20 Latest and Modern Henna mehndi designs for all Occasions

Fashion trends keep changing and it is the same with mehndi designs. New variations of mehndi designs keep coming inspiring people to try newer versions of the mehndi art.

These days a lot of indo western fusion is on in fashion and beauty. Even the traditional mehndi design art is being given modern touches for the young contemporary bride. Delicate and minimalistic is the new way to go as brides these days dont want to sit for long hours for their mehndi. Stuff like glitter henna, white henna, lace glove mehndi and mehndi with lot of space is hot in trend and age olds motifs like paisleys, peacocks, flowers, leaves are still being incorporated in designs. 

Here I present to you a carefully curated collection of 50 latest Henna mehndi designs which can be used for any occasion and since these designs have a modern fusion touch to them it can also be used by brides who want to go for simple barely there designs for their wedding.

#1 Simple Leaf Arabic Mehndi design:

Floral patterns look amazing in henna tatto but if get bored of flowers and paisleys then try this minimal mehndi design with leaves only. This is sure to grab eyeballs especially the single leaf detailing below the four nails. 

#2  Floral Mehndi design for simple occasions

This isnt your normal mehndi design, having two flowers in spotlight and a lot of swirls this is perfect for festivals like eid and karwa chauth. You can try this design both on your palm and back of your hand.

#3 Half flower with thick lines mehndi designs

This design is another unique one with half flower on one flower. You can try this mehndi design on both hands to get a complete flower whe you join hands.

#4 Fusion mehndi design for college girls

This captivating design is very contemporary and is ideal for young college going girls . I love how thick vines encircle the moon shaped base line. This design is ideal for back of the hand and isnt suitable for palms.

#5 Intricate parallel lines finger mehndi design:

If you want fingers to be the highlight of your look then try this intricate but simple mehndi design. You can do a simple floral motif on your palm and back of the hand but make sure it doesnt divert attention away from fingers. Also with this design you should avoid finger jewellery or stick to simple ring bands

#6 Stunning henna vines mehndi design

This flower less mehndi design featuring stunning vines is amazing and can be tried both on palms and back of hand.

#7 Beautiful Jaali and floral mehndi design

I love how mehndi designs are being modernised these days with most attention being given to fingers. This mehndi design has simple floral pattern in the middle and delicate jaali detailing on all five fingers . I love intricate mesh detailing in henna art and design is one of my top favourites.

#8 Gorgeous butterfly mehndi design

Using different motifs to bring variations in mehandi designs is a common practice but butterflies arent widely used which makes this design different. if you are in mood to try something hatke and fun try this butterfly mehendi design

#9 Peacock feather henna design

If you are bored of peacock motifs in mehndi designs then try the peacock feather design with flower at the base.  Love how this design is fuss free yet impactful, keeping fingers bare works in its favour.

#10 Simple Moroccan mehndi design

No feminine flowers of girly patterns in this moroccan mehndi which is a series of straight lines running in different directions. If you want something different try this.

#11 Thick arabic henna tatto:

This mehndi design which has thicket patterns than what you find in regular mehendis has a very contemporary feel to it giving a tattoo like illusion. Since this design doesnt have too many intricate details it should be easier to try even by starters. 

#12 Mehndi midi rings design:

If you have read our post on #RingTrends you will already know that midi rings are a hot new trend. This simple fingers only mehendi design is simliar to midi rings and can be flaunted even with your western dresses or gowns. 

#13 Hathphool style mehndi design

These days mehndi deesigns which look like real jewellery are very popular. Hathphools are hand ornaments not manay people wear because it isnt easy to work around when you are wearing a hath phool. This mehndi design is perfect for you if you love elaborate hand accessories but crave comfort in summer weddings.

#14 Elephant motif design

Elephant has a lot of important in the indian tradition and elephant motifs have been used for a long time now in mehndi designs. This mehendi design traces an elephant and decorates it with floral patterns making it different and fun. This design is best for hindu religious occasions 

#15 Arabic rose swirls mehandi design

Who doesnt like roses? This thick rose swirl mehndi design is beautiful and simple. It can be done both on your palms and back of hand.

#16 Bracelet type mehndi design for wedding guests

This contemporary mehndi pattern looks like a chunky hand cuff and the intricate detailing on fingers adds charm to this design. If you hate jewellery then try this design at the next wedding you attend.

#17 Lace glove henna design for the western inspired bride

This henna mehndi design gives an illusion of wearing gloves. If you are a bride who is fascinated by weddings in the west then try this design to get a lace glove feel on your hands even in your indian wedding attire. You can just get the lace pattern on the back of youe hands while your palms have a different intricate design. 

#18 Modern fusion mehndi design with lots of empty space

The latest trend in mehndi designs is to have intricate patterns coupled with lots of empty spaces like this design where the focus is on fingers while most part of the palm is left bare. This mehndi design on fingers resembles an embroidery of sorts and the standout flower puts the required amount of fun and femininity in it. This design can be worn by women of all ages and at all occasions.

#19 Geometric Moroccan Mehndi design for hands

Geometric lines and patterns come together beautifully in this very different mocaan mehndi design. This one is for you if you are in a non girly geeky mood. This will be best rocked western or fusion wear. 

#20 Arabic moon mehndi design for eid

Chand or moon has special significance in the muslim festival eid so this arabic design will be perfect for eid. You can try this design even for shab-e-barat or simple occasions. 

Which design do you like the most? Would you try some of these modern designs or just stick to old traditional ones?

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