35 Stylish high neck blouse designs for pattu sarees

Saree is the most preferred outfit for special occasions like weddings, festivals and parties by Indian women. This six yard timeless classic suits women of all shapes and sizes beautifully so anyone can flaunt it without getting conscious. You can take your look from traditional to glam, sensuous to elegant chic just by pairing a saree with a different kind of blouse style. The latest trend surfacing is to pair silk sarees with high neck blouses for a royal appeal which stands out in a crowd.

Not everyone prefers skin show and revealing deep neck blouses and if you are one of those women then embrace the trend of high neck blouse pattern for pattu sarees this wedding season. Many women are of the opinion that high neck blouses are for winter season and give a mature look. But this isnt true because with the right kind of neckline and sleeve lengths you can wear high neck blouses all year long and they can look very modern and young too. Here I bring to you a carefully curated list of 35 different high neck blouse designs for pattu sarees catalogue with images. Which a collection so huge you are bound to find a design which suits your personal style sensibilities, so read on and get inspired. 

35 Stylish high neck blouse designs for pattu sarees

#1 Latest brocade closed neck blouse designs for pattu sarees

The latest blouse pattern trending on internet for pattu sarees is this unique high neck brocade pattern which even big designers like sabyasachi and Ayush kejriwal have floated in their collections. This style of blouse has a packed style round neckline which forms a frame to your neck and with elbow length sleeves it gives a very sophisticated appeal ideal for traditional events like weddings and receptions. Since brocade blouses are devoid of any stone or thread work you can easily add jewellery pieces like a choker or even a raani haar and make it even more beautiful and wedding appropriate.

#2  Embroidered pack neck blouse pattern for silk sarees

Embroidered high neck blouses are another new way to style your silk sarees this wedding season. The heavily embroidered blouses are not what we are talking about but these blouses of silk where contrast coloured thread embroidery is done lightly all over the blouse or just on neckline and sleeves making for a subtle style statement which pops out in a sea of sarees. Blouses like these look best with elbow length sleeves so that you ccan display a bit of embroidery even on the sleeve part.

#3 Collar neck pattu saree blouse design 

When you say high neck then collar neck blouses cant stay far away. these kind of blouses arent really a new trend but there has been some minor innovations in the recent years. The collar part is adorned with thread or stone work or you can even go for a different. more fancy style collar to add a bit of interesting element to your silk saree look. Make sure to accessorize  look like this heavily and opt for a relaxed or contemporary saree drape otherwise it will come across as very formal type. 

#4  Boat style high neck cold shouldered blouse design for kanjeevarams - Trendsetter chic

Cold shoulders is a trend I love especially on blouses as they give an edgy modern twist to traditional sarees. For a boat style high neck blouse opt for geometric style short shoulder cuts and embellish it with laces or even chains for a festive ready pattu saree look. Even south Indian brides can try this style of high neck blouse with silk sarees for their weddings.

#5 Standing collar neck blouse for sarees with a front keyhole detail

If you feel high neck blouse patterns give a very stuffy feel and mature look then try this keyhole cut out style and you are sure to change your mind. The key hole cut in the standing collar neckline gives a breathing space and blances out things in addition to giving a young and playful vibe. The frill detail on sleeves add more drama making this an ideal blouse pattern for younger brigade. The standing collar neck suits long slender necks beautifully but even if you have a short neck you can try this style as the sleek keyhole gives illusion of length.

#6 Back high neck blouse pattern for silk sarees

If high neck on the front isnt your thing then try the back high neck blouse design with scoop neck in the front. This blouse has a barely there collar neck style which gives a striking and unique look when paired with kanjeevaram or any other type of saree for festive season.

#7 Packed neck silk saree blouse designs with whole border sleeve

Another style hot these days is plain silk blouses with  a packed neckline and a whole border sleeve. This big border style sleeve works wonders balancing out the plain fabric on rest of blouse giving it a stunning appeal whihc works for many different occasions like parties or festivals. Even brides can try this style and easily layer up neck jewellery as the neck part is plain and would look crowded.

#8 High neck blouse design with shoulder embroidery or work

A high round neck blouse with work just on the shoulder area is also very popular at the moment.This unique style allows the saree to shine as the blouse is relatively sudued with work on just one area. To get a blouse like this make you probably need to get it custom made from a skilled workman aka karigar to do thread work or sequin work only on the shoulder part. This is a very basic yet striking pattern which can look exception in a wave of heavily embellished blouses.

