45 Trending Bangle mehndi designs for hands || Kangan mehndi designs

We at BlingSparkle are huge henna art fans and love trying fun and unique designs for festive occasions. The latest trend catching our fancy is the jewellery mehndi designs. These mehndi designs take inspiration from ethnic jewellery like hathphool, finger rings, bracelet, anklets and bangles and give a very dressed up look almost like real jewellery is worn on hands and legs. 

Henna mehndi is temporary tattoo art with great cultural significance in south asia. This art of colouring hands in shades of reddish brown gives an alluring look to hands.
In this post I bring to you a collection of bangle inspired mehndi designs which you can try for any kind of occasion and the best part is, these designs go well with both western and ethnic outfits. You can find many variations in bangle henna patterns as some designs are simple with only wrist area tattooed while you can even find bangle henna designs which heavier and spread all across the hands and arms.  

Latest Bangle style mehndi designs for hands || Kangan mehndi designs

The bangle henna pattern isnt exactly a new trend infact variations of these designs are being applied for years now, but it is only recently that the jewellery inspired mehndi trend has surfaced with a rage. In these kangan mehndi designs, more focus is paid to the wrist area and the design runs mostly circular around both sides of wrist giving an illusion of a kangan or kada. The rest of the design can be kept simple or elaborate depending on the personal taste and occasion. So, if you havent yet tried the bracelet style henna pattern on hands then do give them a try this festive season.  I've got you ample inspiration from minimal to elaborate, here are some of the most gorgeous designs you can consider to beautify your hands. Scroll down and take a look. (Click on images and zoom for enlarged version)

#1 Shaded delight: Bracelet style mehndi design with round mandala on hands

This contemporary take on the very common mandala mehndi design is all class and elegance. I love how thick strokes are used to give a shaded design effect with conical bands on fingers while the wrist has a gorgeous leafy pattern to resemble a bangle or a single kada. For low key occasions like parties, this design is a suitable choice.  

#2 Wrist madness: Bangle wrist henna mehndi pattern with single finger tattooed

This gorgeous elaborate pattern is focussed on the wrist area with multiple thick decorative bands while the hands and fingers are left bare to bring about a striking balance. This mehndi design finds its inspiration in bangle sets (a dozen bangles in each hand) Indian women wear on special occasions like weddings and festivals. Use a thick cut cone to apply a design like this easily and make sure to wear half sleeves kurti or dress to let your henna pattern shine and make a statement of its own.

#3 Rose rain: Simple floral and bangle mehndi designs for beginners

Rose mehndi patterns can be a little difficult to apply but this gorgeous pattern which branches out from above and below of a henna band looks beautiful yet is simple enough for beginners to give a try.  Roses run the length two fingers while the other three fingers have bands resembling midi rings. You can try this design both on front and back hands.

#4 Lotus Charm: Arabic bangle mehndi designs

Lotus motifs in henna is hot in trend this year and this henna design uses shaded lotuses on one side for an alluring appeal while a kangan style thick floral band covers the wrist. This design though not very elaborate in nature but gives a fuller and covered look to hands because of the diagonal design placement.  You can try this design for the wedding  of your sister or your own engagement on the back hands.

#5 Elegant class:  Lace glove inspired henna

Another popular trend these days is lace glove inspired henna patterns which look like a glove making for a very contemporary pattern.  Here multiple flowers are placed together to form two bands which are held together by a netted pattern.  Fingers are also decorated with florals netted and swirl details for an amazingly gorgeous look.
These kind of mehndi designs look great with western, ethnic and even indo-western fusion wear. 

#6 Lotus bands mehndi design with parrot motifs

 If you are a bride who doesnt want a full hand mehendi design for her Big day then it is important to choose a unique and creative design which gives a bridal appeal. This lotus bangle mehndi design with multiple competing motifs like parrots, swings, matkas ,girl figures can all look overwhelming but it surprisingly look great on hands and is far from being mainstream. Personalize the details as per your taste like add your favourite bird instead of a parrot and a baraat figure instead of the swing and you have gorgeous looking bridal henna ready. You can even try this design for an engagement or roka but make sure to talk to your mehendi artist in advance as personalization isnt everyone's cup of tea and the rates also are on the higher side.

