35 Traditional blouse back neck designs for silk sarees

Sarees are the most popular traditional attire in India. Sarees do deserve all the popularity because they are so forgiving to any shape or sized women giving an elegant look all the time.  They are also very versatile piece of clothing as you can wear them anywhere, to a party, to work, to a wedding or even to a grocery shopping trip.  Whether you prefer to drape the saree on a daily basis or as a special occasion wear, a blouse definitely plays an important role in enhancing the elegance of your look so you need to choose wisely. Today the blouse neckline cuts and design options are endless but if you are going for a more traditional look you could opt for blouses back neck designs with dories or tassel tie ups. Here in this post I bring to you our handpicked trendy yet traditional blouse back neck designs which work well for all kinds of special occasions like weddings, parties and even festivals.

 Traditional blouse back neck designs for silk sarees

Whatever the style of blouse you prefer a good fit is important and the right back neck pattern can help accentuate your neckline and give your saree look the desired output. This is a carefully curated catalog of blouse back neck designs from which you can take inspiration.

#1  Pot neck blouse design with sequined borders

Nothing beats the simplicity of a pot neck cut blouse back neck design help together by doris. This classic traditional style suits women of all ages and can work for any occasion. For simpler events opt for a pot neck blouse pattern with border details and sparse sequin work and for grander look go for thread work, pearl details or even maggam work to make it stand out. 
Dont forget to add some fun or playful latkan details to the doris for this kind of blouse design to make the maximum impact.

#2 Wide V back neck blouse designs with doris

Another traditional blouse back neck pattern is the wide V which is again held together by strings and tassels. Use thread work and embroidery to beautify a blouse like this and pair with traditional silk sarees, long dangler earrings and gajra in hair for a wedding ready look.
This kind of blouse pattern is best suited for women with a slimmer bust area. The whole wide V shape exposes plenty of back fat so be careful when choosing this style and if you really want to try it then opt for a sleeker V cut which looks trendy yet gives a covered feeling hiding fat.

#3 Heart shape cut out blouse back neck design with tassels

If you are the romantic or experimental kind who loves to wear your heart on sleeve then forget the sleeve and try the blouse back area. A plain silk blouse can be a picture of flawless glam when you add a heart shaped cut out with light stone work bordering it. You can even use lace or borders around the heart pattern but make sure to keep you hair rolled up in a bun or updo to let the heart shine and grab eyeballs. 
This plain blouse design with borders is perfect for younger brigade for occasions like engagement, anniversary parties or even weddings. what say you? 

#4 New model blouse back neck design with criss cross doris and tassel

This is one of the latest blouse designs I have spotted which has a very stylish yet traditional appeal to it. The back neck has a semi circle cut and the top part has criss cross dori strings ending in statement coloured latkans. This eloborate and elegant blouse pattern  is a gorgeous mix of  many colours and is best paired with a one toned silk saree to balance things out. Muted colours like off white, beige, greys etc.  will also work well with this blouse.

#5 Designer tassel details open back blouse design 

This latest open back style with hemline tie ups is a gorgeous option for younger women. The whole tassel lined detailing gives a covered illusion in addition to looking super trendy. If you want to make your saree look the talk of the town flaunt this blouse pattern and make sure to keep your pallu pleated and pinned properly so that it doesnt cover the fabulous back design. Also recommended is keeping hair tied in a high bun or side pony hairstyles.

#6 Double tie ups blouse back neck design

 An almost open back blouse pattern held together with double doris and lots of latkans make for a sensuous yet a fun blouse style.  This kind of a plain blouse where the back acts as the main design detail is best paired with a contrasting pattu saree for a striking wedding appropriate look. 

#7 Open back jhumka detailed blouse design with multiple tie up doris

If you are looking for a silk saree blouse idea for an upcoming wedding then you should totally consider this trending style The whole idea of string in the lower part of blouse is fun and the jhumka type details adds a festive touch to this blouse back neck design. The blouse in itself isnt plain as there is thread work florals all over the blouse giving it more definition which is sure to grab loads of attention at any event you attend. The high neck of this blouse lends it a lot poise and grace while the lower back cuts adds fresh playful vibe.
Shop for some fabric which already has self embroidery on it and then get your local masterji to stich up this blouse with sleek borders on sleeves and multiple doris. Dont forget to add jhumka type details which are the main attraction of this blouse. You can even skip those jhumkas if you find them a bit too much and opt for pearl beaded lace.

