7 Cool and stylish Anklet Ideas for your Mehendi

Yes, I am obsessed with anklets these days! After giving you 10 anklet designs ideas to choose from for the wedding I am back with ideas for your mehendi.

Anklets or the payal are an important part of our culture and mehendi is the best time to show off your payal because on your wedding day your feet will be covered majority of the time with a heavy lehenga.  Anklets can cause disturbances when mehendi is applied to your feet so it is best to remove them when the mehendi is being applied , you can wear it back after your mehendi has dried up. These days brides actually get mehendi applied early in the morning or a day earlier to the actua mehendi ceremony day so that they can enjoy their mehendi ceremony without being stuck in a corner with pillow and the mehedi artist by her side.

Mehendi ceremony is one event where your hands and feet get maximum attention and photographic footage as you would want  to show off the intricate designs and patterns drawn and having feet jewellery on will enhance your photographs.

#1 Flower power
If like most brides you are going for floral jewellery for the mehendi ceremony, you should definitely try the floral anklets. Choose floral payal in the same colour and flower scheme as rest of your floral accessories . For a more fresh and impactful look break the rules floral anklet on single feet.

2 Anklecuff:
Give the anklets a modern twist, wear the all new ankle cuff which is light and fun. With this you dont even have to worry about removing anklet when mehendi is being applied to your feet, just tell the artist to apply from below your cuff area!

#3 Tasseled delight:
Mehendi is all about having fun and splashes of colour. Use your anklets to add colour to your look by adding tassels to a simple chain. If your outfit already has a lot of colour then go for a gold beaded  anklet with gold tassle. These anklets you can even DIY.

#4 Beaded beauty:
For a kitschy and unconventional look turn to beaded anklets with oodles or colour

#6 Lacy wonder:
I recently spotted a bride who wore self made lace jewellery on her mehendi . She and her friends purchased lace and then made earrings, necklace and bracelets out of it. If you also also plan to wear lace jewellery then why should your feet stay behind? adorn your feet with lace anklets.

#6 Pearl Royale
Pearls gives a vintage vibe and if you are going for pearl jewellery with your mehendi outfit try he pearl anklets too

#7 Delicate chic
If you want to keep things simple to let the mehendi design on your feet steal the show then go for a simple delicate chain anklet with or without an attached toe ring

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