How To Recycle Old Sarees - 55 Creative Dresses From Old Sarees

Every time I scroll through my youtube feed I see numerous content on recycling old sarees into new dresses videos. This clearly shows the increasing number of people who are looking for ideas to recycle their old sarees. Recycling and reviving old sarees is a NEW RAGE!

I personally love the creativity and imagination that goes into recycling and saving an old saree. Recycling old damaged sarees is not the only thing but old sarees passed on from generation to generation can actually be worn by those who are not comfortable in a saree by turning it into a whole new outfit.

How To Recycle Old Sarees?

We Indians love our traditional wear and our top favorite among all is the nine-yard beauty- The saree! All of us have several beautiful sarees locked away in the closets that we hardly wear. And then there are sarees that we get from our mothers and grandmothers as gifts which are gems but you cannot wear heavy worked or rich silk sarees on a daily basis. Plus there are sarees that get damaged with time. It would be great to revive it in a fashionable manner that is sure to garner a lot of compliments.

Saree reusing is not only budget-friendly but a way to express ourselves. Saree dress patterns are doing the fashion grounds and many designers have shown interest in designing saree dresses. You can reuse your old sarees and make your own designer outfits.

Recycling old sarees do not include tonnes of steps and one can get it done easily from your nearest boutique or your favorite tailor. It is sure to cost you a little more for the making but the outcome is unreal and amazing! The best part is that any type of saree can be recycled and not just your silk sarees!

All your chiffon, Georgette and net sarees are not an exception and can be repurposed to actually turn them into great anarkalis, ethnic gowns, and kurtis. All you need is creativity and patience to get started! Read on to know everything in detail about all the amazing Saree Dress Patterns one can get made from old sarees.

Dresses Made From Old Sarees

Gifting during the wedding season is a norm in India. The brides of India often end up with tonnes of sarees as gifts during their weddings. These sarees remain untouched and overlooked for new trends take over your wardrobe. But there is no denying we have an emotional bond with most our gifted sarees, especially the ones handed down from our ancestors like our moms and grandmoms.

 You can certainly give away your old sarees to the needy but those you are attached to and the ones gifted by special people simply cannot be turned down. So its best to find creative and innovative ways to reuse or recycle your old sarees into new dresses that you will actually want to wear!

For all those women who want to try different saree dresses patterns but don't have old sarees,
if you rummage through your mom’s collection of sarees, you might unearth some gems.

Old saree craft Ideas

There are several old saree craft ideas that you can try at home and can easily do on your own. Our top favorites are the curtains and pillow and cushion covers. We will be coming with a detailed post on saree craft ideas soon so keep an eye out for it.

 Old saree makeover is the most searched thing on the youtube, with people not wanting to waste and wanting to repurpose their old sarees the best shot they have is to try different DIY's. Sharing a few DIY videos that will be useful for those who want to try their hands on old saree craft ideas.

Best use of old sarees

There are numerous things you can make from your old sarees. You would be surprised by all the trendy and cool things that could be made from your old sarees. If your saree is torn then you can transform them into quirky and cool things in no time. And for those wanting to reuse their mom's sarees and newly unused sarees is to get them stitched into a fashionable gown or a stunning traditional Kurti.

One of the reasons why women choose to repurpose their sarees is because the handiwork on the sari makes it so heavy that it's almost unfit for regular wear. By recycling and reusing your sarees and converting them into the latest trendy fashion outfits you can get the best use out of your sarees and the best part is that you can wear all of them multiple times!

The most popular saree that is converted into various things is silk saree. Old saree makeover is a rage nowadays and many women are turning their sarees into western and fusion wear.

The best use of sarees is dresses made from sarees as they are comfortable and made for your liking without any fit issues. Kurtis made from old sarees also loved by the younger generation who get their mom's sarees stitched into kurtis and they can wear new dresses to college without having to spend much on the outfits.


It does not come as a surprise that we Indian women simply swear by our sarees. But change is the only thing that's constant and to keep pace with the changing fashion trends, often many a times the pretty garment is left to age in vintage boxes or armories. Not to worry ladies, in this post we bring you 101 different gowns/kurtas which can be stitched from your old sarees and these dresses from old sarees are not only stylish but also very wearable. We hope we can help you find a meaning of the existence of your old sarees sobbing in your wardrobes!