#8 High back brocade blouse models with potli button row

This blouse back neck design is another classic and is best suited for more mature women who want the tried and tested stuff. Play safe with a contrasting coloured brocade high back blouse and add a button row detail in the middle. Tada, you are all set to rock the party the effortless way.
Even younger women can try this style if you are aiming for a more traditional understated saree look but make sure to get the fit right and choose striking colour combinations which can make or break your whole look. Colours like pink and blue are safe but if you want to stand out then try mustard-blue, yellow-maroon, blue-brown, eggplant-pink etc.

#9 Slit detailed blouse back side design - Subtle glam 

If open back blouse sounds a tad bit too bold for you then try this simple slit style pattern where the  skin exposure is limited yet there is a very traditional vibe to it. Get a blouse like this made in rich fabric like brocade, silk or velvet and add moti or pearl lace at the edges for a designer appeal. 

#10 Sheer beauty - Delicate embellished net blouse design

Netted blouse back neck designs give a  very feminine and chic look and they pair amazingly well with silk sarees. For a wedding appropriate blouse pattern get a blouse stitched with contrasting netted back patch and add subtle stone or sequin work to the sheer area. You can yourself stick kundan stones with a fabric glue too or just shop for a ready made net blouse design. 

 #11 Trendy tassels - Semi circle cut out blouse back neck patter with tassel details

If tassels are your thing but open back isnt then this style is perfect for you. This isnt entirely backless yet the whole wide U cut out allows space for tassel details which looks eye catching and beautiful. Team a blouse like this with a pattu saree, gold or kundan jewellery and tie your hair into a bunto enhance the elegance.

#12 High neck blouse back neck design with colourful tassels

This is a simple yet catchy blouse idea for women who want to steer clear of skin show. The high back and front neck is balanced out by opting for sleeveless pattern but you can add sheer short sleeves if you wish. The back neck blouse has a zippered closure but the real attraction of this blouse is the colourful tassels which line the zipper and the all over embroidery work gives a expensive and designer feel. 

#13 Open back blouse style with double doris

Huge cut out back neck blouse patterns are totally in trend but they can look really tacky as not everyone can carry them off. One simple way to tone the cut out down is to add multiple string details like the double doris in this blouse which give an exceptional and unique appeal. For more drama add over sized latkan tassels and twirl away!

#14 Classic wide U neck blouse pattern with tie ups and statement latkans

If you are one of those who likes to play if safe then the wide U back neck is a good option to consider. This style is an absolute classic and can work for all all body shapes and saree styles. Depending on your personal preference you can alter the depth and width of the U back but make sure to add strings to hold it all together. This style can look really simple because it is a very done to death cut but if you style smart you can actually rock any party with this pattern. Make use of beautiful borders and add fun and unique latkans to take attention away from the U cut and you have a winner pattern to flaunt. 

#15 Sleeveless Deep wide V blouse back neck designs

This wide V cut blouse back design is a very bold choice and not everyone can dare to wear it. If you have the body to flaunt and the confidence carry this off then try defintely go for this temperature raising style. You can go sleeveless but I suggest mini sleeves which adds grace to your look while balancing out the skin show. The most important detail of this blouse pattern are the abundance of latkans, dont underestimate the power of tassels to turn up the drama and glam into your ethnic look. 

#16 Inverted V blouse back neck pattern with doris in the bottom part

V necks are pretty common but whats raging hot is the inverted V cut with doris holding the blouse together in the lower part. A fuss free but a striking design you can try with any kind of printed plain or even lace fabric and pair with your pattu saree for a modern and elegant look. 
Try this blouse back neck pattern in brocade fabric or silk or velvet with elbow length sleeves and simple latkans. Perfect to wear with the contemporary designer silk sarees.

#17 Gorgeous lotus cut out blouse back neck pattern 

This catchy lotus cut back neck design demands attention from everybody without getting too experimental or bold. In short if you are the traditional play-it-safe kind then try this style with your pattu saree and be prepared to handle the extra eye balls turning to you.

