51 Beautiful Mylanchi designs for hands || Kerala mehndi designs

It doesn't matter if you love henna or hate it, it is one thing you definitely cant ignore in Todays times of photo-obsessed social media era. Mehndi or mylanchi was an important part of weddings in India but now women have started applying henna mehndi designs for all sorts of festive occasions like Diwali, dussehra, rakhi and even onam.

Mehndi is known by various names in different parts of the world. The Lawsonia Inermis shrub leaves are dried and powdered to be applied as a permanent tattoo on body parts. This mehndi powder is referred to as henna powder in arabic countries and is called mylanchi podi in Kerala. The Muslim community in Kerala are known to apply a variety of mylanchi designs not just for marriages but also many other religious occasions. Here I bring to you a compilation of some of the most beautiful and latest mylanchi designs which women in kerala can apply for any special occasion. 

51 Beautiful Mylanchi designs for hands || Kerala mehndi designs

Kerala mehndi designs can be both simple or complicated in nature and you need to choose the design carefully keeping your skill level in mind. If you are a beginner then simple and easy mylanchi designs are best for you to get started. If you have some practice with the henna cone with an artistic flair then you can opt for some of the latest mehndi designs which are more elaborate. Here I bring to you my curation of best mylanchi designs which has mehndi patterns of all kinds and you can easily find something that interests you and get started with the drawing yourself. 

#1 Netted mylanchi design for backhands

This netted backhand mehndi design with shaded florals looks stunning and isnt too difficult to draw even by beginners starting off with henna art. Here the florals are different on both hands but the netted pattern brings about a sort of uniformity keeping things elegant and glam.
  • Suitable occasion: You can apply this mylanchi design for engagement of your sister or even for festive occasions like eid.

#2 Arabic mylanchi design for front hands

Arabic mylanchi patterns are the safest way to go as these are hugely popular and they work for women of all ages. This design here looks complicated and elaborate with florals, paisleys, swirls and leafy strokes but in reality, it is pretty easy to etch up and requires just a little bit of practice with the henna cone. 
  • Suitable occasion: This mesmerizing full hand mehndi design can be applied at home and will work well for all kinds of high-end special occasions like weddings of close friends or family.

#3 Simple floral kerala mylanchi designs

Another floral arabic style mylanchi design for front hands here which looks so attractive and the filled leafy branches elevate it further. This design uses thicker stroked along with ight shading technique which is sure to look amazing when henna is removed. the colour development will have different shades or red and reddish-brown contrasting against the white of palms making for an alluring mylanchi photos.
  • Suitable occasion: Flaunt this pattern at the wedding of your best friend to complete your bridesmaid look. 

#4 Mandala inspired circular mylanchi mehndi pattern

Mandala mehndi patterns are very common and this whole circular mehndi design inspired from the traditional mandala is aesthetic beauty. Here a leafy and linear strokes band graces the wrist area while simple florals and lines cover the fingers. at the centre of the hands lies the real attraction which is a circle filled with decorative net and a floret on the side. This design has been placed on the backhands in this mylanchi chitram here but it will look good even on front hands 
  • Suitable occasion: Ideal for social gatherings for women of all ages

#5 Thick florals and peacock mylanchi mehndi designs

Thicker strokes are easier to work with for me personally as the whole scope of errors comes marginally down when working with a bold stroked mylanchi design. This design has multiple florals shaded and accompanied by netted pattern on the side while a filled in peacock motif and feather swirls out from the palm to the wrist area. This whole design has a dark and deep vibe which is balanced out with delicate thin curve strokes on the thumb area. 

#6 Floral and jaali kerala mylanchi pattern

Next is another jaali mehndi design for backhands which has a huge flower at its wrist as its main focus. This mehndi ki design is a bit complex and isnt for beginners. If you are getting your henna applied from an artist you can use this mylanchi design image as a reference or try it on your own if you have a bit of prior henna practice and a deft hand. 
  • Suitable occasion: Getting engaged? Try this mylanchi design on hands to beautify your hands for your intimate roka ceremony. 