Redesigning old silk sarees

The most reused saree to turn it into a kurti is the Silk saree, hence we will first share the various different types of gowns and kurtis you can make from an old saree.
Here are a few best examples of redesigning old silk sarees into new trendy and stylish floor-length gowns, and even floor length anarkalis.

Old saree into kurti / Dress made from saree material / Saree Kurti Design

Lets take a look at all the beautiful gowns you can get made from your old georgette, velvet, embroidered, printed, cotton, and net sarees. If kurtis, floor-length anarkalis and long gowns are your things you can easily get your old sarees transformed into them.

You can make festive heavy gowns or simple everyday wear long kurtis from your old sarees. Get creative while designing your dress and you can add extra latkans, brocade fabric or any extra attraction to make the saree kurti design even more beautiful!

We went through a lot of old saree into kurti ideas and the ones that really caught our attention was the long maxi dresses. Flowy long anarkali and maxi dresses made from saree material are not only gorgeous but look great on any body type.

We have compiled a stunning list of dresses made from old sarees that will give you tons of ideas. go ahead, try them and get your creative juices flowing girls!

#1 Recycle Your Old Saree Into Floor Length Designer Cowl Neck Kurta

Old saree recycling is largely favored for it makes way for great flowy and amazing dresses once you are done wearing them as sarees. This is an amazing way to use your mother's old saree and turn it into a beautiful gown. Customize the gown by adding a different designing aspect like this blue gown has a stunningly different pleated slouchy V neckline. This way you can make the best use of the saree and also amaze everybody in the process.

 #2 Get A Keyhole Back Maxi Dress Stitched From Your Old Saree

A maxi dress with an interesting designer keyhole back pattern is also a great way to recycle your boring monochrome sarees. Simply put, keyhole back long maxi dresses have a cut out at the back, hence the name ‘keyhole’. It’s a great option for women who love the idea of a quirky dress but want it to be very comfortable altogether. It’s also a great style for women who want to highlight a beautiful back but cover their shoulders. Try making this type of a saree dress with sarees that have fewer prints and in monochrome fun colors.

 #3 Long Kurtis made from old Bandhini sarees

If you ever wondered on 'how to recycle your old colorful chamk-dhamak georgette Bandhini sarees, an innovative way is to convert them into pleated anarkali. Not only does the colorful printed saree make a beautiful anarkali but you can wear it on numerous occasions and get the best use of your saree. This is one is a personal favorite of mine for reusing a colorful saree and converting it into an outfit that never ceases to trend is one of the best uses you can make from your old worm bandhini sarees.

 #4 Go Classy and Convert Your Old Saree Into A Pretty Dress

Combine your plain and printed georgette sarees to make a floor-length or a short variation of a pretty kurta or a dress. Get creative and add the borders at the side or at the hem to a style that will be all about the grace within the old textures.

 #5 Puffed Sleeve Silk Classy Gown - Plain Silk Saree reuse

Another way to reuse your old silk sarees is to convert old silk saree into long gown dress. Add in your personal touch by getting a puff sleeve stitched and adding the saree borders to it. Make sure you are picking your old rust-colored sarees and using contrasting saree borders to make it look more elegant. This is a great gown silhouette for plus size ladies and looks chic when worn on a daily basis.

 #6 Get Creative - Simple Spaghetti Shoulder Strap Long Dress

This spaghetti strap dress is our top favorite when it comes to  the list of 'how to make old saree to dress?' Simple, chic and elegant! Do not forget to stitch a light-colored contrast saree border at the bottom for added effect. This not only looks lovely but looks extra glam and can be worn to parties and family gatherings.

 #7 The Ombre Effect- Gorgeous Kurti Made from Old saree

Any saree be it chiffon, poly georgette, cotton or crepe, when has the ombre effect is pure love for they can be converted into amazing anarkali kurtis. Absolutely love this yellow maroon saree kurti design and the fact that it has a tie-up detail from the shoulder to the elbow on the sleeve makes it even more alluring. This has also made to our top 10 on our list of 'Best kurtis made from old sarees'.

 #8 Sleeveless Structured Gowns From Old Sarees

Go sleeveless and get yourself a structured well fitted customized gown from an old handloom saree or a Ikat cotton printed saree. This type of saree kurti design looks best when made in monochrome or single dark-colored sarees.

