28 Simple and Easy Payal Style Leg Mehndi Designs || Foot Henna Designs

Mehendi application has become very common for any kind festival or celebratory occasion. Mostly women concentrate on beautifying their hands with henna colour but this temporary body art can be applied on any part of body including feet. Unmarried young girls stay away from mehndi application on legs as it is considered a symbol of matrimony but for all you married women i bring  a gorgeous selection of feet henna designs which can be applied on legs for any joyous occasion like festivals, parties or weddings.

Majority of women prefer stunning and elaborate patterns on hands while they opt for simple and light foot mehndi designs. Keeping this in mind I have complied a list of anklet style leg henna patterns which are easy to apply yet look very pretty and modern as they follow the latest jewellery mehndi design trend.

28 Simple Payal Style Leg Mehndi Designs || Foot Henna Designs

Adorning body parts with henna paste is age old process and the reddish brown colour of mehndi can add to the appeal of your feet in todays times of rising beauty standards. If you are confused about what kind of design to apply and cant decide one that one particular pattern for your feet , stress not. I bring you inspiration right in this post in the form of carefully curated foot mehndi designs which follow the latest henna trend of jewelery inspired designs. These anklet mehndi designs have a lot of variations from light to heavy elaborate patterns and everyone is sure to find something to suit their taste. There are also tips at the bottom which will help you choose and decide better so, scroll on and see which design catches your attention.

#1 Simple, beginner friendly pazeb leg mehndi design

If you are looking for a jewellery mehndi design for feet then this gorgeous pattern is a must try. It is simple to apply yet gives a pretty look to your legs. If you are a beginner you need to just practice some 2-3 stokers and get the middle flower motif right and you can apply this design like a pro. This design gives a pazeb like look so avoiding heavy silver anklets is a good idea.

#2 Amazing dulhan foot mehndi design 

Dulhan these days like keeping it minimal yet creative and this fuller looking round flower style foot henna is idea for brides who love subtlety.  Even non-brides can get this design applied for events like weddings in family or karvachauth eid etc. This design is infact very ideal for newly married women for their first festival at in laws home.

#3 Easy feet mehndi designs for starters

When going for heavy hand mehndi designs you can get bored and tired of sitting at same place getting henna applied so when patience runs out by the time it is time for legs lighter and easy patterns work best. This easy henna pattern follows an anklet like pattern on foot while two curved creeper lines swirl all across the feet to give a pretty look. 

#4  Contemporary leg mehandi with star and feather motifs

There has been an influence of lots of contemporary elements and motifs in traditional henna art. Many westerners apply mehandi as temporary tattoo and if you want a more modish look try this feather leg design with starry sparkle. If unmarried girls applying foot henna is considered fine at your home then this design is ideal for you. 

#5 Asymmetric non-matching feet henna pattern

Symmetry is a long gone trend. Try non matching patterns which add a bit of edge to this age old body art. You can experiment with many different leg mehndi patterns and o a heavier design on one leg while keeping it light on the other foot.

#6 Beautiful matching leg mehndi designs for big occasions

This is my absolutely favourite foot mehndi design. A round floral mandala pattern is complemented beautifully by leafy strokes on toes and payal style circular pattern on the ankle area. The beauty of this design lies in its versatility as it can be tweaked a bit look bridal or even non bridal and it ca blend well with ethnic as well as fusion outfits. Brides can give this foot design a try for their big day and if you are not a bride you can still get it applied but make sure to avoid those scattered dots which give this design a full and heavy look. 

#7 Floral anklet mehndi design for legs

If intricate and feminine patterns are what you prefer then i have just the perfect design for you. A flower in centre with smaller flowers encircling it give a very dreamy vibe while this is connected to a dotted anklet with triple line of thick dots. Getting the rose flower right can be a challenge for beginners but if you master that off this design should be a cakewalk which is best suited for family functions and festivals like eid or diwali. 

#8 Sleek payal foot mehndi design

Another very simple pattern starters can apply. Anklet henna is loved by all women and this thicker anklet design makes for a gorgeous visual appeal. It will not require much time for application and women can get it applied for simpler occasions like eid or cultural festivals.

#9 Indo-arabic mehndi design for feet with heart motif

For romantic occasions like anniversary parties you can opt for this anklet henna design which has a shaded heart motif incorporated in it. It is pretty simple to apply and can suit more moderate occasions like family functions and engagement parties.

#10 Jaali style anklet mehendi design

Mesh details are most preferred in feet mehndi designs these days. This jaali details henna pattern looks amazing  and the anklet and floral addition adds to its resplendent beauty completing the design making it look almost fuller and elaborate. This is a classic feet pattern and will suit women of any age for any kind of occasion.  

#11 Pretty payal style henna for starters

Payal feet mehndi design are oh so gorgeous and drool worthy but this pattern takes prettiness to a whole new level. The simplicity of this pattern is what makes it even more appealing and ideal for younger women folk.

#12  Dulhan mehndi designs for feet

A beautiful floral mandala held together with dotted swirls on both sides gives a mesmerizing look to feet. his mehndi pattern is more intricate in nature can require a lot of patience and time to apply. This design looks gorgeous when you wear ethnic outfits like salwar suits, lehengas or saree.

