5 Floral Theme Designs For Weddings in Chandigarh

One of the first things a woman would like to have is a top-notch wedding day. Although not all women accomplish this, those who organized well to have the best wedding, can afford to use a theme in their wedding. There are so many ideas to decorate that range from the Hawaiian style to the use of dark colored flowers gothic-style. All depends, for the most part, on the couple. The truth is that flowers and creativity have an important role in all this.

1. Garland-draped ceiling

Not all people are creative with flowers but when it comes to adorning the place for the big day, calling a professional is ideal. Those who like this type of decoration generally love nature and adventure. For this theme, you can use multi-color flowers just as you can see in the photo, however, pale-colored flowers are preferred. It is also recommended to use preserved flowers because you never know if the weather’s condition for that (if the wedding is held outdoors) and because these flowers offer more durability. You can make a jungle-style combination, by utilizing pastel-colored flowers and dark green leaves.

2. Floral fountain

There’s no doubt that this theme is for the most romantic people. Do you remember those TV scenes of couples walking by a fountain while tossing coins into it? Well, it’s as good as that. In this type of theme, you can play with the color of the water that comes out from the fountain. Well, there’s no need to point out that this service is quite expensive, thus this theme is more common in millionaire weddings. Either case, you can order a mini fountain to decorate the place of your wedding. You can even variegate, and use chocolate instead of water so that people can use that chocolate as a dip. Fountains are decorated with pink and white flowers, although some dare use yellow preserved flowers and red roses.

3. Flower backdrop

This is one of the most popular themes. If you like nature and want to give the environment some freshness, this theme is ideal for you. The best side about this decoration is that you can use almost any flower to combine the greenness of the leaves with the color of the online flowers in Chandigarh. This theme is pretty easy to combine. Some people prefer using light-yellow flowers or pink roses to go with the green backdrop. On the other side, the combination between the wall and the color of the leaves and pink roses offer a spectacular view.

4. Topiary installations

This decoration is used to brighten the aisle where the bride, the groom and the newlyweds will pass through. It is a very good way to divide the space between the guests’ tables and the place where the newlyweds are. It is very romantic and you only need creativity to set up a decoration like this. The color of the flowers is not important but you need to take care of their position. To make this theme, use flower vases or stands to support the flowers and make the theme look more esthetic.

5. Unlikely pairings

If you are looking to innovate and show something different to the guests, play with the flowers and use unexpected combinations. You can use flowers of all colors, preferably purple combining them with green and yellow ones. The aim of this theme is to provide a colorful contrast. If you are a couple that likes rock music and dark colors, you can use dark-purple preserved flowers with lighter colors. White plays up dark colors. This flower theme can be installed all over the place and can be also utilized to decorate desks and tables. Make over the altar and the aisle with this theme as well.

 ~ This article is a guest post by Samiksha Gaur

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