35 Trendy Haldi Outfit Ideas for the Bride || Haldi Ceremony Dresses & Styling Tips

Haldi ceremony is an important pre wedding ritual in Indian weddings but brides dont pay much attention to this ceremony as it is a very intimate and a private affair. In the recent past things have changed and haldi ceremony has actually become a lot of fun with people turning it into a fun haldi holi which makes way for amazing photos and some chill time for bride.

If you are a bride to be who hasnt planned her haldi ceremony outfit yet, then Iam here to help you ease out on decision making. I bring to you a selection of some really modern and trendy haldi outfit ideas from which you can take inspiration and decide as per your taste. 

Most brides opt to wear simple yellow clothes for haldi ceremony fearing it will be ruined when smeared with haldi ubtan but hey it is your wedding and how many wedding outfits are you gonna repeat anyway? You need to look picture perfect for your haldi and maybe a bit funky or boho too, choose from one of the outfit ideas below and look fresh and fabulous at your haldi without worrying about haldi spoiling your clothes because it can all most probably be dry cleaned off !

35 Trendy Outfit Ideas for your Haldi || Haldi Ceremony Dresses 

#1  Sleeveless gown 

If you want to keep things fuss free, comfortable yet stylish for your intimate haldi ceremony then opt for an floor length gown. The western style gown can look very out of place at a traditional ceremony like haldi but you can mix things up and go for a fusion styling for more contemporary haldi look. If you are not wearing a gown for any of your wedding functions then wear one for haldi.

#2  Lehenga with trendy shirt style blouse

Shirt style blouse designs are getting very popular paired with both sarees and lehengas these days. You can actually give this trend a try for you haldi. If you have a yellow lehenga in your wardrobe then pair it with a simple, crisp white shirt, add a chunky neck piece and done, you haldo ceremony look is ready. If you dont have a yellow lehenga then you can shop for a simple maxi skirt or lehenga and team it with your shirt.

#3 Light ombre lehengas

Everyone wears yellow for the haldi function which kind of gets boring but no other colour actually look good for haldi ceremony.  The ombre with yellow as a primary colour is a nice trend to play with for haldi function where you have some yellow in your outfit yet it looks hatke. Yellow with pink or yellow with orange or green can look very striking. Ombre is a trnd you can definitely try for haldi function. You can even look for ombre sarees or anarkalis if lehengas isnt your thing.

#4 Floor length anarkali with contrasting dupatta

Yellow is the prefereed colour for mehndi function, a yellow indo western gown in a simple cut without sleeves will make for a good haldo outfit. To add more dimensions to your outfit pair it with a light dupatta in contrasting colour like neon pink or jewel toned green. If you dont want to add a dupatta then you can use accesories to bring in mmore colour to your look. A pair of bubblegum pink pumps pr an emerald rani haar will give you effortless glam look. You can shop for some plain yellow fabric in geprgette or raw silk and get a simple floor length anarkali stitched from a good local tailor.

#5 White lehenga with fun latkan waist belt

White is also a great colour for haldi ceremony if you dont want to wear yellow. A simple white lehenga paired with a white blouse will make for a serene haldi outfit . To glam up this simple look you can opt for extravagant waist belts and skip the dupatta.

#6 Palazzos with crop top

If you want something more trendy and fun for your haldi function palazzo pants paired with crop top is an interesting outfit to try.

#7 Long kurti with skirt

Simple yellow kurtis paired with a contrasting coloured skirt will also make for gorgeous for a haldi ceremony dresses.

#8 Long front slit kurta with cigarette or chudidaar pants

For something interesting yet not too experimental opt for a floor length flowy kurta with high middle slit. Pair with slim fit bottoms and your elegant haldi look is ready.

#9  Contemporary draped saree

Most brides prefer sarees for haldi function and if you also want to wear one then go ahead but get a bit more creative and experiment with different drape styles. Here are 85 Modern Saree Draping Styles to choose from  .

#10  Dhoti pants with kurta or top

Break away from the usual and try something more relaxed for your haldi function like the dhoti pants. A pair of dhoti pants with interesting cut top will make for a super comfortable haldi ceremony outfit.

#11 Saree with peplum blouse

If you dont want to experiment with saree drapes then aim for a hatke blouse. A peplum style blouse is going take your saree look notches higher making your haldi a glam affair.

#12 Quirky florals as haldi ceremony dresses

Florals look great for a fresh function like haldi but give them a twist and opt for off beat floral instead of the usual vintage floral prints. 