#7 Swirls and paisley mylanchi design 

How unique and offbeat is this artistic swirl stroked mehndi design for front hands? This mehndi design has a very distinct appeal to it with non-shaded tips giving it a modish vibe. For the younger brigade, this mylanchi design is ideal to pair with indo-western clothes or modern saree drapes.
  • Suitable occasion: For cocktail parties, dinner date or a farewell party select this design and make heads turn in awe.

#8 Bangle mehndi design for Keralite women 

If you are bored of florals which tend to be present in all henna designs then you can try a pattern like in the above mylanchi design photo. This design has a leafy band as its base from which curves and leaves swirl out. The fingers have some simple strokes concluding this simple pattern which has an edgy charm. 
  • Suitable occasion: This pattern will suit small ceremonies and light affairs at home. 

#9  Classic arabic mylanchi design for hands

Arabic patterns are hugely popular as they give very chic and a modern appeal to the age-old henna art. This mylanchi design above is a classic arabic pattern, versions of which you may have previously applied if you are not new to the art of mehndi application. With a bit of patience and this mylanchi design photo as your reference, you can totally etch it with ease even if you are a novice with body art. 
  • Suitable occasion: Wear this to any party after your wedding to floor not just your hosts but also your other half.

#10 Intricate and detailed palm mylanchi henna design 

If you love mehndi designs to cover the palm area then try a palm mehndi design like this which is a culmination of multiple motifs and elements like paisleys, checks, jaali, leaves and florals. The fingertips here are filled in giving it a very traditional appeal. This mehndi design uses some real fine and delicate strokes which isnt a child's play so make sure you get an experienced person to etch a design like this on your hands.
  • Suitable occasion: Is your sister getting married? Try this palm mehndi pattern which will look amazing as a sister of bride henna pattern. 

#11 Simple mylanchi design for beginners

If you are just getting started with temporary body art of henna then you need to choose designs carefully to sharpen your application skills. With smart selection, you can apply designs on hands without looking like a novice. This mylanchi pattern here is pretty basic and you won't go wrong with strokes. A round tikki is drawn in the centre which has a checkered filling and a mesh bordering it like a flower. The fingers here use khafif strokes with the index finger being completely etched with jaali like angular henna strokes. You can opt for easier leafy bits on fingertips and give your own twist to this simple mylanchi design. 
  • Suitable occasion: Hosting a dinner party for friends? Host in style with this basic henna design and a simple kurti and palazzo suit to go with it.

#12 Leafy net back hand kerala mehndi design

This netted pattern from branched lines ending in a floral wrist band makes for a chic and trendy new mylanchi design for kids and adults alike. This is a back hand pattern which you can apply on both hands and opt for a nice traditional mandala or peacock pattern on front hands to be wedding-ready in a jiffy.
  • Suitable occasion: Attending the roka ceremony of your cousin? Get this mylanhci design applied. 

#13 Distinct geometric mylanchi pattern

This is innovative jewellery inspired latest mylanchi pattern which has really fine strokes. You need to work a really thin cut cone to get the intricacies of this design right. It is interesting how this pattern uses geometric elements like a rhombus and rectangle instead of the mehndi motifs making it a very offbeat pattern which will find plenty of fans in college girls. 
  • Suitable occasion: This could be a winner design in college fests for mehndi competitions. Try it for cultural events too.

#14 Striking shaded florals henna pattern

I have a thing for florals as they blend well with my feminine and chic dressing style. These oversized flower trio here with leaves and delicate swirl pattern looks gorgeous giving a very sophisticated vibe. This design will look good even on front hands and will pair nicely with both Indian and western outfits. 
  • Suitable occasion: I love this design and it could be an ideal roka ceremony mylanchi pattern for the bride-to-be

#15 Florals and linear strokes mylanchi design for backhands

This simple bak hand mehndi design uses lots of linear strokes and filled in florals and leaves to create an overall sober henna pattern. The empty space left in the area between fingers and the wrist provides for breathing space which brings about a nice balance. If you opt for a really complicated pattern on the front hands you can try something like the above design for a complementing look.
  • Suitable occasion: Are you a new bride whose mehndi has faded off? Apply this design as you will still have to attend lots of post-wedding parties at relatives and friends place. 

