101 Indian Wedding Hairstyles For The Contemporary Bride || How To Choose The Perfect Wedding hairstyle?

There is no doubt that Indian women make the best brides. Hands painted with henna and being adorned with a tikka, jhoomar, gold jewellery, colorful jooda(bangles) and a lehenga/ornate sari/ ghagra, how could an Indian bride not feel gorgeous? The Indian bride’s head to toe style speak of all the dreams she has of her wedding day since she was a little girl. No matter how busy women get with their careers , they dream of getting married and want everything to be perfect on their wedding day! Which woman in their right sense wouldn’t want to look beautiful on their wedding? We all want to be that picture perfect bride, don’t we?
It might look way too magical and glorious but getting everything right on your wedding day can be a quite a task for every bride out there. Being the most important day of your life you want everything to fall perfectly and you make sure every tiny bit detail is taken care of. In the middle of this the bride must also ensure her makeup is oil free and stays long enough whilst her hairstyle matches her outfit while keeping the weather condition in mind!
With The wedding day becoming hectic with so many tasks in hand and you have little time to accomplish each of them its best to decide what kind of hairstyle or makeup you are willing to go for as its your THE MOST IMPORTANT DAY ! A day for which you are ready to fight every odd to look your best on the most important day of your life. What could possibly ruin your big day? There are three things bride’s to be fret over: Makeup, Dress and a gorgeous Hair style to go with the whole outfit ! Yes !

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Important Hairstyle Tips To Look Flawless On Your Wedding:

#1 If you happen to wear a dupatta over the head which is traditional and considered auspicious in India, make sure you have sprayed your hair well with hair setting spray as the dupatta will tend to mess up your hairstyle.

#2 Bride’s with heavy lehengas and even more heavier work dupatta’s pick up a hairstyle which is light weight and won’t weight your hair down.

#3 Indian bride’s prefer to wear whole lot of head jewelry o their wedding day which might affect the hairstyle which is why you must keep loads of hairpins and bobby fins to fix any loose ends .

#4 Don’t just describe or show a picture of your wedding outfit to your hairstylist. Its best to show your outfit to your hairstylist so she can shortlist the best hairstyles that would look a million bucks with your outfit. She might also give you a quick trial beforehand so you know the style you have chosen does work for you!

#5 Simplicity is always loved everywhere by everyone hence if you think you will look gorgeous in simple makeup and an even simpler hairstyle, go with your gut feeling and don’t care for rules where in you have bride’s wearing heavy makeup and extra ordinary hair do’s!

#6 Avoid any kind of experimentation ! You have your whole life to experiment, for your wedding day play safe. Get help from a professional as you might have way too much on your hands already and its best to leave the small details and the make and hair on somebody who is pro at it!

Now without wasting time lets get into the 101 most gorgeous Indian Wedding Hairstyles for long, medium and short hair you can go for this wedding season !

Choosing a hairstyle might seem the biggest task but we hope we made it a lot more easier with these 101 gorgeous Indian Wedding Hairstyles for you. Your wedding day is a special event and we hope its filled with glamour, lights and laughter, put all your hair woes in the back of your mind with so many hairstyles to choose from.

#1 Halo Braid Bun:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (66)
This halo braided bun is pretty and will keep all your hair in place so your ghunghat is neat and the whole look looks crisp and perfect ! Those wearing a ghagra or a heavy outfit can go for this Indian Wedding Hairstyle!

#2 A Twist To The Classic Gajra:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (2)
A modern take on the traditional gajra is this beautiful jasmine garland decorated in a low bun in such a way that the mogra strands are twisted in a spiral form . Its gorgeous and elegant and can be worn with a lot of Indian outfits.

#3 Polished Top Knot

Whoever said you cannot carry a top knot with your wedding outfit? If you are one of those who are on a search for a hairstyle which screams of posh and perfecting then this is what you have been looking for. this top knot or top high bun looks great with ethnic wear because it has added jewels to give it an ethnic touch!