#7 Latest intricate bangle mehndi design 

This mandala design comes with a modern twist with bolder and thicker strokes. A lot of mesh details is used in this fairly conventional mehandi pattern with starts off as a tikki. All the fingers have similar designs giving a very heavy look unlike most henna designs these days where the majority of fingers are left bare. The most delicious design detail of this pattern really is the floral bracelet which resembles the real flower mehendi jewellery brides wear these days. 

#8 Geometric love: Moroccan wrist henna

If floral patterns bore you take inspiration from Morrocan henna tattoos and get a geometric pattern applied on your wrist to look like a modern kada of sorts.  This kind of mehndi pattern uses a lot of thin strokes and is best suited for western or fusion wear. If you are wearing traditional outfits like a ghagra or salwar it is better to stay away from these design styles.

#9 Shaded leaves only kangan mehndi design 

Mehendi design with lots of spaces. That is what my millennial cousin prefers these days as she feels it gives a very light and fuss-free look. If you also want something similar, try a minimal pattern like this where the whole hand is left bare while a band is drawn on the wrist area and ring like bands line the fingers.  

#10 Bridal bangle mehndi designs for full hands

For brides full hand mehndi designs with little to zero empty spaces is preferred. This henna design has lots of bangle inspired bands on wrist area and a netted mesh on hand part with shaded floral details completes the design.  This is an elaborate henna pattern so it will take time to apply but dont get intimated by the pattern as it is pretty easy to apply and even basic application skills are enough to draw up this design. 

#11 Subtle glam: Hathphool mehndi design

This one finger hathphool inspired mehndi tattoo is simple and easy to apply. It gives the illusion of you wearing a hand harness and looks very trendy as it is a fairly new pattern. This design suits occasions like family functions or dinner parties where you have hands full with work and little to no time to apply henna on hands. Try this pattern which can be applied in minuted and doesnt require special artistic skills too. Since this is a hathphool mehndi this design is for back hands and is not recommended on front hands.

#12 Banded arabic mehndi pattern 

Arabic mehndi design with spiral banded pattern is actually very common pattern and I used to be a huge fan of this style of henna when I was in school. The way this floral and paisley bands run all around the wrist really fascinated me and the final look was amazingly ethereal. If you haven't tried a banded mehndi style like this on your hands even once then do give this design a try which uses thin stokes, floral details and swirls for a gorgeous look at the next wedding you attend. Make sure to keep your hand jewellery to barely minimum to allow the design to take centre stage. 

#14 Simple mehndi art for kids

For kids a jewellery mehndi pattern is a very practical and pretty choice as little ones dont like wearing pokey jewellery so illusion jewellery works fine. This super simple hathphool mehndi for backhands will look beautiful on backhands of a little girl at weddings of close relatives. This design uses simple lines, dots and swirl strokes with a diamond pattern forming the base. Pair this type of henna with gharara, sharara, salwar suit or even an anarkali and your little one is going to rock the party.

#15 Minimal single line bangle mehandi designs

Forget the flowers and concentrate on the paisleys for a hatke mehndi design like this. Even here the bangle band has floral pattern while the paisley make a connecting line reaching the fingers for simple arabic mehndi art which give a sober yet catchy look. Try this design when you are short on time as it is easy and quick to apply. You can even apply it yourself with right hand on the left hand.

#16 Fusion bangle henna design for the front hands

This front hand mehendi design is sophisticated art with thick and thin strokes balanced out smartly for an elegant appeal. For an engagement party or a festive occasion, definitely try this henna pattern. But make sure to keep back of your hands bare or it will look too cluttered as the front design is heavy as is.

#17 Catchy bangle mehndi for the back of hands

If you are hunting for an elegantly gorgeous mehandi deisgn this simple back hand pattern could be a suitable pick. This design has a linear bangle strap with a thick floral base. Only one finger has design details while the rest of hand s kept empty giving a classy vibe. You can also give this design a try on front of hands it is sure to look equally beautiful.