#16 Lucid full hand arabic mylanchi pattern 

Several common mehndi elements are spaced together in a diagonal line in this arabi mehndi pattern which is filled with linear and netted strokes. Only one finger is laced with henna strokes here while the rest of fingers are kept blank which helps the design to get a distinct appeal. this design is simple yet stunning and if you are a beginner wondering where to start off with henna art, pick this very mylanchi design and begin drawing. 
  • Suitable occasion: This design will look good on front hands and backhands on women for cultural events and religious occasions.

#17 Dense peacock mylanchi design for front hands

If the occasion is really grand and demands a little more elaborate mylanchi pattern then this could be your ideal design pick. Here a jaali like design graces the fingers with a circular chakra while leafy and floral bits along with a peacock motif rests on the palm. this design extends further below the wrists area where two peacocks form the subsequent highlight of this gorgeous mehndi design. 
  • Suitable occasion: This is a complex design which should be ideal for all the high profile events like festivals and weddings in the family. 

#18 Dual delight - Latest thick and thin stroked mylanchi pattern

This dual twist to arabic mehndi designs here is so delicate and pretty. If you want a fairly simple pattern yet something not too basic for a festive occasion you an give this pattern a try which rests entirely on the palm portion. The fingertips here have elongated leafy details with dots adding to the beauty of this kerala mylanchi design.
  • Suitable occasion: For diwali this year put our best ultra stylish hand forward decked in a pastel anarkali and this arabic kerala mehndi design.

#19 Trendy shaded matching mylanchi henna deisgn for both hands

If a contemporary pattern is what you want then this latest henna design with multiple patterns arranged admirably could your perfect pick. Here netted details lie on one side while florals are etched on the other side and a huge shaded flower and leaf forms the base at the wrist area. I love how this matching design looks absolutely beautiful without going overboard. 

#20 Round rage - New mehndi design with circular strokes

This design has concentric circles surrounded by bold leafy strokes and swirls. The fingertips also have a flower and leaf finishing this simple pattern which can be applied even by amateurs and you will only have to concentrate on getting the circles right. 
Suitable occasion:  For occasions like karvachuath or rakhi opt for this simple henna pattern. 

#21 Flower power - Gorgeous tulips mylanchi design

Flowers are an integral part of henna patterns but mostly just roses are used and even lotus flowers are being used these days. But in this mehndi design tulips are used along with khafif mehndi strokes on the fingers. This fresh and modern mylanchi pattern is sure to steal the spotlight for you. 
  • Suitable occasion: Women between the ages of 17 and 30 can give this design a try at weddings of their close friends for a glam bridesmaid look. 

#22 Thick filled in bold mylanchi pattern

A bold but minimal henna pattern with filled in henna elements here screams modernity. Here the design needs to be applied with a henna cone cut slightly thicker for easy and quicker application. You can pair this pattern with trendy indo-western silhouettes like capes, palazzos and sari gowns for a striking look. 
  • Suitable occasion: This kerala mehndi design for hands can be applied by ladies for engagement parties, anniversary celebrations and birthday parties too.

#23 Delicate mesh detaild mylanchi design

This is one of the finest examples of khafif mehndi designs which impresses with its intricacies and attention to detail. Here mesh, florals culminate beautifully and the distinct design placement works in its favour making it look striking. The design rest on the corner ends of both sides of hands and on the fingers while the middle area is left blank for a sober appeal. If it was me i would apply this design on the front hands instead of backhands, what about you? 
  • Suitable occasion:  Opt for this design to wear at the reception party of your brother or best friend. 

