How to prevent Kajal from smudging || Tips, Tricks and Kohl Alternatives

Iam obsessed with beauty products and it was kajal where my beauty journey started. Kajal is used in Indian homes on infants to wards off evil eye and Iam sure my mother had used plenty of kohl on me when I was a baby. I remember buying a Lakme kohl pencil with own pocket money and like most Indian women I love a bit of kohl on my eyes.  These days I dont apply much kohl kajal because it slides down and intensifies my under eye area. I stick to lining my eyes and if I want more drama on eyes I go for coloured liners and leave my lower lashline and waterline bare.  However I cant skip the kohl for weddings or festivals as want a bit more drama and definition for my eyes. Here I bring to you some tips and tricks I follow to prevent the smudging of kajal during special occasions.

How to prevent Kajal from smudging:

#1 Invest in smudge free kajals and kohls. I realized that formula of the kajal you use plays a part in how smudged your kohl is by end of day.  Maybelline collosal and lakme eyeconic are good budget smudgeproof options and if you are looking to spend a bit more lakme kohl ultimate is just amazing jet black and long lasting. For more options read this post: 10 Best Kohl Kajal Pencils  
#2 Avoid applying kajal in the inner eye corners. I have noticed most smudging of kohl occurs on the inner corners so it better to avoid applying kajal there. You can go for dark kohl in the middle of your waterline and go for a single swipe thin line in inner corners.

#3 Dont touch your eyes. touching them means smudging them so just dont.

#4 Prepare your under eye area before applying kajal. Use a primer and follow up with powder which helps keep the area around eye oil free making your kajal last longer. Most women set their under eye concealer with powder to prevent creasing but if you are skipping concealer then make sure to dust a bit of translucent powder under eyes to adsorb oil and sweat.

#5 Almost all kajals tend to smudge a bit after some hours so it is better to be prepared . Carry some ear buds to wipe off the excess kajal when it slides below waterline.

#6 Apply some black eye  shadow on your lower lashline to create a barrier of sorts for the kajal from smudging. The powder eye shadow also helps absorb some moisture and keeps your kajal intact. If eye shadows are not your thing then you can also go for a thin black liner on your lower lash line, this makes for a very dramatic Indian look.

Why Skip kohl kajal?
  • It slides below waterline and intensifies dark circles by end of the day giving you panda eyes.
  • Taking off kohl completely is a lot of hard work.
  • Kohl less makeup gives a very innocent wide open fresh look which is prefect for daily daytime wear.

Kohl Alternatives: No Kajal Makeup Ideas

If you have dark circles then  wearing kohl may not be the best thing to do on everyday basis. You can still do a complete makeup look by skipping your kajal as many women abroad easily skip kajal in their makeup. Here are some things you can try for kohl less look
  • Thick eye liner look: There are many eye liner styles you can try but the thick eyeliner look is quiet in trend and it can easily underplay the lack of kohl in your look. Go for a matte black thick liner to line your eyes.
  • Soft shadow on lower lashline: If you feel dark black kajal is a bit too harsh on you can try going for a normal liner look with soft brown eye shadow on lower line. Make sure your eyeshadow is of good quality to prevent it from smudging. 
  • Loads of mascara: Most of the times I just go with a normal liner on upper with lots of mascara on lower and upper lases and  my eyes look fresh and more open. 
  • Glossy liner: You can go for a glossy black line on upper lashline and clear mascara look also.

How to remove kajal from eyes safely and completely

The reason I avoid applying kohl kajal to my eyes these days is because it is very difficult to remove completely. Earlier I used normal kajals which got removed easily with my normal makeup cleanse routine but the smudgeproof kohl pencils I use at present require quiet a bit of effort to be removed.
I use cotton dipped in Dabur badam tail to get rid of kajal completely and this method works best for me as it not only cleanses my eye area but also nourishes and hydrates it. It is important to not use harsh makeup cleansers to remove kajal because it may sting your waterline. You can also use olive oil on cotton to remove kohl kajal instead of almond oil.

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