41 Latest pattu saree blouse designs to try in 2019 || Blouse patterns for silk sarees

Kanjeevaram silk sarees also referred to as pattu sarees in south India have a timeless appeal to them making it a perfect pick for festive occasions. If you thought this rich saree was for the older women then think again because there are many contemporary ways to style your silk saree to make it look all young and fresh, not to forget the chic blouse patterns which only help elevate and add an interesting dimension to your traditional look. These days pattu sarees are available in vivacious patterns, fun designs and offbeat colour combinations. So, if you have weddings of relatives or friends to attend in 2019 and cant decide what exactly to wear, look no further as the alluring silks a paired with trendy pattu saree blouse designs makes for an ideal choice .

South Indian brides ofcourse ditch the lehengas for classic kanjeevaram for their big day but it is not just wedding where you can flaunt the pretty silk sarees, you can wear it to parties and pre wedding ceremonies like sangeet and engagement too with slight styling tweaks. Like pair some contemporary jewels and opt for a modern blouse design like sleeveless or boat necks. Here in this post i bring to you 41 Latest pattu saree blouse designs which you can try in 2019 - and trust us, these blouse patterns are on the rise and all set to rule the 2019 wedding season.

41 Latest pattu saree blouse designs to try in 2019

#1 Embrace elegance- High neck brocade pattu saree blouse designs

When you want an elegant traditional look then pairing silk sarees with high neck brocade blouses is the right way to go. For more timeless appeal team pattu sarees with contrasting coloured blouses and go for long sleeves. If long sleeves arent your thing then even elbow length sleeves are an appropriate pick. The combination of rich brocade high neck blouse with a kanjeevaram can sound very mature style idea on paper but with fresh styling this look can be worn by women of all ages and sizes. For starters pick a saree in bright hue and contemporary fun motifs which will give a fresh appeal in itself and then opt for minimal accessories. A pair of statement jhumkas and a soft wispy hairdo is enough to compete your look. For neck jewellery pick very carefully or avoid it totally as your blouse pattern has a high neck design. You can go for a choker style neckpiece which rest close to your neckline or opt for a Rani haar, but make sure to not over crowd your look. Wearing both a choker and a rani haar is a strict NO with a pattu saree blouse design like this.

#2 Dual Delight - Double border elbow length pattu saree blouse designs

Pattu saree blouse designs have had sleeve borders for like forever but this is 2019 and you need to reinvent. The most effortless yet interesting way to switch things up a bit is to add dual borders on the sleeves.  Big border sleeves are actually very popular and if your blouse piece came with a big border instead of getting it stitched as is get the border cut and place it a little above the normal border and see how your look pops. If you are getting a blouse designed with stone work or embroidery you can ask for dual embroidered border sleeves. This style trend is quiete a rage these days and even brides are opting for these patterns instead of going for regular maggam work blouses. So, If you are want a latest blouse design for silk sarees which is fresh from 2018 then consider this gorgeous idea.

#3 Flirty Frills-  Contemporary short frill sleeves for youthful look

When you want to put out a message to all that you have taken lots of effort in dressing up then you need to pick something really fun and unique. Frill sleeves are actually very in these days but they are paired with designer net and Georgette sarees but who says you need to play by rules? Pair your silk saree with a frill sleeve blouse design which is a great way to add a much needed chic appeal to your traditional saree look. You can experiment with the kind of frill sleeves you want, a simple frill detail is good to start off with but if you want a hatke idea go for pattu saree blouse designs with multi layered frill sleeves or semi sheer frill.

#4  Sheer Madness - Elbow length sheer sleeves with light embellishments

Nothing spells stylish and modern like an alluring embellished net blouse design. These blouses are feminine and chic in their appeal and are an appropriate pick for pattu sarees. Sheer back blouse designs are totally amazing but what is equally enchanting are these  trendy embellished pattu saree  blouse designs with transparent net sleeves. You can keep your sheer sleeves plain with just a glam border or opt for subtle sequin details to make it wedding appropriate. This kind of blouse pattern works best for 2019 summer brides.