#24 Matching mango mylanchi design for both hands

Mango motifs are popular in Indian mehndi designs and you can find them even in south kerala mehndi designs. This mylanchi pattern here plays the mango motif beautifully in combination with florals and jaal. The wrist area has a kada style band making this a bangle mehndi design which can be drawn on both hands without any fuss. 
  • Suitable occasion: For religious occasions, this design is an apt choice for women from the ages of 20-30 years

#25 Beautiful palm mylanchi henna design

Instead of going all matchy matchy on both hands try a bit of a different pattern but similar designs like in the above mehndi design. Here a circular element filled with mesh forms the main highlight which is present on both hands but the designs around it and the placement differs giving it an asymmetrical and modish vibe. 

#26 Mismatched moroccan inspired kerala mehndi design for both hands

Geometric patterns look edgy and modern and suits you well if your dressing sense is more urbane with a touch of western sensibilities. This Moroccan mehndi design like mylanchi pattern here is mismatched on both hands with one hand having a half-circle and linear stroke while the other hand has half diamond elements. the fingers have interesting linear bands while the wrist complements with ticker bands completing this unique pattern. 
  • Suitable occasion: This makes for a nice party-friendly mylanchi design. You can apply it even for festive occasions too. 

#27 Modern mylanchi design with peacock motifs

Polished and fuss-free this floral jaali mehndi design here gives an illusion of a lace gown worn on hands and the two peacocks held by dotted lines adds to the delicate grace of this mylanchi pattern.
  •  Suitable occasion: For youngsters, this is a perfect pattern to try at college fests and cultural events 

#28 Leaves and florals patterned mylanchi design

If you are not in the mood to go overboard with henna then this well spaced out mylanchi design is worth checking out. A teardrop style pattern is surrounded by floral strokes and leafs branch out of it makes for a really trendy design not everyone can carry off. If you have an experimental personality you could try this pattern for sure. 

#29 Contemporary shaded arabic mylanchi pattern

Have a wedding in the family? try this shaded style single line arabic mehndi design which runs almost the entire length of the hands and you can extend it further as per your requirements. this design looks complicated on first glance but is actually has mid-level difficulty and you can master it if you have firmly decided on getting it right. This design can be applied matching on both front hands and if you want more you an even apply half pattern of this on backhands area. 

#30 Catchy kerala mylanchi designs for palms

It doesnt matter if you want to apply henna for adults or kids, this kerala mylanchi design here is a good fit for women of all ages. Two fingers here use a multi-lined net with a dot in the middle while circular curves form rest of the pattern which lies fully in the palm area. 

#31 Elaborate kerala mehandi designs for front hands

If the occasion demands something really traditional then a peacock full hand henna pattern like this design would work nicely. This is basically an Indian mehndi design which is more densely packed than many other modern mehndi patterns and may require skills of a professional artist to apply with precision. 

#32  Stylish mailanchi designs with lots of empty spaces

Khafif mehndi design with finer strokes are a bit more difficult to draw then the normal thick stroked patterns so I suggest beginners to always stay away from such patterns. This mehndi design here is one of those intricate patterns which is placed at the wrist area and the finger tips with the center left empty. The fingertip ends are filled in completely to bring about a depth and more character to this breezy henna pattern. 
  • Suitable occasion: This is an exclusive mylanchi design which you can apply on ramzan for a pretty traditional eid mehndi design charm. 

#33 Simple kerala model mehndi design for backhands

If you wish to apply a simple mehndi design for hands then this gorgeous paisleys mehndi design will appeal to you. The fingers here have different kinds of design details with one having a netted pattern from which a flower and paisleys branch out. It is admirable how the paisleys are filled differently making for a dainty design which will add character to your party looks. 
  • Suitable occasion: Young girls can give this design a try at dinner parties or house warming ceremonies.

#34 New model kerala mehndi designs for weddings

This Indian style henna pattern has bangle like bands on arms and the full palm area is covered with little to no empty spaces left behind. A more complicated pattern which isnt suitable for beginners, try this when you have lots of time and patience on hand. 
  • Suitable occasion: This could actually make a good bridal henna pattern or even be an ideal engagement mehndi design. 