#4 Graceful And Beautiful Low Side Bun:

Sleek and neat bun is your choice ? Then this neat and elegant low side bun with a few hair accessories is perfect for your big day girl!
Indian Wedding Hairstyles (28)

#5 Lace Braided Bun:

Incase your hair doesn't have the required volume to get that perfect indian wedding hairstyle all you have to do is pick up a pretty hairstyle which includes a fake bun. This lace braided bun has lace braids running at the front and is finished with a fake braided bun which looks real in actual life ! How cool is this Indian wedding hairstyle?!
Indian Wedding Hairstyles (84)

#6 Neat Fishtail Braid

If you want your saree or outfit to take center stage and let your gold heirloom jewelry take the whole attention its great to keep your hairstyle on the simpler side which is why this beautiful poofed up fishtail braid is something you can go for ! 
Indian Wedding Hairstyles (96)

#7 Colorful Rose Petal Gajra:

Why choose boring gajra hairstyle when you have many new hairstyles to rock? This fresh rose petal gajra is a lovely pick if you want to go the ethnic way yet want something different than others!
Indian Wedding Hairstyles (34)

#8 A Trail Of Pink Flowers

We all know flowers are the most important thing when it comes to Indian weddings. A simple fishtail braid with real pink flowers here and there makes it so pretty ! You will be surprised by the magnum effect this hairstyle will have when you pair it with your girly outfit!
Indian Wedding Hairstyles (85)

#9 Greek Goddess:

Sleek middle parted hair with texture , finished off in an elegant updo . Finishing it off with maang mehndi , this is what we wouldrefer as the Greek Goddess ! Perfect, beautiful and ethereal!
Indian Wedding Hairstyles (86)

#10 Embellished Waterfall Braid:

Add an interesting touch to your hairstyle with this embellished waterfall braid . This adds the perfect drama and glamour to the whole ensemble!
Indian Wedding Hairstyles (74)

#11 Elegant And Simple Half Up Half Down Indian Wedding Hairstyle:

Half up and half down hairstyles are the most sought after Indian wedding hairstyles ! they are so pretty and bring out the charm of the bride, no wonder why most brides tend to choose this over many indian wedding hairstyles.
Indian Wedding Hairstyles (55)

#12 Traditional Gajra

What better than a simple traditional gajra the way your mom does, its like taking a piece of your mother with you when you go to your in laws place after the bidai !
Indian Wedding Hairstyles (43)

#14 Side gajra with Braid:

Headband braids with a side gajra is like total ethnic badass? What say? This is pretty yet very elegant and has a unique vibe to it!
Indian Wedding Hairstyles (33)

#15 Side Ponytail:

This is so beautiful , a side ponytail which has waves , would look beautiful on slim girls!
Indian Wedding Hairstyles (7)

#16 Long Loose Curls

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (13)

#17 Simple Open Wavy Hair:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (22)

#18 Half Up Half Down Crown Braid:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (73)

#19 Dashing Wedding Hairstyle

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (90)

#20 Beautiful Poofed Up Updo:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (71)

#21 Flattering waves

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (20)

#22 Hair adornment Fishtail Braid

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (37)

#23 Soft curly Half Half Down Hairstyle

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (59)

#24 Sleek Severe middle Parted Gajra With White Flowers:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (9)

#25 Half Up But Fully Beautifully Bouffant Down do


#26 Unpinned Braided Bangs

indian wedding hairstyle 111

#27 Traditional Braid With Flowers

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (91)

#28 Headdress Headband

indian wedding hairstyle

#29 Loose Curls With A wrap Braid on The head:


#30 Twisted Floral Head Clip With Dreamy Curls:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (65)

#31 Bejewelled Traditional Braid With jasmine Mandala:

Jasmine flowers and Indian weddings go hand in hand. Most of the south Indian brides adorned in a banarsi silk saree opt for a jasmine mandala to go with their thick braids. I have myself 
Indian Wedding Hairstyles (68)

#32 The Pearl Jada Braid For The South Indian Bride:

Indian brides are finding different ways to decorate their braids on their wedding day. Many might be allergic to flowers and hence prefer jewelled or beaded jewellery to adorn or decorate their braids. This one is a classic jada were a braid is decorated with strands of real pearls!indian wedding hairstyles

#33 Netted Gajra:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (38)

#34 Inspiration From The Bollywood Bridal Hairstyle:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (78)

#35 Twisted poofy Regular three Strand Braid:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (46)

#36 Pretty Half Up With Beach Curls And Volume


#37 Romantic Wavy updo

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (88)