#5 Stylish three quarter  frill sleeve blouse designs for pattu sarees

Frill sleeves are very popular sleeve styles along with cold shoulders these days. If short frill arent your thing then go elegant with a three quarter sleeve to your simple blouse pattern and add frill detail at elbow length. You can go for a simple short frill detailing or try something more quirky with multiple layered frill details. Both these kind of pattu saree blouse designs with frill elbow length sleeves are best paired with a basic front and back neck pattern so that things dont get too busy and crowded. 

#6  Latest off shoulder style collar neck pattu saree blouse designs 

If you want a very fresh, young and stylish look with your pattu sarees then ditch the traditional maggam work kind of blouse patterns and opt for something real hatke and fun. An almost off shoulder style blouse with collar type detailing is both modern and chic. This neckline increases the oomph factor of your saree look and is very wedding appropriate for sister of brides or BFF of bride. You can pick a more fun motif reshmi saree to do complete justice to a pattu saree blouse designs similar to this.

#7  Chic printed blouse designs for pattu sarees

Printed blouses have a charm of their own and when contrasted well they can make for fabulous silk saree blouse designs. These kind of printed blouses work well for day events when you want subtle charm minus all the bling, shimmer and shine. You can go for floral prints for summer day events or opt for totally fun unique prints like elephant motifs or jhumki prints which is sure to stand out amidst a sea of normal pattu saree blouse designs.

#8 Chandbali inspired trendy pattu saree blouse patterns

Chandbali embellished motifs are the recent fascination in reshmi saree blouses. These latest creative pattu saree blouses with chandbali maggam work is total show stealer and is the best option for 2019 weddings. If you have a wedding of a close relative or friend to attend and you havent yet finalized the blouse pattern then trust me and give this stunning design a try and watch how it draws all the attention making you the star of the party. This blouse design is trendy and traditional enough even for a south Indian bride to try for their big day. 

#9 Chained beauty! -  Innovative Chain embellished blouse design for weddings 

If embellished and jewelled blouse designs are what you prefer then this all new pattu saree blouse pattern is definitely made for you. Move away from your normal maggam work blouse designs nd embrace these modern chained blouses. These blouses come with chains as embellishments which  increases the oomph factor of your attire. There are a lot of variations with this blouse patterns you can either go for chain embellishments on your sleeves or all over blouse coupled with a bit of subtle embroidery or mirror work. 

#10  Striking bold embroidered blouse back neck designs  

In this age of designer wear many women still prefer sarees for weddings. If you  are one of those women who is willing to flaunt a reshmi saree at a wedding then make sure to pair it latest blouse design for silk sarees like this cut work bold back embroidery. These bold embroidery patterns coupled with a bit of stone work work amazingly for traditional events like weddings.

#11 Fringe fantasy - Modern fringe detailed blouse back neck designs

Fringe is fun and fringe is here to stay. If you want to up the glam meter of your silk sarees then opt for these gorgeous fringe details on your blouse back designs. These pattu saree blouse designs with fringe details can be subtle details or you can go all out with quirky long fringe details which gives your saree look a very designer and sassy appeal. If  bringing attention to your back isnt your thing then you can still try fringe by adding this detail on your blouse hemline. Pair a blouse like this with a soft braided updo, minimal jewelery, smoked out eyes and you are ready to rock any party like a star!

#12  Tassel front neck blouse pattern for silk sarees

Tassel details have always been associated with classic saree blouse designs. But those tassels mainly featured on the blouse backs, but these all new blouse designs for silk sarees have tassels on the front with boat necklines. I personally think this idea of taking simple pattu saree blouse designs and adding an interesting element to it for subtle understated elegance is a winner. You can pair a blouse design like with simple silk sarees in contrasting colours to make the tassels stand out and make a mark of their own. For more festive feel go for this blouse pattern in vivid and bright colours or you can even opt for rich fabrics like velvet or silk. 