#35 Lotus inspired kerala mylanchi designs 

Lotuses have become very popular henna motifs and it can be found even in kerala mylanchi designs. This stencil-like lotus pattern with bold strokes runs diagonally and is fit for modern-day young women who want to make a style statement with their henna designs.

#36 Simple swirl style kerala henna pattern

Even the simplest of designs can look striking, sophisticated and elegant and this mylanchi design here is a good example of that. Diamond-like shaded elements form a band on the wrist part while curves swirl out towards the index finger giving the shape of a branch. This flowerless pattern is minimal and fresh working for women of all age groups.
  • Suitable occasion: This is ideal for western or fusion outfits pairing at events like a church wedding of a friend or a valentines day dinner. 

#37 Two toned shaded floral mailanchi design

This artistic unique and different mehndi design isnt for novices. Shaded florals and leaves are drawn on the fingers area of the back had and the area around it is completely filled. This gives aesthetic and exclusive appeal to hands which is bound to win you compliments in abundance. 
  • Suitable occasion: Want to add depth to your hands when a ring is slipped in at your engagement ceremony? Try this pattern and floor one and all. 

#38 Delicate and intricate full hand mylanchi design

Delicate florals mixed with net form the crux of this mylanchi pattern but the whole spiral-like placement is gush worthy. This design adds grace to the hand in the effortless sort of way.  This design is very intricate and requires needle-like precision for it to make an impact. Opt for three quarter or half sleeves outfit with a design like this and skip hand jewelry.
  • Suitable occasion: This design is best suited for special occasions like festivals on pongal or onam. This will also look great for weddings of close relatives.

#39 Easy abundant florals simple kerala mylanchi designs

If you are on the lookout for a really simple and easy mylanchi design then this design is going to hold your interest for long. Filled in small flowers form a diagonal line here extending into the index finger. You can elongate this design as per your personal preference and end it at the wrist or take it all the way till the elbows. For beginners, this is such a winner of a pattern as it is so basic yet effective.
  • Suitable occasion:  This could be a good design pick for offie parties on Christmas, eid or new years eve. 

#40 Artisti parrot motif mailanchi designs

Peacock motifs are repeatedly found in henna patterns but the whole new trend of adding parrots into mehndi designs is so exciting. Parrots aren't an easy element to etch out but if you have an artistic flair then you totally opt for a design like this. Here two fingers are drenched in henna while the rest lay bare and a band from wrist has a cage-like element with a flower at its base and parrot at the side. 
  • Suitable occasion: This mehndi design image can be used as a reference and applied by a skilled henna artist for really special festive events or weddings.

#41 Lovely traditional kerala mehandi design for palms

The above palm mehndi design is a beautiful pattern which could be tried even on kids hands. This is basically an arabic pattern but the whole fuller look gives it an Indian appeal making it more of a fusion design. I love how fuss-free, clean and crisp strokes are used here and the design doesnt use any difficult elements making it a hit with beginners. 
  • Suitable occasion: Apply this design on young girls for Ramadhan or bakra eid festival

#42 Basic backhand mylanchi pattern 

Who doesnt like a simple dotted floral henna pattern which is also very simple to etch out? This mehndi design is perfect for millennials who want a little something on their hands and don't want to go exorbitant with henna. The fingers here have lined strokes followed by a floret on alternate fingers. The middle has a floral circle which is filled with star-like elements. This is an easy and fun mylanchi pattern to start off with.
  • Suitable occasion: This design is apt for college farewell events and cultural festivals. 

#43 Full hand spiral mylanchi designs

Designs like these which spiral around the hand to reach the elbow area but dont give a crowded look thanks to its breathing spaces give such a contemporary and chic appeal. If you are a bride who wants something distinct and edgy for their bridal henna you can consider this pattern and add in some flecks of glitter to give it more depth. 
  • Suitable occasion: This pattern is best suited for the younger generation to apply for weddings in the family like for a cousin's wedding party or a uncles reception night.

