40 Latest mehndi designs to try in 2019

Mehndi, the oldest form of body art has special importance in Indian culture. All festive occasions in our country are preceded with mehndi applying tradition. Be it eid, diwali, karwa chauth, weddings, engagements or even simple family functions all witness girls adorning their hands with pretty henna patterns the night before. For all these important traditional events you want the best of the latest mehndi designs because we all want to keep up with the times dont we? Not all latest mehndi designs are beginner friendly but some innovative minimal designs are actually very easy to apply and can fetch you complements without putting in much effort. If you arent a beginner and are just looking for a unique henna pattern to try in 2019 then you have landed at just the right place.

All henna art lovers like discovering and exploring new mehndi patterns and trends. While mehndi designs in 2018  was all about henna designs with lots of spaces, trendy motifs like tulips and parrots and ofcourse mesh details 2019 is more about contemporary florals, personalized motifs and indo-arabic fusion designs. Mesh aka jaali details still are dominating mehndi designs so use them liberally to give your henna art a chic and contemporary appeal.

40 Latest mehndi designs to try in 2019

#1 Stunning floral and mesh details mehndi designs for front of hands

This is as contemporary as a henna pattern can get. A gorgeous amalgamation of jaali detailing with intricate florals on the other side of palm mixed with a bit of shaded vine details on the wrist. This design looks very complex but actually is pretty simple to apply provided you have drawn intricate and delicate mehndi designs before. Even if you are just a beginner a little bit of practice of 3-4 patterns is enough to get you started. Make sure to use a very thinly cut henna cone to get the delicateness of this design just right.

#2 Alluring peacock motif palm mehndi designs

Arabic mehndi designs with lots of spaces running diagonally over the length of hand are really in vogue these days. It is all about beautifying the palm and leaving the wrists empty in 2019. If you are looking for a simple yet pretty palm henna pattern to try this one with the peacock motifs is a winner! Peacock motifs in mehndi designs have been very popular traditionally but this new mehndi design with floral and jaali details is a fusion between modernity and tradition.

#3  Thick shaded floral patterned henna for full hands

Thick shaded mehndi designs are totally in trend but if you find them overwhelming and bold you could try this latest mehndi design which plays down the shaded bit by adding delicate strokes on the other side of hand. Not just the palm, but this new mehndi design runs all over your wrists in thin subtle strokes and curves to gives a balanced henna pattern which is ideal for special occasions like, eids, parties and traditional events. 

#4 Criss cross Mesh and floral mehndi designs for hands

#5 Chic and contemporary floral mehndi designs for front of hands

Rose motifs are the latest trending henna patterns and they are a huge hit because of their chic and contemporary appeal. This palm mehndi design uses florals other than rose as its center design element and then balances of the design with delicate tiny rose type florals in a checked pattern. If you are planning to wear a very contemporary cut outfit or an indo-western dress then this mehndi design is a perfect pick. Also if you find henna art very over whelming this chic pattern is ideal for you as it uses simple sleek strokes and doesnt extend all the way below your wrists.

#6 Stunning floral swirl latest mehndi designs 2019

If classic arabic mehndi designs is what you desire then try this flower swirl pattern which is pretty easy to apply but has an amazing visual appeal. You can try this mehndi design on both front and back of your hands for a gorgeous look.

#7 Modern jaali detailed latest mehndi designs for back of hands

Lace glove mehndi designs are ideal to achieve a fusion look with henna art. This lace inspired mehndi design uses netted and floral details to give  a lace illusion. All the finger ends also have an alluring swirl pattern to complete this design. Lace glove mehndi designs work best when applied at the back of hands.

#8 Beautiful shaded floral mehndi designs for hands

Shaded floral patterns are timeless and they remain in trend even in 2019. If a simple mehndi pattern with shaded details is what you are looking for then try this mehndi design at the back of your hands for a graceful look. This kind of mehndi design works best for simpler occasions. Try this mehndi design for eid in 2019.

#9 Unique parrot motif thick henna mehndi designs 2019

Want something unique and fun? Replace the peacock motifs with parrots and watch your mehendi design make a statement of its own. You need an artistic hand  to bring this pattern to life or you may need to practice well in advance , but the end result is totally going to be worth it! This latest mehndi design works best for weddings and even brides can give this pattern  a try if they want something subtle yet striking.