#12 Fun embroidered latkans (Tie ups) pattu saree blouse designs 

The most popular pattu saree blouse patterns are with a deep back and tie up details. This traditional blouse designs suit women of shapes and if you want to stick to your tried and tested pattern then tweak it a bit for a stylish look with your comfort zone. go for trendy new latkan or tassel details. Latest blouse designs for silk sarees comes with elaborate embroidered latkans which are quite a stunner on its own. You can have any motif or design element embroidered from your local karigar and add it to your blouse back for a fancy vibe. For more stylized look with this kind of pattu saree blouse designs go for quirky motifs like elephants, hashtags etc and watch your traditional look get personalized in a jiffy. 

#13 Sequins and sheer  - Net blouse designs for wedding silk sarees

Net blouse designs and silk sarees is a fool proof  combination and you can seldom go wrong with them. These gorgeous blouse designs featuring a transparent back neckline are here to stay and make for alluring pattu saree blouse patterns. The latest trend is to get the netted part embellished with subtle maggam work for a delicate and chic appeal with your pattu saree blouse designs.

#14 Mesh Sleeve detailed pattu saree blouse designs

If cold shoulder is a trend you can sport every damn where then it is best to avoid this trend and look for something unique and distinct right? Sleeve experiments are best way to play the style game without upsetting the royal richness of a silk saree and you can opt for cut work sleeves pattu saree blouse designs instead of the all raved cold shoulders. Effortlessly charming and traditional in their appeal, cut work detailed mesh type sleeves will work beautifully with silk sarees giving you striking wedding appropriate look.

#15 Alluring Coin work pattu saree blouse designs

Coin work pattu saree blouse designs are quiet in vogue and it easily glorifies the beauty of a silk saree adding a very classic charm to it. This kasu mala inspired blouses have been spotted on many brides and their distinct style also helps distinguish them from rest. If you are not a bride you can still try the subtler version of this pattern for a classic wedding look which reeks regalia.

#16 Stunning Jhumka embroidery  pattu saree blouse designs 

#17  Classic Long Puff Sleeves pattu saree blouse designs  

Puff sleeves are a very safe choice when it come to silk saree blouse designs. Women still are going for classic puff sleeves but the latest saree blouse patterns come with a thicker border to support the puff sleeve which makes it quiet a winner without looking like you are trying too hard. 

#18 Pattu saree blouse designs with right side work

High back neck blouses with overall work are pretty common but what has become a rage of sorts these days is blouse backs with work just on the right part of the back blouse. The rest of the blouse is kept plain or has some really sparse work which gives a chic vibe similar to placement prints. These kind of pattu saree blouse designs work well for women who dont want to wear raveling blouse patterns yet want to stylish and unique. Since this blouse demands a fully covered back it is ideal for winter wedding, parties and events.

#19 Designer cutwork neckline blouses for silk sarees - Distinct and chic

#20 Bird motifs on sleeves- pattu saree blouse designs with quirky touch

#21 Latest saree blouse patterns - Overlapping short sleeves 

#22 Embellished sleeves and plain blouse neckline pattu saree blouse designs 

If a plain blouse with silk saree sounds very lack luster to you then opt for embellished sleeves pattu saree blouse designs . Majority of reshmi saree blouse designs come with both neckline and sleeve borders embellished or bordered. This new pattern of embellished sleeve paired with plain front and back neck will make your whole look stand out in a unique way.

#23 Collar neck brocade beauty - Elegant pattu saree blouse designs 

It understated elegance is your style mantra then collar neck pattu saree blouse designs could be your best friends. Most women shy away from collar neck blouses to pair with silk sarees  because they believe it gives out formal vibes. This is definitely not true as there are a lot of collar neck patterns which playful, fun and festive look appropriate. A standing half collar brocade blouse could be nice break from your regular deep back pattu saree blouse designs. Try this pattern this festive season paired with traditional jewellery for an added spark. 

