55 Trendy blouse back neck designs with borders for sarees

I have noticed that most innovative ideas in ethnic fashion happen with saree blouses. I mean officious there are lot of trends surfing in the lehengas, salwar suits, sarees section but blouse designs totally take the cake. Have you seen the latest palki blouses and blouses with heavy metallic fringe details, total gorgeousness.  But the thing is all these fancy blouse patterns work best for very grand occasions like weddings only. For simpler everyday wear blouses or even blouses for events like dinner parties or festivals women opt for good old blouse patterns with borders on sleeves and neckline. Blouse designs with border have been around for a long time but that doesnt mean they have to be all boring and dull. Today i bring to you some really trendy blouse back back neck designs with borders. With this this carefully curated border blouse collection you are sure to find something that catches your fancy. Read on!

Trendy blouse back neck designs with borders

Borders add a touch or glam to a blouse pattern and they also are pretty easy to get stitched at any local botique or from your trusted tailor yet the final look is elegant and very trendy. Here I bring to you amazing blouses I have spotted recently which are unique and awesome! So instead of opting for the normal done-to-death blouse back necks with borders try something fresh and fabulous, Skim through this list and find something that catches your fancy!

#1 Simple stunner - Deep pointed round neck blouse with heavy work border

A wide pointed round back neck design defines simplicity and the whole opulent border makes it ideal for special occasions like weddings and parties. If your saree is rich or heavy then opt for a fuss free neckline like this with a glam border and you are all set to grab eye balls. With a blouse like this make sure to have all your inner wear issues sorted or just get cups attached to the blouse. 

#2 Trendy Tassels - Blouse back designs with border and cut out

When you are looking to get a new model blouse stitched with borders then you would definitely want to try something innovative and fun. This blouse back pattern has a long rectangle style cut out which is decorated with thick borders on both sides. What makes this blouse model unique and trendy is the addition of tassel details in the cut out part. Tassels are hot with blouse designs these days and if you want to pair it with a blouse for pattu saree then do give this design a try. This  back neck pattern is pretty easy to stitch and can be made even by your local tailor. ask your masterji to add tassels or you can shop for tassels and stitch them yourself to give the blouse a very designer look ideal for parties and weddings.

#3 Side twist- Pattu saree blouse back with side border and potli button row

If you want a creative  back neck design with border for weddings then try this  pattern. a high back neck blouse is given a fashionable spin by adding a border strip on only one side. This asymmetric style border on right side design has a modern appeal yet is very conservative and can be worn by women of  all shapes and ages. The border adds to the beauty of this blouse and you can further enhance it by adding potli buttons and pair with a kanjeevaram saree.

#4  High back neck blouse with diagonal border strips 

Instead of going backless try going for a high back neck this season and use border strips stitched diagonally for a classy and elegant look. This kind of blouse give a sophisticated, effortlessly elegant vibe which works for high profile events. again this blouse is very easy and basic to stitch up and can be done by your masterji.

#5 Gorgeous open back blouse design with pattu border details and sheer sleeves

This blouse is essentially an open back blouse with borders attached in striking way where the border extends away from the horizontal part of neckline making for an interesting fashion spin. This blouse then is put together with strings and pearl lace piping and it all can look a bit too much but if you are pairing with plain sarees this is going to be a sure shot winner. Add a pair of silver danglers, a bright lip colour and you are ready to rock a party. 

#6  Pleated U back neck blouse with border

Pleated and frill details are becoming increasingly popular these days and this blouse model takes inspiration from there. The pattu border is pleated like frill in a back wide U shape giving a very  unique look. A sleek  border below and string tie ups complete this pattu saree blouse with borders. 

#7 High back neck blouse models with thin contrasting borders

A classic blouse design the high back neck with contrast broad piping style borders is a must have in every saree lover womans wardrobe. This kind of blouse can be paired with variety of sarees like silk, satin, Georgette and even net for traditional look which spells elegant charm. 

#8 Open back half collar blouse with borders on side

A version of backless blouse, this cut out back pattern is a bold style which can look great with pattu sarees of contrasting colours. if you are wondering why this design finds place in a list with blouse models with border then look carefully, you will find border details attached to both edges of cut out which is subtle yet stylish. For the borders to stand out more you can try contrast colours or even metallic tones like gold silver or copper. This kind of blouse models anyone can get stitched with proper brocade fabric. 

#9 V back neck design with tie ups and buttons

Who says a classic deep V back neck cant look  stylish and designer? Take a look at this back neck design where piping details, strings, buttons and border is used to give a trendy output. 

#11 Designer deep back blouse neck with border  

#12 Border in the middle blouse back neck with tie up doris

#13 Oval cut out blouse back with borders

#14 Stylish deep V back neck designs with border on just one side

A deep  V back neck blouse design is a classic pattern but give it a trendy spin by adding a border on just one side of the V. This simple border tweak will give your blouse a stylish designer vibe which can be paired with any kind of party wear sarees. 

#15 Designer cut pleated blouse neck pattern 

This blouse with a pattu border deserves featuring in this list simply because of its unique back neck cut. The asymmetric style cut which is in trend these days is lined in a pleated way to make it look simple yet catchy. This blouse back neck pattern with borders can work well for women of all ages to be paired with silk sarees.

#16 Deep V back neck design  for designer sarees

Not a latest blouse  pattern but it deserves a mention here for simply being a classic style. If you want something effortlessly gorgeous then go for a V back and add borders to the V. The depth and width of V cut could be altered as per your personal taste, go for a wide V if you have are in mood to flaunt your back or opt for a sleek and deep V for a subtly elegant appeal.