#18 Striking and bold bridal henna with mesh bangle pattern

Floral details are a hit with henna patterns as they are girly, chic and give a delicate look. This henna mehndi uses geographical strokes to place different kinds of shaded flowers across the palm in a right-angled position and the result is a resplendent henna pattern which is eye-catching. If that was not enough the wrist area has a more personalized approach with netted bands, musical strokes, and skyscrapers drawn.
You can get this design applied for your engagement or your wedding day and add a personal touch with the bottom part of the design. Go for motifs which are integral to your love story like the place your first met or your shared hobby or even your wedding hashtag.

#19 Traditional  huge kada style bangle mehndi design for brides

This is an alluring yet complicated shaded bangle mehendi pattern which covers the entire length of front hands. An elaborate and more detailed version of the trending lotus henna design this mehndi uses both thin and thick strokes for an enticing visual. the bangle pattern is drawn in form of a decorative mesh while the palms have lotus on one side and peacock motifs on the part. If you are looking for a stand out pattern for your hands for a really special occasion like your engagement or your first eid post-wedding then this is a design you should opt for. Make note that a design like this required a skilled hand so, getting it applied from a professional artist is recommended.

#20  Shaded florals row bracelet henna

 A minimal yet cute sort of design is what you want? Well, I have it sorted for you, this design fits the bill perfectly. Looks exceptional, is fuss-free and wont take up too much of time to get applied so this is a total winner in my opinion. Friends engagement coming up? try this pattern for sure.

#21 Thick shaded bangle style mehendi design for back of hands

Flowers are love and this mehendi design uses a tad bit too many floral details to look amazingly attractive. This design is bit on the complicated side and requires a skilled hand. It will look fabulous for parties or any big occasion for that matter!

#22 Floral cuff mehndi design for hands

This is my favourite bangle style mehndi design with thich shaded flowers,  leafy swirls  and tiny dots forming an alluring pattern. The ends of the fingers have a covered jaali detail with leafy trio at the base. This design resembles a cuff more than a bangle and that itself lends it a contemporary appeal. The second floral band on hand area look like a palm cuff which is another trending jewellery piece these days. For all those fusion outfits like modern saree drapes, cape gowns and ruffled anarkalis this design is my preferred choice.

#23 New age netted bangle design

This is another unique and fun mehendi design you can consider if you want a full hand pattern which doesn't look bridal. This design has three shaded leafy bands held together by sleek netted strokes.  The jaali strokes are easy to apply but the shaded bands require a deft a seasoned hand, a little practice should be enough as the strokes are a repeat. This design looks best when applied matching on back side of both hands

#24 Easy single kangan mehndi design

If you dont prefer elaborate and intricate henna patterns but still have to get mehendi applied because the occasion demands it then try a simple wrist band like this. This floral strokes bordered with small triangles and leafy details makes for a gorgeous tattoo style art which is pretty easy to apply even by novices. If this wrist band looks a tad bit too minimal then you can build upon it with paisley strokes or go for mandala or arabic pattern on palms for a more fuller look. 

#25 Artistic arabic bangle henna

This is a very modern arabic style mehndi design with an inverted dome style base on wrists. This design with lots of empty spaces will interest younger brigade as they prefer fun and unique patterns. You can go for matching or similar patterns in this style on both front and back hands for an amazingly attractive look which stands out. 

#26 Bridal bangle inspired henna mehendi art

A full-blown lotus-inspired mehendi design with netted details running the length of your arm is ideal for brides. This design is as intricate and exquisite as it can get and required a very skilled hand to apply. Talk to your mehendi artist before hands and show her photos to get this type of pattern applied. New dulhans are required to wear jewellery at all times at their in-laws place. This design which looks like you have worn netted bangles can look amazing even when your hands are bare making for the best pattern helping skip jewellery post your wedding.

#27 Classic bracelet mehendi with circular floral mandala

This is a pretty common design which doesnt require too much of expert detailing an can be tried by women at home. Two circular bands resembling kadas are drawn on the wrist area with a semi-circular flower at the base. For the top half, a traditional mandala is applied and the fingertips are also beautified to give a balanced magnificent look. 