 #9 Best Use Of Lucknowi Chikankari saree-  Front Slit Kurti Made From An Old saree

Every saree lover might have a chikankri saree in her collection that might need recycling for various reasons, and what better than getting a saree makeover and converting into a chic front slit long kurta! This design of suits made from old sarees is a great way to turn heads wherever you go. The below picture is not made from a chikankari saree but just an image for reference on how you can reuse your old saree into a brand new outfit!

 #10  Plus Size Flared Traditional Gowns

Flared gowns with customized buttons on the bust is another way of reusing and revamping your old sarees. One of the best things about all the dresses made from old sarees is that they can be stitched to perfection and not have any fit issues which is why its a great boon for plus size ladies. They not only look very flattering on curvy women but also make them look appear taller and slimmer.

 #11 Sheer Neckline And Sleeve Patterned Designed Flared Dress:

Old sarees that are printed and have patterned borders can be converted into something similar as in the picture below. Printed interesting patterened saris make for good flared kurtas. The best part about getting it stitched from your old saree is that even if several small parts of your sari is not in good condition, you can discard that part and get it stitched with a few joints that won't be seen due to the heavy prints.

 #12 Long Anarkalis Are Here To STAY!

Nothing beats a flowy gorgeous customized Anarkali stitched to perfection and when it is revived from an old saree it is the best thing ever to those who want to refashion their old sarees into new dresses.

 #13 Pleated Backless Gown From An Old Traditional Saree

Ever thought of making a gorgeous gown from an old traditional saree? Well, the below picture is a great idea on a dress made from old sarees. The border of the saree can be skipped totally to transform it into something totally different and unique. The spaghetti strap gown is sultry and hugs the curves in all the right places due to the customization. Another pick from our top favorites list of 'Kurtis made from old silk sarees'.

 #14 Flared Kurti With Matching Bottoms

Flared anarkalis are the easiest to stitch and one with no complicated necklines and cut out work is easier than you ever thought. You can make matching ethnic separates on your at-home or get a kurta from an old saree made from your nearest boutique for very a less price. If you are planning on a knee length kurta then opt for a border free one for this way your kurta looks more flouncy and flowy.

 #15 Beautiful Saree Makeover - Convert Old Pattu Saree To Gown

Pattu sarees are the most loved when it comes to the south Indian fashion industry. Get your creativity flowing and create a gorgeous saree gown with matching buttons and pleated flared sleeves stitched for such a saree suit dress oozes glamour, sophistication and fabulous style. This is also one of our top favorites when it comes to kurtis made from old silk sarees.

 #16 Indo Western Style Dress With Matching Potli

If you are bored with the regular style dresses then you can get a quirky dress stitched like the one below. the best part is the ethnic dupatta like a belt that ups the glam quotient here. We love that it is paired with a matching potli stitched from the same reused saree. Another great and fairly simple use of your old saree is to make stunning potlis from it and match it with your saree gowns!
We are in love with this design of suits made from old sarees *oh yes!*

 #17 Square Neck Pleated Bust Gown

All your heavy embellished sarees can also be reused and recycled and transformed into enthralling new and latest ethnic bust pleated gowns.

 #18 Lace Detailing And Pleated Dresses

How about turning old sarees into the super cool front and back fully pleated delight? You can add a button down behind with some sheer fabric to glam up the style quotient of your dress.

 #20 Simple And Effective Designer Gowns

Best use of a netted saree or even a floral one is to get them transformed into a simple casual everyday wear gowns and get the best out of your old sarees by donning these kurtis on a daily basis. 

 #21 Get A Netted Cape Stitched On Your Gown

While capes have been around for quite a while now, you can give your dress made from silk saree a whole new ethnic vibe by adding a mid waist netted cape . We loved this idea of a similar color net cape and silk gown combo. If you looking for interesting ways to convert your saree into a dress or wanting the perfect solution to 'how to make old saree to dress?' then your search probably ends here.

 #21 Get It Stitched Into An Ethnic Plus Size Indian Party Dress

The festive season is in the air. And so is the phase of week-long weddings. It might turn into a task to find the right fit for plus size when it comes to Indian festive wear and your only option might end up being a Saree. Surprise everybody by turning up in an ethnic dress from your grand saree.We are pretty sure you are lined up with invitations and gatherings in the coming weeks. Keeping the tradition alive in the air, you can stun a lot of people by getting creative and re purposing loads of old sarees from your saree collection!