#9 Sleeveless collar neck brocade blouse designs

Brocade is a very traditional classic sort of a fabric but with right cuts you can get a very chic and modern charm out of it. This particular sleeveless blouse design with a half collar neck and deep and sleek V pattern gives an uber contemporary appeal without being too experimental or bold. If you are looking for a youthful and fresh latest blouse design for silk sarees then you can totally try this idea which is easy to bring to life even by your local darzi.

#10 Plain boat neck blouse designs for silk sarees

One classic style is a sleeveless plain blouse with boat neckline which is a very safe and elegant option. You can never really go wrong with a blouse pattern like this to make an effortless style statement. You can use the blouse fabric which cane with your saree to get a design like this stitched from your trusted local tailor and you are ready to rock any party. Get set, go!

#11 Brocade high neck blouse design - front and back for silk sarees 

If you are looking to embrace elegance with a high neck brocade blouse then play a bit with the back pattern. Add a stylish slit or a button row detail to makes things a bit exciting while the front part of blouse remains plain to let your saree pallu weave its magic.
Styling Tip:  When you have a fancy back neck it is best to tie your hair on the side or go for a gorgeous mogra bun which looks both traditional and stylish. A pair of long dangler earrings, kadas and  bold lip should finish things off gracefully.

#12 Plain elbow length sleeve blouse pattern for pattu sarees

A plain high neck blouse serves as a fabulous base to showcase the magnificence of a pattu saree. This way you wont have attention drawn else were and the fous stays on prettiness of the saree but if you still have issue with plain blouse make use of the back portion and add a fancy deep cut to turn it all glam and fun. 
A high front neck with deep back cut also brings loads of balance to a silk saree look which could veer into the tacky zone if both fornt and back part have a deep cut. 

#13 Striking kasu work high neck blouse designs for kanjeevarams - Coin Madness

Kasu wok blouses are super rage these days especially with wedding silk sarees. This festive season get a coin work high neck blouse stitched in vibrant colour and pair your silk sarees for a full on traditional appeal. This closed round neck blouse with coin work is best choice if you are looking to wear south indian style antique jewellery.

#14 Effortless boat neck blouse designs for silk sarees 

For a vintage old world harm stick to basics or a plain high neck blouse and border short sleeves. This classic is sure to impress all but keep in mind to style the look in a very traditional way and also with a look like this are should be taken to get the drape perfectly right. Get your pleats done from a professional or from someone who knows their saree game well and you are out to conquer.

#15 Subtle delight - Plain packed neck blouse design

A plain blouse with a packed neckline also can have great impact when paired with a rich silk saree. The whole plain blouse with an ornate saree gives an elegant, timeless and traditional look which anyone can carry off easily. You can opt for matching coloured plain blouse or get a bit creative and try the contrasting colour play.
A packed neckline can sound very mature but the whole plain blouse idea give ita breezy young vibe which you can accessorize with heavy neck jewlelery like kasu mala, rani haar, haram necklae etc and you can also go for big statement earrings like jhumkas, chandbalis or even kaan phuls to make this kind of a blouse festive and fabulous.

#16 Brocade blouse designs with a packed neckline for pattu sarees

Brocade blouses work well with silk sarees and you can try different necklines like closed neck, boat neck or even high square style neckline for an interesting spin to brocade blouses which can elevate the classic silk saree look to new levels. Brocade blouses free of any stone or thread work work well for simpler occasions like parties or cultural and formal events where you dont want to go overboard with styling.

#17 Jhumka pattern blouse for silk sarees - Party stunner

Creative motifs and prints like elephants, telephones, chand balis and even jhumkis on blouses are quiet popular in recent times. This jhumki pattern blouse with subtle border work makes for an interesting choice to pair with pattu sarees when you want something unique and catchy.

#18 Closed neck blouse design with taj mahal pattern

Monuments as a pattern on blouse. who would have thought this would be an acceptable design detail? The raging hot trend is wearing brocade or silk blouses with taj mahal monument print whihc is sure shot way to turn all attention towrds yourself. For starters this is a very bold trend and can be difficult to carry off as the motif print is pretty big compared to normal buttis in brocade fabric but if you pair with simpler kanjeevarams or banarsi sarees it can work well. Also if you feel overwhelmed then try these kind of high neck blouses with taj mahal print just on the sleeve while you go for simple plain silk fabric for rest of blouse.