#28 Full hand shaded bangle style mehandi 

Who wants simple when you can get complicated patterns applied from professions before weddings? For special occasions like wedding of your sister or brother-in-law try something which is a fusion of traditional motifs and modern details. This mehendi design has paisley and checkered pattern palms while the whole experimentation is carried out on the wrist area. I love how multiple different design bands are arranged to look like a series of kangans arranged beautifully giving a drop dead gorgeous look. Try this design only if you are wearing short-sleeved outfit, otherwise, the whole design is going to be hidden under sleeves.

#29 Rajasthani kangan mehendi design - Traditional mehendi design 2019

Indian mehndi designs which cover the entire hands with very little or no spaces are ideal for traditional outfits like lehengas or sarees. This rajasthani mehndi design is best suited for more elaborate occasions like weddings or even big festivals like diwali or eid. Newer brides can also get this design applied after their bridal henna has faded off. 

#30 Catchy multiple sleek bands henna pattern - Easy mehendi design for hands

If you thought simplistic designs cant look enticing then you need to change your perception. Lined stroked with swirl style borders make for an alluring visual appeal in this back hand henna design which is ideal for the younger brigade. 

#31 Floral wrist henna kada style henna tatooo - Simple mehendi design 2019

Wrist hennas actually look really exceptional and when the pattern is as gorgeous as this then you dont need any other design details n palm area.  This design which resembles a huge kangan has floral motifs spaced evenly and bordered with a double line and dots. 

#32 Spiral lace pattern arabic henna design

 This is a stunning arabic mehndi bel pattern with shaded details for a modish look. This mehndi design is sure to find fans with the younger girls as it is very girly and chic pattern helps you create an effortless statement.

#33 Jaali kangan mehndi with mandala - easy henna pattern for beginners

 A really pretty matching mehndi design which is ideal for beginners. If you are starting out on henna application you need to select designs like this which give a very understated classy appeal yet is very easy to apply. Netted bands are drawn on wrist area and the fingers and the palm has a mandala to bring the design together. This pattern is a variation of the really common mandala pattern so not many women will prefer it but it is popular because of a reason and nothing like exploring vintage trends for an old world glam. 

#34 Hand harness style jaali mehndi design 2019

Hathphool style mehndi designs with a bracelet base are trending a lot these days. If you want to try this kind of design then choose this option which isnt too elaborate or too simple either. This mehndi design works best for occasions like weddings where hand harnesses wont look out of place. You can complement this style of back hand design with arabic front hand pattern for a graceful look. 

#35 Multiple floral kangans - Latest mehandi design

If you ask me my favourite bangle style mehndi design, then This is it. I love, love how the design has multiple kada style netted bands with a shaded flower in the middle. It looks alluring and is very versatile pattern, working for many different occasions like weddings, festivals or even cultural events. The arabic design on the palm also adds to the splendor of the design but make sure to avoid any kind of hand jewellery when you have this design applied. 

#36 Spiral bangle mehndi for beginners

Looking for a subtle yet trendy pattern then these sleek spiral design bands are a total winner. This is the best way to let your hands pop out in a crowd without looking like you are trying too hard. The most important part being this design is not just simple but also wont take much time apply. Whats not to love? 

#37 Floral love: Elaborate floral kangan mehendi pattern 

Huge shaded flowers are an amazing way to spruce up the beauty of your hands and when these floral details resemble a bangle then it cant get any better, can it? This design isnt very easy to apply so make sure you have practiced well in advance or get it applied from a skilled person. 

#38 Thick backhand bangle style mehndi

A bold mehendi pattern with thick strokes could be an instant head turner if applied with precision and clarity. This mehendi pattern with a leafy shaded kangan design and an arabic thick flowers and swan motif is a heady mix of tradition and modernity. You can apply it on both sides of hands as per your personal taste. 

#39 Dotted bangle pattern for the front hands

A beautiful dotted bangle mehendi design which is best suited for starters. you can apply this yourself for low key occasions like family functions and cultural events. This matching mehndi design looks great when applied in symmetry on both hands.