 #22 Get A Trendy Flared Cape Sleeve Gown Stitched From Your Old Saree

Ever since the Indian designers showcased the cape on the ramp the cape sleeve gowns have turned into a much-loved fashion trend. And now, you can bag a lot of compliments by getting one stitched from your old saree. This type of ultra-chic Indo western kurti is a great pick to make heads turn wherever you go and mind you the best answer to 'How to make old saree to dress'.

 #23 Turn Them Into a Full Flared Sleeve Trail Gown

Gowns with trails are trending all over the internet and are latest in trend now. Very different from your normal floor length gowns, the trail behind the kurta can change the overall look of kurti. We suggest you choose sarees made from georgette, chiffon or crepe to get the flawless trail gown made!

 #24 Turn Your Saree Into An Overlapping Kurta/Gown 

Overlapping kurtas have found a place in almost all fashionistas wardrobes. Make yourself stand out of crowd by donning a overlapping kurta /gown. This unique patterned kurti features light weight full length overlay starting from the waist to the ankles forming a v shape at the bottom half.

 #25 Off Shoulder Cape Dress from An Old Saree -Best Use of An Old Sari

Interesting designs that are not found easily is the key to an eye grabbing outfit. Next time you want to get a good outfit or a nice kurta stitched from an old saree you can opt for a cape style kurta and even better if the cape kurta or cape gown is off the shoulder. We would suggest you try this style of the gown from you saree as this is the idea that strikes when someone questions 'how to make old saree to dress in a quirky way'

 #26 Convert It Into A Cold Shoulder Dresses

Indo western gown is the latest thing and every woman must own a customized one, what better than getting it stitched from an old saree of yours? Add a lot of cut out accents along with a cold shoulder pattern and a slit in the middle bottom half to make it even more alluring. Pair your outfit with a pair of contrasting relaxed palazzo pants. It’s a style of kurta that we are going to be crushing over all of 2019.

 #27 One Shoulder Stylish Dress From A Silk Sari

A single strap or one shoulder dress with a printed bust and plain bottom looks amazing. A great way to glam up your outfit is to get it stitched in different cuts and styles.

 #28 Convert Kerala Style Kasavu Hand loom Cotton Saree Into A Jacket Dress:

Kasavu sarees is a must own for every saree lover and if you end up owning more 3 or 4 you can easily get a jacket dress like the below outfit stitched from it and wear it to festive parties!

 #29 A- Line Flared Kurta

 #30 Get A Collared Masakalli Made From A Leheriya Saree

Mughal inspired masakalli kurtis have marked their place in today’s women’s wardrobe. This design where the bust is structured and fit with flared bottom oozes glamour, sophistication and fabulous style.

#31 Heavy Bordered Anarkali Kurta 

Combine two to three fabrics or use multiple sarees to create an ethnic suit. To oomph up the anarkali suit, you can double up the lace at the bottom of the kurta to give it a rick and royal look. The anarkali style kurta with a heavy border kurta and matching dupatta will never go out of style and hence you can wear your recycled outfits to the max!

 #32 Design of suits made from old pattu sarees

 #3 Change Up And Get A Frock Style Kurti Stitched!

This style of kurti is the perfect pick to show your chirpy girly side. We absolutely love the typical flare at the end. A single colored non printed simple saree can be converted into such style of kurti to provide a nice indo-western look. So, make sure to give it a try to startle your peers.

 #34 Spice Up Your Plain Anarkali. How About An Ethnic Jacket?

 #35 Sleeveless Empire Waist Kurtis

You can also get yourself an empire waist gown stitched as this type of kurti taper from the bust and flow through the entire length. They look absolutely stunning when lined with a different colored fabric from your pre-loved sarees. Team up your empire kurta with a matching legging or simply carry it like a dress, the level of elegance is entirely up to you! This design of suits made from old sarees is great for casual outings, festive and kitty parties.

 #36 Tiered Double Colored Boho Kurtas

A dual-colored tiered kurta adds volume to a usual body frame and looks extremely classy when worn with silver jewelry. You can easily get this stitched if you have two or more damaged cotton or any type of sarees with you.