#13 Round mandala style foot mehndi design

If you are the traditional kind then opt for a classic round pattern like this which will work nicely with all kinds of ethnic outfits like salwar suits and sarees. This design keeps things simple yet spruces up the look of your feet at the same time making it ideal for women who want quick fuss free patterns. 

#14 Traditional mandala leg mehndi pattern

A thick mandala pattern in the middle of leg is enough to make your feet look striking. Add more depth to mandala design by going for florals and lines on toes and ankle area too. This design is idea for special occasions giving a traditional look 

#15 Full leg mehndi design for weddings

Full leg mehndi patterns are pretty common with brides but if you want a non bridal fuller pattern then this design is a fabulous  choice. The design is far from being traditional and has more tribal or bohemian feel to it and will work best with indo western fusion outfits or modern saree drapes. You can actually go for slit skirts or shorter versions of ethnic bottoms like doti pants or trousers to show off this design properly. trousers with lace details also are popular these days which can pair well with this design. 

#16 Lace inspired foot henna

#17 Round feet mehndi design which gives a fuller look

 Shaded floral foot mehndi design with a mandala as its base gives an alluring look to feet. This is perfect for occasions like weddings or anniversaries also. Even brides can give designs a try if they have similar style of shaded pattern applied on hands.

#18 Moroccan mehndi design for feet

A geometric pattern for feet is very rare but if you are tiered with floral patterns then try this moroccan design. You can play around with this pattern to include more than 3 designed lines and eliminate the floral details completely. 

#19 Modern and minimal henna tattoo

If you want to get a simple design applied for everyday wear on legs then this tattoo style pattern is a good pick. This charm bracelet inspired feet design with a heart motif is ideal for intimate valentines day or anniversary celebrations between couples.

#20 Elaborate symmetric feet henna design for brides

For a traditional leg mehndi pattern which overs entire foot area you can opt for heavier pattern like this. This pattern requires expert hands and can be done by mehndi artists or well practiced women in your family. This design is very heavy and wont suit simpler occasion so make sure you flaunt it at the right occasion like your own engagement, wedding or even your godh bharai. 

#21 Fresh flower style anklet mehndi

A simple shaded shaded variation of anklet henna is this floral design which looks uber cute and is super easy to apply too.  I love when mehndi is shaded as it gives a more brighter and darker look after it is removed adding to a stark visual contrast on skin. If you love shaded but simple patterns definitely give this design a try. 

#22 Easy vines and creeper strokes leg mehndi

This design looks elaborate but even novices can apply this without much difficulty as it uses simple clean strokes and dots. Infact women can apply this kind of pattern themselves when they dont have artists or help available before an event or party.

#23 Unique double payal style henna

If you find all leg mehndi designs similar and done to death here is one very unique pattern. A double jaali layer with flower at the centre is connected with a thick dotted line. The most important design detail of this pattern really are the toes where shaded flowers are drawn beautifying the ends. i totally love this and will sure give it a try soon.

#24 Super simple foot henna pattern for busy women

If you have just started off with mehndi design application this is the most basic leg henna pattern you can find. Try this and then you can move on to more difficult and elaborate patterns.

#25 Mughlai floral leg mehendi 

Mehndi designs with lots of spaces are high on trend and this leg design follows a similar pattern. A more elaborate pattern with shaded toes gives a bridal feel but will work for all women as the empty space gives illusion of light breathable pattern.

#26 Heavy pazeb mehndi for feet for a traditional look

If you are not a fan of silver payal then use henna to give an illusion of payal with anklet design. This way of using henna like jewellery to adorn your body parts is hot in trend these days and you can try pairing it with hathphool or bangle style mehndi design on hands.

#27 Contemporary henna pattern for feet  

A crisp elegant look is what this simple and easy henna design for feet gives. This is best for western outfits like gowns for a contemporary and exquisite output.

#28 Trendy anklet inspired mehndi idea  

This mehndi design keeps the foot bare while concentrating on the anklet area giving a fusion feel . This kind of henna pattern works well with closed footwear options like pumps, peep toes and mojri juttis.

Tips for choosing the right foot mehndi designs :

  • It is best to pick a simpler henna patter for feet if you have already applied an elaborate design on hands. This helps balance out things and also gives a classic appeal.
  • If you are planning to wear shoes or any closed toe style footwear your foot henna wont be seen so opt for pattern on the anklet area. Anklet mehndi designs are your best bet for times like these.
  • Pick a foot mehndi deisgn on similar lines s your hand mehndi design to bring your whole look together properly. You dont have to exactly match your hand design but using similar motifs is advisable. Like opt for floral pattern if you have floral hand mehndi applied or go for arabic design on feet if you got arabic design on your hands.
  • Symmetry is a fading trend. Whats a tradition if you cant have fun with it? Try non match patterns on both your feet for a unique twist. Pair ki mehndi also can look edgy and quirky (refer design number 5 )
  • If you have full leg mehndi design applied then opt for appropriate footwear which shows off the design instead of hiding it. Footwear options like strappy sandals, Indian wedges and transparent shoes are ideal options.
  • Pedicure helps enhance beauty of feet and henna pattern but make sure to get it done before henna application. 
Which of these leg mehndi designs are you most inspired by?

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