Top 41 Most trending brocade blouse designs for sarees [Photos]

When you are considering fabrics for your festive blouse designs then brocade comes first to mind as it has a very traditional self gold patterns look. The whole richness of a brocade fabric is enough to make your blouse look designer and fancy and you wouldn't need additional thread or stone work to make it stand out.

Variety of brocade fabric patterns available is endless these days, you can choose from floral motifs, geometric patterns, scrolls, kalga, animal motifs, vines or more contemporary intricate styles. The best thing about a brocade blouse is that you can pair with silk sarees, net sarees, georgette sarees or even plain saree for an opulent look defining elegance. For maximum impact pair your saree with a contrasting coloured brocade blouse and you are sure to fetch in compliments. Here in this post I bring to you a well curated list of 41 fancy brocade blouse designs catalogue with images. 

Top 41 Most trending brocade blouse designs for sarees

Brocade fabric has a luxurious aura and you can get a gorgeous blouse stitched right from your local tailor or masterji. When this opulent fabric is meets with the right cuts and fit it can give designer blouses a run for their money. These brocade blouses can work for simple occasions like parties or even more grand occasion like for weddings. Infact many brides these days opt for brocade blouses to pair with their silk sarees. If you are still trying to decide neck or sleeve pattern for your brocade blouse here is an exclusively curated list of trending designs this season from which you can take inspiration.

#1 Fancy square back neck brocade blouse with side button row 

Square neck is pretty common like the round neck but having a square back neck for blouse looks very modern and when you add a side button detail it gives your brocade blouse a stylish designer look. This kind of blouse pattern can work for women of all shapes and sizes and you can alter the length and depth of the square cut to suit your personal taste. Keep your hair tied in a side braid or a high bun for a back neck pattern like this to make a style statement of its own. Also the contrast gold sleeves add to the visual appeal.

#2 Brocade blouse designs with sheer necklines - Netted beauty

Brocade is a very rich woven fabric which can give a heavy look. For summer it is best to go for a netted neckline with your brocade blouse which can make for a very chic and feminine look. You can try many different variations with this style of combining net and brocade and adding net sleeves is also an option you can consider. A bit of stone work on the netted area can make a pattern like this perfect for wedding sarees. You can also use sheer fabrics like Georgette instead of net. 
Styling tip: These kind of sheer neck blouses need special attention to inner wear so make sure to have that sorted. A strapless bra or in built fitted cups are best option.

#3  Elegant Royalty - Packed neck brocade blouse patterns

The big hot trend in blouses this season is the packed neck brocade blouse pattern with elbow length sleeves. These blouses give a very royal and elegant feel and can be styled with lots of long neck jewellery and over sized earring for a wedding appropriate look. 
These blouse designs can be stitched up by your trusted masterji without much difficulty and look absolutely regal especially when paired with contrasting coloured silk sarees. You need atleast one such style in your wardrobe this wedding season.

#4 Silk blouses with brocade sleeves

Instead of going for an all over brocade blouse you can opt for a plain bodice and go for brocade on sleeves. This gives a very trendy and unusually distinct appeal to your blouse. You can try plain silk fabric with brocade sleeves. Get innovative with this kind of blouse and try keeping the sleeve in same colour tone or going for contrasting tone to spice things up a bit for added drama.

#5 Slit sleeves brocade blouse - Playful chic

The slit sleeves are a rage these days and you can try this trend with brocade blouse and some sleek border for a very contemporary saree look. This is a very gorgeous idea where not much skin is shown making it a great choice if you are the traditional kind. You can get creative with the neck patterns with this slit sleeve blouse but make sure not to go over board as you want the sleeve detail to remain the highlight of your look.

#6 Flat style collar neck brocade blouse designs

A flat collar style blouse can look very formal but when you get it made in rich and exquisite brocade fabric it gives a distinctive and festive appeal. These kind of blouses give an indo western feel so it is best to go for a contemporary styling with your saree. Dont go overboard with jewellery and opt for crisp and pleated draped. Modern saree drapes like the dhoti saree, pant saree etc can also be tried with this blouse style as it has a covered look allowing ample space for drape experimentation.

#7 Boat neck brocade blouse patterns

Boat neck blouses are an uber sophisticated choice especially for kanjeevaram sarees. Get a boat neck brocade blouse stitched with long elbow length or three quarter sleeves for a look which is simple yet elegant. Avoiding any kind of borders is the key here to get a minimal understated vibe

#8 Brocade blouse patterns with mirror work borders - Glam and fun

Rich brocade teamed with the glam or mirror work sounds like an odd combination but why not? Get a simple brocade blouse bordered with mirror work lace and make all heads turn over to you. This kind of blouse can be paired with silk sarees for a weeding appropriate look . This kind of blouse can also work for parties with toned down styling. 

#9 Sleeveless high neck brocade blouse - Youthful and fresh

Flaunt your toned arms in a sleeveless brocade blouse. balance out the lack of sleeves with a high collar neckline which makes for an elegant choice. 