#24  Dual toned embellished beauty  - Latest saree blouse patterns

If a new age but totally elegant pattu saree blouse designs are what you are looking for then a gorgeously designed two toned blouse is your answer. Dual toned embellished blouse back neck designs for silk sarees is sure to turn heads and fetch you loads of compliments.

#25 High back neck with graceful embroidery pattu saree blouse designs

Silk sarees these days are being paired with high back neck blouses which work amazingly to enhance the elegance of your look. To make things interesting blouse back neck designs for silk sarees like these can be embroidered with unique motifs which can make a statement of their own. not just embroidery but even embellished work like zari, pearl work etc could be used to bling up your back.

#26 Scallop edged stone work blouse design for pattu sarees

I have spotted many scallop edged dupattas and lehengas and why shouldn't saree wearers get to try this amazing trend? Scalloped sleeves with maggam work to add some dazzle makes for gorgeous reshmi saree blouse designs. This blouse pattern has lots of stone work and can be an appropriate pick even for brides of 2019.

#27 Latest pearl work silk saree blouse deisgns

Elbow length sleeves with charming pearl work is all things gorgeous. Ditch the done to death maggam work and opt for pearl embellished pattu saree blouse designs this year to magnify the beauty of your silk saree.

#28 Trendy pattu saree blouse designs - Cold shoulders

Reshmi saree blouse designs with a cold shoulder cut out isnt a 2019 trend. I spotted many women pairing their silk sarees with cold shoulder blouse designs even in 2018 but the thing is this trend is still going strong and will  be a rage even this year. So if you havent tried the cold shoulder with silk pairing yet then the perfect time to attempt it is now.  Even brides are trying these kind of pattu saree blouse designs with jeweled or embellished cut out variations and you can also try the chained versions for added drama.

#29  Pattu saree blouse designs with pom pom details and double tie ups

More than the front neck , back neck patterns are given importance in saree blouse patterns . If you are looking for a striking blouse back neck designs for silk sarees to make an effortless glam statement then this blouse pattern with pom pom detailing and double lower back tie ups is an alluring pick.

#30 Long blouse with collar neck - reshmi saree blouse designs

Long blouses is another raging hot trend but have thought about trying it with silk sarees? If your sense of style is all bold, daring and experimental then a plain long blouse with contrast panel collar coloured be your ideal combination. Try these long pattu saree blouse designs for more formal or semi formal events as an alternative to power dressing.

#31 Latest silk saree blouse designs - Placement embroidery

#32  Latest saree blouse patterns- Monument on sleeve

#33 Latest silk saree blouse designs with whole border sleeve

Basic set saree blouse designs which come with a border are what majority of women are comfortable with. If you are someone who doesnt want to experiment much, try these all new simple silk saree blouse designs which have a plain blouse and a whole border as sleeve. You may have to buy additional brocade fabric matching the colour palette of your blouse if you want to get this pattern to life. The subtle elegance of this whole idea is going to make it all worth it, so do give these pattu saree blouse designs a try in 2019.

#34 Pearl embellished full sleeves pattu saree blouse designs 

Simple silk saree blouse designs with a basic front and back neck design can also make for a gorgeous blouse pattern with right tweaks. Go for pearl work all your your basic blouse which gives a very chic and stylish look perfect for young women. You can go for varied sleeve lengths but for maximum impact I suggest you try long sleeves which serves as a larger canvas for your pearl work. 

#35 Unique motifs on sleeves

An interesting or fun embroidered motif on sleeves of simple silk saree blouse designs is also trending these day. You can go for fun motifs like musical instruments, jhumkas, birds or more traditional ones like peacock, elephants etc which can be the highlight of your attire making for an effortless festive charm.