 #37 Interesting Cut Out Neck Dress And A Keyhole With Drawstrings At The Back

Your next Diwali outfit or any festival for that matter is right here thanks to your color blocked sarees. Two contrasting saree fabrics stitched to perfection and for some strange reason makes us believe that everybody, no matter what age or what body type can rock this sultry long kurti look.

 #38 Strapless Summer Dress- Indo Western Style Kurta

One of the most fashionable designs of suits made from old sarees is the strapless gown saree dress. Make sure you are choosing a printed summery saree for this or even a light colored or pastel colored floral old saree will make for a great strapless summer gown. Remember to get it stitched from a good tailor so it does not have fit issues

 #39 Trendy Cutout Front And Back Neck Checkered Gowns

If you have a printed georgette or designer saree lying in your closet you can get an enthralling cutout full sleeve long gown made from it. The below picture is a perfect example of how you can make a spellbinding kurta from an old saree in not time and on a budget!

#40 Belted Bliss: Get a Belt made from Your Old Brocade Silk Saree

You can add the wow factor in your old saree makeover dress by simply getting a belt made from brocade fabric and passing your matching dupatta into it while you wear it. It not only looks stunning but is also something unique and trendy at the same time.

#41 High Neck Simple Kurtas

Those who do not like a lot of drama in their everyday wear can opt for a simpler style of kurtas and get a straight cut long kurta or a long simple gown stitched from their sari.

 #42 Button Down Collar Neck Long Kurta

Button down Kurti with a collar neck and floor length hemline is trending for summers. All your embroidered cotton sarees or designer crepe sarees will make for amazing comfy ethnic wear outfits for young Indian girls & women. For a more glamorous look, one can wear these kurti with contrasting scarves.

 #43 Try Different Sleeve Design Patterns - Cold Shoulder Dress from Old Saree

Whoever said cold shoulder was just a western trend? You can get anarkali frock style Kurtis stitched from your pre-loved saris and sport this cold shoulder anarkali to utter perfection.

 #44 Jacket Style Kurti

Inspired from the' Kurti with jacket' trend, kurtas teamed with contrasting jackets are quite a rage in the world of haute couture. Kurtis with statement jackets pre-stitched to the kurta or even without the kurta can create both a boho or an elegant look depending on how one wants to carry it!

#45 Everyday Wear Pre-Stitched Knee Length Kurtis

Adding up a quirky contrast colored jacket style fabric into the usual kurti will notch up the style factor. Saree reusing is all about creativity and this design of suits made from old sarees look extremely classy!

#46 Royal Empire Waist Kurtis Made From Silk Sarees

Using the sari to make an empire waist kurta is also a great way to hold on to your mother's prized possession plus they not only look chic but also rank in the top when it comes to customized gowns.

#47 Simple Yet Gorgeous Floor Length Every Day Wear Gowns

#48 Stylish Tie Back Floor Length Anarkali

Floor length anarkali is here to stay and will never go out of fashion, this particular blue saree makeover is a great idea if you want to revive your old silk sarees. You can also get this stitched by combining two sarees at your home.

 #49 Comfortable Boat Neck Long Gown

A traditional flared gown without pleats will also look amazing if stitched the right way. Don't forget to get a matching dupatta stitched from the same old saree to complete the whole suit.

 #50 Get a Full- Fledged Suit With Dupatta Made

What better than a full suit with chudidar or plazzos and a flared kurta with a matching dupatta made from your torn or damaged saree? Perfect to wear to small functions and family gatherings.

 #51 Tiered Long Gowns: Fierce Frills And Ruffles

Another version you can try is to get a two or three tiered gown stitched with ruffles and frills at the ends. Frothy gowns are trending and will get you loads of compliments from family and friends!

 #52 Contrast Bust With Flared Hemline 

Mix and match two or three sarees together to get a contrast effect in your outfit This way nobody can guess you got it made from an old saree. This gorgeous saree kurti design is the perfect answer to ' how to make old saree to dress'!

 #53 Co-ord Matching Sets For The Whole Family

A clever way to refashion old silk sarees or redesigning old silk sarees is to turn them into co-ord sets for your little daughters and get a matching straight kurta. Nowadays, matching mom and daughter outfits are in full demand. What better way then recycling your saree to get you and your kids clothes stitched from the same saree to play matchy-matchy. You can get a skirt -top or a crop top with pant co ords stitched for your daughters and a straight hemline cut kurta for yourself. A straight cut kurta gives an impressive professional look. Avoid short sleeves, as long straight kurti looks stunning with full-sleeves. 