#13 Indo western silhouettes with sheer capes

#14 Plain yellow saree with trendy blouse designs 

Plain yellow saree for haldi is always a welcome option especially if you are having a quick morning haldi with just close family members. Interesting cut blouses are what you should pay more attention to in a plain saree look to add a bit of oomph to your simple haldi look. Cold shoulders, high necks and boat necks are pretty hot in trend these days.

#15 Summery floral lehengas

The fail-proof haldi ceremony outfit idea is ofcourse floral lehengas with a yellow base. They look stylish and chic for a day haldi.

#16 Asymmetric skirt with crop top

#17  One shouldered asymmetric tops with breezy pants

#18 Draped skirt with modern blouses

#19 Vibrant multicoloured lehengas

#20 High-low hemline lehengas

A bit of  feet flaunting is necessary at your haldi ceremony as haldi is applied even to feet. High low hemline skirts or lehengas are an amazing pick for a function like this. Blogger Masoom Minawala picked this amazing yellow high low hemline lehenga to wear for her haldi holi party.

#21 Lehengas or gowns with pre-stitched dupattas

Haldi ceremony involves application of turmeric ubtans on face hands and feet of bride so it is  a good idea to keep your outfit fuss free. Pre stitched dupatta are easy to carry off  and  give a regal look. 

#22 Semi sheer floor length anarkali gowns

Semi sheer anrkali drapes are feminine and delicate making for picture perfect morning haldi outfits. Go get a new trend on you haldi and experiment with sheer fabrics keeping everything else simple.

#23 Light printed lehengas

Lehengas are what majority of brides prefer for every other wedding ceremony and if you are lehenga girl then pick something light and printed for your haldi ceremony. 

#24 Tassel detailed blouse with lehengas

#25 Contemporary top with fringe and cape detailing

#26  Simple punjabi salwar suit

Tiered of all the shopping for multiple bridal ceremonies and cant get worked up for a  haldi outfit ? just get a yellow salwar suit stiched and add fresh flower jeweller to your look. You can use a yellow suit you already own but if you are getting a suit stiched then go sleeveless. Add a pair of mojris  and a bright lip colour and your simple haldi look is ready.

#27 Lehenga with sheer cape

If you have a things for sheer then choose a cape style lehenga and get applied haldi in style. This kind of outfit looks uber glam and works best if you are having a separate haldi ceremony a day before your wedding. Most haldi ceremonies these days involve some dancing and this outfit will look gorgeous when you take a twirl.

#28 Lehengas with fringe detailed blouse

Choose the hot fringe trend for your haldi eremony. A full on fringe detailed gold blouse paired with a plain yellow lehenga has perfection written all over it! Go take a style plunge.

#29 Chevron pattern ethnic outfits as haldi ceremony dresses

Chevron print  has become very popular with ethnic wear in recent past and this print in a colour splash makes for a gorgeous haldi ceremony outfit idea which will stand out from the rest. Dont forget to keep your styling a bit more modern as this print has fusion feels.

#30 Traditional half sarees

Are you a south Indian bride to be? Then half saree works perfectly as a haldi outfit for you. Choose something with yellow as the primary colour for classic haldi look. Opt for puff sleeves and add a waist belt  and you are good to go.  floral waist belt can make your half saree look more impactful for haldi. Just take a jasmine flower string and drape like a kamarband.

#31 Fringe haldi ceremony dresses

A dress is also a great outfit for haldi ceremony but take things a level higher with something very striking like a fringe dress which looks oh-so-gorgeous when you take a twirl.

#32 Traditonal bandhini print ethnic outfits

Haldi is a very emotional ceremony where ubtan is applied to both bride and groom by family members and friends. This ubtan is supposed to ward off evil eye and bring in a gorgeous glow to fae before wedding. It is a great idea to dress in traditional indian prints which represent your roots for a ceremony like this. a banhdhej, ikat or bandhini print will look very different yet striking at such functions.

#33 Floor length front slit kurta with lehenga

Want to wear something extravagant yet not to glammy ? then pair a front slit kurta with a printed skirt for an elegant haldi ceremony look. Make sure to keep sleeves short for an outfit like this and keep styling minimal with hair braided.

#34 Edgy yellow top with shorts

If you love western wear then haldi is one function where you an actually be you. Go bold and go edgy with a pair of shorts  and a trendy yellow top. This kind of outfit is actually very practical and makes haldi application easy breezy.