#38 Crown Braided Updo


#39 Half Up Boho Braid:


#40 Retro Waves updo:

#41 Open Curls And Waves:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (4)

#42 Jasmine Twirled Three Strand Braid:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (8)

#43 Wedding Hair Bun For Long Hair

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (11)

#44 Mogra Covered Bun:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (94)

#45 Accessorized Fishtail Braid:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (62)

#46 Petal Fishtail Braid:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (3)

#47 Criss Cross Half Down Curly Hair:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (44)

#48 Half Jewelled Updo With poof:


#49 Formal Twisted Crown  Updo


#50 Voluminous Wavy Side Part Updo:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (67)

#51 Extravagant Hair Accessory updo:

#52 Messy Floral Bridal  Prom Updo

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (10)

#53 Classic Low Bun With Side Part At The Front:


#54 Gorgeous Fluffy Curls:


#55 Pinned Up Curly Ponytail


#56 Mogra Bun:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (5)

#57 Poofy Updo With White Flowers

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (21)

#58 Floral Wrap Braid


#59 Sleek Middle Parted Bun With Curls

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (36)

#60 The Marigold Updo:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (26)

#61 Middle Parted Volume Hairstyle:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (6)

#62 The Queen Of Jasmine Flowers Braid:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (58)

#63 Stunning Fishtail Half Crown Updo With White Roses:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (41)

#64 Etched Floral Embellished headband


#65 Decorative red Roses Up do:


#66 Romantic And Timeless Wedding Hairstyle

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (42)

#67 Vintage Inspired Hairstyle:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (54)

#68 Long Braided Choti:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (52)

#69 Indian Wedding Hairstyle with Inter woven Braid:


#70 One Sided Passa Elegant updo:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (1)

#71 Voluminous Fishtail Braid With Colorful Flowers:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (17)

#72 Jasmine Flower Gajra With Rope Braid:

Aishwarya Rai Hairstyles are also very famous for the gorgeous Indian bride. Do a traditional gajra but with a rope braid and you are bound to look like a princess on the most important day of your life! This is a beautiful option for south indian bride's, and it will be a great indian wedding hairstyle for bride;s wanting to try something different.
Indian Wedding Hairstyles (89)

#73 The Half Moon Gajra


#74 French Braided Updo:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (93)

#75 Backwards Flower Tiara:

#76 Poola Jada:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (15)

#77 Classic Bump It gajra

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (61)

#78 Pleated Braid With Jewels:


#79 The Fishtail Crown Updo:

#80 Jewelled Pearl  Plaited Braid


Pull through Braid
Indian Wedding Hairstyles (97)

#81 Sophisticated  Side Swept Messy Braid With Twists:


#82 Traditional Jewelled Bun:


#83 Poofy Pinned Up Curls:


#84 Traditional Bun

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (45)

#85 Half up Half Down Dutch Braid With Messy Curls:


#86 Puffy Headband Braided Bun:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (18)

#87 Voluminious Four Strand Braid With Flower Adornments:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (76)

#88 Gorgeous High Bun

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (16)

#89 South Indian Bridal Hairstyle

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (72)

#90 Basic Three Strand Braid With real Flowers:

#91 High Bridal Braided Bun:

#92 South Indian Flower Hair Do:

#93 The Modern Bride Hairstyle:

This hairstyle seen on Parineeti Chopra was quite a favorite when it was first featured on the Harper Bazaar's bridal edition. Love how the messy 'just woke up' updo is giving it a modern vibe while the maatha patti is giving it an ethnic vibe!

#94 Dramatic Tendril Updo

#95 Loose Strands Messy Braided Updo:

Indian women are blesses with jet black thick curly hair and what better way to show off your natural beauty than this seductive and smoldering updo ?

#96 Lovely Back braid With Soft curls:

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (60)

#97 Stunning Heatless Curls With Mallige Huvu :

Indian Wedding Hairstyles (35)
#98 Voluminous Twisty Bun:

#99 Intricate Mogra Braid:

Heavy jewelry and even heavier hair braid with loads of intricate mogra covering the whole braid is what the south Indian bride prefers. This is a gorgeous way o style your hair that would go well with silk banarsi sarees!