#18 Simple round back neck design with tassels and sheer sleeves

This blouse back design is from the classics catalogue. A wide round back with rich border, doris and colourful tassels. the net sleeves add a new dimension to this look which makes the silk saree pairing a perfect pick. Try this blouse pattern if you want to look stylish the effortless elegant way. 

#19 High back neck with slit pattern and multiple dori tassels

A simple blouse back neck pattern which works for casual wear and can be paired with both silk and cotton sarees. a normal high back blouse is give a full slit and tied up with three strings and contrasting pom pom latkans. If you are looking to pair this blouse with cotton sarees then go for understated tassels. If you wnat to try this style for silk sarees then pay attention to the fabric of blouse, as something more glossy or rich like velvet or silk is suitable choice and borders also could be more ornate like sequined or mirror work and latkans need to be more fun.

#20 Deep square back neck blouse designs with dual doris

Have a well toned back and arms? Flaunt your personality and figure with this deep back square cut blouse design which has double doris holding it together. Colour pop comes from the latkans which magnify the beauty of this muted blouse. If a deep back is fine with you but the sleeve length matters then you can totally consider netted puff or half sleeves with this style of blouse and it would still look fabulous.

#21 Deep U back neck blouse pattern

A deep U style back neck design with strings holding it together is as traditional as a blouse pattern can get. The best thing about blouses with classic cuts like this is that they have an old world charm to them which teams beautifully with silk sarees. These simple cuts allow ample space for stone or thread work making for great canvas if you want a heavy work maggam blouse. 

#22 Silk saree blouse back neck design with multiple doris

Multiple doris hold together this almost backless blouse which is super versatile and can work for women of all ages. Get this kind of blouse pattern stitched in brocade fabric from your local boutique and add small yet playful latkan details to increase the oomph factor. 

#23 Latest blouse neck design with oval cut and tassels

This stylish boat neck blouse with an oval back cut out is perfetc for any party wear silk saree. The blouse plays the contrast colour play with a bit of floral details on the lower back. Also adding to the visual imagery is the pastel latkans.

#24  High back neck blouse designs for reshmi sarees with embroidery

One of the oldest combination for pattu saree blouse design is a silk blouse. Go for a contrasting coloured high back neck blouse in silk and add subtle embroidery or stone work details to add a touch of shimmer and glam. Here in this blouse in addition to sparse work all over the blouse a paisley pattern is embroidered making for a pretty design detail. 

#25 Blouse back neck designs with beaded borders 

A relatively short round back neck cut blouse is enhanced with intricate thread work and gold beaded edging increases its glam factor. Are you the traditional kind? This pattern may just be the perfect pick for you, take note.

#26 Collar neck blouse design with huge cut out back and latkans

A high back collar blouse with a huge cut out looks uber stylish and when a pair of colorful tassels are added to the mix, you have an attractive blouse design to complement the wedding silk saree.

#27 Triangle cut bead work blouse design for pattu sarees

The triangle style back cut with pretty pearl embellishments make for a dazzling picture ideal for wedding silk sarees. Even brides can opt for this blouse style to turn up the spark on their big day!

#28 Semi sheer netted blouse designs for pattu sarees

Sheer netted back blouse designs look amazing with silk sarees. A plain or an embroidered blouse with a deep back cut attached with a sheer fabric spells chic beauty. For added glam go for subtle stone work on the netted area and watch your saree look pop out in a crowd.

#29 Traditional brocade blouse design with side button row for kanjeevarams

Brocade blouses with work details on just one side is the new trend surfacing. Here a version of this trend is at play where a brocade blouse is added with a side button row which makes for an eye pleasing and flawless visual. You can go for a variety of different back neck cuts with this style like a square back neck or a high back neck add a border on side along with potli buttons row. 
This blouse pattern can be stitched by any tailor but will look very expensive and ethereal if you get the fit right.

#29 Multiple leaf style back cut outs silk saree blouse design

A trendy and fresh pattern this whole blouse back neck with multiple leaf style cut outs make for amazing visual appeal. These unusual cut outs are the defining factor of this blouse and when paired with a contrasting pattu saree this style is an instant head turner.