#44 Leaves and lines kerala henna design

If you are in a hurry and want a basic design to add a bit of colour on hands then this leafy branches mylanchi design is an alluring pick. This design looks easy to apply but the strokes here are really sleek and delicate which will require a deft hand but with a bit of patience this is a doable pattern for anyone.
  • Suitable occasion: This kind of pattern is ideal for a sober look at occasions like birthday parties or house warming events.

#45 Multi patterned kerala style henna for front hands 

For a pretty and feminine look opt for this arabic mylanchi design which is something really hatke from the ordinary patterns. Here the design isnt your basic bel pattern but a more refined arabic pattern with huge checks florals, swirls, leaves, and all fingers drenched are in henna strokes. This design is absolutely spectacular and is sure to turn heads and everyone will want to look more than once at this graceful pattern.
  • Suitable occasion: Something as elaborate and pretty as this mylanchi design is ideal to bring in eid celebration. You can opt for this pattern for weddings too. 

#46 Easy arabic mylanchi design for starters

Next in line is this simple mylanchi design which uses just flowers and paisleys with a few linear strokes to give a basic yet stylish mehndi pattern. Patterns like these are very common but the beauty lies in its versatility and ease of application. Anyone can just hold a henna cone and apply this in a jiffy and it will suit every kind of occasion too. 
  • Suitable occasion: This is an all time favorite pattern perfect for simpler occasions or o apply casually. 

#47 Side style - Fancy mailanchi pattern for hands

For all those fancy dinner parties or an eagerly awaited social gathering, you can opt for a new mehndi design like this where a floral arabic bel is drawn and different patterns cover one side of the hand along with fingers while the other side is left bare for a glamorous look. This design is completely dese yet the bare small finger gives it the necessary non-stuffy appeal.
  • Suitable occasion: Want to be the talk of the town this Onam? Pair your kerala kasavu saree with this exclusive mylanhci design

#48 Netted glam - Amazing jaali and florals mylanchi design

If you have to work magic with a simple henna pattern you need to experiment with its construction flow and placement. Here a netted area is bordered with leafy strokes with florals at its base and fingers covered in some intricate details. The allure of this mylanchi pattern lies in the unique shape of the net band which lends it a certain mystique vibe. 
  • Suitable occasion: This design can be done on any occasion to make your hands the highlight. Like dinner parties or date nights.

#49 Sober sight -  Simple kerala model single line henna tattoo 

If you follow the less is more mantra with styling then this simplistic mylanchi design with curves and florals will find a fan in you. This mehndi design rungs across the length of the hand, can be extended as much as you want and it is very easy to etch out on hands since you need to get just the floral and curve done nicely.
  • Suitable occasion: For casual occasions and all those low-key affairs apply this on your own from your right hand on your left hand.

#50 Halved love - Heart detailed half and half mailanchi pattern 

If the occasion is more romantic in nature like an anniversary party or a dinner date you can try going for a themed mylanchi pattern like this heart henna design. This design where half heart is placed on one hand while half of the heart rests, on the other hand, makes for a stylish design which looks so very adorable.
Suitable occasion: You can opt for this design for your own engagement ceremony. 

#51 Fresh rectangles and florals mylanchi pattern for Millenials

I always find rectangles interesting when used as a henna motif in mylanchi patterns. Here in this intricate mehndi pattern, 3 rectangular structures form the main attraction which are surrounded by delicate florals. The fingers here also have fine chic details which is sure to make people stop and stare st the beauty of the pattern. 
  • Suitable occasion: This is a good design to at weddings as guests. You can pair it with a khafif mehnd design on the front hand area.


For all your joyous occasions you can opt for any mylanhi design from the list above and have them applied from a henna artist or just apply yourself. You can even get it applied from your siblings, cousins or neighbors. Make sure to use good quality natural henna cones which will give you the beautiful output of colour and will also last longer on hands. When choosing your mylanchi pattern make sure to keep the occasion and skill set of the applier in mind. For beginners and small occasions simpler designs are a better fit. 

Which of these gorgeous mylanchi designs do you like most? Tell us.

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