#35 Lehengas with floor length sleeve blouses

What to wear to your Haldi Ceremony

Haldi is a fun ceremony where only your closest friends and family will be present so it is important to choose your outfit keep your comfort in mind so that you can enjoy some quality time with your near and dear ones before the big wedding. But this doesnt mean you wear a old worn out yellow kurti, because haldi ceremony is very important and you will be extensively photographed so opt for something simple yet pretty. Here some styling tips to help you decide your final haldi ceremony outfit and look.
  • Most brides dont shop for an expensive haldi ceremony outfit because turmeric can stain outfits ruining them. Always be prepared for stains on your haldi outfit, choose a fabric which can get stain off easily like plain white cotton or just settle with a yellow outfit on which stains wont stand out much. 
  • Never ignore the haldi ceremony outfit. I have seen many brides shop crazy for other functions but for haldi they dont even care. Even if you are having a simple haldi get a pretty outfit which doesnt cost you much. or just raid your moms wardrobe for a plain yellow lehenga or saree and pair it with trendy blouse designs
  • If you are a bride spending a lot on your haldi ceremony outfit then as your designer if the stains can be easily removed so you can reuse it . Ideally you shouldn't be spending much on your haldi outfit.  If you want to add a personal touch to your wedding then you can DIY a haldi outfit and wear a unique look.

Haldi Ceremony: The Dos, donts and Styling Tips

  • Keep your arms bare: Turmeric paste is applied on face and hands and feet of bride in the haldi ceremony so it is always a good idea to choose something more revealing. Go sleeveless and backless for this pre wedding function. Even high low hemlines are a good option which look glam and allow for comfortable haldi application on feet.
  • Experiment with colours: Yellow is what most brides wear for haldi ceremony but you can actually wear any colour. White is another dominant colour when it comees to haldi ceremony. If you want to experiment  then go ahead and do it, wear new colours and strike a trend but it is better to an outfit with atleast a bit of yellow in it. Like a green suit with yellow dupatta or a blue lehenga with yellow blouse. A white kurta with yellow dhoti pants etc. Even pastels work well for haldi ceremony if it is a morning event.
  • Play with prints and embroidery: Instead of going plain for your haldi ceremony play with prints. Traditonal indian prints like ikat, bandhini or batik look great for haldi or you can even go for funky new age prints similar to masaba's designs. Even embroidered outfits look great for a morning haldi ceremony. Go for light thread work like chikankari suit or a phulkari dupatta paired with simple kurti.
  • Yellow with a twist:Yellow is considered an auspicious colour in Indian culture and this is why most brides wear yellow on haldi function. If you want to stick to the age old yellow for haldi then go for some fresh shades like lemon yellow instead of mango yellow or even neon yellow. Add a bit of contrast with your accessories like a navratan haar or hot pink heels to give more dimensions to your yellow haldi look. Even makeup can bring in a colour splash like pink nails or blue liner.
  • Sari Saga: Sarees make for the best haldi outfits. If you are not wearing a saree for any other wedding function then wear one for your haldi.  A plain yellow saree comes cheap and can look glam if you get styling right. Pair with contrasting coloured high neck blouse designs and a deep back. Go for a fully pinned pallu saree drape  for fuss free haldi application or experiment with modern saree drape styles for more jazzy haldi outfit. 
  • Hairstyles: Style your hair in a fuss free braid coz all the haldi application can get to your open hair. If you really want a fresh open flower hair look then go for partially pinned back hair or add a tiara to keep hair going messy. If you are not wearing floral jewellery for mehndi then wear it for your haldi. Dont go overboard just a floral tiara or mogra in hair will give a nice fresh look.
  • Jewellery:  Keep your mehendi look jewellery free. a necklace or tika can get ruined with turmeric paste so avoid it.  IIf you will be applied haldi on hands and legs bangles and anklets also should be avoided. If you really want to wear jewellery then go for a rani haar and some funky boho earrings or better still wear floral jewellery. Even plain green glass bangles look great for haldi. The latest gota jewellery trend also is best suited for haldi ceremony.

  • Bags and clutches: Totally avoid adding a bag to your haldi outfit. Since mostly this ceremony is going to be taking place in your home you wont need a bag anyway or you can ask your sister or cousin to keep your things handy with them.
  • Makeup: Do your own simple and fresh makeup for haldi ceremony because your face will eventually be smeared with haldi ubtan. You can keep your eyes as a focus of your makeup look as everything else will be covered with haldi expect eyes. Waterproof masara and kohl lined eyes are perfect for this ceremony. You an even get a bit experimental and indulge in coloured liners for haldi ceremony.

  • Footwear: Haldi ceremony mostly happens at the bride's house so you wont require footwear but if you have to, then wear juttis as it goes best with earthy haldi looks. Haldi is applied to feet so you will anyway have to get rid of your shoes. Floral anklets or barefoot floral sandals are a better option. 
 Which haldi ceremony dresses are you more drawn to? 

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