#10 Wide front neck brocade blouse with beaded detailing

Stay ahead in the styling game with this new wide neck brocade blouse having gold beaded edgings. The neckline here is the distinctive design detail while the beaded edge makes for an interesting element giving it a festive appeal. Get a blouse like this stitched in vibrant or bold colours and opt for longer sleeve lengths and pair with heavy silk sarees. The wide neckline allows space for neck jewllery display so you try many different necklace styles like chokers, short necklaces, and even layered multiple neck pieces also.

#11 Wide U back with keyhole blouse pattern

Simple cuts work well on rich fabrics like brocade letting the fabric shine in an understated classy way. You can try a wide U cut blouse bak neck pattern and add a small slit detail. For more elegnct appeal ad plain sleeves with heavy border which gives a balanced look in addition to looking uber stylish.

#12  Asymmetric brocade blouse with standing collar neck and wrap detail

If something really modern and trendy is what you are looking for then a high neck brocade blouse with asymmetric cut can o the trick. This blouse has a standing collar design with wrap style detail and can be worn with both lehengas and sarees. If you plan to drape your saree in fusion contemporary way like a pant saree drape or dhoti drape this blouse is a perfect match.

#13 Half collar neck brocade saree blouse design

Simplicity has its own appeal and this gorgeous traditional black blouse keeps things trendy without going overboard. A high back neck with a wide keyhole style triangle front cut gives it a modern twist while the sleeve length adds a traditional charm.

#14 Boat neck brocade blouse design with contrast pom pom edging

Adding any sort of accessory to an already rich fabric like brocade isnt a good idea but subtle designing tweaks can look gorgeous when done with restraint. This boat neck pink blouse has used pom pom lace edging in purple to give it a  fashionable spin. Pom pom is a hot trend and you can totally try color contrasting pom pom laces it with brocade for a flattering blouse pattern.

#15 Classic elbow length brocade blouse

#16 High neck brocade blouse pattern with contrast sleeves

High neck brocade blouses are in fashion these days and i have spotted many celebrities also sport this trend. You can try this trend with contrast sleeves for a  more dramatic and opulent look.  Go for a high neck brocade blouse in same colour as your saree and add sleeves in a different colour from the same colour family. You an experiment crazy with colours here and try new combinations if you are feeling a bit creative. For starters I suggest you try safe colour combinations like pink-purple, beige-black and green- yellow etc.

#17 Trendy brocade blouse back design with oval cut and strings

A traditional blouse has its own elegance and allows scope for the beauty of a silk saree to shine while it complements the whole ethnic look. This high back neck brocade blouse with a modest oval cut and doris make for a mesmerizing pick for occasions like weddings, cultural events and festivals.

#18 Latest saree blouse patterns - Brocade corset and gold collared neckline

#19 Modern brocade blouse design with collar neck and keyhole cut out 

A standing style collar neckline with a keyhole cut also can make for a beautiful blouse pattern on brocade fabric. You can play around with sleeve lengths for this kind of blouse design or just go simple sleeveless for summer ready ethnic look. 

#20 Alluring brocade blouse design for silk sarees with gold lace detailing

Lace and piping details in combination with brocade fabric will look ethereal and pretty. Try adding gold lace on shoulder and sleeve borders for a different yet traditional blouse idea. A wide neckline gives enough breathing space while you can add piping details or sleek lace to blouse neck and hem. also dont forget to add latkan and dori details at the back to bring the whole blouse together.

#21 Regal button row brocade blouse back design 

If you are looking for a modest non revealing blouse pattern then try the high back neck brocade blouse with a middle button row. This is another classic pattern which can work for women of all sizes and ages. For blouses like this it is best to go for elbow length sleeve as it gives a regal look.

#22  Shirt style collar neck brocade blouse design patterns

A full blown shirt style collar in a heavy fabric like brocade can sound very unflattering but in reality it actually looks pretty fun and unique. if you want to something hatke then give this pattern a try. 

#22 Multicoloured brocade blouse design for silk sarees

If you want to play with colours you can try a multi colour brocade blouse but make sure to pair a blouse like this with a neutral toned saree or the heavy mix of colours can end up looking jarring. This blouse design with a modest neckline and  three quarter sleeves can work well with many different kind of sarees like silk, georgette, chiffon and even net or lace sarees.

#23 Slit style brocade blouse back design

If huge cut outs make you uncomfortable then opt for slit details for brocade blouses. The back of a brocade blouse can have a slit with width to suit your personal style and can be held together by buttons or even doris. This kind of design suits women on the heavier side who dont want to expose  back fat yet want a youthful pattern.

#24 Frill sleeves brocade blouse design patterns

Playing with sleeves is another way to get brocade fabric to make for a striking blouse pattern. you can the try the frill or bell sleeve design which totally a rage this year along with a wide boat neck and your stylish blouse is ready without much effort. you can get a normal tailor to stitch a blouse like this and pair with a contrasting coloured saree for an elegant appeal.