#30 Oval cut out blouse back neck design with kasu work 

This is another fancy blouse design ideal for bigger occasions like your own wedding or for engagement parties. The whole oval cut in the back is enthralling and the kasu work on the oval edge adds an interesting traditional twist to this blouse pattern which makes it ideal for south indian brides. The best part you ca pair a blouse like this with many different kinds of sarees easily. A net saree, Georgette saree, stone work saree or even pattu saree all look great when with this style of contemporary blouse with a modern cut. 

#31 Double cut out blouse back neck pattern

This understated double cut out beauty of a blouse is ideal to pair with sarees for pre wedding functions like engagement, sangeet or even mehndi and haldi. Make sure the blouse and saree colours contrast well for a blouse like this to have maximum impact. 

#31 Plain high neck blouse pattern with open back for heavy silk sarees

Pair reshmi sarees with pair blouses for a look which spells ethereal prettiness. This blouse pattern with an oh-so-sexy back is balanced out by a high front neck and the colour contrast makes it quiet a stunner. A blouse like this proves a great canvas to show off the richness of your silk saree while you also have ample space to showcase jewellery as nothing really looks too much with this understated blouse style.

#32 Sleek V back neck blouse design with criss cross dori

Criss cross string blouse back neck designs for pattu sarees are pretty common but this simple style is so pretty. A sleek but a deep V back cut is enhanced with criss cross doris making for a traditional blouse pattern which is chic and elegant.  
A bold lip colour, over sized jhumkas and a floral hair completes this look beautifully appropriate for weddings and parties.

#33 Boat neck sleeveless blouse design with jhumka embroidery pattern

Embroidery details at the back of silk saree blouses are getting very popular. These plain silk blouses come with striking embroidery details like a bird motif or jhumki pattern which are a statement in itself and stand out in a crowd. If you want a subtle style diva look pair your pattu saree this season with a sleeveless blouse in contrasting colour featuring an embroidered back. Make sure to keep the back neck the highlight of your look by going for a unique or fun pattern embroidery like elephant,  chand bali, parrot or even the trendy jhumka. 

#34 Cold shouldered blouse design with bow back

Cold shoulders look great with silk sarees but have thought about an open back to complement the cut shoulders? This style can look really fun and young and for more allure add a contrasting bow style tie up. If you feel so much skin show can veer into the tacky, trying too hard zone then opt for sleeker shoulder cut, smaller back cut and longer sleeves which should balance out things.

#35 High neck blouse with huge leaf cut out back neck design

Cut out back neck blouses are a rage in 2019 but this leaf style back cut is unique and catchy. Here borders and cuts are used to magnify the beauty of a plain silk blouse. When choosing this style of blouse make sure to complement with right kind of kundan borders which are sure to steal the show.

#36 Triangle cut blouse back neck design with multiple tassels

Geometric back neck cuts are something which are huge this year. The triangle cut in particular has found many takers and this pattern where multiple tassels are used to add a fashionable spin to the cut makes for a simple yet pretty blouse pattern. 

Top tips for choosing the perfect blouse back neck designs for your silk sarees

  • Even plain blouses look great with silk sarees if it is well tailored and you choose the right pattern (Refer design number 6, 3, 31)
  • If you want a traditional blouse back neck design for silk sarees then using strings or doris with trendy latkans is the best way to go. 
  • Strike a balance: With such extravagant blouse back neck patterns available to choose from these days you can easily go overboard. Always pair simple blouses with heavy silk sarees and heavy blouses with simpler sarees.  
  • Style your hair away from the blouse back. Tieing your hair up in a neat bun or a briad allwos the back pattern to be fully visible which is what you want when you put so much effort on the back of your blouse.
  • When opting for huge back cuts add short or elbow length sleeves which give an elegant vibe. If you are going for a simple back nekc pattern you can experiment with some latest blouse sleeve styles to take your saree game notches up. 
  • The fit matters: You can choose the most trending blouse patterns but if there are fit issues then all your styling is going to be an epic fail. Get the right fit with your blouse too tight or too loose both are a strict no. wear your blouse well in advance and get the fit issues corrected even if it means multiple visits to the tailor for alterations
  • Get the innerwear issues right: With most blouse back neck designs these days having huge cut outs or going almost backless it is important to pair with the right kind of bra. It is a good idea to get cups attached in the blouse from masterji if you dont want inner wear peeking out at the back. 
Which blouse back neck pattern for silk saree do you like the most? 

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