#40 Lines in limelight: Paisley pattern henna mehndi design

For sister of brides this design is an ideal pick as it gives a very covered feel and the design isnt too complicated or intricate so it can be applied pretty fast even by cousins. This design uses lots of lines and dotted strokes so if you are new to art of henna you can try this design and learn it quickly. 

#41 Henna mehendi bracelet tattoo design

If you plan to wear statement jewellery on the fingers it is better to avoid henna application on fingers and concentrate on the wrist area. This wrist design is so minimal and modern looking like an oversized bangle perfect for modern day women who has her style sorted. Pair a design like this with indo western outfits and bold rings or even a palm cuff and get all eyes glued on you.

#42 Arabic mehndi tattoo art with a bracelet style base

Mismatched henna design also look fun and quirky. This style of mehendi designs where you apply arabic pattern on one hand while a bangle style Indian mehndi, on the other hand, could be a reflection of your fierce and fearless personality.  

#43 Simple bracelet bangle mehndi design with finger ring

This design is for minimalistic women who want simple and quick patterns. A hatke style kada design is applied on the wrist and to give a more complete feel the kada is complemented with a matching finger ring inspired design on just a single finger. Personally, I wouldn't keep my hands this bare and would add a flower or paisley on the palm area too. Would you bring a variation to this design or wear it as is? 

#44 Traditional bangle mehendi design

Not in the mood to experiment or try something new? Yeah, we get that the routine madness can get to you and thats when you can opt for safe and basic pattern like this comes to your rescue. You can nail any kind of ethnic look with ease with a simple design like this. 

#45 Leafy cuff with parrot and cages henna - New mehndi designs 2019 

Instead of the usual floral details how about parrot motifs which give a modern and distinct appeal to your design. This design has lot of jaali details on the palm and also bird cages which is ideal for women looking to experiment a bit with new age creative patterns.

#46 Indian palm mehndi with bangle base

This front hand bangle style mehendi pattern uses thick strokes for a bold output. Instead of the bangle running circular around the wrist area, the band is left half just on the front side and a huge flower borders it on both sides. The palm has a single paisley pattern with multiple swirl strokes and heart details on fingertips complete this design. most mehndi designs these days concentrate on the wrist area or the back hand but I personally love the contrast of dark mehndi colour on the palms. If you also love mehendi design focussed on palm area then try this pattern.

#47 Shaded floral bangle henna 

Dare to try the bold shaded florals with jaali flowers? This design is actually very in your face but is sure to blend into the glam and bling that Indian weddings come with. This design is best suited for bridesmaids or close relatives for a wedding reception party. 

Tips for rocking the bangle mehnedi patterns this festive season:

  • Jewellery mehendi patterns are a huge rage these days, so instead of just going for bangle style henna patterns add more jewel inspired designs to the mix. Like a hathphool, palm cuff design or even finger ring band style mehendi. For feet match your bangle mehendi with payal mehendi designs. 
  • When choosing a bangle mehndi design keep your outfit sleeve length in mind. It is pretty useless to try a bracelet style henna design if you will wear full on long sleeve dress. A short sleeve is recommended to flaunt this kind of design properly. 
  • Avoid hand jewellery when you have bangle mehndi design applied to let the design make a fashion mark of its own. Dozens of bangles covering the design is just not the way to style it right. Instead opt for a sleek kada or bracelet and oversized rings if you really love jewellery. 
  • Make sure to use quality henna ones which are freshly made as they guarantee you the darkest possible color which lasts longer, for about a month or so. When you put in so much effort you really want the design to come out well and last long right? 
  • Aftercare also helps build the henna stain on hands. Avoid washing hands for as long as you can after you have removed the dried henna, apply some vicks as peppermint oil present in it darkens the henna colour. Also use a blunt knife to scrape off henna instead of washing it off.


That was a long list of bangle style mehndi designs and now that you have scrolled through the list you might have already selected your favourite pattern. These designs are the most trending bangle mehendi patterns you can try in 2019. Which of these henna designs did you like most? Tell us in comments below. 

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