#10 Simple henna designs for back of hands

#11 Simple arabic henna mehndi designs 2019

#12 Intricate palm mehndi designs 2019

If a delicate palm mehndi design is what you are looking for then try this simple paisleys pattern henna design which uses both thin and thick strokes . This mehndi design looks alluring and can be applied even by beginners by using two different henna cones, one thinly cut and second one cut a bit thick. 

#13 Delicate lace glove henna mehndi designs 2019

Another lace glove inspired contemporary henna pattern which is sure to appeal to the young women. This chic design is very versatile and can work for weddings and traditional occasions alike. This mehndi design infact is pretty easy and can be drawn even by starters as it uses just some long strokes and floral patterns. If you want the back of your hands to be the focus then do give this pattern a try.

#14 Latest leaves and flowers mehndi designs for back of hands

#15 Trendy lotus inspired henna pattern for back of hands

Wrist mehndi patterns are also getting very popular these days where the fingers and majority of the hand part is left bare. This kind of new age mehndi design suit the modern women's minimal style persona beautifully. If you want a subtle yet trendy mehndi design try this mesh inspired design which looks like an over sized bracelet. If you are flaunting statement rings then this pattern serves as a great canvas.

#16 Offbeat Circular floral mehendi designs 2019

#18  Alluring Jaali mehndi designs for both hands with lots of spaces

Feel special and gorgeous with this checks inspired floral mehndi design which is sure to stand out in a crowd. This mehndi pattern actually is a full hand design yet the bare palms balances out things making it non bridal. Make sure you wear half sleeves outfits to complement and show off a pattern like this.

#19 Hathphool inspired jewellery style mehandi designs

#20 Modern thick shaded arabic bridal mehndi designs 2019

#21 Striking new age peacock mehndi designs 2019

#22 Latest mesh henna art - Simple mehndi design 2019

#23 Modern florals - Trendy mehndi design 2019

#24 New style leaf cuff mehndi design - Bracelet inspired Easy Mehndi Pattern for Beginners

#25 The shaded beauty - Simple floral mehndi design 2019

#26 Latest intricate arabic mehndi designs 2019

#27  Graceful and new age flower mandala design with mesh details

#28 Unique flower less mehndi designs 2019 - Perfect for young experimental brides

#29 Arabic floral and jaali mehndi designs 2019

#30 Simple and easy arabic henna mehndi designs 2019 

#31 Cute personalized bridal mehndi designs 2019 

#32 Romantic half and half heart henna mehndi designs 2019

If it is your engagement you can go for a more girly and romantic type of mehndi design on your hands. Heart henna patterns work beautifully for occasions like these and also for occasions like your anniversary party or valentines day and karwa chauth. 

#33 Easy Mesh floral mehndi designs for both hands

#34 Gorgeous tulips inspired thick mehndi designs 2019

#35 Amazing latest flowers and leaves tattoo style henna

#36 Shaded tulips and rose patterned mehndi designs 2019

Rose mehndi designs are loved by girls and these kind of mehndi designs give a very chic feminine look. Rose motifs also dont look too traditional so it is ideal if you want a more modern pattern on your hands.

#37  Flowers and swirls- Easy henna design with lots of empty spaces

#38 Geometrics and flowers - Latest mehndi designs 2019

#39 Pretty wrist henna - new mehndi designs 2019

#40 Contemporary moroccan inspired mehndi designs 2019

Top henna design Patterns: Mehndi designs 2019 trends

- Mesh details: The jaali kind of details in mehndi designs is what women are opting for these days. You can choose a very elaborate pattern or even simple pattern and incorporate mesh details in it. (refer design number 1, 5, 14, 18 for inspiration)
- Empty spaces overload: another hot new trend is to have lots of empty spaces in your mehndi pattern which helps balane out the delicste intricate details of a complex henna design.
- Multi design details and motifs : Minimal and subtle isnt quiet the trend this season. More and more women are choosing elaborate complex designs which have a bit of everything. This especially true for brides. A very busy mehndi pattern with jaali, floral and vie details can be complemented with empty spaces of more sparse contemporary motifs on the other side of hand. If the occasion is really special then go all out and opt for an elaborate pattern with multiple motifs and design elemnts to up the visual appeal.
- Parrot motifs: Traditionally peacock motifs in mehndi designs are very common. But latest mehndi design trend is replacing peacocks with parrot motifs. It gives a very striking and chic appeal to your henna design. If you haven't tried parrots in henna yet, do give them a try in 2019.

Which of these latest mehndi designs 2019 do you like most? 

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