Avoid any sort of neck or arm jewellery and let the print talk for itself. Big earrings and gajra could be good additions

#19 Brocade beauty - Full sleeve brocade blouse design with a closed neckline

A winter wedding favourite way to style reshmi sarees is to team them with high neck brocade blouses with long sleeves. The neckline can range from round high neck to boat neck as per your personal preference but make sure to choose contrasting colours for a look which spells elegant charm.

#20 Stunning high neck blouse pattern with a cut out  for wedding sarees

A front keyhole neckline in a high neck blouse is pretty common but this blouse pattern takes things notches up by opting for a larger cut out. The whole diamond style cut out still looks graceful because of high neck and elbow length sleeves. This kind of blouse pattern can be worn with a variety of different sarees and there is also a lot of scope for experimenting with saree drape styles too.
Avoid choker style neck jewellery with a neckline like this and opt for long necklaces instead and tie your hair up in a bun for a sophisticated appeal.

#21 Mandrian collar neck blouse design 

The distinct mandrian style chine collar neck with three quarter sleeves also look good paired with reshmi sarees for a royally charming look which ozzess old world glam. pair a saree look like this with over sized earrings like statement jhumkas or dangler earrings and avoid any sort of neck jewellery. 

#22 Standing collar neck blouse pattern with elbow length sleeves

Standing collar neck blouse patterns are another alluring option for silk saree pairing and with a bit of embroidery or stone work they can look all festive and fabulous. With blouse patterns like thee you can go for middle button row or even zipper detail and experiment with various saree draping styles as it is a very modest and covered blouse idea.

#23 Parrot pattern - Boat neck  blouse designs for silk sarees with parrot motifs

Parrots are another trending motif in the recent times. In wedding decor, mehndi designs and blouse patterns, you can spot parrot patterns at all these places. If you are getting your blouse custom made from a designer or boutique it makes sense to add interesting details to help it stand out. You can try a parrot embroider blouse or even parrot maggam work blouse design with high neck to pair with your wedding silk saree. The parrot pattern can be one big motif on sleeve or back or tiny multiple ones on sleeves like this blouse here. 

#24 Alluring high neck maggam work blouse designs for pattu sarees

Pattu saree blouse designs with maggam work are a perfect pick especially if you are thinking special occasions - weddings and the likes. Get a high neck blouse with boat style pattern stitched with simple maggam work on neckline and sleeve borders and you have an eye catching and beautiful look ready to rock any wedding you attend. 

#25  Semi sheer neckline blouse for kanjeevaram sarees - Netted blouse patterns

A fully covered neckline yet you get to show some skin on the shoulders because of sheer panels. The whole  idea of sheer net neckline blouses to be paired with pattu sarees sounds exciting to me. If you want to add some sparkle and shine you could totally opt for some kundan or stone embellished details on the netted area or collar borders. 
There are many sheer high neck blouse styles you can experiment with like a sleeveless halter neck pattern, a square neckline with netted sweetheart style blouse etc, choose a pattern which works best for and flaunt it with your favorite reshmi saree.

#26 Embroidered frill sleeve detailed closed neck blouse pattern - Playful Charm

Frill sleeves, bell sleeves and cape sleeves are all trending this season. You can go all out and pair your pattu saree with a full sleeved high neck blouse design featuring frill details. A plain blouse with so much fabric can be overwhelming s it is best to break the monotony with contrast thread work of shoulders, neckline or just sleeves. The whole frill sleeve detail gives a contemporary vibe to your silk saree look.

#27 Glam boat neck blouse pattern with short sleeves

 A boat neck blouse with super short border sleeves. Simple and works so well especially when it is in contrasting colour. A choker style necklace really accentuates it, add a pair of earrings and loads of bangles to totally nail this look.

#28 Designer cut out high neck blouse design for contemporary brides

Your wedding saree look deserves a blouse pattern whihc makes a statement of its own. If you are in the for a designer blouse style which is an instant head turner the I got the perfect pattern for you. This high neck style cut work neckline blouse is all over instagram and the whole slit detail which allows place for keeping pleated pallu in place is as unique as it can get. 
The whole neckline is done in gorgeous thread work and you can further add stone or kundan details if you prefer some sparkle and shine to make it bridal ready. Definitely consider this high neck blouse style which will be the talk of the town if you are going to be a 2019 saree bride. 

