a ton of Indian bridal makeup artists in India but its important you choose a good makeup artist whom you can trust. Take recommendations from people who you think rocked their Indian bridal makeup.
  • Book an appointment along with a trial run and click loads of pictures in different lighting during the day and night to see how your makeup looks in different lighting.
  • Don't try something you are not comfortable with and avoid makeup which is not your kind. Remember you have to be bolder but glamorous in a way which defines you and reinvents you!
  • Stick to things that make you look good and you use on a regular basis. You want to look like you always did but just more glamorous and angelic !
Which is your favorite Indian bridal makeup look among the latest Indian bridal makeup looks listed above? Do let us know by commenting below.!

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