40 Latest Mehndi Designs to try this year

Mehndi designs like every other fashion element is evolving to suit the taste of the new age woman. Most women these days ae embracing mehndi designs for festive occasions as they beautifully complement traditional attire. Contemporary mehndi designs have fun new motifs, jaals and lots of spaces. If you are looking to try some different and new mehndi designs at events this year then look no further as I bring to you a massive collection of all the latest mehndi designs in this post.

These mehndi designs are a mix of indian and arabic henna art but have a very modern feel to then which work will all kinds of ethnic outfits especially indo western outfits. You can try these designs for festivals like eid or diwali and even at weddings of relatives of close family members. 

40 Latest Mehndi Designs to try this year

#1 Gorgeous jaali latest mehndi designs

I am loving jaali mehndi designs a lot these days and they make for a gorgeous contemporary henna design. This stunning mehndi design with thick floral motifs and lot of mesh detailing both on fingers and hands is sure to grab a lot of attention. This latest mehndi design will work nicely on both back and front of hands.

#2 Unique shaded arabic henna mehndi designs 

Latest trend is henna designs without floral details. This shaded leaves only mehndi design is a simple pattern to draw but the impact is sure to be big because of its visual appeal . 

#3 Modern geometric Arabic mehndi designs

Arabic menhdi designs with gemetric details asi all things contemporary and fun. Try this hatke mehndi design at the back of your hands for subtle charm. This latest mehndi design works best with indo-western outfits for occasions like eid.

#4 Beautiful floral mandala mehndi designs for hands

Mehndi mandala or tikki designs are the simple and perfect for girls who prefer to keep things minimal but this unique floral mandala design for hands is taking things notches up. The shaded flower is complemented beautifully with simple flower art on fingers too. This designs can be done on both hands on front or back as per your taste.

#5 Intricate mehndi design for back of hands

#6 Arabic bridal henna for hands

Mehndi designs for brides are having a lots of spaces these days for a chi modern look. This banded mehndi design is a good choice for brides who dont want to sit for hours together to get their henna applied and yet want a full hand design. 

#6 Latest shaded mehndi design 

Years back mehndi designs were restricted mostly to palms except if you were the bride but these days arabic designs ahve very little edetailing on palms and extend majorly to full hands.  The gorgeous burnt orange colour of henna looks best on palms so it is actually a good idea to choose a design which concentrates on palms of your hands. This latest mehndi designs with shaded floral detail is a must try.

#7 Trendy full hand henna mehndi designs

#9 Stunning intricate henna pattern for hands

#10 Simple henna designs for back of hands

#11 Delicate Mehndi designs for special occasions

#12  Arabic floral mehendi designs 

#13 Simple and easy mehndi designs for little girls

#14 Trendy half and half heart henna designs for both hands

#15 Beautiful jaali mehndi designs - Mehndi for beginners

#16 Romantic couple in rain mehndi designs for engagemnet

#17 Contemporary mehndi designs  for back of hands

#18 Traditional pot mehndi designs 

#18 Mesh detailed lace glove henna - Mehndi designs 

#19 Gorgeous thick henna tattoo art 

Mehndi designs have a lot of thick strokes and detailing . This very trendy design has a lot of thick strokes mixed with thin intricate lines and patterns. The leaf kind of diagonal pattern may require you to use a different thick cut cone, so work with 2 different cones when trying this design.

#20 Stunning checks and tulips mehndi designs 

#21 Amazing new age single line floral mehndi design with lots of lines

#22 Catchy thick flower patterned mehndi designs 

#23 Adorable simple roses and vines mehndi designs 

#24 shaded flower only arabic mehndi designs 

#25 mesh detailed fingers only deliate henna

#26 Easy and simple checks and dots mehndi designs 2018

#27 Latest Parrot henna art - Trendy mehndi designs 2018

#28 Tricky artistic mehndi designs 2018 

#29 Peacock on palms mehndi designs 2018 

#30 Hathphool style back of hands floral mehndi designs 2018

#31 Bretahtaking full hand Indian mehndi designs 2018

#32  Thick single line tulips mehndi designs 2018

#33 Asymmetrical hand mehndi designs for modern young bride 

#34  Easy peacock mehndi designs 2018

#35 Delicate floral and finger bands mehndi designs 2018

#36 Unique and simple  mehndi designs 2018

#37  Flower mehndi designs 2018 with mesh detail

#38 Floral mehndi designs 2018 for other side of feet

#39 Beautiful floral mehndi designs with lots of empty spaces

#40 Thick curves arabic henna mehndi designs 2018

Top mehndi design trends of this season:

Like everything related to fashion and beauty even mehndi designs are evolving and changing. Mehndi designs of 2018 have lots of empty spaces as women of today prefer minimal but striking henna patterns. Floral mehndi patterns are still a huge hit and arabic mehndi designs preferred by majority, but there are many new variations even in floral Arabic designs. Here are a list of mehndi designs which are hot in trend this year
  • Tulips mehndi designs - Instead of your usual rose flowers tulips are increasingly being used in henna patterns ( see design no 20 and 32 for refrence)
  • Mehndi that looks like real jewelry is also hot in trend these days. See design no 30 for reference. For more of such designs see this post here.
  • Mehndi on other side of your feet aka on your sole is another huge trend. Brides can get this done for more exquisite bridal look. see design no 38.
  • Peacock are soon being replaced with parrot motifs in mehendi design. see design no 27
  • Bridal mehndi designs are either minimal or full on heavy. Full baraat in  brides mehndi, weaving a story, wedding hashtags are all getting popular at weddings these days.
  • Jaali work in mehndi designs are another very trendy pattern in modern mehndi designs . Mesh detailed lace glove type intricate mehndi patterns are hot this year.
Which of these latest mehndi designs 2018 do you like most?

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