#28 High neck contrast coloured plain blouse for pattu sarees

Colour contrasting makes for great aesthetics when it comes to silk sarees and when paired with right kind of blouse with a distinct colour contrasting combination it can give an impactful look. Here Dia wears a yellow saree with a royal blue high neck blouse which is plain and sleeveless. The plain blouse looks exceptional all thanks to effortless styling and gorgeous colour play. You can try many different and unique colour combination for your reshmi sarees with high neck blouses for an amazing look without coming across as trying too hard.

#29  High neck silk saree blouse design  with cut out sleeve

Instead of balancing a high neck blouse pattern with sleeveless design you can try elbow length sleeves with a sleeve cut out which looks both chic and trendy. This design idea is ideal for women who dont want skin show but still want a fancy looking design for weddings and festivals. Get the cut detail and the neckline embroidered or embellished for more pizzazz. 

#30 Collar neck blouse design for silk sarees - Modern and elegant

A round standing collar neck can look pretty alluring but if you get it done in a contrasting colour it is sure to steal the show. I love how colours are used in this blouse to make it unique while cuts are simple and subtle. If you want to add colour to your look with a blouse then try this pattern and pair with one tone silk saree. 

#31  Collar neck saree blouse with front button row and sheer sleeves

Another collar neck style to try is the whole middle potli button row detail with embroidery work on collar and sleeve borders. The collar neckline and long sleeves can look a bit too much but using sheer fabric for sleeves gives a good balance and lends a bit of dreamy chic feel .

#32 Peter pan collar neck pattu saree blouse - Fun and chic

Silk sarees are classic outfits but you can still try playful chic styling with them. Opt for a peter pan style collar blouse which will help your saree look stand out in 

#33 High neck bridal blouse with chain embellishment on shoulders

The latest saree blouse designs for brides come with all sorts of 3D embellishments like chain hangings. this chain detail on shoulders look like jewlelery but is actually a blouse design etail which is a sure shot stunner. Bride or not you have got to try this style with a high neck blouse as it is the best way to pop out and distinguish from the rest. 

#34 Elbow length round high neck blouse pattern

In this age of overdoing things and over curated and styled looks simple patterns come across as a breathe of fresh air. This round high neck blouse with sparse stone work makes for a pretty and classy look. You can add a strip of border to sleeves but if you ask me it is definitely not needed. Pair a blouse like this with heavy silk sarees or sarees with dual tones to help the saree stand out. 

#35 Flat style collar blouse pattern

Collar necks are trending but people dont find it appropriate fr parties or weddings. This designer style collar is sure to change your perception as the collar gives a very feminine vibe and the work details add a festive touch. Truly regal and royal. 

Tips on choosing the right kind of high neck blouse design for pattu sarees

  • If you find high necklines very stuffy of mature then start off with necklines like boat neck or half collar neck design which isnt too high and give a very fresh and youthful look
  • Good way to lend balance to a high neck blouse is to go sleevless but if you prefer sleeves then go for sheer or netted sleeves or even short sleeves. Another way to balance out id to get a cut out design in the back or cuts in sleeve like cold shoulder.(refer design number 5 or 12)
  • Collar neck blouse designs are trending these days and for a festive look choose collar styles which are fun like flat collar, chinese collar or even peter pan collar. (refer design number 35, 32, 30)
  • The hot trend these days is round closed style brocade neck blouse design paired with pattu sarees having elbow length sleeves. These brocade blouses are actually easy to get made from a local darzi so anyone can wear them . If you have a wedding coming up I suggest you definitely give this style a try. (refer design no 1)
  • For heavy silk sarees pair with simple plain high neck blouses which help the saree get all attention and  give a very elegant sophisticated look (refer design no 25, 10, 12)
  • For high neck blouses with a glam look you can for semi sheer necklines where a netted strip is added at the neck portion. These kind of designs are ideal for summers.
  • keep the pattu saree in mind when deciding on your blouse pattern. If your saree is in single colour chose a blouse with more than one tone like design number 30.
What kind of high neck blouse design would you pair with a pattu saree? 

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