#17 Trendy netted high back blouse with a plain border strip 

Who says borders need to stick to ends ? It is the age of innovative ideas and creative twists where you an add a patch or border to any part of blouse to make it look fashionable and hatke. If  you are going for a netted or lace back high neck blouse add a solid coloured border patch across the middle of the blouse back for a blouse design which looks amazingly trendy. For solid coloured blouses you can add a netted or lace patch and team with a sheer saree for a glam evening look. .

#18 Double diamond cut back neck  blouse design

#19 Simple borders in the middle back neck design for office wear sarees

#20 Deep back with tie ups pattu saree blouse 

#21  Minimal piping detailed saree blouse design

Piping details on the back of blouse also add a nice touch especially when the piping is in contrasting colour. Along with the piping border you can try patch work borders for more colour additions to a plain blouse like pink and gold in this blouse.

#22  Deep back neck fancy blouse with sleek borders

One of those classic back neck designs this blouse is a must have as it will work with  a variety of different sarees and gives a very clean and stylish look because of sleek fuss free borders and tie ups. A blouse like this in basic colours like black, white or green is a wardrobe staple and can be paired with heavy sarees or plain sarees to suit the occasion or event. 

#23 Cotton saree blouse design with border in between 

Want a striking pattern for your  back neck design, yet want it  to be covered and modest?  Try this design where the border is added horizontally in the middle of the blouse instead of the normal lower part. To add more drama a printed patch is added after the border but yo can go with plain portion too and it is still going to look chic. Try this style with sarees for office parties or casual brunches. 

#24 High back neck blouse with border and button details for cotton sarees

#25 Striking border detailed deep neck golden blouse

A show stealer right from the moment you set eyes on it , this blouse back neck has a leaf shape but the drama lies in the border which is unique attached to extend to the lower part of both sides of blouse. If you are one of those women who dont want to try bold new styles but still want to keep things trendy then start with simple tweaks and twists like this. 

#26 High back half collar neck blouse design for daily wear sarees

A square front neck with a collar back is a simple style but here border is attached only to the vertical parts of front neck which is a nice spin to simple blouses appropriate for office wear. 

#27 Round pot neck cut out blouse with glam border details

A front boat neck with borders extends to the back where a pot style cut back neck is also lined with rich gold borders ideal for wedding blouses. If you are looking for a border blouse pattern which beautifies a plain blouse this is the design to try which can be paired with heavy work net sarees. 

#28 Asymmetrical back neck design with slant border 

 Asymmetric is the way to go and this blouse grabs attention specially with its asymmetric neckline which is highlighted with a slant border. Any local tailor can bring this modest design to life which is ideal to be paired with pattu sarees. 

#29 Cotton blouse with sleek slit back and triple border 

Instead of just one border strip why not add three? Here in this blouse back neck design which has a conservative slit detail three border layers have been added on both blouse hem and sleeves giving it a very elaborate look which doesnt look crowded. This style you can try with a variety of different blouses like plain, cotton or even silk and use trendy laces or borders with pearl, stone or even mirror work.

#30 Plain backless blouse with sleek border piping

A backless bold blouse design where the borders are barely holding it together for a sensuous look which spells glam in every way. It is admirable how a plain fabric blouse is made sexy and stunning with a addition of just simple and sleek borders. You can opt for thicker borders too if you wish.

#31 Oval back neck blouse with embroidery work and lace in hem

A oval type back cut with stone work embroidery and border in bottom part makes for an amazing blouse design for wedding wear sarees. Here the oval cut is pulled together by a button and border is used only in the bottom part but you can go for tweaks and get it stitched from your local tailor using plain fabric by using fancy work borders attached on the edges of the oval cut. 

#40 Pattu saree blouse with back button details

For traditional saree blouse back neck patterns you can get border  in the middle part and add a fancy button row in dual colours which adds an interesting element to the blouse back. 

#41 Contrast  cut out blouse back neck with a diamond button detail

This blouse design deserves to be flaunted at special occasions like weddings and should be paired with contrast coloured sarees for maximum impact. A brocade or silk fabric can be used with a simple front neck and gorgeous back neck which has a cut out style held together by a diamond pin and partially lined with gold borders. A must try style for women who love brocade blouse  patterns. 

#42 Deep back neck blouse with a small cut out detail

#43 Traditional border patch work blouse back 

#44 Back open faux pleated bow style blouse

#45 Silk saree blouse back neck design with borders

#46 Maggam work border blouse back neck pattern

#47 Traditional pattu saree blouse back neck design 

#48 New model blouse back neck design with curved borders

#49 Racer back inspired banarasi blouse design

#50 White sheer lace blouse with 3 border strips 

How glamorous and edgy does a netted blouse design sound to you? beautify your netted blouse by adding chic border strips  horizontally for a feminine look whih spells elegant charm. Pair with soft net or lace sarees for day wedding look.  

#51 Square back neck blouse model 

#52 Round cut out back neck pattern 

#53 Stylish scoop back neckline with gold border 

#54 Cotton blouse with button and border design details

#55  Simple collar neck blouse blouse design with border in the blouse hemline

For simple work wear cotton sarees a high back collar neck pattern looks great and to add a bit of spark you can go for border details on the blouse hem and sleeve edges. This is a classic traditional blouse pattern which will be a hit with women of all generations. 

Which of these Blouse back neck designs with border do you like most? 

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