 #54 Try A New Trend- Flared Bell Sleeve Kurtis

A new sleeve trend that is celebrity approved and been spotted on a lot of B-town actors is the bell sleeve pattern. The bell sleeves have a vintage quotient of style to add to your Kurti styling and hence reusing your saree to make such a style of kurti is a win win thing for you. The loose baju design suit with a flared hem is the definition of comfort and fashion in today’s times. Do give this kurtis made from old sarees design a try for it's very fashionable and affordable at the same time.
Tip: a moderately flared knee-length dress with three fourth length bell sleeves is a perfect choice for a small party.

#55 How About An Angrakha Style Kurta?

All your old beautiful chiffon or Bandhini sarees can be converted and transformed into stunning angrakha style long kurtas for angrakha style kurta is the fresh version of the former times tunics worn by the royal court’s musicians. Make sure you are getting your kurta adorned with beads, pom poms or attractive latkans to give it a perfect traditional look. Angrakha kurti in Anarkali style is the latest trend.


Its no surprise when women want to reuse their old sarees to convert them into new outfits as women love the feel of a new outfit :P Here are a few tips on reusing saree that will give your old sarees a new life! We hope you find a few of our simple tips helpful when you plan to re-purpose your old saree into a shiny new dress.

  1. Try Something Out Of The Ordinary. That’s The Key Ladies: Straight kurtas in brocade fabric or slit kurtas or even better asymmetrical hemline kurtas is what you should be choosing. Sarees are often recycled to dupattas and lehengas but you might want to think outside the box and get something unique and wearable stitched so that the next time you wear your old saree suit you are hoarded with tons of compliments! 
  2. Choose Something You Are Comfortable To Flaunt: Simply getting an outfit or a dress stitched because it's trending in the recycle saree fashion is not the way to do it. Pick up something you will want to wear afterward, this way you will not only have a one of a kind dress, but you will actually want to reuse the saree for REAL after the transformation.
  3. Keep In Mind The Flow Of the Saree Fabric: When you are picking up a design for a saree makeover session you need to choose carefully the type of silhouettes that would go with the texture of the saree, which could easily end in a blunder. Hence ladies pair with care! You don't want all your hard work going down the drain.
  4. Make Use Of The Oldest Of Old Torn sarees: Joining patches of the oldest of the sarees, fashion your very own design that not only keeps the feel of the embroidery but also combines it gracefully with the other elements of this style. Remember creativity is the key.
  5. Reuse Even Your Old Sequinned Sarees And Heavy Sarees: Create some interesting and creative dresses from your mothers old sequinned and heavy worked sarees as with time your mom or grandmom won't find a heavy worked saree appealing and might actually end up not wearing it very often. If the work on the saree is heavy, make sure the style of the kurta you are opting to convert is simple with not many complications so the saree itself is the highlight. Trust us, your mommy dearest will be more than happy to see her legacy live in so many different forms *wink*
  6. Mix N Match Two Or More Sarees: Combine your old plain sarees and printed sarees to create short or long kurtis that look effortless and ooze class when worn to office or college. This is also one of the simplest ways to reuse your old sarisas when you mix and match old ones to make a new dress you can use the brocade part of your saree at the bust area and the plain part of your plain saree at the back and bottom of your kurta.
  7. Get An Ethnic Jacket Stitched: Since its hard to find rich and heavy ethnic jackets why ot get one stitched from your sarees? It not only does look stunning but adds the glam quotient to a plain straight cut kurta or even a flared one in a jiffy!
  8. Get It Tailored From A Good Tailor/Boutique/Designer : If you know how to work a sewing machine, then that's great you can stitch your own dress from an old saree but if you are getting it done from outside, then choose a good tailor or a budget-friendly boutique that can understand the importance of you getting the saree refashioned and redesigned and stitching
    into perfection!
These saree reuse ideas on ‘how to reuse old sarees’ can get all your creative juices flowing, besides helping you make multiple stylish dresses. Go get started for all you need is a little free time, a lot of patience, and a closet to raid ! As fast fashion evolves, it’s time to add trend to what has been forgotten and showcase your uniqueness through your creative creations and interesting ideas!
If you loved any of the above creations let us know your favorite among all the 'Dresses made from old sarees' in the comments below !

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