Surprise For My Mom With The DineOut App

 DineOut App Review
In the madness of the everyday life, we often tend to forget and ignore the things which actually matter. We are so absorbed inside our world of gadgets and laptops that we forget to notice the wonderful world outside which includes our friends.. our family.. our parents.

So, does it mean we don't love them? Of course NOT. We love our parents more than we love ourselves but the fact is that we have never got the right opportunity to express our love to them in the right way. Nothing we do can ever pay off their love and dedication towards us but still, the little gestures and surprises we give them brings a smile on their faces and makes them proud for having you as their children.

When I was in my High school, my English teacher,Rakhshanda Ma'am, who was a very learned and wise lady used to always preach us that we must often express our love to our parents and tell them the words I-love-you. I used to find it very awkward and judging by the weird looks of my other classmates, they felt the same as me.

Then came the questions: 
  • Why does it feel so awkward to say 'I love you Mom' to your mother when you know you are telling the truth?
  • Why does jumping off the cliff seem like a better option than going up to your Dad and saying 'I Love you Dad'?

The answer was hanging right there. We hadn't tried it ever. We thought that our parents being superheroes possessed the super powers to read our minds.. we thought they had the power to decipher every smile we gave them to be an 'I love you'.. every time we looked in their eyes with adoration, they would know that it meant more than a million 'I love yous'.


Our parents are superheroes, but they can't read your minds so precisely. You need to go up to them, give them a hug and speak out the words yourself.

This Mother's day, that's what I did. Yes. After twenty one years of my life, I finally gathered up the courage to tell my Mom those three magical words

I wanted this Mother's day to be special for my Mom.. perfect actually. Not something very expensive and posh but something with a personal touch, something which my Mom would like and would remember all her life.

Why I Chose to Dine out with my Mom:

  • My Mom cooks my favorite recipes everyday. On Mother's day, I wanted to treat her to her favorite dishes. 
  • Mom is so busy in taking care of our needs everyday that she never gets time to Dineout. It's very rare.
  • I wanted to tell her 'I love you' in a special way. 
  • As surprising that it sounds, I didn't know what her favourite dishes were so a restaurant where she could choose was the best option.
 DineOut App Review

Why I chose the DineOut app:

  • Dineout offers 20% cashback on the total bill while paying via the Smartpay Dineout wallet. Mother's day or not, the smart shopper and deal lover in me can't resist such offers! :D
  • Wonderful set of luxury hotels to choose from.
  • I got to reserve a table before actually reaching there. This ensured that I didn't end up making a fool of myself in front of my Mom if the restaurant was full and they were no seats left.
  • The option to pay via the Dineout wallet at the restaurant as I didn't want my Mom to know how much I was spending which would have been obvious If I paid cash.
 DineOut App Review

California Pizza Kitchen Kormangala
The restaurant I chose was California Pizza Kitchen, a stunning restaurant set with a very serene and cozy ambiance and of course - delicious food!

About my experience at the restaurant and my confession to my Mom:

California Pizza Kitchen Kormangala
I was very nervous, while my mother was very excited and all vibrant. A part of my insecurities vanished when the restaurant got reserved with a table for two within a span of few clicks using the Dineout app. I received the confirmation SMS soon after and the manager of CPK himself escorted us to our table once we reached there. I went to the counter and handed the manager my custom message
 and told him that I wanted it to be written with chocolate cream on a Red Velvet Cake. We placed the order and I was surprised when my Mom ordered the recipes which I would have never thought she would like.
Mother's day
I got to discover a very different side of my Mom. A Mom who seemed to love Margharita Pizzas with extra chilly sauce coupled with Oreo Smoothies. When the cake with the special message arrived, my Mom was speechless and the look she gave me was priceless. I got a chance to tell her I loved her for the first time and judging by the way my Mom was smiling all the way home.. My mother loved it  too and was very happy. :)
As if all this overload of love and a day well spent was not enough, my joy just doubled up when I reached home and checked my phone. 20% cashback on my order was waiting for me in my Dineout app wallet. :D

All in all, the Dineout app was a great help in making my Mother's day vision come true. I'll surely be using it again to reserve for a more romantic outing, a table for two with my Prince charming. ;)

How the DineOut app works - In a nutshell:

  • Download the DineOut app on your phone.
  • Sign up
  • Update your wallet with money
  • Reserve a table at your choice of restaurant.
  • You can make special comments while reserving your table. I am strictly against alcohol so I wrote the comment 'Please no alcohol'. The waiter informed us beforehand about which desserts and drinks had alcohol content and which of them did not. 
  • Enjoy dining out.
  • Go cashless. Pay with your Dineout wallet within seconds.
  • Get a complimentary Mocktail for paying with Dineout. ;)
  • Get 20%cashback on your bill total back in your wallet.
That was how I surprised my Mom on Mother's day by taking her out and expressing my love for her over Red Velvet Cake. What about you? Did you do something special #KnowYourMom Mom better too? If not yet, then go ahead and do it like NOW! :D


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