#100 Side Parted sleek Fishtail Braid

#101 Chic Braided Hair Do:

How To Choose The Perfect Indian Wedding Hairstyle In Order To Look Glamorous :

You might have carefully chosen tons and tons of glamorous hairstyles for your wedding or you simply liked a picture of a bride on instagram or pinterest  and want something exactly like for your big day. However, before you tell your stylist what hairstyle you want or even for that fact show that picture or screen shot from instagram you might want to consider a few things! Now you might think why give so much importance to a hairstyle when you have other much important things on your hand, so let me tell you that the way your hair looks on the day you tie the knot is just as much a part of the whole outfit as the shoes or bridal dress itself . You can have your let open if its a winter wedding or you can match your hair with your outfit or you can simply opt for an elegant up do! Just remember the way you opt your hairstyle will be documented in your wedding photos and wedding videos for the rest of your life, which is why I emphasize on getting everything perfect and carefully choosing the right hairstyle for your special day.’'
You don’t have to copy somebody’s style to look glamorous on your wedding, just go with your gut feeling and pick up a hairstyle based on a few aspects , which will automatically make you the most glamorous Hindustani bride out there !

While picking up an Indian wedding Hairstyle we seriously suggest you to consider the following aspects:

Wedding Theme:

You might want to consider the venue in which your wedding is going to take place, as different venues and locations call for different Indian wedding hairstyles . If your wedding is in South India , say Kerala or Karnataka you are probably going to take the pheras inside a mandapa in a marriage hall, which is indoors . Or if your wedding is Beach themed one or even a Rajasthani Royal wedding themed. It is important to go for a hairstyle that gels with the whole wedding theme or you might look out of place sporting a thick braid with flowers in a beach themed wedding ! Pick up braids if its a religious wedding , go for elegant updo’s if if you plan on getting married in a church , or go for elaborate loose curls or even curled open hair for an outdoor themed wedding.

Wedding Outfit:

The most important factor while choosing a hairstyle for an Indian bride is going according to her wedding outfit! If you are getting professional help , then its best to show them the outfit so they can chance upon the closest best hairstyle to go with your outfit and if you are getting the hairstyle done on your own then you might want to consider the style of the dress to pick up the right bridal hairstyle. Go for messy buns and spoofed up up do’s with elaborate ethnic outfits like Ghagra choli or flared ornate lehengas, side  parted soft curls or side parted tight buns if you are planning on wearing a sharara or fish cut lehenga,or choose braids if you are wearing nine yards Banarsi silk sarees . Pick a hairstyle that will make it easier for you to show off the detailing your dress, such as a bride wearing a gown with detailing at the back or a bride with an interesting blouse back design can opt for an elegant updo to show off the detailing.

Climate Conditions:

While we have covered two important factors another one which is as critical as the first two is the weather , especially if you have an outdoor wedding on a sunny day, you don’t want sweat tricking down your spine due to your half open loose hairstyle. Choose a hairstyle which is appropriate for the climate you will be in.Temperature rising and temperature hitting down all lows can both be a hurdle. You don’t want to end up shivering in an Ac hall or sweat profusely outside on your reception or worst have sweaty bangs sticking out of your dupatta if you are wearing a veil or a dupatta like most Indian Bride’s do!

Head Jewellery:

Indian bride is incomplete without some glamorous jewellery to go with her traditional attire. Almost all Indian bride’s go for head harnesses, maang tikka or huge Jhoomars or even the latest side passa. All of these head jewellery dominate the kind of hairstyle you might want to pull off on your wedding day. If you are opting for heavy gold head jewellery like the South Indian brides complete with real flowers then its best to opt braids or those having to wear maang tikkas and jhoomars might want to sport a voluminous front poof updo or open hair with volume at the front to help the hairstyle accentuate the jewellery you would be wearing !


Last but not the least its important to keep in mind that the hairstylist is not going to cost you a bomb ! Make sure everything is within your budget as makeup and hair is certainly considered to be taken account of in your budget! You might even want a trial of the hairstyle beforehand so you know you are satisfied with the whole outcome but all of these can cost you loads and loads which is why you should consider students who are still in the training process and might cut costs to get themselves some experience. You can also ask your friends and family to suggest a good hairstylist who they had a good experience . You can also find many hairstylists up for hair styling on youtube and instagram, who surely wouldn’t cost as much as high end spas and parlors would.

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