#36 High neck embroidered pattu saree blouse designs 

High neck blouse designs with elbow length sleeves are quite in trend these days and they make for great picks to pair with pattu sarees. To add more flamboyance to your rich looking high neck pattu saree blouse designs get it embroidered. Pair a blouse like this with a contrast coloured silk saree, statement earrings and a bright lip for a look which spells elegant charm. 

#37 Border in the middle of sleeve pattu saree blouse designs

Embellished pattu saree blouse designs with a border are very common. If you are a bride who wants to try this tried and tested blouse pattern then there is no harm but subtle innovations always adds a bit of freshness to your look. Instead of getting the border stitched at the hem of sleeves, place it somewhere in the middle and watch your blouse become the talk of the town without your trying hard!

#38 Story embroidery on the blouse back - Palki cut out 

If you are a South Indian 2019 bride who is looking for an innovative yet traditional blouse pattern to try with wedding silk saree then I have the perfect blouse for you. These bridal palki pattu saree blouse designs have become a rage online and with all its intricate detailing it makes for an appropriate pick for brides who want to add a personal touch to their wedding attire. A mix of cut work, exquisite embroidery and light maggam work all come together to bring this alluring blouse pattern to life. This blouse can be personalized to include your wedding hashtag and your personal wedding story details. If you are really considering this blouse pattern then make sure you go to an experienced tailor and karigar to get this job done. Bangalore based Sakina ahmed sparked off this trend and you can also get it done from here . Visit her instagram here

#39 High boat neck brocade blouse with long sleeves  

Lately we are obsessed with boat neck blouse patterns. This neckline suits almost all women and is very elegant  in its appeal. If a classic saree look is what you are going for then opt for a brocade blouse with three quarter sleeves and boat neckline in contrasting colour. The combination of brocade with silk is in itself  pretty amazing but the gorgeous play of colours and subtle designing is sure to help your simplicity stand out. 

#40 Simple blouse neck designs for silk sarees - Sleeveless beauty

If simple silk saree blouse designs is what you are looking for then going plain sleeveless is your best bet.  Most young women feel silk sarees kind of ages them making them look mature but that isnt really true. With the right kind of pattu saree blouse designs pairing you can make your saree look young and fresh. Opt for a contrasting coloured sleeveless blouse and a relaxed saree drape and wath your silk saree attire shine. Go minimal with styling by skipping neck jewellery. You can wear a pair of jhumkas, some kadas and mogra flowers for a wedding ready look.

#41 Extravagant cut outs

There is so much creativity in the bridal south indian blouse designs category that our mind has been blown away.  Modern ideas and interesting cut out backs are ruling the roost when it comes to bridal pattu saree blouse designs. These cut out embroideries give room for brides to add a personal touch to their attire which why they are so popular. You can get your wedding hashtag cut out embroidered or choose a motif close to your heart. Many boutiques are happy to personalize extravagant cut out blouses like these for brides and if you are a 2019 bride you can definitely opt for a pattern like this. If you arent a bride you can still wear these alluring blouse designs with silk sarees for wedding events and traditional dos. 

#42 Fun quirky motifs on blouse 

Quirk with traditional sarees is getting popular as more and more women are opting for an interesting blend of tradition and modernity. If you a fresh 2019 blouse design for pattu sarees then try a simple blouse pattern with fun prints like owls of cows. If this whole owl print sounds too bold and experimental to you then go for more traditional prints like elephants before you move on to more fun prints. You can even down play the prints by going for plain blouse and adding printed fabric only to certain areas like the sleeves or back neck. If you think print is a little too dull to pair with charming silks then try pattu saree blouse designs with quirky motifs embroidered. 

#43 Plain high neck blouse designs for silk sarees


For rich exquisite silk sarees, plain simple silk saree blouse designs complement beautifully. Get these plain blouses doe in contrasting colours with a high neckline and elbow length sleeves for a regal appeal. You get the neckline lightly embellished if a little shimmer and shine is what the occasion demands, even otherwise, you can use neck jewellery to increase the glam quotient of your pattu saree looks.

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