#25 Packed neck brocade blouse with asymmetric cut back

If you are worried about revealing deep front necklines then the high round neck has made a come back and it is ideal for you. On brocade fabric this kind of neckline can look very stuffy so it is best to get creative with back patterns. Here this pink brocade blouse has a massive asymmetric back cut held together by doris which allows you to flaunt your personality in every form.

#26 Amazing V neck brocade blouse with a deep V back cut 

#27 Simple brocade blouse designs for kerala kasavu saree

Kerala style white and gold sarees also look amazing when paired with brocade blouses. A variety of different brocade colours can match a kasavu saree. Red, blue and  green brocade  blouses are an absolute fail proof pairing with white but you can also give new age colours like neons and gold a try. For kasavu saree blouses make sure to opt for simple necklines and let the saree and jewellery remain the talking point. 

#28 Designer brocade blouse back pattern for pattu sarees

#29 High back neck embellished brocade blouse with a Deep V front cut 

Brocade blouse couple with stone work is another option for wedding sarees. This pink blouse having a collar neck uses silver bases stone and thread work to add spark and grace. You can get maggam or aari work also done on your brocade blouses to make them more wedding or bride appropriate.

#30 Royal brocade blouse with long sleeves

Long sleeves are hot in trend and with brocade fabric they look nothing short of royalty. The best thing about long sleeve blouses is all shape and sizes of women can carry them off and you can experiment with the neckline as per your personal preference.

#31 Two toned brocade blouse with fancy back pattern

You can also experiment with colours from same family for a two toned brocade blouse with a designer back giving a very flattering look. Here orange and yellow brocade is used but you can also try different shades of pink , green or blue and get a triple strips back blouse stitched for a party ready blouse.

#32 Simple neck brocade blouse designs (U , V or round neck)

Brocade blouses are a perfect pick for parties and wedding and they dont burn hole in your pocket too as they come cheaper than aari and maggam work. Get blouses like these stitched in different colours from your local tailor with standard necklines like V or U and wath them complement your sarees without taking the attention away from rich silks and kanjeevaram. Make sure t get the fit right and also get them padded for more structure.

#33 Netted brocade blouse designs

Combination of rich brocade and light sheer net can also give a fancy look but you need to choose patterns carefully. go for sheer net details on sleeves or the back neckline for brezzy summer blouse pattern which makes a statement of its own. A netted front neckline also will look good with a brocade blouse. 

#34 Puff sleeved brocade blouse patterns

Puff sleeve brocade blouses also look amazing when styled with crisp and well pleated saree drapes. this kind of blouse pattern could be stitched from your local masterji as all you need is some brocade fabric and a good fit. 

#35 Cold shoulder brocade blouse

Cold shoulder cuts also look gorgeous with brocade fabric and can give your saree look a stylish appeal. The width and depth of cold shoulder can be decided keeping your personal taste in mind. also take your arms into consideration. Thin arms can have a huge cold shoulder slit but for flabby arms a sleek cut is better suited which gives illusion of toned body. 

#36 Wide u back neck red brocade blouse designs with gold lace

#37 Full sleeves brocade blouse designs

Full sleeve blouse designs are also getting very popularthese days as they give silk sarees a very regal and elegant look. You can get a brocade blouse stiched with full sleeves and opt for a lower neckline to balance the fabric overload. Even a trendy low cut or peekaboo bak pattern with work well on a full sleeve brocade blouse pattern. 

#38 Trendy brocade blouse designs with contrasting puff sleeves

Brocade blouses with super short puff sleeves have been around since ages but for a bit of twist you can get the sleeves make in a contrasting brocade fabric. Try this simple style tweak for effortless ethnic drama.

#39 Boat neck brocade blouse with lower back tie ups 

Doris in the lower back part of blouse are in vogue at present and you can try it even with brocade blouses. This brocade blouse has an almost closed neckline and a fancy open back which an help you stand out in a crowd. If you have a summer wedding to attend then this blouse is apt for you, do give it a try for stylish appeal.

#40  Brocade blouse back neck design with plain patch

#41 Brocade blouse designs with net sleeves

Puff sleeve blouses are an eternal classic and you can never go wrong with them. get a brocade blouse stitched with sheer puff sleeves giving a dreamy and mesmerizing vibe.  This kind of blouse gives a very youthful look and is best suited for the younger brigade. 

Where to buy Ready made brocade Blouse designs? 

Brocade blouses look all rich and traditional but not everybody have the time and energy to source fabric and find a tailor to get a custom pattern stitched. Worry not as you can buy many readymade  made to fit brocade blouse designs these days. Here is where you can find stitched brocade blouses.
  • Utsav Fashion has some great designs on a budget. Prices starting from 1200 . Visit here
  • House of blouse does some gorgeous designer brocade blouses. You can shop for readymade blouses or even fabric from them. They ship to UK and USA too. 
You can even buy brocade fabric online and get the blouse made from your local boutique. Buy fabric from here, here or here.

Which brocade blouse design are you looking to try this wedding season? 

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